Hey Mister Pt. 02

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“Psst…Hey. Hey mister!”

I’d neither seen nor heard from the neighbour’s daughter for four weeks, and truth be told, I was both worried and a little glad for the lack of contact. When I heard the familiar voice behind me, my heart kind of sank. It was something I’d probably been expecting ever since I went back to my apartment after our encounter.

I guess I was feeling a fair amount of guilt and anxiety over whether or not I had taken advantage of a young woman when she was feeling emotionally vulnerable, and further, over whether or not I’d gotten her pregnant. I know of course that early withdrawal is hardly a safe method of contraception, and I had no way of knowing if I’d gotten her at the wrong time of the month. Fact is, I was living in a state of anxious anticipation this past month, when I imagined the worst each time someone came knocking on the door. I was expecting an irate father, no less, so maybe this wasn’t so bad.

“Hey mister… can you come over? I need to tell you something.”

OK, that statement got me. Needed to tell me something? Shit in a bag.

I turned round to look at her. She was standing at the doorway to her unit, dressed in a robe that came down to her knees… much longer than the outfit I had first seen her in. She was smiling at me, so I grinned at her warily and replied: “Sup?”

“I need to tell you something,” she replied, opening the gate to her apartment. Her meaning was clear. She wanted me to enter her apartment. Oh well. No running away from this, I guess.

“Sure,” I said, stepping across the corridor and removing my shoes before stepping in.

She closed the door behind me, then turned around to face me.

“Ummm… so what have you been doing?” I thought to start with light banter. “You look… different.”

I wasn’t being facetious too. Her complexion was ruddier, quite different from the pale vanilla color she had had when I first saw her. Idly, I wondered if her tan was really all over.

“You noticed?” she said, smiling and spinning around to show me her new tan. The hem of her robe fluttered upwards, but did not rise above mid-thigh. I wasn’t sure if I should be glad or not, that she wasn’t trying to do the same thing she did the first time out. “I went tanning at the pool. Do you like it?”

“I don’t know,” I said. “This is nice, I guess, but I already liked you the way you were.”

When in doubt, try a little charm. I thought it a safe option, but what do I know about young women today? It didn’t work. She began to pout.

“So you don’t like me like this?” Her pout became more pronounced and she looked down the the floor between my feet. Shit. I was upsetting her again.

“Hey, what was it you wanted to tell me?” I thought to try changing the topic before she had another emotional outburst. “Tell me.”

She seemed to brighten up and looked me in the eyes. “Do you remember what happened the last time you came in? What you did to me?”

Did I ever. I nodded, hoping that she wouldn’t notice I was beginning to panic. Damn. I was in deep shit. Where was this going? “Yup.”

“Well, you do remember how my parents came back after… you know..? And how you had to leave so quickly?”

I nodded, swallowing my anxiety and not trusting my own voice. Double damn. What were her parents going to do? Visions of an irate father banging on the door and bars on the window floated through my distracted mind, so much so I didn’t hear what she said next.

“Sorry… what was that again?”

“I said, my parents aren’t coming back tonight,” she beamed at me. “You know what that means? You can stay here tonight. And we can… ummm… do that again.”

I looked at her without replying. It took a few moments for the idea to sink in that she was NOT pregnant and I was not in trouble, with her parents or with her. Geez, all that worry over nothing.

Uh oh. The pout had returned to her face. I realized I hadn’t responded as she’d hoped I would, and she would likely take it to mean I wasn’t too keen on the idea of “doing that again” with her. I grinned at her, but it was too late… her eyes had returned to the spot on the floor beneath me.

“You don’t like me. This way.”

“Hey, wait a minute. I didn’t say that,” I tried to assure her. “I just wanted you to know that you were fine just the way you were.”

She looked up into my eyes as if she was trying to read my mind. “You didn’t seem very keen on staying over.”

“Well, that’s ’cause I was wondering if I should pop back home to take a shower first. I’ve just finished my run. I stink.” I thought that one up on the spur of the moment. Not bad, if I may say so myself.

She wrinkled her nose and giggled. “A little. But… you really don’t like me tanned like this huh?”

“No. Not at all. I’m used to seeing you without that tan, so this will take some getting used to,” I explained. “You don’t seem the sort to go tanning. At least, I didn’t think you were.”

