Greg’s List Pt. 04

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Copyright 2012, 2020 Lisa Summers

Trish looked hungrily at Samantha’s body.

“It’s a shame that we couldn’t discover each other’s feelings earlier, baby,” Trish said, as the two sat on her bed. The tension was palpable, and got to be too much for Samantha, her fingers tracing over Trish’s bare thigh.

“So, uh, how do we start?” Samantha asked.

“Maybe just with a kiss?” suggested Trish. Samantha smiled and moved closer.

“May I touch you?” she asked, her eyes on Trish’s breasts, her hands moving nervously.

“You really don’t need to ask,” Trish said. “I’d adore anything you want to do to me.”

“Yeah, it’s just that I’ve never been the person making the moves before,” Sam said, her smile tentative.

“Me neither,” said Trish. “So…if we want to get this new relationship off the ground, I think we just need to do, not think, okay?”

“You’re so fucking smart,” Samantha grinned.

“Key word, fucking,” said Trish, as she pulled Samantha on top of her on the bed.

Although kissing another girl on the lips felt a little different than kissing boyfriends had, or when receiving a ‘Hi!’ kiss from a female friend, it was far more than outweighed by the realization by each that they were being kissed by a girl who loved her, in all ways – spiritual, emotional and certainly physical, and that they were both initiating and sealing what they both hoped and believe would be a lifelong joining of two hearts.

The universe of sensations that coursed through Samantha and Trish was limitless. Boundless happiness, the intimacy of best friends and lovers, the excitement of knowing with certainty, that each would ensure the other’s complete ecstasy – can any pairing of man and woman ever experienced that as fully and dependably as these two would?

As they kissed, the two girls adjusted their bodies until they were comfortable together. Samantha caressed Trish’s full breasts, bigger than her own, with larger, brown nipples and areolae, her lover’s nipples occasionally teasing and touching her own, smaller nipples, both girls feeling tremors of pleasure from the contact.

Their stomachs pressed together, Samantha’s flat stomach against Trish’s slightly plumper belly – Trish was constantly annoyed by the few inches and pounds that never seemed to go away – Samantha had always thought Trish’s tummy adorable, and secretly hoped that Trish’s perennial diets would fail.

Hips against hips, both girls were cushioned enough not to be bony, and fit together perfectly, their panty-covered torsos warm and soft, thigh slipping between thighs, vulvas straining to touch.

Samantha caressed Trish’s back, marveling at her smooth, warm skin, finding the few small moles that detracted from her perfection, but not her beauty. Her hands were led to the upswelling of Trish’s plump, round bottom, her fingers slipping under the thin elastic of Trish’s panties, to caress two sweet, warm and soft pillows of pleasure.

Remembering the admonition to ‘not think, just do’, Samantha whispered in Trish’s ear, “I’m going to lick your tight, hot, ass hole before we’re through tonight,” then began licking inside Trish’s ear.

Trish shivered, both from the sensation of Samantha’s tongue in her ear, but even more so from the vision of Samantha forcing Trish’s legs up to her breasts, so that her hands could separate Trish’s hot, damp ass cheeks, and her long, pink tongue delving inside Trish’s heretofore unexplored ass. The sweetness inside Trish’s swelling, pink clit even now was becoming almost unbearable.

She moaned in response, “God, I’d like that…lick my pussy and my ass,” and then kissing Samantha’s cheek wetly. The two returned to their passionate kiss, fingers roaming over each other’s body, and through their hair, exploring what was easily available to them, but saving their most intimate areas for further exploration and carnal worship.

They enjoyed the simple contact and communication of their first kiss, promising each other undying love and a lifetime of erotic pleasures, as only two women could through such a simple, uncomplicated sharing of mouth with mouth, being with being. Then Samantha slipped off Trish, to lie next to her, their noses touching, but their bodies so close that they could feel each other’s heat at breasts and pussy.

They whispered loving endearments, eyes flashing with love and excitement, their two separate destinies joining to the one to be shared together. Each could see nothing but perfect beauty in the other.

“Let me feel your pussy, then see it, then smell it, then taste it, in that order,” demanded Samantha.

“Of course, if you let me do the same,” Trish rejoined. The two knelt on the bed, facing each other. Samantha placed her hand on Trish’s stomach, her palm and fingers flat against her warm, smooth skin, the tips of her fingers on the top of Trish’s panties. She slipped her hand down, under the thin, tight fabric and over the smooth skin where Trish’s pubic bush had once resided.

Samantha’s hand continued, porno indir her middle finger riding lightly over Trish’s clitoris, Trish’s hips shaking as Samantha did so, then lightly into Trish’s moist slit, her heat and dampness surrounding Samantha’s finger as it slipped inside her.

