His Greatest Pleasure

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His Greatest Pleasure

He wrapped the bath towel around his waist as he stepped from the shower. She was still at the mirror, finalizing the care of her long silky auburn hair with a towel wrapped around herself, covering her beautiful ample body from my view. She turned to him, with a hint of a smile on her face. Her dark brown eyes, revealing something…perhaps a change in her manner. Quickly she turned and left the bathroom. They’ve been roommates for months, sharing as much as roommates could share; rent, food, and the use of the single bathroom in the small two-bedroom condo.

She’d been ramping up her exercise routine these past weeks and suffering the muscle pains toward her goal of burning off the stress of her new sales job. She would shower and lay upon her bed attempting to relax and await the inevitable muscle pains to come. Until this moment, he never realized how much he wanted to please her, make her feel relaxed, to help rid her of that new stress and frustration in her life. Knowing this, he reached into the vanity cabinet, gathered two small scented candles, a book of matches, and bottle of lavender massage oil. He walked slowly toward her darkened room, the door still ajar, and the dim lights setting a soft tone.

As he reached the door, he knocked softly on the door frame, “Hey Kel, mind if I come in for a minute?”

She lay there on her bed, still in her bath towel, resting after the shower. Her feeble attempt to rinse off another day of work stress and exercise. It seems it has not had the relaxing effect she has wanted, making her a bit more frustrated. She lifted her head and torso, resting upon her elbows, blinking trying to focus on the silhouette of a man in her doorway.

It was her roommate Brett. She always felt comfortable around him, sometimes too comfortable she thought. But he was always attentive and listened to her complaints of the new job, and supported her new found need to exercise after work. Even though it conflicted with the agreed upon bathroom schedule.

“Brett? Yeah, sure, sorry about grabbing the shower ahead of you again. I hope I didn’t use all the hot water this time. I just needed to clean off that sweaty feel on my skin after my workout and…”.

He stood there listening to her begin to ramble again, it was cute. He knew she didn’t have to apologize, he was happy she found an outlet for her stress. Sharing the bathroom was a bit of a turn on for him too, although he refused to entertain the idea, until today.

“No worries Kel. I get it, but that isn’t why I stopped by. I know you have been suffering with muscle pain after your workouts, so, I decided what you need is some calm and relaxing aromatherapy. I brought some scented candles for you. Don’t even try to object, you need to relax, and I am going to help you do just that” he told her in a rather strong-willed voice.

She lay there, listening to him, being so assertive. It was a change in his usual softened self. Surprisingly it was arousing her, she liked this new Brett too. He was not only being confident and forward but knew what she needed and was going to take care of her.

“Ahh..sure Brett,. Come on in, whatever you need to do is fine with me.”

Brett entered the room, placed the candles upon the bedside tables. He lit them and walked to the foot of the bed with the massage oil. He watched for a few moments as warm orange glow threw dancing shadows upon the walls. She lay there in her towel, eyes closed and breathing softly. The scent of the candles was now slowly wafting through the small room. He sat on the foot of her bed and squirted some oil into his hand.

“Ummm…What’s that you have there Brett?” she looked up and exclaimed hesitantly.

Brett looked at her in the dim light, smiled, and stated forcefully, “I’m going to massage your legs. You need this, and I am going bursa escort to do this. You can try to resist, but I promise you it will ease your muscle pain before it even starts. So, just lay there and try to relax, you are safe in my hands.”

Hearing this, she lay herself back down, her increasing arousal was beginning to show as her chest began to blush and was getting warm. She was glad the dim light could hide her arousal at this turn of events. She never expected him to take charge like this, however, she had fantasized about it a lot recently. His strong confident tone sent a wave of emotion through her that she didn’t expect but she welcomed it nonetheless. She closed her eyes again and tried to relax.

Brett rubbed his hands together to both spread and warm the oil. It made a subtle slapping sound, like the slapping of bare skin from a pair of lovers satisfying their sexual needs. How apropos it was since Brett desperately wanted to be making that sound with her…but not tonight. Tonight, it was about her pleasure, not his. If he pressed all the right buttons, she might consider returning the favor in the future, but he would not expect anything. He placed his warm oiled hands on her right ankle…she twitched at his initial touch.

“Relax Kel, you have to trust me here. Do you trust me, hmmm?”

