Harley Rain

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The deserted highway stretched out for miles in front of them. Fields and fields of rapeseed growing bright yellow flanked the road and a dark threatening sky loomed over them. Even the speed of the black Harley did nothing to dispel the humidity which was almost overwhelming in her leather and jeans, making everything stick to her skin. She longed to have the cool breeze touch her. The rumble of the bike beneath her created a heat of its own between her legs and her arms locked around his hips in a show of appreciation. Her hand at rest high on his inner thigh was a promise of future pleasures.

Thunder boomed as the first fat raindrops began to fall. Lightening slashed the sky in a brilliant blaze of color and the rain started to fall in earnest. The rumble of the bike slowed and they approached a small gravel side road. The road stopped as it entered the rapeseed field 10 feet from the highway. A huge looming willow tree the only witness to their arrival.

As his feet planted on the ground he silenced the bike and slid off so he could look at her. For miles he had been waiting for her hand to touch him, grab his hard cock through his leathers while he enjoyed her ample tits being pressed against his back. The destination had been the cabin, but the weather was intent on making him wait just a bit longer. He removed his helmet and placed it under the tree and then reached to adjust his erection, taking care to make sure she noticed.

She watched him slide off the bike and turn towards her. He looked every bit the bad boy she wanted him to be and the need to have him was a slow, insistent burn inside her. She moved into the drivers seat and spun herself around so she could face him. She couldn’t have missed his cock, but enjoyed the view more as his hand grazed it, proving that he was intent on fucking her.

The rain was unrelenting, the thunder breaking the silence.

She removed her helmet and dropped it to the ground as she shook out her hair. She would be soaked in minutes but that was the idea.

He watched as she undid her leather jacket and stripped it off of her, revealing a white t-shirt. The rain ran in rivulets off her face and neck and splashed on her shirt. The wetter the shirt got the more he could see of her. The water caused the fabric to cling to her revealing the outline of her breasts. She was braless and her dark, hard nipples were prominent under the thin white fabric. She placed her hands behind her and arched her back and chest forward, daring him to do more then look at her.

His cock ached as he watched her, she couldn’t imagine how sexy she looked as she teased him.

Her hand started to caress her front, moving escort kartal from her belly to her tits. Gentle grabbing one tit and then the other, offering her nipples a tweak each time, and she let out a sigh. Slowly, achingly slowly, she lifted the sopping t-shirt to reveal more of her flesh, stopping as she freed one of her breasts. She bent her head lower and licked her own nipple, hoping soon his mouth would replace hers.

Heat flashed through his entire body and he was near blind with lust. This girl, this woman, right now, she was everything he desired. The need to be inside her was like a scream inside his head. He watched her play with her nipple as she sucked the water off and made circles with her fingers. He watched as her free hand teased and she lowered it to her core and rubbed herself through her soaked jeans.

She lifted the shirt off of her and tossed it into the waiting field, exposing herself to him. The rain running off her body. She stared at him, eyes full of lust and angled her head back.

“Touch me” she purred as she crooked one finger in his direction.

He pounced, his hand sliding up her neck to her chin and his lips found her collar bone. His breathe was hot on her skin and her hand surrounded his neck tangling in his wet hair. His mouth worked her nipples, flicking each with his tongue and sucking pulling pleasure from her with each motion. Her pussy flooded with lust and was hot and begging to be touched. She arched her hips towards him again and again. He swung his leg over the bike so they were facing each other and drew his hand over her tits. He teased and caressed her nipples, flicking his tongue over and over again. His touch was warm on her skin and she ached for his fingers inside her. Her lust threatened to overcome her. She pulled him into a kiss, a long passionate kiss, her tongue probing his mouth.

His hunger was evident in his kiss as he penetrated her mouth deeply, but it wasn’t the only place he longed to enter her. His cock was hard and straining to have her stroke him, taste him. She sat up and reached for his zipper. With practiced hands she freed his raging cock. She could feel him twitch in pleasure as her hand closed around him. With slow strokes she fucked him with her hand and watched his face. His lips were slack as hot breath escaped them with each moan he released and his eyes held the more than a hint of guilty pleasure at watching her touch him. She bent forward and took him into her waiting mouth and moaned. He could feel the vibration of it across his cock and it sent shivers of pleasure through him. His dick plunged deeper into her mouth and threatened to explode.

