Hallowe’en Party

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You arrive home and find a flyer on your door. It’s advertising a Hallowe’en party in the next town. You start to toss it into the trash. After all, you don’t have time for such things as parties. Besides, you probably wouldn’t know anyone there. But something on the flyer gets your attention before you can throw it out. It says “Adult Hallowe’en Costume Party.” It occurs to you that it’s been a long time since you’ve spent any amount of time with just adult company, so you hang on to the flyer. It’s a week away, so you have time to make up your mind.

You spend your days dealing with children from infant to teens. Adult conversation and interaction is something that’s severely lacking in your day to day life. You go through the next few days as usual, but the party keeps popping into your mind. You even go so far as to consider possible costumes you could put together. You’re still sure that there’s no chance that you could get away for the evening. You have too many responsibilities. But you can’t stop thinking about the party.

Finally, it’s Saturday and tonight’s the party that’s been nagging you all week. You decide that you deserve an evening out. You can go to the party, maybe meet a new friend or two, and go home. Not a big deal. And you’ve earned some ‘me’ time for a change. Now, to figure out which costume idea would work best. You’re sure that you won’t know anyone there, so you decide to get just a little daring. Nothing too risque, but something that lets you let your hair down a bit. You decide on an Elvira costume. You put on a push-up bra which presses your breasts up and together, providing plenty of cleavage without showing too much. Just enough to be noticed. You put on a long black dress that fits your curves and accentuates that you’re definitely female. Then, to add to the feeling, you decide on a garter and hose rather than pantyhose. It’s going to be only adults, after all. Then, on a last minute impulse, you decide to leave your panties off. It’s completely out of character for you but you’re the only one who’ll know and it just feels sexy to have such a secret. You’re wearing a long, flowing dress so there’s not even a chance of someone seeing your knees, let alone anything that might be missing from up higher. The last touch is, of course, a long black wig. Then you put on your makeup. Chances are nobody would recognize you, anyway.

Even after you’ve dressed, you are uncertain if you really want to go to the party. But after putting on the Elvira look, you decide that you can’t waste it now. So you head out the door and to the next town. You know exactly where it’s going to be because over the past week you’ve driven past it a couple of times just out of curiosity while you were on your regular errands. Deliberately, you leave home so that you will arrive about an hour after the party starts. That way, if you notice there are no cars there yet, you don’t have to stop. You’re surprised to find that there are a couple of dozen cars already parked when you arrive. You’re still nervous about going to a party where you don’t know anyone, but you decide to park anyway. You sit in your car for a few minutes asking yourself “What am i doing? I don’t have time to go to a party.” But, you’re here. You’re dressed in costume. Tonight, you are Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. You go up to the door.

It’s an unusually warm night for late October and the front door is open so you go on in. You’re immediately greeted by a woman dressed as Jeannie from the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie.” The second thing that you notice is that her top is virtually sheer. You get a glimpse of her nipples standing out as she welcomes you to her party. She introduces herself as Julie and tells you to come on in and enjoy yourself. She offers you a drink and you ask for just a soda for now. She leads you to the kitchen and hands you a glass of soda.

There are a few people standing around the kitchen, all in costume. One is dressed as a nurse, in a very short outfit and showing lots of cleavage. There’s a man dressed as Zorro with his shirt unbuttoned almost to his waist and showing that he obviously works out and keeps himself in shape. For just a moment, you’re tempted to just reach over and run your hand down his muscled chest. The other person, another woman, is in a pirate costume. She’s wearing short shorts and a halter tied up under her obviously plentiful breasts. She reaches out and touches your arm while expressing how much she loves your costume.

