Harry, Kate , Jan Ch. 02

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As he picked up his sweater Harry thought he would confess about his evening out last night.

“After we parted last evening Kate, my sweet, I felt a bit frustrated so I decided to go out and meet the gang. We usually meet in the Red Lion and that’s where they were. It had already been decided that they were going to go on to the ‘Orange Club’. As we were leaving the pub a young girl introduced herself to me as the young sister of one of my best mates, John. I have to admit that I spent most of the rest of the evening with her, including inviting her back to my place for a drink. Nothing much happened as it turned out she’s under eighteen, until next Friday that is. Her period was on too. She’s invited us to her party at the Rams Head in Brunton. Do you want to go?”

“Nothing much happened, eh? I bet! I bet she’s stacked, isn’t she? Are they bigger than mine? I’m not going to be jealous Harry ‘cos that’s part of my new way of life. Fuck anybody I want to and not worry about who else they’re fucking. No married men though, there should be enough single ones about to satisfy me. If they’re anything like you Harry darling, they’ll be more than enough for me.”

Harry laughed and kissed her deeply and went along with Kate’s stated independent outlook.

“Yes Kate, for a near eighteen year old she has got tremendous breasts. I must admit I did like to feel them, all rounded and firm. She also sucked me off, twice, as sort of compensation for being too young to fuck. She had just chucked her boy friend so I think she wanted a little loving and I happened to be there. So, what do you say? Go to the teenagers party on Friday?”

“Leave it ’til later in the week Harry. I’ll tell you Wednesday night at the match, OK? I’ve got to get used to the idea of you fucking an eighteen year old as well as old granny me!”

Kate took hold of Harry’s cock again, pulling on his thick fat length.

Harry grabbed Kate and kissed her, crushing her warm soft body to his hot one, grasping her bum and pulling it in to him and rolling his growing cock against her fanny.

Reluctantly he then released her, got dressed and went out into the cold damp night.

Monday at the office seemed very routine after the excitements of the weekend. Harry tried to make a positive start, working on the mountain of correspondence that had piled up since Friday. He was making reasonable progress when there was a tap on his office door.

Martin, the investment consultant stuck his head into the room. “How’s about coffee then? We can swap weekend notes and talk about the girls.”

Harry got up and together they made their way to the staff room. Their kitchen assistant, Josie, had already made the coffee and they helped themselves to a cup. Josie offered them some homemade chocolate cakes and they took one each. Josie was a typical brown skinned girl, probably of West Indian extraction; about twenty-five with a big smile and breasts to match.

“Ah hope you like my cakes,” she smiled. “Ah made them mahself last night, all ready for you boys this mornin’. Go on, take another one.”

“I wouldn’t mind having a handful of her buns as well,” chuckled Martin as they sat down in a quiet corner of the staff room. “Come on then, give. I saw you leaving the ‘Orange Club’ on Saturday night with that very nice piece of ass. Take her home for a quick fuck, did you?”

“As it happens, no,” said Harry. “She is John’s sister and very sweet. She does, however, have a great pair of jugs and she does love to have them mauled around. Her nipples stand up really hard. She loves to suck cock but she will only be eighteen on Friday. I’m invited to the party.”

“You lucky dog,” said Martin. “I finished up with Joan from the accounts section again. I swear she lies in wait for me. All the other girls at the club think we’re an item and won’t let me near them. It would be a lot better if she’d let me fuck her but she’s only ever let me feel her tits. What am I going to do Harry?”

Harry laughed. “I tell you what Martin. I’ll get you an invite to Jan’s party on Friday night and you can try your hand, or cock, on all her teenage girl friends. How about that?”

“That’s great Harry, thanks a lot,” answered Martin as Josie came over to their table to clear away. Harry could swear that she had undone another button on her blouse. As she leaned over their table both guys had an almost totally clear view of her bountiful breasts. They feasted their eyes. Josie of course knew what they were doing and thrust her chest even further forward, grinning at them both.

“Bugger off, Josie, or you’ll get us both the sack,” laughed Harry. “Anyway, if you stay here another second longer Martin and I will have a tit each out of that blouse.”

Josie laughed, straightened up and fastened the button her blouse. “Ah think ah might enjoy that boys. You gotta have a lot of tongue for my titties though.” Still laughing, she sauntered off across the staff room.

“Fucking Hell,” growled Martin, “I might have a go at them escort kartal if I get the chance. Might be worth getting fired too!”