“Ummm… I’m not,” she admitted, her face flushing just a little. She looked escort ataşehir a little bit like she had just before she came. “I… thought you might like it.”

Her eyes flew back down, and her right foot began making in small circles on the floor. Oh man. Did she have a crush on me? Why? Because of the sex?

“I do like it,” I said. “It’s still you, tanned or not.”

She looked up at me once more. “But you prefer me without..?”

“I guess I don’t see the point in trying to be different from who you really are,” I explained further. “You’re you. You’ll always be sweet.”

She blushed a little harder. Yup, that really looked a lot like when she was coming.

“If you’d not tanned before, it must have hurt quite a bit,” I thought to change the subject again to save her from further embarrassment.

“Yeah, it did,” she replied. “It hurt so much I couldn’t… you know, wear stuff…”

“You mean, like your undies?”

“Uh. Yeah,” she blushed even harder.

“Both your bra and panties?” I teased and she looked away as she nodded. Her neck was flaming red, but I was enjoying the turn of conversation.

“You still look quite red. Does it still hurt?” I probed further. That would mean that under the robe, she was…

“Yeah,” she replied as she turned her head slightly. Her face was still partly turned away from me, but from what I could see of her eyes, she was getting into the conversation topic too. “It hurts especially at the edges.”

As she said this, she slid her right shoulder out of her robe and I saw that she wasn’t lying. There were red lines marking the straps of her swimsuit, from the top of her shoulder down to the slight slope of her breast. Her nipple was still covered, but I could see from the rise and fall of her chest that she was getting excited again.

“Ouch. That looks painful,” I said, stepping forward. She didn’t flinch or move away, she just stood her ground even when I touched the raw area between her shoulder blade and her collarbone. “Have you put any cream on that?”

“Uh. No,” she winced a little at the contact, but otherwise let me continue to caress her burnt skin.

“Poor thing. Here, let me kiss it better.”

I heard her breath catch in her throat as I lowered my mouth to her shoulder and licked the area. She moved her shoulder away, but pushed her breast up towards my mouth as I continued licking down the line of reddened flesh on her chest.

“Oooooo. Nice,” she cooed. “I should’ve… come to you for help sooner.”

She had tanned in a rather demure swimsuit, because the red line that marked the scoop neck of the suit didn’t go too far down between her breasts. That didn’t stop me from spreading her robe further apart though, until the pale tops of her breasts were exposed. Only her nipples remained hidden, but they were visibly hard under the cloth.

I looked up at her and saw that she was looking at me, that same look of lust in her eyes that I’d seen during our earlier encounter.

“May I?” I asked politely as I picked at the edge of her robe at her left breast.

She nodded her assent. She seemed to be very intent on watching what I was doing. I brushed aside the robe, exposing her nipple. It was hard as a button. As I exposed her other teat, I heard her take in a sharp breath.

“Oops. These look really painful too,” I smiled at her. “I think I should give them some tender loving care too.”

Her eyes widened and she sighed as I took one nipple into my mouth, licked and sucked gently on it, then let my tongue trail over to the other nipple where I repeated the same actions. As I did so, I captured her free tit with my hand and palpated it gently, letting the nipple scrape the inside of my palm, then lightly squeezing and flicking at it with my fingers. Her chest was heaving now, and she was sighing and cooing as I moved my mouth and hand from one bobbing breast to the other.

“Ooooo… I like… you sucking… on me like that…” she said breathlessly. “Feels like… ooooh… you’re drinking… from me…”

I continued suckling at and playing with her breasts for a while. Then I stopped and asked: “Are they better now? Do you have any other areas you want me to soothe?”

She gave a low moan of frustration, then seemed to realize what I was asking her.

“Oh. Oh yes,” she said, taking my hand off her breast. “On my… my legs.”

She pushed her right leg forward, making the browned limb stick out from the folds of her robe. I could see how the tan extended all the way up her leg to where it met her torso. A line marked her groin, a red border between her brown upper thigh and the stark white of her pubic region. Her pussy wasn’t exposed by her posture – the robe still hung over her sex, obscuring it from my view – but I could see the side of her pubic mound and a bit of her pubic thatch peeking out at me. She didn’t seem aware of this, though… if she was, she didn’t seem too intent on keeping herself properly covered.

“Oh boy. That looks worse,” I said, dropping kadıköy escort to my knees in front of her. She flinched as if surprised by my move, but didn’t move away or indicate any discomfort with what I was intending to do.

