Hazel’s Desire Part 2

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Warning: This is a little weird, not very conventional or anything, but I suggest you read part one in order to ‘get’ this a little better. more to come, definatley. I appreciate coments. Enjoy!

Chapter 2: A new experience for both

Hazel felt the head of Kate’s cock sitting against the rim of her ass. She felt the warm phallus slowly and gently push its way inside her, stretching the muscles apart to the point where it started to hurt. Hazel let out a grunt of surprise and Kate stopped for a moment.

“Don’t worry sugar, it’ll hurt a bit but I’ll make sure it’s worth it”

Hazel found her reassurance somewhat questionable but nonetheless tried to relax her body to accommodate Kate in what had previously been her virgin asshole. As the cock slowly dove deeper inside her, Hazel began to realize the appeal of anal sex. Although it still hurt, she found herself seeing past that as she gradually became filled. When Kate had gone a few inches into Hazel’s tight little ass, she stopped and pulled back a little bit. Every single little movement that Kate made inside there, Hazel could feel with infinite depth, so when Kate pulled almost her entire cock out of the young brunette’s ass she groaned in delight. The sudden switch from being filled with juicy cock meat to being emptied like a vacuum was too much for cute little Hazel and she shot a hand down to her wet pussy, rubbing her begging clitoris to satisfy at least some of the energy that had been building up down there all day.

Kate didn’t want to completely destroy her new lovers’ ass (she had much more planned for this one), so the voluptuous blonde had pulled out temporarily, allowing the younger girl some mercy for now. After a few seconds, when she felt Hazel’s asshole would be more able to accommodate the full length of her cock, whether she liked it or not, Kate put her hands on Hazel’s hips, once again placed her cock on the edge of her asshole and pushed her way inside the eager ass.

This time, Kate’s cock ventured even further inside Hazel, conjuring a wealth of moans and groans from the girl on the receiving end as the blonde concentrated on the delicate art of fucking a virgin ass. This time, Kate managed almost completely engulf her cock inside Hazel before it became too much for the young izmir escort bayan fox with the tight ass.

“Oh, god! You’re too fucking big, Kate!” Hazel moaned at her.

For a moment, Kate stopped pushing. There was a moment where the girl considered letting Hazel off with this much, but that moment passed fairly quickly. “Not much more to go now,” she said and thrust the last of her cock meat down into Hazel’s ass.

Hazel groaned in both ecstasy and pain with the last thrust from Kate. She could now feel every little throb and movement of Kate’s cock which her ass had completely engulfed. She felt like such a dirty bitch and she loved it. After a few moments, the pain had settled and Hazel was left to enjoy the cock in her ass as Kate started slowly sliding in and out.

Hazel was soon moaning loud as Kate got faster, pumping her ass with her big cock. She was still lightly rubbing her clit, but deliberately held back so she could build up for a biggie later on.

Soon enough, Kate could feel a mighty orgasm building up at the base of her cock. She started pumping Hazel’s still tight ass faster and faster as she came closer and closer to a climax. After what seemed like forever to the buxom blonde, she pushed down one last time, her clit rubbing against Hazel’s pussy. Her cock had completely disappeared, but its presence was anything but invisible to Hazel as she was not only filled more than ever before, but she could feel Kate’s warm cum gushing out of the head of her throbbing cock.

Kate was panting as she released her grip on Hazel’s hips. The girl was clearly drained, but her cock stayed hard inside Hazel. After she felt that all of the cum had exploded out the end of her cock, she leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Hazel.

The two girls lay on the bed panting, wrapped in each other’s arms, bodies moist with sex-sweat, Kate’s cock still mostly in Hazel’s impressively resilient ass. Turning her head around in a slightly awkward position, Hazel kissed Kate once again.

Hazel liked the feeling of Kate’s large tits pressing into her back. If her pussy wasn’t aching to be fucked as much as it was, she though, she could lie like this forever, and besides, she also liked the feeling of her ass being filled with a big cock.