“Invite her to the party. You can see her off the premises. I’ll talk to Jan tonight, OK?”

Harry walked home slowly that evening. The weather was quite mild for mid April and he felt the beginnings of spring. He called at the corner shop for a frozen TV dinner and arrived home about six thirty.

The food was soon consumed and he cleared away. Then he remembered the housework that had been omitted over the weekend. He soon had the washing machine filled and whirring away while he dusted and polished his furniture. He followed this with a spot of vacuuming and soon felt that he had mastered it. He grabbed a bottle of Grolsh from the fridge and flopped down into his favourite armchair in the lounge.

He picked up the phone and dialled John’s number, hoping of course it would be Jan that answered. He was in luck, Jan picked up the phone almost on the first ring.

“Hey, Harry darling, I was hoping it would be you. How’re you doing? Are you coming to my party? Are you going to bring your new girl? I hope so; I want to see if her titties are as big as mine!”

“They are bigger, you little minx. Yours are so beautiful though, I can’t wait to see, lick and suck them again. Anyway, Kate will let me know on Wednesday night after the match if she is coming. She says she wants to feel that she can compete with a sixteen year old before she makes up her mind. Jan darling, while we are talking about your party, can I add two names to your guest list? They are two guys from work, Martin and Josie.”

“Sure Harry, the more the merrier, as long as they have been invited. I’m going to have someone on the door with a guest list to keep out the unwanted. I’ll just add them to the list.”

“Great, your brother will enjoy looking at Josie. She is built like his girlfriend. Dark skinned and top heavy! Anyway, whatever happens on Friday night, I’ll be there to feast my eyes on your beauties.”

“Charmer,” laughed Jan, “I bet you say that to all the girls. All the big chested ones, anyway! Yes, John will be there with Nadine, his tongue hanging out as usual.”

“I think I’ll have to see if I can get a handful of Nadine’s boobs, just to keep John on edge and to keep you interested in what I’m up to.”

“You’ll need more than one hand, even for one titty,” chuckled Jan. “And talking of a handful, I’ve got my left one in my hand now. My nipples stood up at the sound of your voice and I just had to stroke myself.”

Harry felt his cock stir in his slacks. He unzipped and took him out. He was long and fat, growing and stiffening. He started a slow stroking.

“I’ve just taken my prick out of my slacks,” he said. “I’m giving him a bit of a stroke and I’m going to be full size very soon now. What are you wearing, Jan darling?”

“I’m lounging on my bed in just my panties. When you called I was wearing my gown but I suddenly seemed to go all hot so I let it slip off. I’m stroking both my boobs now and they feel really tingly. Listen to my nipples against the phone mouthpiece. Can you hear that?”

Harry’s tool was as stiff as a board. He knocked it against the phone in response to Jan’s encouragement.

“Fucking Hell Jan,” he gasped. “That’s sounds fantastic. Can you hear my cock?”

“You horny sod, Harry.” Jan’s voice had a catch in it now. “I’ve got my fingers in my crack now and I’m getting really juicy. God, I wish you were here to give me a good tonguing. I want it Harry; I want you. We must find some place to have a bit of fun on Friday.”

“You work on that Jan. You know the place. Maybe you can get a room under some excuse or other. I’ll see you then. Now I’m going to saygoodbye before I shoot off.”

As he put the phone down Harry heard something like “saving it for the girl with the big boobs”. He grinned and looked down at his pride and joy. He dialled Kate’s number.

“Harry,” Kate squealed as he identified himself, “I’ve just got out of the shower. I’m starkers; Let me get my robe.”

“No Kate,” ordered Harry, “you weren’t shy yesterday so don’t be silly now. I’ve got your favourite toy in my hand, all hard and long so don’t go all shy on me.”

“Oh my God Harry, did you get all hard and then decide to phone me? God, I wish I was there to make it shoot.”

“No Kate, I have to confess that I phoned young Jan about the party on Friday and the sexy minx told me she was stroking her bare titties just thinking about me. That got me hard in the first place then it won’t go down so I thought I’d ring you and tell you about it.”

Kate laughed out loud. “God, my competition gets you stiff for me and I can’t do anything about it.” Then she whispered into the phone, “can I have it tomorrow night Harry? I know we were only supposed to be going for a drink but you can come here if you like.”

“Or you can come here,” said Harry.

So it was agreed. Meet in the Black Bull at seven maltepe escort thirty and then back to Harry’s place.

