Her Jon-Servant

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The Caribbean sunrise was complete as Jon finished mile six of his Saturday morning run. One more mile and he’d be at their Tortola, British Virgin Islands home. His thoughts and fantasies dwelled on what she would be doing when he returned, all hot and sweaty, full of testosterone and ambition. Reaching the driveway in full sprint, Jon stopped, bent over with hands on his knees, gasping for breath. His last mile averaged at an 8-minute mile pace, which is all his 50-year old frame could handle. The walk to the cool shade of the back patio was glorious. Bougainvillea vines lined the sunny walls of their cozy home, with their sharp thorns and bright red flowers. Hummingbirds raced through the air, sucking up the precious nectar of the trumpet vines that thrived on the eastern edge of their property.

Jon patterned his stride to align with the flagstone walkway that lead to her special place in the very private back yard. Turning the corner, he saw Marissa laying on her favorite chaise lounge – a thick, cushioned mattress covered in a bright orange floral print atop a teakwood frame. She was reading from her favorite book of erotica short stories, and the slight smile on her face said everything. Her smooth, black skin was covered in streaks of shade and sun. On a small table next to her was a tall glass of ice water, loaded with pineapple and kiwi. A true goddess in her island paradise.

“Got seven in today . . . felt great,” panted Jon.

“That’s wonderful babe, you look like you gave it your all,” smiled Marissa.

Marissa’s Caribbean roots run deep, and her love of life, nature, and pleasure permeated everything about her. No one could ever be around her and not feel that sunshine flashed out of her. Her curvy figure, large ample breasts, and deliciously full lips stood out at first glance. Yet her bright eyes, beautiful smile and smooth black skin combined to give her an air of royalty. Approaching middle age, she had experience, education, and the wisdom that comes from being a well-traveled career woman. It was hard not to yield to her in every way.

On this morning, a hundred flashes of thoughts, memories and dreams raced through Jon’s mind after only five seconds of seeing her. They had been a couple for three years now, and had become tightly knit, matching perfectly for one another. Yet with every day, new angles and perspectives of her beauty caused Jon to be continuously amazed, and forever grateful to be her man. He felt lucky that she would have ever given a white man any attention, and did everything in his power to never make her regret that choice. Now standing ten feet from her, dripping with sweat, he decided he’d better get cleaned up.

“Thanks Love, I’m gonna hop in the shower. Be right out.”

Located along a secluded wall behind their house was an outdoor shower. The combination of fences, shrubs and trees made it completely private. Marissa need only glance up from her book to watch her man go from a sweaty, dirty mess to a delicious, sweet smelling lover. Jon stripped off his clothes and piled them pendik escort on a wooden bench. Shampooing vigorously, his brown hair became coated with a coconut-scented shampoo. He knew how to appeal to her senses, and used the soap that matched his cologne, sending wafts of woodsy, citrusy scents for Marissa to breathe in. Jon carefully covered every inch of his body with soap, drawing her stare as he washed his balls and cock, and as his soapy fingers glided up and down the crack of his ass. She smiled approvingly, knowing that he would be aptly prepared for what she had planned for him.

He finished showering and dried off, their eyes fixed on each other. He knew his body turned her on, and he noticed her taking particular pleasure in watching him. Jon draped the towel around his neck, and walked past Marissa, heading for the house. Their eyes were locked on one another, and Jon’s smile confessed that he knew his shower was a big tease for her.

Marissa stared up at him as he walked past her, then said, “Jon, I left something for you on the vanity. Put it on. I’ll be in shortly.”

Jon walked into the bathroom, scanned the vanity, only to find a pair of beige camo thong underwear. He held it up, wondering what was in store for him, but didn’t dare deny her of the request. He slipped it on, realizing that Marissa had intentionally bought a pair that was at least a couple sizes too small for him, and his balls and cock bulged out. The back strap, made of a thin spandex strip, was wedged up his ass. He looked at himself in the mirror, still red-faced from his run, looked down at his package, and thought, “Well, let’s see what happens next.”

What happens next became painfully apparent as soon as he walked out of the bathroom. Marissa was standing there, holding a two foot length of red parachute cord. On one end was attached a thick rubber ball. On the other end was a noose-like knot, which would constrict as the cord was pulled. She stared into his eyes, walked up to him, and reached into his thong and looped the noose around his cock and balls. She passed the rubber ball under the top strap, allowing the cord to pass out the left side of his thong. The weight of the rubber ball was enough to cause a constant tug on Jon’s cock and balls. When pulled, it would bring a grown man to his knees, and demand complete attention. Marissa always figuratively had control of his package, but for that day, she literally had full control.

“Jon, today you’re gonna be my house bitch. You’ll start by cleaning out the refrigerator, making the kitchen spotless from floor to ceiling, and taking all the garbage out to the can. Do NOT attempt to hold that rubber ball or alleviate any of the pressure on your balls or cock. Do you understand?”

“Uhhhhhhh, yeah . . . . sure babe,” stammered Jon.

Marissa reached into a drawer, and took out a small, multi-stranded whip. Glaring into Jon’s eyes, she swung the whip across Jon’s crotch, sending a sharp, stinging sensation to his legs, balls and cock.

“I’m prepared to use this Jon, so I maltepe escort suggest you start accepting the reality that I’m gonna whip your ass good today.”