The buca escort beautiful lovers lay like that for a few minutes, Kate still, amazingly, remaining hard inside Hazel, until Kate rolled over on top of Hazel and pulled her cock out, slowly. Hazel moaned sleepily as the large object left her rear passage, leaving quite a void. When it was all the way out, Kate leaned down and licked the brunette’s asshole slowly, drawing out yet another moan from the young girl.

Now Kate lay back on the bed in front of Hazel. Her cock stood straight up, inviting Hazel to mount it. Hazel got on her knees and straddled Kate, her cock rubbing against her clit. Gently, Hazel started rubbing the cock with her right hand while she caressed her own pussy with her left hand. Both girls were moaning as Hazel got them both off slowly. After a while of this light action, Hazel raised her pussy over Kate’s cock and rested the head against her pussy lips.

Hazel had had a few cocks inside her before, but her young pussy still put up a bit of resistance against Kate’s monster. With a few grunts and groans, Hazel twisted herself down onto Kate’s cock until it was all the way inside her. It felt different to the cocks she had had before, possibly because it was all phallus and no skin, but for some reason it just felt more satisfying. She gyrated her hips a few times to get a feel for the cock she was about to fuck all the juice out of. She could feel it rubbing against the walls of her pussy, each time it moved a little creating a slightly different sensation. Hazel could tell this as no ordinary cock, and Kate was definitely no ordinary girl.

The younger girl looked down at Kate. The girl Hazel had constantly been lusting over for months was in ecstasy, her head thrown back and her eyes squeezed tightly shut. Hazel would have thought this odd, seeing as she had only just engulfed the girl, but after all that had happened to her today, Hazel was prepared to accept anything as just another twist in this otherworldly day.

Hazel started to ride Kate’s cock, gradually building up in tempo, sliding up and down, slightly gyrating her hips so every corner of her hot little pussy could feel the mighty cock inside her, slowly building up speed until she was riding Kate like a demon. Every time izmir escort she thrust down on Kate’s cock, Hazel could feel it getting gradually deeper and deeper inside her as her pussy lips caressed more and more of the base of the phallus until all she was doing was thrusting her hips back and forward with the entirety of Kate’s dick consumed by her hot, dripping wet pussy.

Hazel had now broken into a full on sweat, her whole body moist and slightly dripping. She could feel the moisture of Kate, who was now so engulfed by the pleasure she could make no sound, yet could not close her mouth, between her thighs. The pair had become so slippery Hazel could feel her whole body moving slightly along the length of Kate’s. Her long, brown hair was wet and she was almost out of breath, yet she could not stop, no matter how hard she might try.

The cock was now throbbing manically inside her, each pulsation shooting shockwaves or orgasmic pleasure through her whole body. She felt a sudden craving for her ass to be filled once again, and was unable to contain herself as she thrust three fingers up there, hoping to satisfy her emptiness, but she found she could not. Almost crying in desperation, Hazel put her other hand up against her asshole and slipped in three more of her dainty little fingers, making a total of six fingers trying to fill her empty ass. Although this was not the satisfaction she needed, she had no other option. Simply unable to stop fucking Kate, Hazel fucked the cock desperately as it became more and more violent inside her aching pussy.

As Hazel got to point of almost passing out, she felt the cock tense up like it never had before, and then loosening up so quickly it made Hazel moan a little. Before she knew it, Kate was shooting a load of hot cum into her pussy, covering every possible place inside Hazel. She could feel the warmth caressing her pussy as it gradually seeped out.

Hazel was in for yet another surprise when the cum seeped out onto her clitoris. As soon as it touched her clit, it went crazy on Hazel. She couldn’t count how many times she came at once, or if it was just one amazingly huge orgasm. She felt blackness cover both her eyes and her mind, mixing with the pleasure throughout her body, and in a little time, she was passed out completely, slumber on the bed, lying opposite Kate, who was herself in no conscious state, her cock still throbbing slightly inside Hazel.

To Be Continued….

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