Trish moaned. “Oooh god that’s nice…to feel you inside me, fucking my pussy, go deeper…” she urged Samantha.

Samantha ignored her entreaty, instead cupping Trish’s hot, wet slit in her hand, possessing her lover’s sweet vagina, clit and labia all in her grasp, adoring the feel of the girl’s heat and desire on her palm and fingers, pulling Trish toward her with that one hand, kissing her hot and ready mouth savagely, a promise of what a girl’s mouth, lips and tongue would do later to her eager pussy, labia and clitoris.

Samantha’s other hand went to the back of Trish’s neck, the girl’s hair curling over her fingers as she held Trish briefly immobile in her grasp. Samantha had a sense of selfishly taking from Trish, of dominating her, making her submit…all with the promise of giving it back, of submitting to Trish when it was her time. Trish moaned in Samantha’s grasp, then finally broke the kiss, gasping.

“Do me, fuck me, take me…I’ll do anything for you, Sam.” The look that she gave Samantha was pure, unadulterated lust, her orgasm already coursing through her – not explosive, mind-ripping pleasure, but a higher level of ecstasy, a plateau of pleasure that wasn’t going away anytime soon.

Samantha kissed her again, her grip loosening, her kiss soft and tender, then she took her finger out of Trish’s now-sopping wet slit, and with her other hand, slipped Trish’s panties off her full hips, down to her mid thigh, exposing the girl’s soft, bare vulva, her small, pink swollen clitoris, ruddy fat labia, and her deep rose pussy, glistening as her cream slipped from her hole to wet the inside of her panties, a distinct, slick and creamy spot already plainly evident on the cotton.

“So sweet,” Samantha murmured, as she flattened herself on the bed, chin in her hands, inches away from her female lover’s excited and aroused sex. Trish’s naked mons bedewed with small, gleaming droplets of her abundant fluid, above her tiny pearl of a clitoris, deep pink and uncovered from her clitoral hood.

Her labia were fat and plump, darkly red, soft flesh, like a woman’s lips ready for a sweet, loving kiss, warm and giving. Trish’s slit was slightly parted and open for Samantha’s delighted eyes, giving her fascinated lover a view of her glistening, rose-colored interior – wet, glistening as her inner cream nearly gushed from her hole, streaming out to race towards her anus, as well as dripping onto the sheet below.

“I’ve never been this excited,” whispered Trish, apologizing for the abundance of the reaction of her body to her impending pleasure.

Samantha looked up at Trish. “I love what your body is doing…you’re so beautiful!” Her gaze returned to her lover’s sweet, unforgettably lovely vulva. Her eyes followed a small droplet of feminine cream perched on the upper portion of her left labia. It was engorged by a second droplet, swelling into a tiny stream racing down her pink interior, just inside her lip, spreading out to wash over her soft flesh, readying her body for sex, joined with the other quantity of sweet and salty, slick liquid musk that evidenced Trish’s willingness and readiness to be fucked by her new girlfriend and mate.

Samantha pulled herself closer to her lover’s sweet pussy, as Trish smiled above her, caressing her own breasts and nipples, her excitement growing, and feeding Samantha’s. She brought her thumb and forefinger down to her clit and labia, to stroke herself, and attenuate some of the excruciating pleasure that was building inside her, seemingly causing her clitoris to expand like a tender balloon – of course, that was just her imagination, but the pain of pleasure building was real, nonetheless.

“I’ve got to cum,” she murmured, but stopped short in surprise when Samantha lightly slapped her trespassing hand.

“You’ll cum when I let you,” the girl growled. Trish moaned in frustration, but complied, her hand diverting instead to her sweet round ass, squeezing and caressing a delightful cheek instead. She pushed her hips and pussy out towards Samantha’s face, hoping that blatantly pushing her cunt into Samantha’s face might motivate her to eat such a hot, delectable pussy, dripping with girl juice as it was.

But Samantha wanted Trish’s anticipation and excitement to be at such a high level, that her hot little pink pussy would be sopping and dripping with cream, and perhaps to even cause Trish to squirt into her face and mouth when she came. Samantha could think of no bounds to her own horniness, and wanted Trish’s frustration and desire to drive her over the edge, too. If this were the most intense night of lovemaking in Trish’s life, Samantha hoped that Trish would love her forever. She knew that her own love for Trish was rokettube granite solid.