Next day at work seemed to drag, except for the fun in the rest room. Harry had just told Martin that he had got him and Josie an invite to the party when the young lady herself flounced across the room. Once again she had undone that extra button.

“Go on then,” grinned Harry at Martin, “ask her.”

“If it’s about my titties again I’ll slap you one,” Josie snapped.

Martin managed to stammer out the invitation to the party on Friday night. Josie’s face broke into a huge smile.

“That’s great, thanks Martin, I’d love to come. I’ve not been to a party for ages. What do I have to do to thank you?”

Martin and Harry gazed at the spot between Josie’s tits. She laughed.

“I’d already decided to give you boys a bit of a treat,” she said. “I left my bra off this morning ‘cos I felt a bit hot. What do you think of these?”

Josie leant forward and pulled her smock open. Two luscious breasts virtually fell out on to the table between them. Both nipples were big, round and hard. Both guys audibly sucked in their breath.

“Magnificent!” they both exclaimed.

Josie tucked her breasts away quickly. “I’ll expect a little manhandling on Friday,” she grinned. “They’re aching for it now. I’ll go and have a little play after morning coffee has finished. That’ll calm me down.”

“Phew!” exclaimed Martin after Josie had disappeared, “I’ve got a hard on like a hot poker now. I’ll have to stay here for at least five minutes.”

“I’m not moving either,” agreed Harry.

They tried to discuss work and then they forecast what might happen at the party. Harry told Martin about Jan and Kate and how they knew about each other and that they were not jealous, they said!

At precisely seven thirty that evening Harry lowered his lips into a pint of Guinness in the bar of the Black Bull. About ten seconds later a voice interrupted his thoughts.

“I’ll have a half of that please,” said Kate. “Just what I fancy on an evening like this.”

“An evening like what?” asked Harry, offering Kate a sip of his pint while hers was being pulled.

“An evening on which a girl is looking for a long thick hard cock to play with,” giggled Kate in reply. “God Harry, I don’t know what’s come over me. I know I had decided to myself that I was going to be sexually adventurous but I didn’t expect it to affect me this way. I can’t stop thinking about your lovely big penis. I want to touch it right now!”

Kate reached to the front of Harry’s slacks and found what she was looking for. Harry quickly got her drink and ushered her to a seat in a corner. Kate picked up her glass with one hand and placed the other under the table top on to his hardening cock. Harry closed his eyes, leant back, and enjoyed Kate’s loving fingers finishing the job of giving him a hard on.

To try to ease the danger of shooting off in his slacks he started telling Kate about his week so far. Kate did, in fact, listen quite carefully.

“So,” she said when he had finished. “Let me get this clear. If I come to this party I will be in competition, tit size wise, with your best mate’s girl friend’s huge brown bombers, his virgin sister’s powerful thrusters and your mate Martin brown lady’s big bouncers. You won’t find time for mine Harry, so I don’t think I’ll come, if you don’t mind!”

Harry reached forward, opened Kate’s coat, and exposed her tight green sweater, totally filled with her abundant charms. Her nipples were clearly visible through the ribbed pattern of the jumper.

“You have nothing to worry about, competition wise, my darling Kate,” said Harry. “Please come, I want to show you off and I think Jan wants to compare with you, maybe even have a mutual feel with you. If you do I’ll probably shoot my load from one side of the room to the other.”

“Now that does bear thinking about in view of my adventurous policy. I’ll think about it and tell you tomorrow night as I said before. Now, drink up and take me to your house for a good rogering. I don’t want to be too late tonight but I do want a good fucking! Come on!”

They left the pub and were soon approaching Harry’s house. Kate was almost pulling Harry along although she did not really know the way. He

laughed at her and gave directions when necessary. They turned into the close.

“Gosh,” said Kate, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen this Close before. Isn’t it handy for the city? You are lucky Harry, I’d love to live here.”

“I can only afford it because I work for the bank and because I save a fortune not having to commute, saving on train fares or petrol. I do like it though and it’s also very handy for luring girls for a quick session.”

Kate aimed a punch at Harry as they arrived outside his door. He felt in his pocket for his keys, realising that he still had a stiffy even after walking from town.

As soon as he opened the door Kate pushed past him and turned pendik escort bayan into the lounge. She clapped her hands and span around in a circle.

“It’s lovely Harry,” she exclaimed. “Did you do the colours yourself? I like your furniture.”