She wasn’t maltepe escort ready for him to cum yet so she reached for her zipper and struggled with the wet denim. Finally she shimmied out of her jeans and lay back on the gas tank of the bike. The only thing between him and her pussy was a thin piece of black lace.

One hand started to stroke his own cock, the rain providing ample lubrication. The other hand slid up her inner thigh and pushed aside the lace. Her shaved pussy made him groan in pleasure; he loved the smooth feel of it against his fingers. He teased her, touching the folds of her sex but not penetrating her. Her hips lifted in response but still he didn’t enter her.

“Touch me please” she begged

“I want you, I need you” she tried again

The ache in her cunt was almost painful, her need to cum paramount, and still he teased. Her hand was beside his ready to do the job herself but he trapped it is his; their fingers locked, and held her away.

She groaned, almost in agony.

He shifted away from her, and with the suddenness of a thunderclap his mouth was on her. His tongue probing her pussy. His lips expertly sucking at her hard clit.

She screamed his name.

He added his fingers, two pushed deep into her throbbing hole, twisting, pushing, and reaching. His lips and tongue still swallowing her sweet honey.

“Cum on my face” he said “cum hard on my face”

He forced his fingers harder into her, his tongue still working her. In a moment of pure pleasure she felt him slip one finger into her ass. In and out they moved with a rhythm that was going to overwhelm her. The orgasm was building in her and she could no longer control the thrust of her hips against him. He buried his face deeper into her eager pussy and savored the taste of her, the liquid heat of her pleasure was flowing into this mouth and he struggle to keep control of his cock.

With a final plunge he felt her shudder, and her cry out. The sound lost to the wind and rain. His fingers could feel her muscles contracting around them, gripping them and releasing them in time with her panting. The orgasm racked her body her back arched at an impossible angle her head almost hitting the gas tank. She bucked her hips again and he felt the bike unbalance. He steadied it with his feet and swung and arm beneath her, lifting her off the machine and angling her towards the ground. There was no stopping this now, he would fuck her, take her right here, 10 feet from the highway in the pouring rain.

His eyes glinted in the rain, water falling off every inch of him, he looked beautiful.

She lay on the ground her legs spread wide waiting. pendik escort bayan He removed the remains of his soaked clothing and stood naked above her. He dropped to his knees between her waiting thighs and gripped the black lace she still wore. With a fierce tug he tore them from her body and flung them into the night. His cock ached with lust and he plunged it deep inside her. He raised himself on his arms and forced himself into her moist sex. He pounded her, over and over, his balls slapping against her ass. He locked her hands above her head as he trapped her wrists with his and pounded harder still.

She could feel every inch of his cock inside her, straining to reach deeper still. She groaned again and he looked at her face. Her mouth was open in pleasure as he fucked her. He bent to kiss her, his tongue working against hers, trying to still his coming orgasm.

She loved the feel of his hard cock inside her. As he pushed himself in and out of her she used her own hand to play with her nipples, twisting and flicking, causing little bursts of pleasure that made her pussy throb. He was getting close to cumming and she wanted him to fill her with it, but not like this. She pushed against his shoulder and she rolled onto her knees facing away from him.

“Fuck me” She taunted “fuck me really hard”

He enjoyed the view of her ass, the line of her neck and back as he adjusted to her request. He grabbed his cock and placed it next to her glistening hole. He entered her from behind and grabbed her hips as he slammed her back onto his cock. His penetration was deep, perfect. He rocked his hips against her, over and over. A free hand tangled in her hair pulling her head back towards him.

“Oh God” he growled as he pumped her again.

His thrusts were getting harder more urgent, promising pleasure for both of them. She willed herself to hang in there with him, to come on his dick as he exploded into her pussy.

He slapped her ass as he drove into her and she came. Harder and faster then she expected her pussy exploded around his cock. She screamed his name only to have it lost on the wind again.

He felt her convulse and with a final hard thrust he cock emptied itself deep inside her. Again and again he pumped into her, his balls slapping against her ass. His orgasm seemed to go on and on, the waves of pleasure forcing him to shut his eyes. He shuddered as the spasms finally slowed and he exhaled a breath that he was holding.

He could feel the rain falling on his back, cooling his scorching skin and easing his aching muscles. Water fell from his hair and he shook his head, spraying her back with it. His arm reached around her middle as he rolled onto the wet ground and she was obliged to follow. She lay with his arm underneath her and her head on his shoulder as the rain continued to fall. The silence their own brand of pillow talk that spoke of two secret lovers, sated, if only for a moment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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