Samantha turned her attention to the fragrance of Trish’s pussy. Recognizing that scent is the memory that stays with us the longest, she wanted to make sure that she memorized the scent of every part of Trish’s body, to carry with her through the rest of her life, to stimulate her when she was away and happened on a similar scent. Trish’s hair, the smell of her skin at her face, the fragrance of her arm pits, the smell under her breasts, the smell of her pussy as she slept, the perfume of her ass hole, the smell of her period, the odor of her feet – it would all be Trish, it would all be the woman she loved, and wanted to keep within her forever, good or bad.

Trish’s pussy was moist and steamy. It was obvious just from the climate inches from her cunt, that she was excited and near orgasm. But within that steamy, wet atmosphere were her scents: the fresh pussy smell described by some men as ‘fishy’, but evocative of a woman’s sexuality, and rich with her pheromones. The smell of urine, a salty, tangy scent that layered itself within a woman’s slit, and more often on her labia and her pubic hair, no matter how thoroughly she wiped herself. The ghost smell of blood, a faint reminder of her period and a badge of honor for all women. The smell of perspiration – not so much from her sweet pussy, but from the joint of her thighs to her pelvis, and the small creases of skin there that generated perspiration and its fragrance.

Samantha inhaled and mentally catalogued Trish’s scents gratefully, happy that she could be close enough to her loved one to perceive her scents, and to remember them.

Samantha toyed with Trish’s reddish labia, swollen and hot, tracing her finger along the fleshy lips and the downy, invisible hairs alongside them. Trish jerked and moaned, Samantha’s touch unexpected but very welcome. “God, Samantha, that feels great! Don’t stop…”

Samantha smiled, and pressed her lips forward, slightly touching and teasing Trish’s sensitive labia, getting her first taste of her lover’s quivering pussy. A sheen of Trish’s creamy dew coated Samantha’s lips. Instead of giving in to the irresistible desire, and licking them, she raised up and brought her wet lips to Trish’s trembling mouth, pressing her lips there, fresh from Trish’s pussy, leaving the heat and moisture of her touch, and the shared taste of Trish’s hot cunt on her lover’s lips, then gazed into her eyes briefly, and then dipped back down to more fully explore Trish’s erupting volcano. Trish shivered…she was so close…

Samantha once again kissed Trish’s soft labia, and this time tongue kissed her hot hole between them, the fabulous scents that she’d experienced before, now tastes sparkling on her tongue, and in her mouth. The creaminess of Trish’s lubrication covered Samantha’s lips, tongue, gums and even her cheeks and chin, so copious was her hot flow. Samantha lapped greedily at the girl’s excited pussy, glorying in the pleasure and delight of orally pleasing another female’s vagina.

Samantha almost literally fed at her girlfriend’s cunt, driving Trish beyond the bounds of mere physical pleasure.

“Oh my god, I needed your touch there for so long, baby,” Trish whispered, “I needed to feel your warm, gentle touch, I needed you to show me your love, make me your own, make me your lover…oh god oh god oh god yes yes yes YES! Oh, fuck me fuck me with your tongue, eat my hot cunt GOD I wanna cum in your mouth, feed you all my pleasure, give you my happiness, be with you and in you and you in me, oh FUCK ME, FUCK ME…PLEASE fuck me, your fingers your mouth, do me do me I WANT TO CUM SO BAD!!”

Samantha added two of her fingers to the teasing and titillation of Trish’s now spasming vulva, hooking them up and back inside the girl’s tight hole, to caress her g-spot, while her tongue began to circle and mount Trish’s now prominent clitoris, gleaming red and begging for Samantha’s attention.

Samantha fastened her lips over Trish’s clit, barely distracted by Trish’s fingers running through her hair and scratching her scalp, the slight pain only serving to excite Samantha’s own, hot and ready clit.

“Oh god oh god oh god,” babbled Trish, as she felt the most explosive orgasm of her young life building inside her, taking control of her body. As Samantha squeezed Trish’s tender clitoris with her lips, and simultaneously ran her tongue lightly over it, and attacked her g-spot even more forcefully, Trish erupted, her hips shaking like a 9.0 earthquake, and her pussy firing out jet after jet, squirting her hot liquid onto Samantha’s chin and upper chest, as Trish screamed with pleasure that she had never before dreamed could exist.

“Oaaaahhhfuccccccckkcummmminngcummming,”she managed, the rest trailing off into a blissful plane of existence where she was made delight incarnate. Samantha rode out the furor, her own clit spasming in orgasm, as she felt Trish’s hot spurts of pleasure hit her, and soak her porno upper body, and she catalogued a new, rarer scent to remember Trish by.

“Ohhhh…fucking good…” Samantha murmured to herself, as her legs pulled up toward her body, seeking to contain the pleasure she felt within her a bit longer. She couldn’t resist the temptation to rub her own clit through her now soaked panties, her hips convulsing with pleasure, her mouth still on her lover’s pink clit.

