Golf Club Wives

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Beautiful Cock

Mark was down in the dumps. Sitting at the bar he was moaning to Stan about his boring marriage.

“I sit on my own in my den whilst my wife sits upstairs watching cable.”

“I don’t know what’s gone wrong. Tammy’s beautiful, but there’s no spark, she spends more time looking at herself in the mirror than she does speaking to me.”

“We’ve been married twenty years; she’s meticulous in her appearance spending days and months on diets.”

“Her real passion is shopping; she spends part of every day at department stores and boutiques.”

Stan studied Mark, he was in good condition for forty five, well built with a flat hard gut, he was still a good looking guy.

What the hell’s he worried about he thought? He’s had a successful career in business, his businesses managed themselves, he was financially secure, the world was his fucking oyster.

At lunch next day Mark had a few scotches to many and confided to Stan that his sex life was zilch.

“Tammy’s not interested in sex any more; she never tries to instigate any loving whatsoever. It’s even difficult to get a goodbye kiss when I head out the door.”

“I love her but she finds sex uncomfortable, what ever I do. In fact it’s bloody embarrassing because she rushes to clean herself up as soon as we finish as though she has been defiled.”

Stan had never seen Mark so down in the dumps. He had never heard him speak of his home life like this, even though they had been mates for 20 years. “Well old mate you will just have to get a bit on the side,” he said as he downed his beer.

“Lets have a drink tomorrow at the golf club around three or four o’clock. Its ladies day, I’ll point out the players amongst the wives and daughters.”

“Players?” Mark asked.” Yes the players, they don’t only play golf,” Stan replied with a laugh. Mark was intrigued “How do you know which ones?”

Stan slapped him on the back “By keeping my eyes open.” He grinned, “I also listen to my wife gossip about them.”

Stan rang after lunch the next afternoon, “I’m out at the club get yourself down here, there’s quite a few ladies that my wife has described as flighty and not to be trusted.”

“Oh shit Stan, I’m not interested in cheating on Tammy, I was just getting a few whinges off my chest yesterday.”

“I’d be too fucking scared of getting caught to try anything;”

“I’ll come and have a drink, but no women.”

As he entered the club Mark ran into Ruth the club presidents wife. “My God Mark you’re just the businessman I’ve been looking for,” she gushed. “I have never thought of your company before, but now you’re here, I need you help.”

She took him by the arm and led him to a group of young women standing drinking near the window, looking over the approach to the final hole.

“Ladies,” she cried, “look what I found, just what we have been talking about, a local businessman to help us with the new competition.”

“For those of you who don’t know him, Mark is one of states richest and most successful businessmen.”

“He was a top sportsman, in fact a top golfer and tennis player, before he followed in his fathers footsteps.”

“No that’s wrong, he didn’t just follow in his fathers footsteps, he modernised an expanded the old mans business until it now stretches across the country.”

“There is not a major city or town that’s not serviced by one of his 24 hour stores, restaurants supermarkets and service stations.”

Ruth turned to look at Mark, “He is a human dynamo; I want you all to help me convince him to sponsor us and our competition.”

Mark was immediately overwhelmed by a group of twenty to fifty year old women. They surrounded him, many talking at once, all intent on gaining his attention

Ruth hugged him and kissed him, her large boobs rubbing against his chest and arm as she moved him around the group of women.

Many of the younger ones pushed forward to introduce themselves. The older ladies kissed him on the cheek, murmuring I knew your dad and mother, making him feel at home in their company.

He relaxed as he moved through the introductions. One or two of the younger ladies squeezed his hand, holding it a little longer than necessary causing him to give them a second glance.

The last of these hand holders was a long thin blonde who looked him straight in the eye and winked. “I look forward to seeing more of you,” she said as she licked her tongue over her lips.

Finally Mark escaped over to Stan who was leaning on the bar with a big grin on his face watching the proceedings.

“I thought you said no women, just a drink,” Stan said with a laugh.

“Did you notice the tits on Ruth Mansfield the President’s wife?” He asked.

“She’s got a great body for her age and a set of tits that defy description.” “She would be a great fuck, her husbands such an arsehole, that to get her under his nose would make it twice as good,” Stan said with a grin.”

As Mark ordered drinks, Stan kept pointing out prospective sex partners. ataşehir escort bayan “The big barmaid is a goer, he said nodding at a tall brunette.” “She’s a little over weight, and a lot of fun.”

“I’m told if you pour a few scotches into her and are lucky enough to take her home you won’t be disappointed.”

Stan watched as she leant over the bar displaying her generous Tits, “the trouble with her is she’s single. You can’t afford to get caught. So we will have to look for a married woman who has as much to lose as you.”