It’s just dawned on you that what you thought was simply a party for grownups is literally an “adult” party. This gives you two distinct feelings: One, you’re a bit nervous having never been in this type of environment before. Two, you feel an unusual tingle low in your body as you realize exactly what might be going on in other rooms of this house. You consider just leaving, but decide to stay and satisfy a bit of curiosity. You’ve heard of adult themed parties escort bostancı before but had never been brave enough to actually attend one. You’re here, so you might as well look around. You can just see what it’s like without having to participate in anything at all. The three people in the kitchen all told you their names, but you were too distracted to catch what they were. And you didn’t notice that Julie had just introduced you as Elvira, since you hadn’t given your name. That seems just fine to you. You can just be known as Elvira for the night.

As you enter the living room, you notice that there’s a crowd around the center of the room. You also notice that most of the costumes don’t cover up much at all. Most of the women are either in very short skirts or simply in lingerie. The men are equally attired in revealing and sexy outfits such as a Scotsman in a kilt, Tarzan in just a loin cloth, and a Spiderman whose costume leaves very little to the imagination. As you get closer, you see what everyone is looking at: There’s a couple in the middle of the room and she is stroking him as she’s running her tongue along his hard shaft. This completely surprises you. You’re embarrassed, but also fascinated that this could actually be happening in front of you. You’ve never thought of yourself as a voyeur, but you can’t pull your eyes from the show in front of you. You find that your body is reacting to the view. And you look at the others around you, wondering what they’re thinking. The thought crosses your mind “Do they know what I’m feeling?” You notice that no one is looking at you, they’re mostly enjoying the show. You do notice that one couple is standing with the woman in front of the man and that he has his arms around her and is openly fondling her breasts. It’s obvious that he’s rubbing himself against her barely covered ass. Neither seems to care that they’re in a group of people and that some, at least, don’t even know them. Then you realize that might be why they’re not concerned about it. Perhaps, like you, no one at the party knows them.

You go back to watching the couple in the middle of the room. She’s continuing, now taking him into her mouth. She’s in a costume as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Her skirt reaches almost to her knees, but as she leans over the man sitting in front of her, the skirt lifts in the back. It looks like she might even be raising her ass higher than necessary just so that it will raise her skirt. She seems to be enjoying knowing that she’s being watched as much as she is enjoying what she’s doing to the man.

As the couple continues, a man moves out from the crowd toward them. He stands behind “Dorothy” and raises her skirt up over her back, completely exposing her to the audience. She obviously doesn’t mind as he starts caressing her ass with his hand. In fact, as his hand moves toward the top of her thighs, she spreads her legs slightly. He reaches down between her legs and you have a full view of him running his fingers along her wet lips. She spreads her legs further as he inserts a finger inside of her. Again, none of the participants seem to care that they’re being watched.

The new man, who’s dressed as a lumberjack, kneels down behind Dorothy. He places one hand on each of her ass cheeks and moves his face closer. You see that he’s now running his tongue along the folds of her wet pussy lips. She presses back against his face as he pushes his tongue into her. You’re completely fascinated that people can be this open with something you always saw as very intimately personal. You find yourself wondering just how far this group in front of you will go while being watched. You also find yourself wondering just what you’ll see if this man, the lumberjack, does take things further. You’ve had very little experience with men in your life, so far. Seeing the woman sucking the first man shocks you, but you find that you enjoy watching as she slides her mouth up and down his hard cock. He’s not huge, like you’ve seen in some porn movies, but he’s definitely not lacking in that department, either.

As these thoughts go through your mind, the lumberjack stands up and removes his boots, jeans and underwear. He’s already erect. His cock standing proudly in front of him as he approaches the woman. This must be one of the largest cocks that you’ve ever seen. You wonder if you could even take that monster inside of you. Then you stop and blush at the thought that you could even think something like that. He grabs himself with one hand, while rubbing the woman with the other. You’re watching, almost trembling, as you see him press up against her wet opening. You’re sure that there’s no way she could ever handle something so large. As he’s gently pressing against her, and she’s pressing back against him, you don’t notice that someone has moved right up behind you until he whispers to you “They put on an exciting show, don’t they?”