Her finger slipped hungrily around the gusset of her panties, and into her pussy, only partially filling the aching need there, her soft, liquid lubrication sloshing as she fucked in and out. Trish moaned above her, the universe of pleasure in which she had been so deeply immersed, now fraying at the edges as she returned to reality.

“Ohhh, baby, I love you so,” Trish cooed. “I’d love to taste your wetness, touch your hole, smell your hot body…” She began to take control, sensing that the balance of power had now shifted, and that she could now do her best to please her new lover.

The two collapsed, to lie together on the bed, face to face. Trish smiled at her new mistress.

“I love you so much, baby,” she whispered. “You’ve made me so happy!” She saw a slightly disconnected look in Samantha’s eyes, and knew that she needed to bring Samantha over the edge, to join her. She began licking Samantha’s cream-covered face, like a mother cat cleaning a kitten, as Samantha submitted to her ministrations.

At the same time, she brought a hand down to Samantha’s panties, slipping her hand under the waistband of the flimsy, sopping wet piece of fabric. Her fingers slipped through the small, trimmed garden of Sam’s pubic hair, wetly slick and holding her moisture, then around and over Sam’s swollen clitoris and labia.

Samantha moaned, her hips pushing into Trish’s questing hand.

“Fuck me, baby, please fuck me,” Samantha moaned, as Trish kissed her, loving the sweet smell of hot cunt surrounding Samantha’ head and face, and the taste of her own pussy inside of Samantha’s slack and submissive mouth. Gingerly, she inserted two fingers into Samantha’s previously abused pussy, as she thrust her tongue into Samantha’s mouth.

The simultaneous fucking of her pussy and mouth brought Samantha to climax, her body jerking with pleasure, as an electrical storm of ecstasy washed through, and over, her body, mind and soul.

“Oh god, so good, so good, god yes I love you fucking me, inside me, I love you so much, Trish…” Her hips shook against Trish, her eyes teared with the emotional overload, and Samantha curled up in Trish’s arms, her emotional needs finally met after a long lifetime of searching. Samantha had found her life mate, she was sure.

The two women lay contentedly, their bodies wet and weary, but far more satisfied than they’d ever felt before, and soon fell asleep together. They awoke hours later, unashamed and more certain than ever that they’d each found the key to their eternal happiness.

“Hey,” Trish whispered to Samantha, when she opened her eyes to find Samantha’s eyes resting softly on her.

“Hi, baby,” Samantha whispered back. “I love you.”

“I love you, too,” Trish replied. “So much.” The two women hugged, a long, sweet embrace.

“God, we’re a mess,” Trish said.

“But we smell, really, really good,” Samantha giggled.

“Yeah, true,” Trish smiled. “So…do you think we can do this a lot more?”

“Right now?” Samantha asked. “We could, I’d love that. Or, we can clean up and eat something, and kind of see where things are since we, um, discovered our new relationship…”

Trish giggled. “Are you as hungry as I am?”

“Starving,” Samantha gasped. “Pussy just ain’t enough.”

“Still, it’s pretty good,” Trish said. “At least judging by how mine tastes.” Samantha looked quizzical.

“It’s all over your face…and mouth…and hair…and breasts…” Trish grinned. She looked sad. “But I didn’t get to taste yours.”

“Well…” Samantha said, as she slipped her hand between her legs, and then brought it up to Trish’s face. “If you’re interested…”

Trish slipped her mouth over Samantha’s two glistening and wet fingers, licking and sucking in the taste of her lover’s sweet pussy, after her cum and juices had stewed within her hot body for hours.

“God! So good,” Trish moaned. “Now I want to eat you so bad.” She kissed Samantha, both women reveling in and savoring the taste of ripe pussy on Trish’s mouth.

“I have got to eat something – food wise. How about we eat, then shower, and you can do me there?” Samantha said.

“How about I do you while you’re eating?” Trish was becoming inflamed by the thought of fastening her mouth on Samantha’s wetly oozing vagina.

“Mmmm, okay,” Samantha said, grabbing Trish’s hand and pulling her out of bed. The two slipped on each other’s panties, then headed to the kitchen, giggling and bumping hips several times, and stealing kisses from each other.

“What sounds good?” asked Samantha.

“Um, fresh fruit…and yogurt?” suggested Trish. Samantha nodded, and the two put together a nice fruit plate, along with healthy dollops of vanilla yogurt. They sat across from each other at the small kitchen table chatting, as they ate and smiled, quite a bit.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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