His Sissy Slave (Pt4) end

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His Sissy Slave (Pt4) end
Sissy Danielle is taken to her new master.
“he was savouring the sensation my man-pussy was giving him”

Jeremy turned off from the main road and along a gravel drive, a house appeared that looked like a few repairs wouldn’t go a miss, it must have looked good in its day, Jeremy parked and helped Shirley out the car whereas l was left to get myself out, they walked arm in arm while l followed like a faithful hound, we approached the door which was opened by a man in his late 60s quite chubby, Jeremy introduced his new sissy Shirley and slapped her bum then introduced me as Danielle a sissy that will see to his every need then added l was on hormone medication to shrink my balls. The man said his name was Markus, Jeremy ordered me to say hello, l knew how he wanted me to say hello so kissed Markus, his tongue went down my throat, his hand gripped my bum and remarked l will do nicely. We were shown into a lounge most probably as big as my small flat which of course now belonged to Shirley, everyone was given a glass of wine, lm no connoisseur but it went down nicely. I had learnt not to speak unless given permission so sat listening to Jeremy and Markus chatting with the odd word from the bitch Shirley, Markus told me to sit by him, he began telling me how Jeremy said l was experienced at pleasing my master, l replied ‘anyway he wanted’ and kissed him then put my hand onto his crutch and asked if he wanted me to show him, ‘oh fuck, yeah’ he answered. I put my glass down and knelt in front of him, unzipped his flies, took out his cock which wasn’t that big, straight away l thought how l will have to get used to a smaller cock. Jeremy who wasn’t my favourite person at that time still had a better size cock, l held Markus’s cock with my lips and lowered my head using my lips to roll his foreskin down his shaft the sound he let out meant he was liking what l was doing, l got the familiar salty taste l had come to know so well and waited for the full load but Markus took hold of my hair and pulled my head up telling me ‘no, not yet’, l smiled and gave him a wide eye innocent look put his cock away and sat beside him picked up my wine glass.
Jeremy said that since Markus and l were getting on, he and Shirley will be going as they had a table booked, Markus showed them out and from the hallway he called, he put his arm around my waist and led me to a door at the back of the house then before opening it, announced it was my room and where l will entertain him and went inside. Markus opened another door which was a walk in wardrobe, dresses and skirts hung one side with shelves of underwear the other side, l was shot away then we went to an end-suit, Markus sat me on the bed and in a threatening manner laid down the rules, l was to always dress like a woman, l was to never leave the house unless he took me, l was to never speak to anyone that came to the house unless he said l can, l interrupted him to say Jeremy taught me never to speak unless l had permission, Markus back handed me across the face and said, never interrupt him was another rule so l apologised, he kissed me and soft said lets carry on from when we were on the sofa.
He stood up, l unbuttoned his shirt and was about to through it to the floor but he wanted me to hang it on the back of a chair, next l unbuckled his trousers and helped him out of those and placed them over the chair. Markus was a chunky fellow l slid his boxers off and he lay on the bed l unzipped the back of my evening dress and let it fall to the floor then stepped out of my slip, l was about to peel my knickers down my legs when Markus told me to leave me
underwear on so l obeyed my new master and got onto the bed.
Markus put one of his obese arms under my head and pulled me close, we kissed and l sucked on his tongue reached down to take hold of his cock and teased him by brushing a finger over the tip of his cock then asked him to lay on his back, kissed his chin then gently bit his nipples all the time gripping his balls then releasing them Markus started to moan softly telling me not to stop, his pre-cum moistened my fingers, l kissed my way down to his cock and took it into my mouth then slid my tongue into his urethral orifice which caused Markus to call out ‘don’t stop, please don’t stop’, his pre-cum began to flow like a river onto my tongue and tasted a lot stronger his spunk was mixed in with the pre-cum, l lifted my head and smiled before asking him not to shoot yet as l wanted his cock buried in my man-pussy then filled but it must have been too much for my new master, Markus cried out ‘lm cumin’ l put his cock back into my mouth and began sucking he was jerking upwards as he climaxed, Markus may have had a smaller cock than Jeremy but he shot a very full load of spunk when he shot his bolt. I kept licking and sucking on his cock till his balls were empty and carried on lick in case l missed any drops, Markus lifted my head, l asked if l did well, he grinned ‘oh yes, yes you did’ he told me. Resting my head on his inner thigh his limp cock only inches from my mouth a drip of spunk formed at the tip of Markus’s cock l wiped it off with my finger then sucked my finger clean, Markus run his hand over my head and began telling me that l don’t have to clean the house because he has a Polish house keeper called Mrs Swakye who lived in the village, but will have to clean my own room and cook the meals which didn’t seem too bad, l asked about some of my belongings from my old flat Markus said he will have Jeremy send them, l crawled my way up his body and kissed him hard on the lips to thank him. He got up from the bed and asked if l would like another drink, now we had broken the ice as it were l felt less nervous and said a drink would be good, he sat on the edge of the bed and ordered me to dress him which l did then grabbed a gown to put on, Markus asked where was l going dressed in just a gown, so replied for another drink, he got slightly irate and reminded me that l was to dress as a woman whenever l leave the room and if he had to remind me again, it will be painful.
