His “special” secretary – Part 4

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His “special” secretary – Part 4
It’s now Monday, I got a text from Sir Vatier yesterday evening reminding me to be early today for our “important briefing”… I can’t pretend I forgot and arrive at the office earlier, he’s waiting for me in his office.

– Good morning… Sir.
– Good morning Dani, be a good boy, come down here, I’ve waited for this the whole weekend!

I go under his desk and start to lick his dick, he grabs my head and forces all of it in my mouth and throat.

– That’s my boy! You’re ready for your training?
– Mghhhhh!
– You’re right, no talking, just enjoy this and focus on what’s important!

He keeps ramming my mouth for long minutes until he comes at the back of my throat, forcing me to swallow it all, he then lets go of my head.

– Now Dani, be a good boy, just lick it gently.

I obey.

– That’s it, always clean the cock of your betters.
– … Yes… sir.
– Now it’s time, I’m sure you’ll love it, enjoy and don’t forget to come here tonight before you leave.
– Yes… sir.

I report to Madam Helen’s office straight after and she explains to me that there will be a theme daily and I will be required to perform tasks, she hands me a paper to show me the themes, they’re intriguing… We have health, game, art, beauty, work, and community.

– As you can count, there are six activities, you’re expected to work this Saturday.
– … Yes… Madam.
– Very good. It’s important as these activities will gradually make me a better employee for the firm and most likely a better person, we’ll see on Saturday if you need more time with us or if you can go back to your job.
– Yes… Madam.

Monday – Health
– Dani, let’s start, shall we?
– Yes… Madam.
– Here we strongly believe in the phrase “A healthy mind in a healthy body” so to start with, we’ll make sure you have a good diet and the physical activity you need.
– Ok, madam.
– Do you exercise?
– I jog sometimes and play soccer with friends occasionally, madam.
– Very good.
– Do you eat well?
– … Yes… I assume… Madam.
– OK, we shall see.
– Now, you’ll report to the gym, miss Diana will wait for you there and will make you a program.
– Yes, madam.

I head to the gym and indeed meet Diana, she’s a pure babe, the type of fitness coach you just see on TV or on the internet! She greets me with a large smile and invites me to follow here in a tiny office where I have to fill a form about my lifestyle, she then takes my blood pressure and heart rate. I have to wait while she analyzes my results, after about five minutes, she smiles and starts:

– Seeing your results, we’ll go strong on cardio.
– Ok… Madam.
– Don’t call me Madam, just Diana.
– Ok… Diana.
– You’ll come here at least twice a week for an hour and güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri you’ll focus on indoor biking for now.
– Ok.
– Now follow me.

She leads me to the showers and asks me to undress while she gets what she needs. She comes back a few minutes later and I’m waiting in briefs.

– No, my dear, you did not get it, I asked you to undress.
– …

I’m used to this and remove my underwear, it’s actually worse in front of her as she seems nice… and is so HOT!

– Oh… I see why you did not want to show it.
– …

She approaches and starts caressing my dick, I want to complain as I know it’s wrong… but I’m just too weak and enjoy the moment. She starts to gently talking into my ears:

– You know what?… I like very small dicks, they’re cute.
– …
– Once shaved… It’ll be perfect…
– Dia…
– It’s ok, just relax, I’ll make you perfect for fitness… and more.

She now strokes me and I say nothing. She does this until I’m about to cum and then show me a small room with a massage bed on the side.

– Lay there, my dear.

I obey, she slowly caresses my legs up and down from my feet to my balls with one hand… With the other hand, I notice too late that she starts applying wax on one of my legs. I start complaining but she continues, shushing me with a sign.

– It’s ok, you’ll be all smooth for me.
– But…
– Don’t worry.
– … How will I explain this… to… my wife?
– It’s easy, you’re doing this for cycling.
– …
– Be ready now…

As she says it, she pulls some of the wax of my right leg, it’s horrible and I can’t help shouting.

– It’s ok, you’ve done very well.
– …

She strokes my cock… and second stripe!

– Very good boy…
– …

It continues like this until she’s fully done, calming me down between each pull with some strokes.

She makes me sit and now places wax on my chest, I start to complain again but she argues:

– Sweetie, nobody will see the difference… You had almost no hair.
– But…
– There is no but! Now be a good boy and let me finish this, it’ll be beautiful!

She starts wanking me as she continues the application of wax now on my back and arms.

… And then she pulls!
The same alternate cycles go one, pulling then wanking and so on…

– We’re almost done sweety, now stand, please.

– Wow, you have a lovely butt!… Let’s remove all these yucky hair!

And here we are, she now waxes my butt… and pulls, her left arm around my body, still caressing my crotch.

We’re finally done and I ask.

– … Can I… go now?
– No sweety, not yet, look what we have here!

She points at my cock and takes a razor! I have no time to say anything that she grabs my balls and starts shaving around.

güvenilir bahis şirketleri Diana…
– It’s ok my dear, just tell your wife you did this for her. You’ll see, she’ll love it!
– …

She finishes and a few minutes later I’m fully shaved!

