Helping My Son Go To Sleep

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Helping My Son Go To Sleep
As always in the early mornings, Helen was already up, sitting by the table in the kitchen, drinking coffee whilst reading the newspaper, not having time for anything else as she was never late for work – being an secretary and wasn’t planning on arriving late this Monday either. She was already dressed, of course, and due to her work she was now wearing a white blouse and a gray short skirt. Beneath that she was also wearing a red bra, pushing her 38C breasts up nicely, as well as matching lacy knickers, Helen enjoyed the feeling of being sexy.

Turning to the last page in her newspaper, preparing to go get the car keys in the hallway and finally leave for work, having taken a small glimpse at her watch, Helen suddenly thought she heard someone sneaking down the stairs.

After listening to the steps for a while, she soon came to the conclusion it must be Mark, only he could be that light-footed.

And she was right. Wearing nothing but his underwear (having claimed he was a “big” boy now, not wanting the pajamas anymore, his naked little feet barley making any sound on the floor.

“You’re up early!” Helen whispered, reaching out with her right arm, showing him she wanted him to come sit up in her lap. He must be feeling cold, she thought, considering he was almost naked, walking around in their house, and especially after walking on that cold kitchen floor. She was a bit surprised to see him up. Despite his young age, he seldom got up before 6:30. “What are you doing up?”

Now sitting in her lap, snuggling with her for a moment, making himself comfortable as his mother also held him tight, he said: “I just can’t sleep mummy.”

“Well mummy needs to go to work… Do you want a glass of milk or a coffee?”

Mark shrugged his shoulders. “Can’t you do what you did to me last night, play with my penis first?” Helen couldn’t fail to notice the excitement in his voice. “I know I got really tired after you made me… cum…”

Helen grinned, amused by the look on her son’s face when he tried to remember what she’d taught him yesterday,”

“Please mum? I promise I’ll be a good boy all day.”

“You do, do you?” Helen said with a smile, pretending to give his offer a lot of thought. “Well… OK then.” güvenilir bahis siteleri

“Really mum?” Mark said happily.”

Helen noticed that her son now was real anxious to get moving, wanting more than anything to have his mother’s soft hands on his eager cock, but Helen had something even more pleasurable in mind. “Mark.”

“Yes mum?”

“What do you say we try something different?”

“Something ever better?” Mark didn’t know what to think.

“Yes…” Helen started saying, feeling how her cunt got wetter by every second just thinking about what she was about to tell him. “What do you say I let you put your penis inside me?”

“Inside-“, Mark said out loud, “…inside your mouth?”

“No, I mean”, Helen showed with her finger where she meant, pointing between her legs, “in my… pussy.”

“Enough talking, darling”, she said, playfully patting his soft hair, starting to feel a bit inpatient already, “let’s go to your room.

Mark didn’t need to be told twice. They walked up the stairs. Helen could tell Mark was exited, when she’d gone up half the stairs he was already at the top. He stopped there, waiting for her to join him.

Soon they reached the door to Mark’s room, and Helen closed it behind them once inside. The room was dark, and the only source of light was Mark’s night lamp, making a light blue shine next to his bed.

“Take of your shorts”, Helen said.

Mark instantly did as he was told, only taking a second for him to remove his underwear, exposing his penis and hairless balls, then stepping out of the underwear, pushing the garment aside with his foot.

“Aren’t you going to pick those up and put them on the chair over there?” Helen suggested, enjoying the fact that Mark now did everything she told him to do, without even complaining about it. Unusual for a k** his age.

Mark once again did what he was told, quickly picking up his underwear and neatly put them on the chair by his desk. Helen smiled at him, thinking it would be a piece of cake rising this k** up from now on. All she would have to do would be to tell him he could fuck with her IF he did this and that.