Opening the walk in wardrobe and going in l called out was there anything special he would like me to wear, ‘something blue’ güvenilir bahis Markus answered, so picked out a lacy matching bra and knickers with a sky-blue dress just above the knee then came out of the wardrobe and gave a twirl and by the smile l got had picked the right clothes, he kissed me and we went to the lounge for more than a few glasses of wine. Markus may have been over weight, balding but he was quite an amusing story teller, it was then he informed me that the reason he took me off Jeremy’s hands was because l had been love-hole pumped and that was his favourite way of fucking a swollen man-pussy at that point the wine began to go through me so said l was going for a wee, Markus wanted to come with me to watch l didn’t mind and showed me to a bathroom. When l lifted my dress to peel down my knickers Markus told me to leave them on and stand in the shower and piss myself l kept my dress raised stood with my legs apart and slowly began to pee, my golden shower soaked the crutch of my knickers then began to ran down my legs Markus insisted l pee faster the puddle at my feet spread then trickled into the drain. My knickers were now soaked Markus said l was a naughty sissy for peeing myself bent me over and slapped my bum a couple of times then sent me to my room telling me to put my dirty clothes into the basket outside my door because Mrs Swakye will wash them then leave them on the shelf beside my door. In my room l undressed had a quick shower, slipped on a lovely little number nightie, lay on the bed waiting for Markus to come to my room but l must have fallen asleep, l don’t know what time it was but l was woken by Markus turning me onto my belly and gently whispering, he couldn’t sleep and thought a good fuck would help, l was still half asleep when he squirted gel into my man-pussy, l lifted my rear expecting Markus’s cock but instead got his fist, as his chubby hand spread my pussy l gave a sigh and drove myself back slowly, his hand slid inside me all the way up to his wrist, l reached between his legs to take hold of his cock, slid his foreskin down his shaft casing Markus to let out a little groan before starting to fuck me with his fist, l couldn’t hold in the thrill he was giving me, l took hold of the headboard and screamed then screamed again his pre-cum dribbled into my hand l panted ‘fill me’, Markus slid his arm and fist from my man-pussy and got into position behind me, l held my cheeks apart and waited for his pulsating hard shaft, once the head of his cock was firmly buried in me l released the hold on my cheeks and forced my rear onto Markus’s cock, he thrust his pole all the way inside me uttering ‘ah yes, yes’, l was held tight against him before he started fucking me there was no slow start it was full on hard and fast the moment he started, l whimpered, l yelled, l screamed, l clung to the headboard using words that would offend me if l heard them being used in front of me and he just carried on fucking me only stopping for a second before pulling me hard onto his cock and without a word began draining his balls in my man-pussy, Markus’s sticky creamy hot spunk caused my belly to balloon as he filled me and filled me with more. I could hear him panting gasping for breath his sweat dripping onto my back l lifted my head to catch my breath, l slid from his cock when he pushed me forward the mattress regained its shape when he got from the bed, he slapped my bum, ‘fuck, l needed that’ said Markus as he left me lying on the bed with his freshly delivered spunk trickling from my man-pussy. It was late, l was very tied also very contented and fucked so closed my eyes and drifted off to sleep.
