Her Grown Up Birthday Wish

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All characters are adults

If I were there I would sneak out of bed before dawn and slip my white cotton gauze nightie over my head to cover my naked body. The soft woven lace would skim over my curves, hugging them in all the right places. It gives me the feeling of being dressed while leaving nothing to the imagination.

The dogs and I would pad into the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee and then I would mix the batter for my corn fritters and let it rest while I sautee the ham steak and make the blueberry compote, from the delicious berries you picked a few days ago. Of course, the dogs would be waiting for a taste of the ham, and I would oblige them with some scraps. Then I would fry up the fritters and scramble some eggs and arrange everything on the tray with a birthday card for you.

The aromas of breakfast will have reached your nostrils by then, and you will smile to yourself, thinking of me before you even open your eyes. Your mouth begins to water, partly from the delicious smells wafting into the bedroom, but also because you are anticipating my return to your bed.

You reach down and grab your morning boner and give it a few strokes as you hear me coming back to the bedroom, singing happy birthday and carrying the big breakfast tray, walking very slowly and deliberately, trying not to spill the coffee and juice on the way.

I come around to the side of the bed and you see the silhouette of my body under the nightie as the sunlight shining from behind makes it transparent. You get a big grin on your face and I know you are not smiling because of the fritters, you have something else on your mind.

“Oh, no you don’t birthday boy! Scooch up in bed so I can set this tray down over you. I didn’t get up at the crack of dawn to cook this delicious meal only to have it grow cold because you want some nookie!”

You laugh, but do as you are told. I bend over to set the tray down, making sure you catch a glimpse of my big titties down the open top of my nightie. You reach out for them as I deliver the tray and a kiss on the top of your head. “Happy Birthday Honey! I hope you’re hungry.”

“Mprf”, somehow you have managed to get your face wedged between my two breasts, reaching up under my short nightie and squeezing them both like Mr. Whipple handling the Charmin.

“Oh, you dirty old man, stop! I cooked you this terrific breakfast, the least you can do is eat it!”

You roll my nipples between your thumbs and forefingers pendik escort and they stiffen quickly, looking like pink pencil erasers straining at the diaphanous material. I manage to pull away, but not before you feel me shudder with pleasure as the assault on my nipples makes me weak in the knees and sends a current of electricity straight to my pussy.

“Honey, I’m serious! Please eat the breakfast I cooked for you while it is still hot.” I squeeze my thighs together to try to relieve the pressure, but now my clit is as hard as my nipples. You laugh again when you realize what you have done to me.

“Oh, alright, but I thought this was supposed to be my day, to do whatever I wanted!” You protest.

“It is Sweetheart, but just eat breakfast first. You have to keep up your strength!”

“Okay, okay but afterwards…”

“Yeah, yeah… You eat and I’m going to go into the bathroom and freshen up a little.” I leave you to your breakfast and narrowly escape.

I turn on the shower and as the water heats up steam begins to fill the room. I pull the nightgown over my head and step into the stream of water. “Ahh, that feels good.” I squeeze some coconut shampoo into my hair and lather it up. Then I squeeze another dollop in my hand and lather up my bush, working the suds into the folds of my cunt and soaping up between my ass cheeks, making sure the puckered hole gets scrubbed well. I soap up the rest of my body and step back into the water to rinse off. The hot water feels good, relaxing my muscles; the rivulets run down my body, sluicing together as they reach the cleft between my legs.

I put conditioner on my hair and gather it on top of my head. While it works its wonders on my dark curls, I lean back and lift one leg on the side of the tub, holding my pussy lips open with one hand so that the spray from the shower hits me in just the right spot. I have to arch back pretty far. This is the only way for me to get my sex properly rinsed, and I close my eyes as the rush of water tickles me down there and makes me think of how wonderful your hot tongue felt when you went down on me last night. A moan escapes my lips as I replay the action from last night in my head. “Mmmmm…so good.” I rub my clitoris in a circular motion with three of my fingers, getting rid of the last of the suds. The knot of nerves is standing straight up, hard as a glass marble between my plump pussy lips.

“Hey…what’s going on in there?”

You’ve heard my moan over maltepe escort the shower spray and I quickly let go of my cunt and duck my head back under the water to rinse the conditioner away. My eyes are closed tight as the spray assaults my face. Suddenly, I feel a woosh of cold air as you pull aside the shower curtain and step into the tub with me.

