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Big Dicks

My wife, Drew, cuts my hair.

She’s been doing it for years. Every two or three weeks she sits me down on a stool in the kitchen, gathers up the electric shears and a set of scissors cuts my hair, trims my eyebrows and ears, and generally makes me presentable to the world. She makes the decision about when she’s going to do it, but it’s usually on a Saturday morning. I’m one of those guys who doesn’t seem to be particularly sensitive about how I look to others. My wife cares, though, and she teases me that people will think I’m some sort of a bum and that’s she’s not a very good wife since her husband looks so crummy.

The fact is she’s a terrific wife. She takes care of me very well, feeds me, does my laundry, keeps the house clean and neat, gardens, sews, helps people a lot, entertains company very nicely, and even earns some money with various jobs she does. Everyone who knows her thinks she’s the most terrific person they ever met.

I think so, too. And beside all that, she’s terrific looking, and a great bed partner. We’ve been married for just over twelve years, and I don’t know of any woman who looks better than she does, especially when she’s naked. I keep telling her that with her 34C boobs, narrow waist and tight little ass she’s centerfold material. She giggles and accuses me of some sort of bias. We enjoy a lot of sex, which suits me just fine, of course. Haircuts are a playtime for us. We both know that it’s going to end up with a great fuck, sometimes more than that.

This morning, her eyes twinkling, she reminds me over the breakfast table that it’s time for my hair cut. We both know what happens when she makes that announcement. Breakfast was French toast with fruit syrup, and good Colombian coffee. We’re both in our sweats, our normal haircut attire. We always put our sweats on when she schedules me for the barber shop, even though both of us usually are naked on Saturday mornings. We finish eating and while she goes to collect the necessary tools I clear the table and load the dishwasher. I pull the stool out from under the kitchen counter and put it in the middle of the floor. She returns with the tools and puts them on the counter.

She stands in front of me when I take my seat on the stool. She’s checking out her strategy of what to do with my hair, and I’m checking out her body. She’s not wearing any bra or panties, I know that. Under her sweats she’s entirely naked, the way I like her to be. She hardly ever wears a bra out of deference to me. I can see her tits jiggling lightly on her chest. I feel the heat begin to build up in my groin. My hands feel a little tight, wanting to grasp those luscious boobs and squeeze them. In fact, I find myself salivating as I think about sucking on them. I reach out and put my arms around her waist and pull her between my knees, sliding my hands down around her ass and squeezing. She bends her head down and we kiss. I can taste her hormones faintly. It makes me grin. I slide my hands inside her seat bottoms. She slaps at them and laughs.

“Careful, dear, or you won’t get your hair done,” she giggles. “Or it will be all chopped up and you won’t be happy with me.”

“You know I’m always happy with you, darling,” I murmur as I lift her top a little and kiss her belly button. My cheek brushes against the bottoms of her tits.

She pushes me away a little.

“Now be patient,” she says. “It’s not playtime, not yet, it’s hair cutting time.”

“With you, my darling, it’s always play time and you know it!” I mutter against her chest, feeling the swellings of her breasts against my cheeks.

“Yes, I know,” she says in mock resignation as she pushes my head back and making me sit up straight. “Now just behave and let’s get this done. You’re such a naughty boy sometimes! Come on, help me, I want to get this done before you brother gets here.”

I laugh as she picks up the electric clippers and moves escort bostancı around me to get in good position. My twin brother is due to arrive in about an hour. She had a hard time deciding which of us to marry, not that it makes a lot of difference now. I do my best to keep a hand lightly on her butt, but of course I can’t keep it there without moving my head and making her scold me. I can’t begin to describe how much I love this woman!

She snips away, come of the clippings falling into my lap and on my shoulders. She moves around me as she works. When she gets into a place where I can reach her, my hands are on her body, under her clothes as much as I can manage it. She doesn’t mind, as long as I hold still. We chat about different things as she cuts, but a lot of it is foreplay in words. I tease her about Dave coming over later.

“I love you!” I tell her. “Dave loves you, too!”

“I know, I know, and that’s very nice, but just hold still for now, okay?” she teases me. “I mean it!” she says as she tries to keep me on task.

She finally puts the electric clippers down and picks up the scissors. She stands in front of me again, looking at where she has to refine her job. I push my head against her chest and try to take a nipple between my lips, right through her top. She pushes me away playfully.

“You are so naughty!” she says.

“You don’t like it!” I tease.

“That’s not the point!” she exclaims, “the question is, do you want a hair cut or not?”