Helen reached up under her skirt, grabbing her knickers and pulled them down. Slowly. Almost to slowly for her inpatient little boy, perabet giriş who’s cock already had started to grow nice and hard”

Helen stepped out of her knickers, now completely soaked with her womanly sex juices, and put them on the chair. Then she looked at Mark’s bed. It wasn’t very big, at least not for her it wasn’t, though when she bought it she didn’t think she was going to lay there with him. With that, she pulled up her skirt, showing her naked arse for her son, after which she pushed the covers on the bed against the wall. Then she sat down on the bed, looking at her son standing next to it, his cock now was so big and hard it could possibly get. Because of his age, it wasn’t very big, but she didn’t care. If anything it made her even more horny, knowing it was her own son, that she was going to have sex with.

Seeing he was ready to go, and probably just as impatient as she was, or even more, she grinned at him when she laid down in the bed, pulling up her skirt some more, and spread her shapely legs.

“Come on here, Mark. Lay down on top of me.”

Mark’s eyes widened as he got closer to his mum, staring at the area between her legs. Helen didn’t shave her cunt completely, just a bit of trimming now and then when needed, Mark laid down on top of his mother, soon feeling the heat coming from between her legs and also getting some of her wetness on himself.

Helen didn’t want to waste any more time either, explaining every little thing to him, so she just gently grabbed her son’s cock, and placed it at the opening of her wet cunt, right between her cuntlips, wanting a hard cock to slide between them.

No more help was needed, as Mark instinctively pushed his young cock all the way inside of her, making his mother smile. “Good boy”, she said, squeezing his cock with all her might with her strong cunt muscles. “Now fuck mummy!”

Mark wasn’t too sure what she wanted, at first. It didn’t take him too long though, before he realized she wanted him to move his penis in and out of her hole, and he certainly didn’t mind doing that! Slowly at first, he started fucking her, steadily increasing his pace as he got into rhythm. As any boy, or man, he was a natural talent.

“That’s it, darling”, Helen perabet güvenilir mi said looking down at him, her right arm resting over his back, her left hand on his cute arse, “that’s it… You’re making mummy so happy!”

Mark didn’t hear a word of what his mother said, fucking like there was no tomorrow. Despite that, Helen didn’t think she was going to be able to get an orgasm, he was too eager and inexperienced, but she’d expected that, and there would be more opportunities like this later on, where she could teach him how to do it more properly, not just focus on his own pleasure.

But at that moment, she was more than happy just to let him fuck her, without having to worry about anything, just let him tire himself out, cuming inside her.She know there would be plenty of cum in his ball’s. After giving him a hand job on the couch in the living room yesterday, there was no doubt he’d enjoyed his orgasm then.

While Helen was thinking of all that, as well as all the pleasure she and her son was going to have together in a very near future. Mark was just shoved is cock in and out of his mother’s hairy cunt over and over again, his cock almost slipping out a few times, but Helen kept him in place. He was so wild, at one point, she almost felt the need to tell him to take it easy, fearing the bed’s bounces into the wall could be heard by the house nextdoor. But just as she were about to tell him that, he’d already achieved his goal. ‘So soon?’ She thought. But then again, not only had he been fucking her with the speed of light, it was also his first time inside of a hot, wet cunt!

Faster and faster he’d gone, but suddenly he now stopped, and Helen knew exactly what was going on, she couldn feel his cum squirting inside of her. She felt his cock throbbing, giving her a delightful orgasm, almost making her shiver.

After a few seconds he started to move again, back and forth, looking up at his mother, “Oh, mum…” he moaned.

“Does it feel good, darling?” she said softly, gently caressing his head.

Mark didn’t answer as his orgasm finally was coming to an end, and soon he wasn’t moving again, exhausted as he was, having made one of his most tiresome activities yet, in his young life.

“You think you’re going to be able to go to sleep now, sweetie?”

“Uh huh”, he mumbled, putting a smile in his mother’s face, she holding his worn out and somewhat sweaty body against her own, feeling extremely proud of her son, who was no longer a virgin. He sure was a big boy now. And real sleepy.

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