Without any hesitation, she answered, “Yes Brett, I do trust you. Please continue, it does feel nice, really.”

He continued to rub her ankle, around to the heel of her foot, and up the soul. Slowly putting pressure on the sensitive areas, as he moved up to her toes. His hands wrapped around her toes, pressing and massaging with a steady and strong circular touch. She was torn between relaxation and sexual arousal. Not knowing which would win, it made her arousal even more prominent in her mind.

He squeezed each toe separately from small to large in order. Then he began sliding his index finger between the first two toes. In and out, the oil both lubricating and heating her fold, over and over. She felt her nipples harden at his touch, and a welling up of warmth and tingling spreading from between her legs as Brett was fingering between her toes. It was almost like he was fucking her, and in her mind at this moment, he was doing just that. She wanted him to do that for her, but she remained quiet, only the increased rate of her breathing would reveal her secret desires.

Brett now moved to the left foot, the one closer to his hip resting on the bed. He squirted another dab of oil in his hands. Rubbing them vigorously again making that sexual slapping noise. He repeated the foot rub routine on this foot, slipping his index finger between her toes, but faster, and more forceful this time. He held her foot still with his other hand, while he continued to finger her fold. He noticed that so far, she did not seem to object, in fact, she was obviously enjoying this as her breathing became deeper and more labored. It was time to get to her legs, so silky smooth, strong, and sexy.

He removed his hands from her foot, and squirted another dab of oil on them, rubbing it into his flesh. He wrapped both hands around her calf, just above her ankle. He slowly but forcefully massaged his way up to the lower edge of her bath towel. He lifted the edge of the towel from her leg and folded it up toward her thigh. Then continued his sensual massage up her leg reaching her knee. He could swear the smell of her sex was now drifting out from under the towel. It was a musky sweet scent and mixed with the scent of burning candles and oil began to arouse him as well.

She moved her leg, ever so slightly, rolling it outward to allow her to spread them a bit without much notice. It was an involuntary movement that reflected her increasing arousal and need for him to touch and take her if he wished. Her troubled mind was tossed in the back and strapped bursa escort bayan down for the night. Her body was now making the decisions. She realized she was feeling more relaxed, both physically and mentally. It was more refreshing than all the workouts she had done for weeks.

Brett slid his oiled and strong hands around her knee and to the back. With his thumbs gripping the sides of her fleshy leg, he pulled his hands slowly toward himself. He massaged his way, down her calf all the way back to her ankle. He relinquished his grip on her leg and got up on the bed and straddled her other leg with his legs. As he did this, the bath towel he had around his waist unfastened and dropped with a soft thud to the mattress, draping itself over her feet.

He was now totally nude and sporting one of the hardest and thickest erections he’s ever had. Looking at her face, he saw she still had her eyes closed and could not see his nude body over her. He fully knelt down and grabbed her lower thigh, his freshly shaved balls making skin-to-skin contact with her shin. It sent a shiver up his spine, to feel her soft skin touching his aching balls. What a sensation, he wanted more but had to refrain for tonight.

She felt him as he shifted at the foot of the bed, and his towel dropping onto her exposed feet. It was warm, and the thoughts in her mind were now imagining his naked body, embracing her leg. She felt his balls being placed on her shin, it was an exhilarating experience as she often imagined his nude body over the past few months. Even seeing a glancing peek once as he rushed from the shower to his bedroom. He seemed to be well groomed and endowed if her flash of memory was at all accurate. The thought of that flashing memory now repeatedly showing in her mind, over and over. She struggled to keep her eyes shut and not to spoil the fantasy replaying in her mind making her arousal even more obvious to her, but secretly hoping he would feel the same.

Brett massaged up her leg, making his way to her thigh and toward the burning hot spot between her legs. As he got higher, he pushed the towel up further exposing her pussy, shaved with a small landing strip of auburn hair pointing the way. As he massaged her upper thigh he reached that private spot, he slid his hand up along the side of her now dripping pussy lightly glistening in the candlelight. Her juices now became the lubricant replacing the oil on his hand. He felt her exposed pussy lips against his fingers, as he slid one finger up though the wet slit.

Juicy, hot and wet, she opened her legs a bit more to give him room to play with her. He can smell her arousal even more now…. musky, sweet, he loves the smell of her pussy. He took a deep breath with his nose to get more of that intoxicating scent into his lungs.