You’ve been so wrapped ümraniye escort up in watching the 3 people that you’d nearly forgotten that you were in a crowd of people watching it all, live. You jump, just a bit, as you’re brought back to reality. You blush immediately, knowing that he was watching you as you were watching the show in front of you. You start to walk away in embarrassment, but he steps in the way asking where you’re going.

You mumble something about “I really don’t belong here. It’s not my kind of place.”

He says “Are you sure? You sure seemed to like what you were seeing a minute ago.” And he turns your head back to viewing the three in the middle fo the room.

Your arousal overruns your embarrassment as you realize again that these people don’t know you except as Elvira and you’ll never see any of them again. Besides, you reason, those people know full well that they’re being watched. In fact, you’re sure that they’re enjoying being watched. You decide to continue and to not worry about your embarrassment.

The man beside you, dressed as Caesar, smiles and whispers “it is fun to watch, isn’t it? Like a live porn movie but you know that it’s not scripted.” You nod, silently watching more.

The lumberjack is still pressing his huge member against the seemingly too small pussy of the woman there. He now has just the head inserted and he stops for a moment. He pulls back out, then pushes into her again. Just a bit further. You watch, mesmerized, as he slowly pushes more and more of himself into her. As he gets deeper and deeper, she moans around the cock in her mouth. Her motions get faster as she moves her mouth up and down that shaft. You see the wetness from her saliva coating the cock as she slides her mouth upward. Then you look back at the lumberjack who is moving in and out of her from behind. You note that he is also glistening from moisture along his entire shaft and you can’t believe that she was able to actually take that large thing inside.

As you’re thinking this, you realize that the man next to you has put his arm around you and is casually caressing your hip with his hand. Somehow, you hadn’t even noticed when he’d done that. You decide that he’s not hurting anything and it feels good to be touched, even casually, like this. You lean slightly against him as the woman in the middle of the room is stroking and sucking for all she’s worth. You can tell that the man is going to come at any moment. You find that you’re looking forward to watching him come. You tense up, just a bit, in anticipation as he lets out a big moan and the woman stops moving, with him completely in her mouth. You know that she’s taking all of his cum into her mouth and swallowing it as she can. Just a bit of his semen drips out of the corner of her mouth. She pulls off of his cock and wipes her chin with a finger then licks her finger clean.

The lumberjack continues moving in and out of her as he caresses her ass with one hand. You then notice that the man beside you has also moved his hand and is running it down your hip and then across your ass. Gently squeezing now and then as he does so. You look around the room to see if anyone has noticed that this strange man is being so comfortable with you. At the same time realizing that you’re enjoying the touch. It’s been a very long time since you’ve felt the touch of a man, knowing that he wanted you just because it was you. As you look around, you find that not only is there no one who’s paying attention to you and him, but they’re watching the group in the middle and are busy paying attention to each other in couples or triples. You also notice, for the first time, that the crowd is thinner than it was before. Apparently some of the people at this party prefer a bit more privacy. Or a more comfortable setting. Of those who are still watching, there is a lot of playing going on. Kissing, fondling, etc. It’s mostly through clothes but it doesn’t take much to slip a hand into most of these costumes to play more directly.

The group in the middle is still going. The lumberjack has his hands on the hips of the woman as he’s pulling her against his hips and pushing in and out of her. The man in front of her has removed her top and is caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. She moans with the pleasure the men are giving her.

You are so aroused, and getting so wet, that you know that before you leave this party you’re going to really enjoy yourself. And probably someone else. You realize that it would be very easy to slip your hand inside the toga of Caesar next to you. Knowing that no one is watching, or would really care, you do exactly that. You reach into the toga and get an extra thrill to discover that it’s all he’s wearing. You find his erect penis and wrap your hand around it. He squeezes your ass and pulls you against his side as he whispers “That feels really good.”

You surprise yourself when you kartal escort bayan respond “Yes, it does.” And he smiles at you, a slight twinkle in his eye. You look around again, knowing that anyone in the room could see that you’re touching this man that you’ve just met. That idea just adds to the excitement of what’s happening around you.

