His Partner, Her Affair

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Many nights Chloe stayed awake thinking about her husband’s law firm partner, Aaron. There wasn’t anything particularly wrong with her husband Evan- he was tall, handsome, fit, and hung like a horse. But she was bored. It was the same old, same old every time they fucked. He didn’t care if she got off. He was too busy too care. Too much paper work, too many clients, not enough time. He hadn’t licked her pussy in years, and it constantly throbbed for attention.

Just like every night, Evan pounded away until he came, then gave her a small kiss and jumped in the shower. And just like every night, as soon as she heard the shower door shut, Chloe went to work. She could just see Aaron’s gorgeous face, his spectacular deep brown eyes, and that amazing blonde hair. She longed to know how thick his cock was in comparison to Evan. She started rubbing and flicking her throbbing clit, which was plenty moist from Evan’s cum.

Chloe pictured Aaron’s body, fit but not too muscular. She could almost feel his strong hands grasping her tits while his dick pumped in and out of her swollen cunt. She tried to hold on as the thought and her fingers brought her almost to the brink.

She could here Evan rinsing his hair- she’s got time. She opened her nightstand drawer and pulled out her slender, fleshtone vibrator. With a flick of the switch it came humming to life. Chloe envisioned Aaron again while dipping the pulsating prick in and out of her soaking pussy. She gripped Evan’s pillow with one hand while the other controlled the vibrator. In and out, slow and steady, then frantic and fast as the orgasm built. She couldn’t hold on anymore, so she removed the vibrator from her pussy and held it to her wanting clit. Her body started convulsing as her orgasm swept over her body. She almost shouted “oh yes, Aaron!” until she remembered where she was.

Satisifed and spent, Chloe cleaned up her toy, put it away, and joined Evan for the rest of his shower.


A few days later, Chloe got off work early and decided to join Evan at his office for lunch. He had a huge case coming to a close tomorrow, so he wouldn’t have time to go have lunch somewhere like he usually did. With his favorite deli sandwich in hand, she walked through the double doors of the enormous building she partially owned. The secretary stopped her as she reached the elevator.

“I’m sorry, Chloe, he had to go to trial. He took a protein bar and asked me to call you but I got side-tracked.”

“That’s okay. I’ll just leave it in his office and he can have it for dinner. He said he’d be working through the night, anyways,” Chloe responded. She headed into the elevator and up to the fourth floor.

As she was leaving Evan’s office, she turned and crashed right into Aaron, spilling her drink all over her thin t-shirt and his high-end suit.. A little gasp escaped her lips as her cheeks flushed and her cunt heated. Her nipples stood erect from the cold drink, and her shirt clung to her round, pert breasts. He stared and sniffed the air, as if he could smell how badly she wanted bursa escort to fuck him. “Oh god! Chloe! Are you okay? I’m so clumsy!”

His eyes pierced into hers. “Uh, yeah… I think… uh, I’m fine. Yeah, ” she stammered. Smooth…

“Come into my office. I have some towels in there that you can clean up with. I might have a spare t-shirt, too.”

She followed him like a sick puppy around the corner to his office, all the while watching his perfect ass and wishing she could dig her nails into it.

Aaron’s office smelled like cologne, cigars, and leather. How manly, Chloe thought to herself. He tossed her a small towel from across the room and she lightly pressed it to her soaking chest and stomach. She could see him staring from the corner of her eye, so she sexed up her drying procedure.

Aaron’s pants were becoming tight as his dick stood at attention for the gorgeous woman in front of him. He had longed to fuck his partner’s wife ever since he met her in college, when Evan and Chloe were just dating. He’d thought of tweaking her nipples, sucking and tongue-fucking her clit, and picking her up to thrust into her against a wall, and all f this just last night while he stroked himself to completion. She knew she was sexy, and she was teasing him. He tried not to stare, but damn he wanted her so badly!

Aaron walked over toward Chloe to the small drawer in his book shelf where he kept random extra clothes. It was amazing how many clients had spilled things during consultations.

He walked kind of awkward as he tried to hide his hard cock, and Chloe noticed it. She could tell he was just as large, if not bigger, than Evan. And she wanted to feel his full length in her twat, stretching her and filling her with his juices.

She brushed her hand across his pants “accidentally” as she tossed the damp towel onto the chair. Aaron gave her a plain, white tank top to change into. She turned around to be somewhat modest, removed her t-shirt, and pulled his delicious-smelling tank over her pretty pink bra.

When Chloe turned around, Aaron blushed. He could see the bra straight through the thin material. She looked down and shrugged. “I guess I’ll attract some attention on the way down to my car…” they both laughed.

“I wish I had something, uh, less revealing for you,” Aaron stuttered. He stepped closer to her, and slowly reached for her hip. She turned toward him, allowing him to grasp her belt loop and pull her to him.

Aaron leaned in to kiss her puckered lips. A small moan escaped Chloe’s lips as they kissed, and her pussy became immediately wet. Aaron was a fantastic kisser, licking and tugging her lips gently as he held her head one strong hand, and pulled her hips into crotch with his other. Chloe arched her back to force her hips and cunt into him, and they both moaned.

His fingers flew to her jeans’ button and zipper, swiftly undoing them and pushing them to the floor. He pushed her thin g-string to he side and began fondling her waiting clit. She bucked and moaned as he quickly brought her to orgasm. Chloe’s bursa escort bayan head was spinning, and before she could figure out what was happening, he had placed her in the chair where she’d flung the towel moments ago. He tore her panties off and spread her eager lips with two fingers.