“All my own work,” grinned Harry. “Come on, let me take your coat and then I’ll show you the rest of it. Then we’ll have a nice brandy to warm us up.”

“I think I’m going to be warm enough,” said Kate happily as she tossed her coat to Harry. He hung it on his coat rack under the stairs and then turned back to Kate. He reached out for her and pulled her to his chest. God! He could feel the heat of her tits through her sweater and his polo shirt. Surely she couldn’t be wearing a bra? As their lips met he grasped her breasts and squeezed. He was right, Kate was bra-less!

This discovery revived his pole and he pushed it at her. Kate moaned through their joined mouths and thrust her own pelvis at his erection.

As soon as the kiss finished they stepped back and looked at one another, two chests heaving with emotion and exertion.

“Me first,” gasped Kate, kneeling in front of Harry and grabbing his belt. In a few seconds she had his slacks and pants round his ankles, trying to get his cock into her mouth while struggling to remove everything completely. Harry bent down to help her and then pulled her on to her feet.

“Now it’s my turn,” he groaned as Kate’s long slender fingers found his cock and squeezed. He pulled up the hem of her sweater and forced it up over her head. Kate’s magnificent breasts bounced into view and he threw the sweater away and grabbed her teats. Kate moaned and squeezed his cock harder. Then she stepped back again and watched as Harry forcefully played with her breasts.

“God, I do love that Harry. Go on, don’t stop! Pull on my nipples and make them big and tingly! Yes, that’s it, lovely! Look how your cock bounces up and down as you work on me. Oh my God I’ll come soon if you don’t stop.”

Harry slowly changed his hold until Kate’s tits were resting in his two upturned hands with his thumbs stroking her rock hard nipples.

“Right,” he said, gazing with adoration at the prizes in his hands, “I’ll show you the rest of the house first then you can decide where we’ll fuck. OK?”

“OK!” replied Kate. “You lead and I’ll grope you from behind. God, he’s huge, I’ll never be able to swallow him tonight. Don’t rush up the stairs Harry or I’ll lose my hold on you, big as you are. Ahh, we’re up at last. It’s better on the level.”

Harry got behind Kate and thrust his cock into her arse crease. Kate murmured her approval and pushed her bum at his engine.

Harry opened all the doors quickly so that Kate could see the spare bedroom, the bathroom and lastly, his own bedroom. Kate poked her head into the bathroom, poking her arse at him provocatively.

“Gosh Harry, this is great! No bath, just a lovely big shower cabinet with a matching toilet. You can get two in there easily. In fact, you could get two girls in there, big boobs or not.”

“Maybe later darling,” laughed Harry as he manoeuvred Kate through the door into his own bedroom. Kate clapped her hands with delight again. Harry closed the door behind them and watched as Kate looked around. First of all there was the larger than king-size bed, taking up most of the room. He had a modern fitted wardrobe on the inside wall with a good-sized dresser on the opposite side. The dresser had a very big mirror mounted upon it, reflecting the whole of the bed. Above the bed head, just above the headboard was mounted another mirror, angled slightly to show the whole of the bed from that angle.

“You horny sod,” gasped Kate, as she mounted the bed. “You can watch your girl getting it from all angles. This is going to be such fun. Come on Harry darling, bring that big cock here to mama!”

Kate positioned herself so that she could see everything that was going on in the room. Harry walked over to the bed, cock in hand. He started to toss himself with big long slow strokes, pointing his knob end at Kate’s breasts. She leant forward and swallowed, taking his whole length slowly into her mouth. Her eyes moved constantly, looking at his tool, then into one then the other mirror and finally up into Harry’s face.

Harry took hold of Kate’s head and slowly pumped himself into her mouth, being careful to control himself. Ever since the arrangement had been made to come here he had decided how he was going to enjoy his first fuck with Kate in his bedroom. This room had been prepared for this very purpose but no girl had ever been in there. As he felt his spunk begin to gather at the exit to his balls he pulled out of Kate and turned her around.

“That feels so fantastic Kate darling but I’m going to fuck you first. I want you so much. My cock is aching for the touch of your pussy. There, face this way so that you can see everything in the mirror.”

Harry positioned himself behind Kate and placed her on her hands and knees, facing the mirror at the head of the bed.

“Now look in the other mirror so that you can see your lovely quim, all open and ready for me,” said Harry. He ran his fingers down Kate’s arse crack, stopped briefly at her little hole and then moved on to her cunt.

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