I told myself it was only once

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I told myself it was only once
He was on time like he said on kik

I was inside my home made glory hole box in my apartement lobby feeling so excited but afraid

I was about to suck my first ever cock, a big thick black cock , i hesitate before telling him my address but really needed that money

i waited on a pillow infront of the hole , until he got in

I could see him getting close to the hole, his pants down cock out

my mouth was watering when he got it near the hole

”omg its so big”

”yes boy , this is what you want , suck my big cock boy”

a 40$ dropping on me his bbc getting throught the hole

i took it in my hands stroke it and kiss the head, my mouth opening on it so naturally

i started to suck like i saw girls do in porn movies

moaning on his fat cock i kept sucking on like a big candy

”wow you really hungry for a cock boy”

listening to him call me a good cock sucker as i work my mouth on his fat cock help me suck on him better

”im close boy, keep that pussy mouth on my cock, get it all boy”

on my knees the bbc in my mouth getting bigger and throbbing close to explose

i was drench with cum, i coudnt believe how much flood in my mouth , gagging dropping so many on me

the older black guy moaning i was a nice cock sucker

”damn boy you suck very well, can i come back tomorrow my wife never want to suck my cock like this”

mouth full of cum , face dripping wet

”yes ok”

”good boy, see you tomorrow same time”

he left and i got out of my glory hole setup

drench by a real daddy big load , looking at me in the mirror , watching the cock sucker i had become , cleaning my face

i was back from university , setting up my cardboard box in the lobby after dinner, my new friend txting me hell be there like yesterday

eager to suck on him again waiting on my pillow

the lobby door open and i was looking at him by the hole getting inside , opening his pants

”here boy , you been waiting for this all day am I right?”

”oh yes”

the bbc getting in view in the hole

”you live alone ?”

”i mean nobody can catch us right?”

”mmmmmm slurp, yes i live alone dont worry”

i was not quick enough to understand

he ripped the cardboard setup so quick to reach inside my place

”there you are sissy boy”

”oh shit please please stop”

”oh your so cute güvenilir bahis boy, im just here to help you ”

taking my kneck making me walk on my knees to the living room

”you little boy love cock and gonna learn to serve daddy like the sissy boy slut you are”

”i brought you a gift because you suck so good yesterday”

the tall fat black daddy getting a frilly pink panty out

”oh you like these, go on put it on”

”sir Im ….SLAP”

my face smack so hard i whimpered like a pet

”you dont say no to daddy you uderstand , you sucked it like a girl yesterday, i know what you are”

he made me put it, telling me my little cock belongs inside some smooth tight panty

”dont lie boy, i know you feel good in this tell me”

”tell daddy thank you for the gift”

not wanting to be slap

”thanks you daddy”

”you feel good in your gift boy?”

”yes i feel good in panty”

actually not lying about it, it did felt cute and good on my body

”good sissy boy”

”you deserve daddy bbc to suck on my sexy boy”

in the cute panty on my knees between the older black chubby daddy legs

getting his bbc in my hands , looking at him tell me i look cute in my gift, my mouth around his cock a nice 8fat cock

”never lie to daddy, he knows you baby boy”

”its ok, with daddy you are safe you can be that slut you want to be”

teaching me like his little sub boy, wearing panty to worship his bbc

sucking on his fat cock mine bulging in my tight panty feeling so good in them now

he let me suck on it for a while , encouraging me with his calm deep voice to have fun and be the cute sissy boy i want to be

”do you have a toy boy? i bet you have fun bouncing on a toy in your bed thinking of cocks in secret”

my new daddy talking about me like he knew what was inside my drawer

the toy i bought a year ago after a visit to the sex shop

the one i keep sliding on sit on my computer chair watching porn

i was walked doggy his belt on my neck

”you gonna show it to me, im sure you have a toy, every sissy practice on toy at night”

my drawer open and feeling so shy, my cock suction toy in my hand showing it to him