“Breakfast was delicious Honey, but now I want dessert!” You say.

You grab me from behind, with your palms over my breasts, you pull me back against you and nuzzle my neck. I can feel your cock hard and pressing itself between my slippery wet ass cheeks. You pump yourself in the divide a few times, but do not enter me yet. I press back against you as you join me under the flowing water.

“Ooh baby, you feel so good.”, you whisper into my ear, giving my wet earlobe a nibble that sends shock waves to my honeypot.

You kiss your way down the side of my neck while massaging my massive breasts and pinching the stiff pink nipples until they are standing at full attention. You can feel the full weight of my tits in the palms of your hands and pull me even tighter against you Your mustache is tickling my neck and I let out a moan as you slide your dick further between my buns and skim the entrance to my pussy, teasing me.

Your cock is hard and hot and wet. You drop one of my breasts and reach a hand down to my pussy and begin massaging my clit gently with your fingers while still teasing the entrance to my cunt with the head of your dick.

“Arrggh…: I am helpless and unable to reciprocate because you have me in such a tight lock. You are teasing me mercilessly by only giving me the tip of your member while rolling and pinching my nipples and rubbing circles around my clit. The rubbing motion of your cock, as it slides between my tight ass cheeks, is creating heat at my puckered rosebud.

Suddenly, you let go of my pussy and pour some liquid soap on your hard on, then toss the bottle aside and pull me up tight against you again. You bend me over at the waist, and position the tip of your cock up against my asshole and try to slide yourself inside, but I am so tight, you do not gain entry.

“Damn, Baby…relax, loosen up a bit. I will go easy, I promise, I won’t hurt you,” you say.

I take a deep breath, letting the shower steam fill my lungs, and exhale as I release the tension in my ass.

“Okay, but take it slow Honey.”

You flip us around so that I can place kartal escort my hands against the wall and lean into it as the shower is now fully on your back. You grab your cock firmly in your hand and aim it right at the entry to my ass.

“Okay sweetheart, now just press yourself back into me. I’ll let you do the driving.”

I let out a giggle and then impale myself on your stiff cock, feeling the head make its way past the entrance about an inch. I breathe deeply to relax myself further and press back a little more. Your cock is a tight fit, filling me and stretching me out. I can feel your length massaging my g spot from inside my ass.

“Damn Baby, you’re tighter than a python’s grip.” You push yourself to the hilt and gain full entry.

“Wait, wait, let me get used to it before you start pumping,” I appeal.

You nuzzle my neck again and grab me by the hips, slowly gliding your dick halfway out and back in again. I let out a moan as you fill me up with your slippery wet cock. It feels like a burning column of marble slicing into my buttery ass. You begin a gentle rocking motion as I relax, pumping gently in and out as the shower pummels your back. I can hear your heavy balls slapping against my wet ass, whap, whap, whap as you pick up the pace of your pumping. You have a nice rhythm going and it feels so good.

I’m pushing back against you, meeting each forward thrust with my own force. I know you can’t last long in this position because my ass is so tight and the suction your action is creating is trying to milk your cock for all its worth. You reach around the front of me and begin rubbing my clit furiously as we pump together. I can feel the tension building in your cock and know you are close to climaxing. I am almost there too. I bite my lip as I start moaning with each thrust.

“Oh yes, Baby fuck my ass, fuck my ass hard! I want to feel your hot cum shoot in my ass. Yes, yes…fill me with your hot cream!” My clit explodes like a rocket as an orgasm rips through my body. My ass muscles spasm and grip your cock tight as you push in and let out a roar. Then your cock twitches and spurts out a torrent of hot seed then twitches and spurts again and again.

“Arrrrggghh, I’m cumming in your ass…oh….so…goooood.” You give me three more pumps and collapse on my back as the water cascades around us. Then your cock softly slips out of my butt with a plop.

“Holy cow, that was incredible! I hope you enjoyed your birthday present!”

We soaped each other up and washed away the carnal evidence. I turned the shower off and we wrapped ourselves in fluffy soft towels. Then cuddled up in bed for a while to regain our strength. Wait until you see what I have in store for you after dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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