To say that this was a surprise to Jon is a gross understatement. His legs were already weak, and he was famished and thirsty. He knew that Marissa was a kind and reasonable woman. A woman that would seldom force her will on anyone, but when she did, she got her way. There was no doubt in his mind that he was going to be her bitch. He had already accepted that reality. Now it was purely about physically fulfilling her demands.

“Then get to it, Jon.”

Marissa was holding the rubber ball at her waist, which meant that it was not pulling on Jon’s package. Before she walked away, she looked into his eyes, then dropped the ball, causing the cord to constrict tight into his package. She stared at him as she turned and walked away, shaking her ass just enough to remind him of who was in charge.

Jon then plunged into his work. Removing everything from the refrigerator, he inspected everything and threw away the unusable. He used a warm, soapy sponge to clean and sanitize the inside shelves and drawers, and put back the good stuff in a neat and tidy manner. He began a list of groceries to be purchased. Next the countertops and cabinets were wiped down. He swept the floor, then wiped it down with a warm, wet towel. As he was on his knees, the rubber ball no longer causing tension on the cord, he could feel Marissa’s presence behind him.

“Jon, it looks like you’ve found a way to relieve the pain on your package. Do you think I approve of that?”

“No, but I had to scrub the floor.”

Before he could get the last word out, he felt the sharp sting of her whip across his ass. He grimaced in pain. Marissa said nothing, but waited a few seconds, then delivered another lashing. Jon knew better to beg for mercy. Instead, he waited patiently for her to be satisfied, and tried not to scream out. The fiery sensation across his ass demanded his entire focus. He stopped counting, but it seemed like 8 to 10 lashes. Marissa then walked away, mumbling something under her breath.

Jon had learned a valuable lesson. Keep the rubber ball constantly dangling between his legs. He managed to clean every bathroom and toilet, with an expert’s attention to detail. He vacuumed, did laundry, folded clothes and ironed. Every part of the house looked fresh and new. He made the bed immediately after taking the sheets out of the dryer. For five hours he was Marissa’s house bitch in every way.

“Jon, come here. I want to speak to you,” yelled Marissa. “I hope you’ve enjoyed doing all this shitty work that I hate doing. I’m going to remove this cord now, but I’m not done with you yet. Get on the bed on your hands and knees. “

Jon assumed the position, his body glistening in a light sweat from his hours of housework. He watched as Marissa removed all her clothes, and attached nipple clamps to herself, which were connected by a small chain. She then carefully attached a strap kartal escort on dildo, with one end fitting a few inches inside her wet pussy, and pressing against her clit. Climbing onto the bed, facing Jon’s head, Marissa stared down at her bitch.

“Alright Jon, suck this cock, and make sure you grind it into my clit.”

Jon began sucking the cock and using his teeth to push the dildo back against her. She tilted her head back, smiling, as waves of orgasms raced through her body. Marissa reached down to hold his head, guiding his actions to deliver an amazing fuck. Jon reached up to gently pull on the chain connecting the nipple clamps. Marissa screamed in agonizing pleasure. But there was still more she had in mind for him.

Panting, she declared, “OK Jon, that’s enough. Go get me the lube.”

Jon returned with a bottle of their favorite lube, and knew what was to come, so he began coating the dildo with lube, and wiped a dollop of it on his ass hole. He assumed the same position, and watched as Marissa moved off the bed, standing facing Jon’s ass.

“Back that ass up Jon, it’s not gonna fuck itself now, is it?”

Marissa then proceeded to fuck Jon up the ass, each thrust pressing the dildo’s base up against her clit, forcing her end of the dildo deeper inside her hot, dripping pussy. Slapping his ass hard, she confirmed her ownership of him. Jon was moaning uncontrollably, at times screaming into a pillow. He desperately wanted to beg her to ease up, but he knew that would only make it worse. So he focused on doing all he could to pleasure her. He would buck his firm, hard ass back into her, smashing her clit and driving the dildo deeper inside her.

When Marissa’s interest in this position waned, she pulled out of him, and ordered him to unstrap the dildo, and fetch a hand pump that fit perfectly on her clit. There on their bed, as she lay back against the pillows, Jon held the pump firmly over her clit, and pumped and pumped until her clit was huge and engorged with her blood.

“Ohhh FUCK Jon! Get that clit in your mouth now and make me squirt,” Marissa screamed loudly.

Jon proceeded to suck her clit into his mouth, while using her wetness and sliding his index finger up her ass. Marissa was writhing in pleasure, each second making her more desperate to get more of Jon on her clit. His tongue flicking her clit, his finger up her ass, his free hand pulling on the chain connecting both nipple clamps, she would explode any second. Jon’s lips pressed firmly around her clit, and that pushed her over the edge. She could feel the juices boiling inside her, and knew she would soon squirt all over his face. Jon kept sucking hard, and then in a violent scream, Marissa came hard, and her juices squirted out all over Jon’s face and chest.

Marissa laid flat on her back, gasping and heaving air. Jon watched her from his knees on the floor at the foot of the bed. He knew that being her bitch, his pleasure was irrelevant. So he waited for her command.

“Jon, get up here. This pussy and ass aren’t gonna clean themselves!”

And as his final assignment for the day, Jon licked her softly, from ass hole to pussy, until all her juices were cleaned up. He then rested his head on her lower abdomen, his body between her legs, and they napped for an hour . . .

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