Aaron rubbed his thumb into her clit until it hardened again. He could hear Chloe’s incoherent ramblings as her second orgasm built. His dick was throbbing so hard that he thought he might cum before he could even get his pants off. As Chloe moaned and pushed her sopping twat into his face, he slowly licked up and down her slit. She wiggled and bit her lip as he stuck two fingers deep into her warmth. He slowly thrust them in and out, then picked up speed and licked at her clit.

Chloe pulled Aaron’s hair and tried desperately to force his whole mouth onto her pussy. She had wanted this so long, and couldn’t hold out much longer. Aaron pushed his warm tongue into her slick hole and she lost it. Her body convulsed uncontrollably as she tried to hold back un-lady-like words, but a few escaped anyway.

His mouth filled with her sweet, sweet cream. The taste sent him over the edge as he came in his pants. He was satisfied and embarrassed all at once.

Chloe saw the wet spot forming on his pants and saw red. She undid his pants and yanked them down with his boxers in one fell swoop. His pricked bobbed as the material jostled it. She grabbed it in one hand and tried to fit his length into her mouth. He was at least 9 inches, a whole incher longer than Evan, but they were the same thickness, enough for her to get a good grip. She sucked and licked until his balls started to tighten, then she eased up. She could see the disapointment and excitement as she pulled away and pulled off the thin tank she had just put on.

Aaron didn’t think he could get any harder. How did this happen? Was his best friend’s wife REALLY sucking him off? Yes, she was. And she was fucking amazing.

Chloe removed her bra and released her beautiful tits. Her hard nipples were begging to be sucked… but not yet, she thought. She pushed them together into a glorious slit, and forced his slick cock between them. He shuddered with content as she held her tits together while he fucked them good. It wasn’t long before he was about to cum, and he started to pull away. Chloe pouted and pulled him to her again. He continued to fuck her tits until he felt his cum shoot out onto her chest and into her waiting mouth. She lapped it up like a kitten does milk.

Aaron wanted to fuck Chloe but didn’t think he could go again. He confessed this to her, and she agreed she was spent. They decided to set aside time for another trist the following day. Chloe put her bra and his tank back on, collected her wet shirt, and left. She met Evan as she was exiting the elevator, and had to explain how clumsy she is. He faked a laugh and said he was to busy to chat, but he’d be home around 8pm.

He walked in the front door at midnight. Chloe was already asleep, exhausted from her amazing day.


Aaron escort bursa rearranged the pens and papers on his desk as he anxiously awaited Chloe. Finally his secretary announced her arrival, and she timidly came through the office door.

Chloe had every intention of leaving there un-fucked. She felt guilty about their time spent together yesterday, and despite how great it was, she WAS a married woman. To his best friend, no less. But when she saw that face and the bulge in his pants, she couldn’t resist.

Chloe clicked the lock and walked over to him. She removed her shirt and shorts to reveal a very sexy and extremely skimpy thong and demi-bra.

Aaron’s mouth watered and his dick throbbed. He stayed up literally all night thinking about this moment, and had spent hours trying to cold shower the thoughts away. This was his BEST FRIEND’S WIFE. It could put their law firm in jeopardy.

Oh well. Oh fucking well. He couldn’t say no to that soaking little g-string or that tight ass. He just couldn’t.

He undid his pants and pulled them down with his boxers. He sat back in his big, fancy office chair and pulled her on top of him.

Chloe straddled Aaron, but let the great length of his prick slide between her wet lips. He let her grind into him, pumping her hips back and forth slowly to moisten his dick. Her panties were dripping with her cum, and he could smell it. He wanted to suck her panties like some teenage virgin boy. She pulled them to the side and slowly slid onto his cock.

Aaron released a deep groan as Chloe bounced up and down. Her tits jiggled marvelously as she moved, one hand digging into his shoulder and the other pleasuring herself. He had never seen a woman touch herself. He had always felt it was his duty to bring a woman to orgasm, and had never been in the position for a woman to do it herself. He could tell Chloe knew what she was doing. He wondered if Evan was terrible, or if he was just too busy, but the thought quickly passed. He enjoyed the show as she began to cream all over him.

Chloe stuck her cum fingers into Aaron’s mouth, and he greedily sucked off her juices. He pushed her onto his previously cleared desk and began to really fuck her. He could feel her cunt tighten around his thick dick as she came to orgasm, and this sent him into his own hard cum. He continued fucking, it almost felt too good. The desk stayed steady as Aaron thrust in and out of Chloe.

Aaron braced himself with one hand on desk, then went to work on Chloe’s clit with the other hand. He flicked and rubbed it until it began to throb, then he fucked her until he thought he was going to pass out.

Chloe’s hardest orgasm ever hit her in waves. Her body clenched and tightened and pulsed with every thrust of Aaron’s prick. He felt fantastic. Her pussy sucked him in and he came quickly. His thick juices poured out of her onto his desk.

Chloe was exhausted. Her muscles were tight from so much cumming… that was a first. She and Aaron kissed passionately for a moment before cleaning up and going their separate ways.

They agreed not to make time to fuck, but if they happened to bump into each other when Evan was out of the office, they might get together. Lucky for them, Evan’s a busy guy and Chloe’s pretty clumsy.

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