”show me how you masturbate , i bet you fuck on that toy all the time”

i was lubing it , on my bed the toy plugged on the wall

turning ass up toward it

”yes türkçe bahis show your daddy how you play with your toy ”

help to back on it , him on his knees on my bed getting my mouth on his fat cock

doggy pushed on my wall

”you love cock , its ok boy , i love to fuck young pussy ass”

”dont be shy , turn around come try a real one, you want it dont be shy im here for you sissy boy”

and there i started to believe i should be a girl

the second he pushed in, stretching me so right mouth on my toy on the wall moaning on it

helpless daddy slowly owning me , pulling my ass on him , taking my lubed trained hole like i had been waiting for this all the time

my new cute lil panty on the side moaning on my bed the cock getting deeper , opening me up with such power, my cunt i started to feel poked just right like i would cum

looking back his belly hittig my ass his big cock so deep pumping in non stop

”you can feel it ? hitting deep that spot , that feel good my little sissy? you gonna cum on my cock?”

moaning under him thrusting , my sissy spot hit with his big fat head made me crazy
i moan and moan . until it was too much , my cock twich in my panty and i cried like a kitty owned in the back alley

filling my tight pink panty with cum, cumming being fucked

and he exploded watching me cum from his bbc pumping in my tight white ass

”arrrrrggggg yes you little boy slut . take it , cum on daddy fat dick , your so cute , you are mine forever boy, ill train you so good , like this full of daddy cum ”

he push me on my stomach ass spread

his weight on me . his cock pumping inside my wet cum full pussy

”here we go, lets train your hole , lets make you a pussy craving my big black cock”

he reach and closed my light , in the dark moaning under the stranger who is owning me has a sissy

”good night”

under him hard and just pin down deep in me

”stop moving”

”you sleep now girlyboy”

in the morning i woke up alone in my panty my toy in me

there was a note on my bed table

-get clean and shaved before school, ill pick you up after class

like he said, he was waiting for me after class

i got in the car and was asked to sit behind before he drive away

i watch him gave me a ”la senza” bag and i knew he wanted me to change

the cute white dress güvenilir bahis siteleri i pull out was so smooth. translucide with cute blueu flowers

a matching panty also i inside , i pull it out and there was a lipstick

”go on try your gift sissy boy”

i didnt talk, i just dress up him happy to see i was shaved like ordered

i felt sexy and smooth in the short dress barely covering my pantied white bubble ass

”now put on your lipstick, you are so cute”

i did and he loved it

”cant wait to see your mouth on my cock baby”

he made me smile , bright glittering pink mouth smilling , about to be open on a big cock

his cock hard driving on the highway

dress sexy for my secret daddy crawling between the front seat for his cock

naturally putting it in my mouth, starting to suck him , my pink glittering mouth help up and down by him

”good sissy boy, i like not having to ask ”

my mouth slurping up and down , just doing it without a word like a good sissy boy should

i cried like a baby when he walk me to his basement 3 black guys in mask waiting a sex swing in the room

pushing me in and walk away locking the door

i knocked on the door

”daddy daddy dont leave me hereeeeee”

and i was grabbed lift by them so easy on the swing

my mouth fucked, my string on the side lubed up and fingered

and i was floating between cock
pumped in both hole hard gagging crying and moaning my daddy leaving me to them like a toy to used

made to drink something they called a sissy potion holding my head up making me swallow all the glass

my pink lipse was making them call my mouth a glittering pussy

i was fucked up like a muppet looking at all 3 masked guy massage my body calling me a good slut

my 2 holes wet and open , on the edge of passing out and evrything got blurry

i felt weak and hot my holes in fire

now so weak they could pump in with no mercy , gaping me up like a tennis ball , d**gged smilling and pass out

i woke up my daddy helping me out of the swing

i was in diaper , a cute disney diaper my daddy rubbing my ass asking me if i was ok

”you are cute in those”

full of cum . confused my white dress help back on me
walked in the car

it was 3am, i still felt dizzy
daddy unzipping pulling me down , my mouth sucking like on auto pilot

i was now back and in securit with daddy

he got me to his place and film me on his bed my diaper opened , full of cum , cleaned with wet ones and he fucked me , calling me his daughter , pumping in the sissy he is making , training in secret to be his cock slut forever

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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