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Big Tits

The house is quiet as I come in. Just home from work the peace is relaxing and I take a moment to just lean against the door and breath. Standing upright I head upstairs slowly, the layers pealing off as I go…

First my shawl and then the top underneath, next the oh so proper skirt. Stopping halfway up the stairs I set one foot a couple steps up and roll my thigh highs down and off, then switch legs to repeat the process before continuing upstairs. I’m left in just my bra and panties, one of my favorite sets, all black lace and soft to the touch.

Just as I reach the top if the stairs I hear a sound and see you standing in the doorway of the bedroom. Standing there, your uniform shirt unbuttoned and slacks just waiting to be pulled off, it was clear that you had watched the whole striptease, unintentional though it was.

I can feel the warmth starting to build low in my belly. The heat in your eyes just feeds it. Stepping toward you I slip a hand around your neck, pulling you down for a long slow kiss, at first soft and then turning hard and wet. Your arms wrap tight around me and I can feel you starting to grow hard as I ‘m pressed close. I reach down to take you in my hand, slowly starting to touch and bursa escort caress your length. Long and thick, just the feel of you makes me shiver, knowing the pleasure you can make me feel. But for now there one thing I have in mind, one thing I want to do.

Pushing us further into the room, I ease back from your lips, turning a bit to lick and nip my way along your jaw. Pausing to lick at your ear, then continuing down to your neck. I stop there awhile. Kissing, licking, sucking, I can feel the muscles move as you swallow. I slowly start to bit down as I suck, just a bit, just until you give me that little gasp I so enjoy hearing.

I kiss down onto your chest, teasing, kissing around but never quite touching the nipples. Eventually you have enough and pull my head where you want it. I give you what you want, licking at first and then lightly biting into your nipple, my teeth tightening as you pull me closer. We play this game for awhile, first one nipple, then the other, but gradually we both start wanting something else, something more. I slowly slide down onto my knees in front of you, letting my hands slide down your body as I go, down your chest, your sides, down to your hips where I can take hold of your slacks and bring bursa escort bayan them down and out of my way.

Putting a hand at the base, I bring the head of your cock up to my mouth, slowly sliding you into my mouth. Skin soft as satin I play my tongue over the head, circling the edges and dipping into your slit. I can taste the wetness building there, feel it sliding along my taste buds even as I bring you deeper, caressing with mouth and hand. A bit bitter but so very male, I can feel myself tightening, growing moist at the taste. As I work you slowly in and out of my mouth I reach down and start to lightly touch between my legs. Just enough to feel, just enough to tease. I moan, knowing you’ll feel it along your length, and suck harder, faster as you give a groan of your own and start to thrust into my mouth.

The taste of you is stronger now and you’re so hard in my mouth. I’m so wet and I can feel myself quivering inside, wanting so badly to feel you push your way into the tight grip of me but not yet ready to let you out of my mouth. Reaching in under the panties I push my fingers into my pussy, first one, then another, trying to ease the ache growing there. It doesn’t work, the fire keeps growing. Taking escort bursa the hand away from my pussy I reach up and start playing with your balls, so hot and growing so tight. Smooth as silk they feel in my hand, but there’s something else I can play with that will drive you further. I slide the fingers, still wet from my pussy, back until I feel that small circle, that small rosette of muscle. As I run my wet fingers around your tight hole I can feel you shudder, breath all but held, waiting. I don’t keep you hanging long, pushing in with one of those oh so wet digits, thrusting slow and deep inside while the other continues to caress you on the outside.

I pull my other hand from your cock and put it on your hip, pulling you sharply toward me using both and taking you deep into my throat. You’re too much for me to keep there long but over and over I bring you into me, sucking, licking, swallowing around you until you grab my hair tight, trying to pull me away, but I won’t let you out of my mouth. With a deep groan you press deeper as your cock starts pulsing into my mouth, I can barely swallow fast enough to not drown in you.

As your pulsing slows, you use your grip on my hair to yank me to my feet and towards you, pulling me into a deep kiss with tongue and teeth and a still burning heat. As we kiss you turn me and in a single fast move you push me back and onto the bed. I can only lay there gasping as I watch you walk toward me…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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