Her Book

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Lucas and Beth had known each other about a year now. Their Ex’s had been friends. While over the last year, their relationships had fallen apart Lucas and Beth had stayed friends. They got together at least once a week for dinner. This had been going on for about three months. They got along very well. Lucas liked how Beth was so easy to talk to. She would listen to anything he said, unlike his ex who did all the talking. To her he was just arm candy. Beth really seems to care about his opinion of things. They could just sit and talk for hours. Beth was not what you would call a striking beauty, but she was easy on the eyes. The more Lucas got to know her the more he liked her. She did not have to put a thick layer of make up on just to go out for a movie. She could be ready on a few minutes notice.

Lucas never made any move to take their friendship farther. He really liked Beth but she was so tame and blushed at the mere mention of a lude act. She was also very small. Lucas was 6’2″ and around 210 and Beth was a foot shorter and at least 100 lbs. lighter. She made him feel like a giant. Lucas just could not picture her having sex. That was until last week when he asked to borrow some books. While looking though her collection he came across a leather bound book with no title. When he opened it, he saw hand written pages. Lucas recognized the writing as Beth’s. His jaw dropped at what he was reading. It was what would turn out to be the most erotic thing he had ever read. He quickly put it in his backpack so she would not see it.

Lucas had lain in bed that night and read all 16 stories Beth had written. It was almost 4:00 in the morning when he got through but he could not stop reading. His dick was almost raw from having to jack off so much. He could not believe his quite little friend had written something so erotic. The stories had a wide range, from very romantic to almost violent. Lucas would never have Beth was capable of being so dirty minded. Lucas decided that next weeks dinner would be very different then the last one.

Beth made homemade lasagna and a salad for dinner. Lucas had a hard time keeping quite about her book a through dinner. As they were cleaning up, he could not wait any longer. He had been pendik escort asking her odd questions all night and she had answered all of them with out batting an eye. Lucas decided it was time to ask ones that are more intimate.

“So Beth what is the wildest place you have ever had sex?” Lucas asked as he watched her out of the corner of his eye. He could see her face already starting to turn red.

“I can’t tell you that.” she said, blushing redder.

“Why not.” he asked with a crooked grin on his face.

“Because that is personal and embarrassing. I can’t talk about that kind of stuff with you,” She answered, turning to put the dish she was drying into the cabinet.

“Why not. We have been friends for quite a while now and most friends talk about that kind of thing. Oh, I see, you are embarrassed. I don’t know why you would be embarrassed by just talking about sex after the stuff you wrote.” Lucas said. His grin now a full-blown smile.

“What!” Was all she said as she spun around to face him.

Lucas pulled the little book from his bag and tossed on the counter in front of her. As Lucas watched her earlier blush faded leaving her pale and wide-eyed. She had to put a hand on the counter to steady herself and she swallowed hard.

She looked from the Book to him and asked, “Did you read it?”

“Several times.” He said. Lucas watched as she turned and walked to the freezer and took out the bottle of gray goose she kept in there. With a shaky hand she got out a glass and poured herself a drink. He was starting to worry that this may not have been a good idea

when she took a second shot. Lucas had never seen her drink more than one of anything alcoholic. He must have really upset her. He was about to get up to see if she was okay when she turned back to him. Her color was better and the startled look was gone.

Finally she walks over to him. Standing between his knees she looks at him shyly and asks “Did you like it.”

“Yes, very much.” he says

She leans in and whispers into his ear “Did it make you cum.”

His cock jumped at hearing the words she said. “Yes” was all he could say.

She ran her hands up his thighs and griped his hips, “How many maltepe escort times.” She asks as she takes a nip of his ear lobe.

“A lot” He says.

“Really, not bad for never touching you, just imagine what I can do now that I have my hands on you.” She says with a grin. She leans back and looks into his eyes, all the shyness gone. It was his turn to swallow hard. She just grins at him as she undoes his belt. She pulls him to his feet as she unbuttons his jeans. His mouth goes dry as she slides his zipper down. She reaches up and kisses him. Her soft lips pressed to his, her tongue plays with his. She bits his lower lip as she pulls back from him, at the same time she reaches in his jeans and wraps her hand around his cock. He gasps at the sensation. He is already hard and her touch sends a shudder through him. She has started kissing his neck and reaches under his shirt to pinch his nipples. She works her way down his chest to bite them through the fabric. His breathing is getting faster now she grins wickedly up at him as she slides his jeans down over his ass. They fall in a pile around his ankles. She grips his thick shaft in one hand as she rubs his balls with the other. He has to grab the counter for support when she takes him into her mouth. A warm and wet tongue runs over the head of his cock sending waves of excitement through him. As she sucks him his breathing becomes ragged and he grabs a fist full of her hair. She pumps his cock, bringing her hand up to meet her mouth. She lightly runs her teeth up his length and licks his head before she goes back down. She can hear him gasping for breath and knows he is on the verge of Cumming and smiles. She pulls him from her mouth and starts to jack him off using her saliva as lubricant. She stands up and kisses him again.

She whispers “Do you won’t to cum?”

“Yes” He replies.

She laughs and says “Well then Cum for me big boy.” He grabs her wrist with the last bit of strength he has and cums all over them both. She kisses him again as he does.

He still has his hand in her hair and pulls he head back to kiss her neck. He bites her hard and she cries out.

“My turn now.” He states with his own wicked grin. She looks at him kartal escort in shock as he kicks the jeans off his feet and picks her up. He takes her into the bedroom and throws her on the bed. She rolls over on to her hands and knees and tries to get away but he grabs her hips and pushes her over onto her back. He grabs the front of her shirt and tears it open. She isn’t wearing a bra. He grabs her hands and holds them above her head and admires the sight before him. Her breast is small, but perfect with small areolas. He leans down and takes one into his mouth. He sucks on it until its hard then flicks it with his tongue. She lets out a moan and starts to arch her back. He runs his tongue all around her breast before he sucks it back in. Now she is the one breathing hard. He releases her hands so he can work his way down her body. He pushes up her skirt and rubs his hand over her mound. He stifles her moan by kissing her. With his thumb he finds her clit and discovers she has pierced it.

” Oh you are a naughty little girl aren’t you” He says. She just moans louder as he rubs harder. He pulls off her thong pushes a finger inside. She gasps out loud. Her head turned to the side, mouth open trying to breathe. She was tighter than he thought she would be. He licked his way down her body. When his tongue licked up her slit her back arched off the bed. He started to lick the small bud he found behind her ring as his fingers pumped in and out of her. Her breath cane in gasps and her hands griped the sheets. She reached down and grabbed fist full of his hair as she bucked against him. He lifted his head and asks” Do you wants to Cum.”

Through her panting she says” Yes God Yes.”

” Well then cum for me my naughty little girl.” He sucks her clit into his mouth and pumps his fingers faster. She cries out as she cums on his hand and face. She lies there trembling. He pulls his fingers out and she shivers.

He kisses her until she calms down. She looks up at him with a glazed look in her eyes. “God I need you to fuck me”. It’s all the invitation he needs. He grips the base of his cock and in one motion pushes all the way in, she cries out with pleasure and a little pain at the suddenness of his entry but soon adjusts to his size and before long they are both Cumming again. As they lay next to each other catching there breathe they are both surprised but pleased at the nights events.

She turns to him and asks, “Want to come over tomorrow.”

“Yes” He says.

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