In the morning l woke at 7.30am showered and dressed the clothes had gone from outside my room, l heard talking coming from a room l hadn’t been in so went to investigate, it was the kitchen Markus sat at a table while a woman flited about, when he saw me came over kissed me on the cheek and introduced me to Mrs Swakye, she nodded and began putting cereal on the table and in broken English asked ‘you want toast’, l sat down replying ‘thanks’, that was the only words we exchanged that first morning. Markus said he was going into the village mid-morning and l was to stay in my room until he returned, l inquired if there was a hairdressers because l would like my hair done, but it seemed the village consisted of a post office, mini-market and pub, so knowing how Markus seemed jealous about other men l revealed that Jeremy used to drop me at his friends who was a hairdresser, Markus said he will give Jeremy a call.
After breakfast we left Mrs Swakye in the kitchen, Markus took me back to my bedroom before going into the village, because he didn’t like what l had put on that morning, he picked out a black Basque which he had to help me put on then picked a lovely white lace cotton blouse with a cream long pleated skirt, Markus didn’t want me to wear knickers because we had a fuck with me bent over a chair, he really is a heavy cummer, before going into the village he fitted a suction cup with a thick vibrator fixed in the centre, the vibrator was inserted into me while the cup was over my man-pussy, l had to keep it there until his return the fitting of the suction cup was going to be a daily routine l was going to have to get used to doing this every day because he wanted my pussy swollen and ready for his use at any time.
He left for the village, although Markus wanted me to stay in my room l didn’t think he would mind if l went to the kitchen and made a drink Mrs Swakye had gone so had to go through cupboards to find coffee and gave up looking for sugar but milk was in the fridge, l took my drink back to my room. Every so often the suction cup lost suction so l had to give it a pumping then with the help of a mirror checked to make sure my man-pussy was swollen ready for my master. When Markus came back, he was with another guy and said his name was Robert, Robert was much fatter than Markus. All was going well till Markus saw the drinks cup and shouted ‘you left the room’, l explained it was only to make a drink he kicked me between the legs then back handed me, Robert intervened telling Markus it was only to make a türkçe bahis drink, Markus was pretty angry and told Robert l was his for one hour but no fucking the stupid sissy slut as that pussy was his hole only then left me and Robert alone. Robert undressed and lay on the bed he lifted his belly and ordered me to suck his cock once l had increased its size slightly l had to take off my top and bra, he straddled me and l wank his cock then when he started shooting his spunk Robert knelt over me to shoot his thick spunk into my mouth but because of his belly actually aiming his cock in the right direction wasn’t that easy as it went over my nose, chin with a few drops going into my mouth, he was pleased with the result and lay on the bed, because Robert had been so nice l gave him a little extra by licking his cock clean of any spunk, when Markus came back Robert was getting dressed, l was putting my bra on, l had to bend over for Markus to inspect the suction cup and my man-pussy hadn’t been used by Robert, once l was dressed we showed Robert out, Markus seemed to have calmed down. We went to the kitchen and l made us both a sandwich, Markus was so eager to try my pumped swollen man-pussy he put me onto my knees to give his cock a sucking next l was bent over the table my skirt was hitched up over my bum and the suction cup was removed, it must have looked how Markus liked his swollen man-pussy’s because l heard ‘oh, you beauty’, l parted my cheeks and he slid his hard cock straight into my hole, Markus remarked my man-pussy felt better than any filthy woman’s hole and started to fuck me really slowly he was savouring the sensation my man-pussy was giving him, Markus took a breath and held it before sliding his cock deep inside me and whispered he wanted to stay in me forever then exhaled at the same time slid his cock half out then gave a hard deep thrust into me it caused me to flinch, then gave another hard thrust into me with his cock but this time held me and opened the lock gates and released what felt like gallons of his spunk inside me, my orgasm was so intense my whole body began to spasm, Markus ordered me to stay where l was because he was going to put his mayonnaise on my sandwich and held it between my legs to catch his spunk that was running out of my man-pussy, he must have filled me with a lot of spunk because the bread was soggy, l don’t know if it was his spunk but l really did enjoy that sandwich.