“I should do something about it,” I smiled up at her and saw her draw in a quick breath before nodding. She seemed to be having trouble speaking. But her right hand plucked at the edge of her robe, drawing it further apart to show her tan reaching up to her hip… and subsequently exposing more of her pubis. Just about the right half of her pussy could be seen now, the little pink split on her groin peeking out from under the robe. Nope, she didn’t seem to mind at all now that I was looking at her vulva.

I started at the top of her hip, running my tongue down the groove of her groin. As I moved nearer to her pubis, she cocked her leg, opening her thigh up for my exploration. I took my time, drawing lazy circles with my tongue on her inner thigh, tasting and smelling her excitement while listening to her ragged breathing accelerating as I approached where she wanted me to go. She had clearly been wet for some time, because her inner thigh reeked of her musk and was streaked with lubricant. As I licked at the valley between her inner thigh and the side of her vulval folds, I could feel her thighs trembling uncontrollably.

“Mmmmm… hey,” I murmured to her from beneath her crotch. “You wanna lie down before you collapse or something?”

“Oh. Yes. I should,” was her breathless reply. “It’ll be… easier… for you to… to…”

She didn’t finish her sentence before she staggered to the protruding arm of the L-shaped sofa in the living room and lay down on it. Her hands swept the bottom edges of her robe apart, fully exposing her pussy to my gaze. It was just as I remembered it – the patch of hair high on her mound, leaving the small slitted entrance to her body bare, apart from a few wispy strands of hair. The dark pink of her secret valley was a clear contrast to the snow-white of her thick labia, and as she draped her legs on either side of the seat, the lips opened slightly, as if to deliberately invite attention.

I thought I should tease her a bit more, also because I didn’t think she’d had anyone perform cunnilingus on her before, so I moved to her left leg and started licking up and down the join between her thigh and torso.

“Mmmm… oooo…” she moaned in obvious delight, and perhaps with a little frustration too, because she was waving her pubis up at my face, willing me to explore her leaking privates as I continued licking at the area just beside where she wanted my tongue to go.

“Wow,” I said when I finally raised my face to look at the open juncture between her thighs. “Now this… this looks like it’s hurt real bad.”

“What… what do you m..? Ohhh. Ummm…” she stammered as she propped herself up to see what had taken my attention. When she saw me looking intently at her uncovered pussy, she quickly lay back down again, as if she couldn’t bear to see me looking at her privates. “Mmmm… I, uh… Do you mean you’ll..? Oooo… that’s… nasty!”

“So, is this hurting too?” I teased, ducking my head and bringing my mouth close to her leaking slit.

“I… ummm… it… it’s tingling real bad,” she gasped as I breathed on her bare pubis. “You… you’re too… ooooh!”

She squealed as I reached forward to press lightly against the lips of her vulva, the pale, fleshy curtains parting to reveal her ruddy fragile inner folds. The soft roseate veils gaped slightly and slid apart without resistance as I used my fingertips to gently pull at them, revealing her erect clitoris and beneath, the slightly open mouth of her vagina. The entire area between her labia glistened with thick liquid, some of which spilled out when the secret valley of her sex was revealed..

“Ooooooooo…” she cooed. “It’s so… oooo… I can’t stand it… Oh my god… I’m so… bad…”

I looked up and saw that she was covering her eyes with her right forearm, her head turned to the side. Was she feeling embarrassed again?

“Tell you what,” I whispered conspiratorially to her. “I won’t look.”

I didn’t wait to find out if she heard me, I simply lowered my mouth to her privates and started licking at the area between her outer and inner lips. I took care not to get too close to her clitoris, knowing that direct contact was almost painful for some women, and instead, lavished my attention on the area around her vagina. Which she seemed to appreciate, from the way she was waving her hips up and down, trying to rub my face against her sodden crotch. My hands left her pubis and crawled up her sides, capturing her breasts and flicking and rubbing at her nipples while her body undulated. Her moans increased in intensity as I slid my tongue into the deeper, darker valley where her clitoris and vagina waited. She tasted a little salty and her musk filled my nose as her movements became more frantic, so I tried touching her clit, curling the tip of my tongue up maltepe escort bayan to press lightly against the tiny button.

