Graduation Goodbye

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It is finally graduation day for you and you are proud to be wearing your cap and gown. Your 18h birthday and high school graduation all in the same month had certainly been a busy time. You were proud when you walked across that stage to get the diploma you had worked so hard for. School has been a fun time and a hard time but you are already feeling like an adult and are ready to head out into the real world whatever that may hold.

It was nice of you to stop by my room after the ceremony .. still dressed in your cap and gown and your eyes still red from the tears of all of the good byes to dear friends. You look very different from that little freshman girl I met so many years ago. Even in your graduation gown, it is obvious that you have developed into a beautiful woman.

We made small talk about your classes and your plans for the future and it made me feel special when you told me how much you enjoyed my classes and how I had helped you to succeed when you thought you couldn’t. The emotions of the day must have overtaken you when you mentioned how cute you thought I was for an “older guy” and how you would miss seeing me every day. I could only tell you the truth when I told you that your smile every day certainly made school much more enjoyable.

You were sitting on the classroom desk in your cap and gown with your legs dangling and swinging nervously over the edge when I stood up and walked toward you. Your eyes grew larger when I placed a hand on your face and told you how much I would miss you. I leaned toward you to see what would happen and happily you just closed your eyes, moved your face toward me and pursed your lips invitingly. My lips softly approached yours, grazing them as you spread them open, inviting my bostancı escort bayan tongue to reach out for you. My hands held your head more tightly as we kissed with a new and exciting passion.

My hand found the zipper on the front of your gown and eased it down; exposing the sun dress you were wearing underneath. The thin straps did little to support the breasts that had been so small four years ago but had since blossomed into full womanhood. As you moved off the desk, the gown slipped to the floor. You took my hand and moved it to your breast, the thin fabric not a barrier to feeling your hard nipple. My other hand followed, massaging you through the fabric until you reached up and slid the straps off your shoulder. In this new condition, my hands could feel both the warmth of your skin and the sweat on its surface.

As our tongues continued to play, your hand found its way to the front of my dress slacks. The thin material was no match for the hardness underneath and you found it immediately. You rubbed my hardening cock up and down as I fondled you and we could each feel our breathing becoming more and more rapid.

One hand moved from your breast and reached for the front of you skirt, slowly raising it and feeling only the slightest hint of hair where there should have been cloth. A small reach lower and I could feel your warm, wet lips. I could almost taste the soft moan you made in my mouth.

Your hand found my zipper, lowered it and made its way inside until you felt the warmth of my skin on your palm. I could feel your fingers wrap around me as you started to stroke me. You could feel me swell even more in your hand. A small tug and my cock could feel the cool air of the room.

You slowly ümraniye escort lowered yourself to the floor, despite my attempts to keep your lips on mine.

“I have wanted to do this for you since I turned 18 last week,” you said as your lips kissed the head of my cock.

I watched in amazement as your lips parted and you slowly slid them down the length of me until I was completely inside of your warm mouth. I was frozen with delight but you knew what to do … sliding up and down my cock as you followed your lips with your hand. As you moaned around my cock and looked up at me with your beautiful eyes, I thought I would never be able to hold back.

You mouthed formed that cute smile as you understood my problem. With a loud pop, you released me and sat back down on the desk, raising your skirt up over your hips and exposed your freshly shaved pussy to me.

“Your turn,” was all you needed to say for me to kneel in front of you and kiss your nether lips.

I could already taste your juices and smell you as I leaned forward and parted them with my hands. Your clit was not hiding as it stood erect and ready for attention. My tongue started at the bottom and worked it’s was slowly up the inside of your lips, stopping to lightly probe your pussy opening. When you squirmed, I pushed it in deeply .. tickling your inside and tasting you again. As you raised your hips toward me and put your hands on the back of my head, I moved upward and planted a kiss on your clit, using my tongue to trace small tight circles around it. You tried to speak but only a small groan emerged as you held my head tightly against you.

When I finally freed myself from your grasp, a look of disappointment and concern came over your kartal escort face. It did not take long to change though as my pants hit the floor around my ankles and you felt me pull your hips to the edge of the desk. As I stepped forward, you reached down and spread your lips open for me, inviting me to take you. With my cock in my hand, I rubbed it up and down your open slit. I placed the head at your opening and looked into those eyes that had hypnotized me for all of these years.

“Are you sure?” I asked you.

“Yes,” was all you said as you grabbed my hips and pulled me toward you and into you. We moved our hips closer and soon I found myself deeply and completely inside you.

“Oh God,” we both moaned in unison as my cock slid almost out of you then filled you again and again.

The smell of sex and passion were in the air as we made love to each other, sharing unspoken feelings that had built up privately in each of us over the years. Our bodies moving as one as you felt me inside you and I felt you squeezing around me, trying to trap me within you. Our pace quickened as we felt the end approaching. I could feel your thighs tighten around me as you came … releasing your juices to cover my hard cock. The warmth and moisture inside you was more than I could stand as I came, mixing myself with you as we held on to each other tightly.

We held each other for what felt like hours but were really only minutes. I looked into your eyes and saw the feelings you had never shared with me before. I leaned forward and kissed you softly on the forehead as you closed your eyes, then pulled your head against my chest.

“My mom is having a graduation party that I have to get to,” you said softly, telling me that I need to finally let you go and start your new life.

“I will miss you Marla,” I whispered as we arranged ourselves to be presentable to the world. You smiled brightly, like you always do.

“I’ll come back and visit you sometime. I think my education has only started.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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