For pleasing my master, he gave me permission to roam the house, but l think it was because he really wanted to watch sport on telly. From one room l looked out of the window and saw the house really was in the middle of nowhere there was a large garage beside the house, after my expedition l went back to the lounge, Markus was on the wine so l asked if l could have a glass, he said l could once l had refitted the man-pussy cup, it really didn’t bother me having it between my cheeks although it did mean to sit comfortably l had to sit on my left or right bum cheek. I inquired about the garage and what cars he might have inside, Markus didn’t answer just told me to go put on a little makeup and change into a plain dress, nothing to revealing, when l returned he looked me up and down and told me to follow him to the garage except it wasn’t a garage it had been converted into an annex, a woman sat in an armchair, Markus introduced his Aunt Gemma, she said hello then told or should l say ordered me to sit on a dining chair against the wall, Markus put a finger up to his lips to indicate l was to keep quiet. He sat on the floor and rested his head on his Aunt Gemma’s lap and while she stroked his head was asking some quite personal questions, where did we meet, he wasn’t to do dirty sex with me like the last whore because l looked like a slut, Markus took hold of her hand and replied, he brought me from a friend and she knows he would never have sex with anyone else but her, his Aunt Gemma glanced over at me grinning and took out her tits for Markus to suck and play with, he asked if they could go to bed and stood up then helped his Auntie out of the armchair, before disappearing into the bedroom he asked if he could bring me into the room to watch and help her get undressed, promising her l would be quiet, she agreed, he waved me to follow.
The bedroom smelt very musty and in need of the windows being opened, Markus’s Aunt stood beside the bed and l began to undress her, first unzipping the back of her dress which fell to the floor Markus ordered me to pick it up and hang on a chair, next l unclipped her bra, her thin dried up tits flopped down onto her stomach then l slid her knickers to her knees, she sat on the bed and l peeled them the rest of the way off, she lay on the bed. Markus had undressed and climbed onto the bed and put his fat arm under his Aunts head then waved his hand for me to stand back against the wall. He began kissing his Aunt Gemma while moulding and squeezing her droopy tits with his hand, l heard Markus tell his Aunt he wanted to put it in her, but she strictly told him to wait as if she was telling a c***d, he can’t have his pudding till the plates were cleared, Markus lay on his back the old woman got on all fours straddled his face and lowered her wrinkly pussy onto his tongue then positioned her mouth over his cock and began sucking, and l must say she was enjoying herself by the noise she was making. After there 69 she sat herself down on his cock to start riding him quite hard the pair were groaning and sighing, Markus was asking loudly if he could shoot his spunk but the wicked old cow wouldn’t let him even though he was literally begging her then she relented and he eagerly helped his Aunt off his cock so they could fuck doggy style. Markus didn’t have a big cock l knew this from him fucking me but the old woman was taking the whole length and looked like she wanted more, all of a sudden she yelled ‘now, cum now’, the smile on her face showed that Markus was giving her his full load and l know it is a very full load from experience, he couldn’t take his cock out till Auntie Gemma gave her permission, it reminded me of being knotted by a dog the bulb at the base of their cock swells and they get stuck, güvenilir bahis siteleri it can be nice if the right size. Markus was given permission to remove his cock from his Aunts now wet sticky wrinkly pussy, she stayed on all fours to let his spunk first trickle out between her pussy lips, the trickle turned to a dribble which turned to dripping, l was told to wipe her pussy clean then wipe the spunk that was on the bed, l didn’t have to redress the Aunt but just fetch her a gown after that Markus told me to go back to the house. I waited in the kitchen and got on with something to eat, Markus came into the kitchen slapped my bum and kissed me, since he was in a good mood l asked if he contacted Jeremy about my nic-nak’s from my old flat and arrange for me to have my hair done by Jake, the stuff from my place l wasn’t really worried about, it was more of a cover because l wanted to see Jake again, Markus answered he will do it right there and then, l had finished our food by the time he came back, he was holding an uncorked bottle of wine and announced he will pick up my stuff from Jeremy’s and the hairdresser Jake will phone later with a day and time, l kissed him passionately and gave his balls a gentle squeeze, we sat down to eat and drink the wine.
