Hitachi Dreams

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My name is Sarah, and it has been 2 weeks since I last used my Hitachi Magic Wand. Said as if it was my first time at a masturbation anonymous meeting. My wand and I have been seeing a lot of each other since Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful relationship, but I always worried that I was too selfish. My wand always gave and gave when we were together. Working tirelessly to provide my orgasms. After my panties were thoroughly soaked, and having cum so hard, and so much!

I would banish it to my nightstand drawer without even a thank you…

I had just woken up from a late night of incredibly hot sex. The room was still pitch black, but I could feel the heat of his body next to mine. My pussy was hot and moist because he has that effect on me. Reaching up to caress his skin my hand brushes against his cock. I loved to feel his cock react to my touch. At this moment, I do not think I have ever felt him harder than he was under my gentle stroking. Sliding closer to embrace this man with a warm sensual kiss in hopes of waking a desire to fill me while we were still in a dream like state of consciousness.

Turning his head to meet my awaiting mouth bursa escort our lips come together and send a shockwave of sexual energy that echos deep in my clit. His tongue is always gentle and passionate as he kisses me, he is an amazing lover. Nibbling on his nipples, I rise up over his legs and slide the swollen lips of my pussy over his perfect cock. Backing up and aiming him right to my hole. I love the feeling of him as he first parts my opening and the head of his cock drinks up the lubrication that has escaped to the edge of my pussy. Gently yet steadily I lower myself accepting more of him inside until he is supporting my weight with his hips.

I pause for a while reacquainting myself with that feeling of fullness that my wand could never deliver. Bending to meet his lips again in a kiss that is full of passion. Feeling his tongue invade my mouth and provide another point in our complete sexual bonding. Pulling upward ever slowly I can feel his cock almost grabbing the walls of my pussy in an attempt to not be withdrawn even an inch. The friction of our organs struggling to remain connected produces such an exquisite pleasure that I am helpless bursa escort bayan not to repeat it over and over. One of his arms wrap around the small of my back and pulls me close to meet the powerful thrust of his hips against my mound.

Building inside is the first sign of what seems like a constant orgasm I hope will last forever. My body is selfish for the touch of this man. Reacting in ways never felt before. The way he fills me makes my body lose control. Control of my breathing that now has become fast and shallow. Sweat beading up all over creating another connection between us as we stick together as I lay on top of this primal sexual man.

Pleasure over takes my mind and I am helpless to resist what he is doing to me. He breaks our kiss only to move his attention to my large erect nipple. I can feel his tongue caress my tit as I grind myself down hard onto his cock. Heat building like a fire between my legs as the friction of our fucking intensifies. Biting down harder on my tit now, I never feel the pain that creates another bond of our session. I love knowing that I will see his mark on my body later as a reminder of his lust escort bursa for me.

Well on my way to losing count of how many times I have cum. My legs start to keep track by shaking uncontrollably. My ass tightens, and hips thrust forward all on their own now. Our pace is dictated by how badly we want more pleasure. He is desperate to take himself over the edge and release his cum as deep as he can inside me. My body wanting to slide him in and out keeping the orgasms rocking my senses for as long as I can.

His breathing quickens, and his thrusts become much more powerful and calculated. He is close to cumming and I want to help him empty his seed directly inside the walls of my pussy. Grinding in small circles now I try to cause as much contact between his cock and my clit. I need one more epic orgasm before he is finished.

He grunts deeply as his hips make their final thrust into me. I scream out in ecstasy as my body feels his cock pulsing with each shot of his orgasm. I suddenly feel the heat of his cum filling every crease inside my pussy.

I collapse down to his chest and release a sigh of contentment into his ear as I tell him how much I love him.

He is my human Hitachi wand. I have connected to him on a level where I am not as selfish as I had been with my Wand. I have replaced the machine with emotion and a bond that feeds my body and my soul.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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