His strong hands feel so good on her soft silky skin. Her mind is a raging torrent of sexual thoughts. She feels him sliding his finger along her pussy. She opens her knees a bit more to give him both room and permission to continue. She wants him to continue, but he is in control now. She must follow his lead, and trust he is doing this for her and not looking for his own pleasure.

He shifts again to position himself between both of her outstretched knees. His hands now on each leg, he massages his way up her silky thighs, meeting in the middle, that hot and dripping spot. He slips a single finger between her parting pussy lips but does not yet penetrate her at all. Sliding it up and down, while his thumb begins to run circles around her engorged clit. She moaned in approval, making his cock twitch, the fat head glancing against her thigh, which triggered another moan from her heaving chest.

He slips a second finger against her parted lips and presses down toward the entrance to her body. His other hand above slowly rubbing circles around her mound. Both fingers enter escort bursa her slowly, as his thumb circles faster around her clit. Her juices are flowing more heavily now, and her hips have begun an involuntary humping against his top hand. His two fingers enter her hot tunnel, feeling the tight space open to accept his advance.

He speaks to her in a soft yet commanding voice, “Kel, I want you to let go of yourself, let me please you, let me help you remove all that meaningless stress. It’s just the two of us here now, in this moment, your pleasure is my only goal here.”

Her mouth opens and a gasp of both relief and pleasure escapes. Her eyes now close and her head tilts back as her chest heaves in deep sex filled breaths. She raises her hands to her heaving breasts and rubs them through the towel which is still wrapped around her, making her nipples pucker.

He moves his two fingers in and out of her wet pussy…gaining momentum in time with her breathing. Just as she begins to lift her hips to meet his thrusts, he presses his fingers deep into her pussy and curls the tips. With his fingertips, he begins searching for that spot, that elusive spot right behind her clit. His search has her moaning in sexual excitement trying to get him deeper. As he finds the spot, she lets out a yelp, that tells him he is there, he’s located her G-spot. He begins to move his two fingers in a “come here” movement, rubbing repeatedly on that special spot inside her.

As she lifts her hips in response, he closes his hand squeezing his thumb against her sensitive clit and his fingers on her internal G-spot. He continues to rub from both sides, getting faster and faster. She is now flooding his hand in her juices, the sounds of his finger fucking gets louder and more arousing with each thrust of his hand. Her first orgasm hits, making her hips buck. She involuntarily spreads her legs as wide as possible, her feet suspended in the air, toes pointing outward.

He lowers his face between her now fully spread legs, feeling the heat as his lips get closer to her sex. He extends his tongue to replace his thumb flicking on her clit. That makes her explode in another orgasm. This one bigger and longer than the first. He can taste her sweet juices splashing on his lips and face as he increases the fucking by his fingers. As he puts his lips to her clit and nibbles with his teeth, she screams out in ecstasy. Squirting more of her cum directly into his mouth. He slurps it up willingly, the taste unique to her and her alone.

She screams out, begging to him, “Yes, YES, fuck me Brett. Harder, please bite my clit …. ohhh, YES!!! Make me come again…please. I need to come again.”

Dropping her legs to the bed, she presses her feet firmly down on each side of his head. He fucks her pussy harder, pounding her with two, then three fingers. His work on her clit gets faster. Her hands now at her side, she raises her hips off the bed, and he keeps his pace and lip lock on her pussy. She begins to spasm and shake. Her towel comes loose, and she is now fully exposed to him.

The bed begins to shake, the aroma of her pussy has now filled the room and overwhelms the scent of the candles. Her head tilts back and eyes roll up into her head. Her mouth is open but, holding her breath, she cannot scream she is experiencing so much pleasure, more than she has ever known. Once, twice, a third time in rapid succession she bucks her hips with uncontrollable spasms and cums like never before. After the final hump of her hips, she drops them to the bed with a thump.

The sudden drop pulls Brett’s fingers and mouth from her satisfied pussy. Her eyes now closed, and a smile is upon her face. The bath towel lay on the bed drenched in sweat and her juices. She is in total relaxation, both mind and body. As her breathing is heavy, but slowing, she begins to drift off.

“I wanted you to relax, and I think I succeeded. You rest my dear, rest up, you deserve it.” Brett whispers as he gets up from the bed, and walks out the door quietly. Turning at the doorway to look back, he sees her asleep in her delight.

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