“I don’t care. Well, yeah, I guess,” I answer, letting the words hang in the air as I reach behind her and grasp her ass again. I fumble to get my hands inside her sweat pants and grasp her skin directly. She wiggles as if to shake me off.

“I’d really rather just fuck you, you know!” I leer at her.

“You have a one-track mind!” she complains mockingly.

“If you were standing in front of a dead man he’d have a one-track mind, and on the same track,” I tell her.

“You are so silly!” she mutters and starts to use the scissors. She has a big grin on her face, but I know I’d better hold still for now. She snips for a bit, then comes to stand in front me again.

“There,” she says softly, “I think you’re done.” She leans toward me just the slightest bit. I put my arms around her and pull her to me. I push my face between the mounds her breasts make on her shirt. My hands slide under the shirt and find their way to her tits as I feel her softness on my face. I squeeze, and she closes her eyes and sighs very softly. She leans into me. I lift my arms to push her top up so I can put my mouth over her nipples. I suck on them lightly at first, alternating back and forth between them. Her sighs become a little louder and she presses herself against my face. I love the softness of her tits.

“You are such a sexy broad!” I whisper as I pause briefly, then I take more of her breasts into my mouth and continue to suck. My hands are inside her bottoms now, and I force them down, too, as I grasp her butt firmly and squeeze it. I bring one hand between her thighs and find out she’s just beginning to get damp.

“Take your clothes off,” I order her gently.

“Make me!” she challenges in a whisper.

Playtime! I try to push her sweats further down, but she resists, pulling them up as I’m trying to lower them. All of a sudden she wiggles and she’s free of my hands. Her top drops back down to cover her boobs. She scoots away as I get off the stool. I quickly shove my own pants down and I chase her into the living room, where I catch her and manage to get her on her back on the couch. We’re both laughing as we wrestle, with me working to position her so I can get her pants down.

“You know I’m going to fuck you,” I growl playfully into her ear as I work on her body. Of course, as I’m trying to get her clothes off I’m also touching her and fondling her. At the same time she’s ümraniye escort taking grabs of my dick, which is now about three-quarters hard. Every time I can expose a tit I quickly put my mouth over it and suck quickly. It has to be quick, because she’s squirming, trying to get away from me. That’s the way this game is played, and we both know it. We’re both laughing as we roll around. All of a sudden she gets free of me and races down the hall toward the bedroom. I know she prefers that we end up on the bed because it’s a lot more comfortable than the living room floor, although we fuck there a lot, too. I catch up with her just inside the bedroom door, spin her around and hug her tightly to me, kissing her. She relaxes in my arms and kisses me back. I can taste her hormones and it makes me really hard.

She spins and darts for the bed. I manage to catch her pants and as she dives onto the mattress I grab the legs and pull them off her.

“Aha!” I laugh. “Now I have you!” and I land on top of her.

“No you don’t!” she laughs as she attempts to roll out from under me. As we continue to wrestle I have her top pulled up around her neck and shoulders. I grasp one of her boobs with my hand and squeeze it. Hard, not so hard as to hurt her but so she knows I like what I’m holding. I feel her hand close around my cock. Thinking I have her under control, I relax a little. She suddenly lunges to one side and I no longer have hold of her. She flips and in what seems like slow motion I watch her mouth head for my cock. She closes her mouth over it and starts to suck assiduously. She loves doing this, and I love feeling it, too. Now her ass is close to my face, so I put my mouth between her legs and return the favor to her, sucking and licking her clit and cunt. She is suddenly very wet. She’s whimpering and squealing and I know she’s feeling very good about what’s going on. I slide my hands around her body until I find both of her tits and as I continue to suck her cunt I squeeze both her tits, flicking my fingers over her nipples. I feel my juices working through my body.

“Do you want to finish this way, or do you want to fuck?” I ask as I pause in licking her.

She licks another couple of times, then lifts her head up.

“I want to fuck you,” she says, her face flushed. She sits up and pulls her top off so she’s stark naked. I follow suit and pull my top off, too. “I want to feel your big hot cock inside me, now!”

“You are so fucking beautiful!” I tell her. “God, woman, if I put you on display, you’d have thousands of men lined up to do this to you!”

“You’re silly,” she giggles, spreading herself out on her back and spreading her legs. “Now be quiet and just fuck me!”

“I better go piss first,” I say.

The doorbell rings.

“I’ll go let Dave in,” she giggles, darting off the bed as I head to the bathroom. “Meet you back here!”