– Wow, you’re gorgeous!
– …
– Look at your clitty, it’s all soft!

She caresses it again as she says it.

– You want to come?
– … I don’t know…
– Just tell me…
– … Yes… Please… Diana.
– Sure, as I told you, I love small dicks!

She now wanks me more vigorously…

– Do you want me to lick your cocklette sweety?
– … I can’t…
– Why?
– … I’m married…
– She won’t know sweety. 🙂
– …
– It’s up to you.
– … Ehhh… Ok… Diana… Can… you please… suck… me.

She smiles and goes down on her knees, swallowing it all… It’s not so long anyway.

She starts making comments between suctions:

– You have a nice cocklette here.

– It reminds me…

– When I’m sucking…

– My girlfriend’s clit!

This comment is horrifying but she keeps sucking and I soon come anyway.

She stands without a word and starts kissing me… It’s awful and she mostly pushes all my cum into my mouth before going backward.

– Swallow Sweety!

I’m now used to the fact and I swallow, it seems to be even worse when it’s my own cum!

– Wonderful, now do 30 minutes of biking, I’ll explain the rest to you before you leave… Oh wait, I have your sport attire.

She comes back 2 minutes later with a fluorescent pink cycling short and the assorted jersey, I was heading to my clothes to put back my briefs but she said:

– No need sweety.

I dress, it’s awful but no choice, she slaps my butt saying:

– Off you go, time to exercise Sweety.

I notice that there are now a lot of people at the gym, mostly men, they’re all in normal clothes and some of them stare at me and my apparent small dick through the short… I watch the floor and head to a bike, avoiding eye contact.

I’m doing my exercise when I hear a familiar voice at my back.

– Dani?
– … Yes… Sir Vatier.
– You’re very pretty Dani!
– … Thanks… Sir.

I noticed that he’s not alone, a fifty-something years-old man accompanies him.

– Dani, this is Peter, one of our lawyers.
– Good morning… Sir Peter.
– Peter, this is Dani, Alex’ secretary.
– Hi Dani.

Sir Vatier adds:
– Dani is probably the best cocksucker on our floor.
– Oh… Interesting.

He smiles at me, I’m ashamed like never and very happy to see them leaving.

They don’t go far and do weight-lifting just a few meters from where I bike. Finally, the alarm rings, I’m done and head discretely to Diana’s office.

There she explains to me that I have to cut fat & sugar, they want their employees canlı bahis şirketleri slim and fit. She’ll weigh me weekly and if I gain too much weight, she’ll have to report it… She also adds that I actually need to lose a couple of kilos.

I just nod and she says that I can shower and go back to Madam Helen.

I check in the showers and there is nobody, I go inside to shower quickly as I don’t like to be naked in public. I was about to turn on the water when someone comes and sticks to my back. I feel the bulge against my ass crack. I turn my head and see that it’s Peter I met earlier.

– So you’re a good cocksucker as they say?
– … I don’t know… Sir.
– Let’s check this, turn around.

I obey and face him, he bursts out laughing.

– No time for fun, get down on your knees you little sissy!

He presses on my shoulder and I’m again kneeling before a man, about to service him, he smells sweat strongly and I have to repress a gag. As soon as I open my mouth, he quickly invades it with the whole length of his cock and starts ramming it.

Sir Vatier comes and says with a laugh:

– She says she does not like cocks but every time I see her, she has one deep in the mouth, go figure.
– They’re all like these, these bitches pretend they don’t like it in front of everyone but they beg for it deep inside… So you need to give them, just force a little if needed.

They both laugh, I don’t know what’s more humiliating, me sucking this guy… or their comments?

– Here is your after-sport smoothie you slut!

As he says this, he starts coming directly in my throat, holding my head firmly in place and just moving until he’s totally done. I’m about to leave when he slaps me!

– You did not forget anything you little bitch?!
– …
– I told you, Dani if you had the honor to suck a cock, always lick it clean. It’s a way to say thank you to the gentleman that nicely let you service him.

Totally defeated, I kneel again and lick his cock.

– That’s better Dani, now say thank you to Sir Peter.
– … Thank you… Sir.
– Welcome cunt!

It remains just 30 minutes before lunchtime and Madam Helen allows me to go there now, I call my wife, hearing her voice will help me cope with all this. She takes time but eventually answers with a quite low voice and the sound is of very bad quality.

– Hi my dear, are you OK.
– … Yes… I’m fine… You?
– Ok, thanks. I just wanted to say hi.
– … Yes… Hi…
– I’ll have to work on Saturday…
– Ok… It’s a bit… busy… here.

I hear a voice at the back saying “Back to work”, she answers “Sir?” and there is a sort of muffled swallowing noise.

– My dear?
– … Hgmphhh.
– You’re ok?
– … Yes… I… have to… go.

There is a pause
– … Hgmphhh… Talk later.

I hear the same noise again and the call stops, it’s troubling to say the less.

I eat fast and go back to work, I have to do data entry the whole afternoon, it’s boring but at least nothing special happens. I visit Sir Vatier for you-know-what and can finally go home.

To be continued.

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