Caesar moves behind you and wraps both hands around your waist. Your hand still on his hard shaft, stroking him. Though now it’s hidden from the others in the room. After a couple of minutes, he moves your hand from between you and you find that he’s the perfect height to press against you. His erect cock pressing between the cheeks of your ass. You can’t help yourself, you press back against him. Again surprising yourself, you ask him if there’s an empty room somewhere.

He takes your hand and leads you up the stairs. As you move up the steps, you look back into the main room as a couple looks up at you and smiles. The woman winks at you and you blush again. She smiles even more at that. Caesar is a step above you and you can’t keep yourself from watching his ass under the toga as he takes each new step upward. The excitement that you feel is incredible. The lust is unlike anything you’ve felt before. You simply want this man who’s walking ahead of you. And you know that he wants you as well.

Up the stairs, he opens a door and leads you inside. He stands in front of you. He’s a couple of inches taller than you, so you look up, just a little. He looks back down at you and then leans in and gives you a strong kiss. He’s not at all timid and lets you know without a doubt that he wants you and means to have you. He leans down further and buries his face in your cleavage while his hands wrap around you and squeeze your ass again. When he stands up, you run your hands along his chest, feeling the soft hairs that cover it. You push the toga off his shoulders and start kissing his chest. He unzips the back of your dress and you step out of it. All inhibitions have been lost in the desire that has built in you tonight. He looks you up and down, admiring what he sees before him. He whispers, you’re very lovely. And you know that he means it. You realize that you’re now wearing only your bra, garter and nylons. Your shoes having been kicked off as soon as you entered the room. You expect that he will start removing the rest of your clothes, but he doesn’t. Instead, he begins touching you. Your shoulders, your neck, your arms, your sides. You want him to touch you more intimately, but he’s resisting. It becomes obvious that this is intentional. He’s touching, but avoiding the more intimate areas as a way of teasing you. As his fingers get close to your breast, they move away. The same happens as his fingers get close to your ass. And your now very wet pussy. In fact, you’re so wet that you can feel the moisture as it drips down your inner thighs. You want so badly for him to touch you. Everywhere.

You slide your hands down the front of his toga and again grasp his hardness in your hand. This time, however, you’re alone so you slide his toga the rest of the way down his body. He’s now standing in front of you, completely naked with your hand stroking up and down his hard cock. You kneel down on your knees and run your tongue along the length of his shaft and back down. His cock throbs in your hand as you do so. You reach a hand down to cup his balls as you move your mouth up and over the head of him. You slide your mouth down his shaft, a little at a time, until you feel the head of his cock touch the back of your mouth. There are still at least 2 inches of him not in your mouth. You use your tongue to spread your saliva around him and as far down the length of him as you can. You slide him in and out of your mouth. Working to get just a bit more of him in with each stroke. You continue playing with his balls in your hand while your other hand and your mouth stroke his hard shaft up and down. You pull your mouth off of him and lean down to run your tongue along his balls and you feel him tremble when you do so.

He grabs your arms and lifts you back to stand in front of him.

He grasps one of your breasts in each hand, with your bra still on. He’s squeezing each and pinching the nipples through the material of the bra cups. You reach up to unhook the bra, in front, and pull it away. You drop your bra to the floor with your dress. He places his hands around you and grabs your ass in both hands. He lifts you up off the ground. You spread your legs and wrap them around his waist and again feel his hardness press against you. Only now, you know that your wetness is getting him wet as well. He carries you over to the bed and lays you on your back. He unhooks your nylons from the garter and slowly rolls them down your legs. One at a time. You note that while he’s doing so, he’s not looking at your nylons or legs. He’s looking at your neatly trimmed bush and you know that he can see the moisture drops on your lips and in your hair. It excites you to know that he likes what he sees. Once your nylons are off, he removes your garter as well. You’re now laying fully naked in front of him, your legs spread. You’re completely exposed to his view.

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