When I get back, she’s got Dave in the bedroom and they’re kissing. His hands are all over her body.

“Take your clothes off,” she tells Dave, “while I fuck your brother, then you can fuck me, too. I’ll do your hair later.”

I spread myself out on top of her. I kiss her, taking my time now. I want this to last. I want to feel the lusciousness of this fantastically beautiful woman. My prick is pressing against her soft thighs. We kiss a number of times, lingering, brushing each other’s lips, tasting each other. Our tongues begin to play tag, darting into each other’s mouths. She tastes so good! She’s moaning softly, her arms around me. I feel her fingers slide down and grasp my cock once more.

“I want to feel this in me before I go nuts!” she whispers into my ear. She’s so excited she’s vibrating under me. I lock my lips on hers once more. My cock doesn’t need any directions. It knows exactly where to go and what to do. I maneuver just a little and feel the tip of my cock against her cunt opening. kartal escort bayan I nudge it inside her. She moans.

“Oh, yes!” she says. “Oh god, that is so good!”

I growl in her ear as I carefully push myself all the way into her until I am fully ensconced by her warm, wet channel. I resume kissing her as I just hold myself there, making my dick twitch.

“You are such a nasty tease!” she accuses me between kisses. She giggles her ass around my cock, making me feel very good. I pull out slowly, not quite all the way, then shove myself back into her. I keep repeating this, picking up the pace. The faster I fuck her, the louder noises she makes until she is crying out loudly. I am making my own noises, groaning and grunting as we fuck vigorously. I feel her climax at least twice, in spite of the fact that I’m in such bliss myself.

“Let’s change,” she says suddenly, pushing me so I come out of her. “I want you to fuck me from behind.”

I know what she really wants. She flips around and gets on her hands and knees on the floor. I kneel behind her, and Dave sits on the edge of the bed with his hard cock pointing upward at a forty-five degree angle. I slide my cock back inside her cunt, and she puts her mouth over Dave’s cock and starts to suck. I stroke in and out of her another dozen or more times and feel my body racing to climax.

“Now!” I almost shout as I feel the juices racing through my system.

“Yes!” she yells back as I feel my thick, hot, white cream shoot into her. Her body writhes as she receives my life fluid. My cock pulses, emitting several powerful emissions. Drew cries out loudly at each one. She’s holding Dave’s cock with her hand as I finish in her. I feel the last emission, and wait for the final climactic shudder which signals that it’s all over. I love the feel of her soft body at this part of our love making. I kiss her softly on the neck before I fall out of her. She suddenly shifts and puts her head down between my lets, taking my limp pecker into her mouth.

“You really like doing that?” I ask this every time. I ‘m always amazed she likes cleaning me like this.

“Yes, darling,” she laughs. She doesn’t take very long before twisting herself back to where I can hold her. We snuggle, Drew spooning her butt into me. She wiggles against me. If I wasn’t so recently spent, I’d have been hard again in a flash. I know she’s ready to do it again.

We lay there for a few minutes. I tell her how much I love her. She laughs gently. Dave sits on the edge on the other side of her, watching, waiting for her to signal it’s his turn.

“You are so beautiful!” I tell her.

“And you are so full of blarney!” she giggles.

She reaches for my brother.

“Come!” she urges him, pulling him onto her as I slide off the bed. “I need to be fucked again! I’m so glad you’re here, Dave!”

Dave looks at me with a big grin, and I grin back.

“Go for it, bro!” I encourage him, moving to where I can watch.

“You got a haircut!” he laughs. He slides his erection between Drew’s thighs. She sighs.

“You two guys are so wonderful!” she says softly, her eyes shining as she feels Dave’s dick doing its work inside her. I watch as Dave starts to bounce on her, sliding himself in and out of her body. Drew looks to be insatiable. I know she liked the fuck we had. It seems only to make her more ready for Dave. She always insists that I get the first fuck on hair cut day.

Dave roars that he’s coming. Drew is back to making her sex noises, loud and obviously pleasurable. They push their hips together hard as Dave fills her up.

After he withdraws from her body, we sandwich her between us. Drew really likes that. She says the two of us surrounding her like that makes her feel so safe and loved. After a little while we go and crowd into the shower, all three of us. Dave and I play with Drew’s body a lot, and she fondles our cocks happily also. Afterward Dave goes and sits on the stool in the kitchen where Drew cuts his hair. They’re both naked for that.

“God, how I love hair cut day!” Drew sighs as she finished Dave. He’s sucking on her tits. “So do I!” Dave and I chorus.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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