After eating we went to the lounge with the bottle of wine l began to get horny and gently stroked Markus’s crutch, l felt a hard cock developing so leant over and kissed him then straddled myself over his lap, l sucked his tongue as if it was his cock in my mouth, l could feel his hard cock pressing on my man-pussy and l wanted it in me, breaking from our kiss l softy asked if he would fuck me then gave him a naughty grin, Markus didn’t need asking twice, replying he ordered me to get in the bedroom and spread them, jumping from his lap l ran to the bedroom slid my knickers off and jumped onto the bed, positioned myself on all fours, lifted my dress and held my cheeks apart waiting for my master to bury his cock into my man-pussy hungry hole. I heard the door close then the buckle on his trousers being undone, next his zip coming down, l received a hard slap on my bum cheek, ‘lovely’ he said and began sliding his whole fist into my love-hole the deeper he drove his fist and arm the more aroused l became and pleaded for him to fuck me, l got another hard slap on my bum cheeks with orders that he will fuck me when he was ready, Markus reached between my legs gripped my balls then twisted and squeezed them hard l screamed in pain he tightened his grip and declared my balls were going to be removed and released his hold, pulled his fist from my pussy and replaced his fist with his cock then gripped my hips and began to really fuck me hard and fast, l don’t think he had ever fucked me so hard, Markus was becoming so excited he was calling me ‘whole, dirty bitch, spunk dump’ and l was loving it, it was wild sex at its best then he just stopped and began uttering ‘ah, ah, ah’, his hot creamy spunk started to flow from the end of his cock deep into me, l pushed my man-pussy onto his giving pole and praised his cock for feeding me, my master was giving little jerks into my pussy. When he eased his cock from my man-pussy a stream of his spunk ran from me and down under my balls to trickle onto the bed, l savoured the fantastic feeling then felt a slap on my bum causing me to belly flop onto the bed, Markus remarked how l was a really good fuck and he wasn’t joking about getting my balls removed as they were ugly and l didn’t need them. He dressed then left; l ran a bath for a good soak.
The next morning Markus informed me, Jake had phoned and could do my hair at 8pm that evening, excitedly l begged Markus to take me, promising l will do anything, seeing how happy l was about having my hair done he agreed and phoned Jake to arrange an appointment. About 1pm he disappeared to give Aunt Gemma a fucking, l know he fucked her because when he came back l sucked his cock which tasted salty with an aftertaste. The afternoon l was put to bed for when Markus wanted to fuck me, l lay face down with my legs spread, he also used toys in my man-pussy, l enjoyed the short tube he inserted which opened me then he pissed into my hole. I didn’t have to use the man-pussy pump to long as l was swollen most of the time, l knew Jake was going to love my swollen man-pussy if l get chance to show him.
I remove the items in my man-pussy then made us something to eat before Markus took me to Jake’s, l had to wear something plain to keep Markus happy yet sexy to tempt Jake into giving me his cock with a hot supply of his spunk should we get the chance. The excitement was building in my belly as Markus drove me to Jake’s then we pulled up outside, Jake came out to meet us and we all went into the shop, Jake sat me into a chair, ‘same as last time’ he asked, ‘yes please’ l answered, he told Markus to help himself to a magazine as he will be a while. I must have been in the chair for about 20 minutes when Markus said he had a few things to do and asked when would Jake be finished, ‘give me another hour at least’ replied Jake, Markus got up saying he had somethings to do so would come back, Jake let him out and watched him drive off, came over to me took my hand and pulled me into the back room, we began kissing, my heart pounded as our kissing became more intense lifted my dress so he could get my knickers down, l lay over a table and demanded he fuck me and spread my cheeks to show Jake my pumped man-pussy, ‘oh fuck, l got to get in that’ he let out and rammed his cock deep and hard inside me, l gasped as he started fucking me, he thrust his cock inwards while l meet his thrust by pushing my man-pussy outwards, l could have staid over that table all day even after he yelled ‘lm cumin, lm cumin’ and started filling me when Jake slid his cock from my hole l got to my knees and sucked his dripping cock the taste of his spunk sent me over the top l sucked his cock like a straw to get every drop of spunk. I dressed and returned to the chair for Jake to finish my hair and once he finished l wanked him off for another load to swallow before my master Markus had come back. In bed that night l was thinking just how good my life was turning out, l had a master who was easy to please and now a lover with a lovely cock with the sweetest tasting spunk, my only annoyance was an old woman who lived in the garage, but she wasn’t always going to be there, turning onto my side l went to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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