Her reaction was as dramatic as it was immediate. Her thighs clamped on my face, slapping hard on my ears as she squeaked her surprise. I let my tongue drop down and wash up against her vagina, working it lightly at her entrance as she calmed a little, then brought it up again. She jerked strongly again, and relaxed when I licked downwards once more. Each time I did so, I pushed my tongue into her a little, and she would thrust herself forward, willing and wanting me to probe deeper into her.

When her reactions to being licked became less violent, I decided to lavish more attention to the little trembling bud. I began pressing the blade of my tongue up against it, maintaining but not increasing contact. I kept up a steady rhythm, my hands similarly tweaking and rubbing at her breasts while she voiced her increasing excitement. When I felt her thighs tightening around my head, I knew she was close to orgasm, so I released one of her tits and reached down with one hand to delve between her ass cheeks. She exclaimed her surprise, then shrieked as I scraped lightly at her clitoris with my teeth and scratched at her anus with my fingernail to bring her to completion.

The result was explosive, to say the least. She arched her back until she had lifted herself up off the sofa, the action pressing her pubis so hard up against me it felt like she was trying to push my face into her. I knew she had come when I felt her fluids spurting out of her spasming vagina, spattering on my chin and neck. She convulsed for a few moments, as if she was having a fit, before collapsing back onto the seat, her body limp with exhaustion.

Because her thighs had fallen off my ears, I could hear her panting and gasping for breath as she recovered from her orgasm. I moved to the right of her and saw how she was trying to move aside to make space for me, so I joined her on the sofa. She had pulled her right leg onto the seat, but her left remained draped over the side. The sash of her robe had come undone, the cloth had fallen open, completely revealing her nude body. She made no effort to cover up at all… instead, she slipped her arms out of the sleeves and turned to snuggle up naked against my body. I could feel her breath against my neck as she hooked her leg over my torso and buried her face in the hollow of my neck.

After her breathing had slowed sufficiently, she tilted her head up to look at me. There were tears at the corners of her eyes.

“Oh. My. God,” she exclaimed. “That was… awesome!”

“Really?” I smiled at her. “Better this time than the last?”

“No. I mean, yes. Actually no,” she said as she gathered her thoughts. “I mean, it’s different. Last time you were… inside. Today, you weren’t.”

“So which do you prefer?”

“I don’t… it’s different. I can’t explain why…”

“Come on. Tell me. Do you prefer being licked, or..?”

“Actually,” she blushed again, but less furiously than before. “I kind of prefer… you know.”

“No, I don’t.”

“I mean, I like it when it’s… inside. It’s big and it hurts but when… when I… ummm…”


“Uh. Yeah. It’s more intense.”

I grinned at her. “How do you mean, intense?”

“You!” she feigned irritation, then nuzzled my neck again. “You really made me… mmmm… thank you.”

I didn’t reply and held her in a tight hug for a bit, which she seemed to like because she reciprocated by nibbling at my neck. Her left leg slid lower down my thigh, and we heard her private parts squelch as it came into contact with my skin.

From my neck, she murmured her question: “Do you think I’m bad?”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“You know. For letting you see me. Like that. And letting you… ummm…”

“Fuck you?”

“Yeah,” her voice was smaller than before, almost as if she was afraid of my answer. “Am I bad?”

I let go of her, pushing her away from me a little so I could look in her brown eyes.

“No. No, I don’t think you’re bad at all,” I said, watching for her reaction.

Her eyes teared over a little. “But… you know… good girls don’t. You know, do that.”

“Hey, who says so?”

“Mother,” her voice quavered a little as her eyes drifted from mine. “She would… my parents would kill me…”

“Why would they do that?”

“Because… I’m not a… I mean, I’m bad…”

“Listen,” I said to her firmly, catching her by her chin so she couldn’t turn away from me. “You’re not bad. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. You’re not bad. You don’t become bad just because someone says so.”

She looked at me silently, a tear escaping the corner of her eye. I couldn’t tell if she believed me or not, so I reached out to brush it away, then kissed the wet trail on her face.

“I… you don’t know…” she stammered after a few moments.

“Then tell me,” I urged gently. “I’ll listen. I don’t believe I’ll start thinking you’re bad, but I’d like to listen anyway.”

“Mmmm… you wouldn’t… understand,” she whispered, her eyes dropping down to my chest. She didn’t turn away from me though, and pushed her face into my neck again. I could feel her tears and her breasts shuddering as she sobbed silently for a bit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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