Stan took a swig from his glass and continued to point out women who might like a stray fuck… “It’s rumoured that the club pros wife likes a bit on the side, as do those three over there,” pointing to three young tanned fit blondes. “In fact” he said as Mark studied them. “I’m told they like to work as a team.”

“Who’s the tall thin blonde” Mark asked as they studied the ladies.

Stan looked quickly at Mark,” that’s the police commissioner’s wife; I haven’t heard any thing about her. In fact I think that would be dangerous, he’s bad news.”

Mark didn’t say anything, wondering why the police commissioner’s wife had made it so clear she wanted to see more of him.

Mark drove slowly home worse for wear after his long drinking session with Stan, to be greeted by an angry wife complaining he was late and his dinner was cold.

Later that night he tried to put his arm around her as they went to bed, “sorry love” he whispered. She brushed him aside,” Stop that! It’s about time you gave up that dirty business.”

Just before lunch the next day Sally, Mark’s new young Personal assistant announced that Mrs Ruth Mansfield was there to see him along with two other ladies.

In the office he offered them a drink, and asked them to state their case for his sponsorship.

He sat back behind his desk as Ruth made her presentation. Ruth was slim with a pair of tits that dominated her tiny frame her hair was mousy brown, she had a lively personality, but in reality without the large tits she would not draw much attention on the street.

Heidi a short blonde with a double chin and thick legs, sat with her legs apart giving him a partial view up her skirt. As he looked she appeared to open her legs wider.

The third, Madeline was a tall brunette with an exquisite face; her clothes hid her shape, but Dave though he could see a well built athletic body under her clothes.

Ruth interrupted his inspection of Madeline, “Yesterday was the first time we’ve seen you at the club in months.”

“Why don’t you play golf any more?”

Dave explained “I became too busy, my business demanded time that I used to give to competitive sport. My wife doesn’t play, the clubs social scene didn’t interest her, so I just dropped out.”

The three urged him to play again. Heidi’s eyes looked him up and down as she said, “we have a number of ladies who will jump at the opportunity to be your partner for mixed social events or a private hit out during the week.”

As they relaxed talking about golf and the club. Mark suddenly realised how much he missed golf and its social life.

“Ruth” he said, I must thank you for your visit here this morning. Just thinking of Golf again has made me realise that the old saying, all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, applies to me.”

“Well join us on our mixed days and I personally will make sure your days as a dull boy are over,” Ruth said with a giggle.

“Thanks for the invitation Ruth, but I’ll probably get out on the course early each morning for a while to see if I can get my old form back.” Mark said as he eased them out the door.

Madeline who had not spoken a word all morning took his arm, “I have a hit out most mornings, you won’t run into many on the course before 8.30 or 9, especially if you hit off from the 10th tee, and do the back nine.”

After more small talk and a few very warm hugs and kisses from Ruth, Mark returned to his office to find Sally waiting.

“Your wife rang she is going off to her brothers for a few days. I was told to tell you to look after the dog.”

“Anything else,” asked Mark, glancing at Sally. She was straightening papers on the coffee table. Her mini skirt rode upas she bent over providing a tantalising glimpse of her stocking’s tops.

Sally noticed his look and smiled, “No you have a free afternoon.”

Mark noticed the smile and blushed. She was new only starting work in the last week, “I hope she doesn’t think I’m a dirty old man,” he mused

“Well I told those ladies that I am going to take up golf again so I’ll slip out to the club and get some gear from the pro,” he said to change the subject.

As he went to leave he couldn’t help but study her legs again, “See you tomorrow probably after 11. I will try an early morning round.”

At the pro shop, Mark introduced himself and was made welcome. “I have heard of you, you were club champ before I came here,” the pro said. “It will be great to have you back.” escort kadıköy

As they talked the pro looked at his watch, “shit its two o’clock, look I’m sorry, but I have two new players to coach this afternoon, can I get my wife to look after you?”

“Look around, try out the new gear; she will make sure you get what you want.”

He called his wife “Darlene can you help Mark here whilst I’m gone?”

A striking blonde strolled out “it will be a pleasure. I’m pleased to meet you” she said quietly as he moved to shake her hand.

She gave his hand a little extra squeeze, prompting Mark to remember that Stan had said the pros wife was rumoured to like a bit on the side.

Having remembered Stan’s words he studied her more closely. She was good looking. If any thing a little plump for his liking, but never the less she would most certainly draw more than a second glance from most men.

She wore a typical local ladies golf outfit, linen long sleeve blouse, wool skirt to below the knees, golf shoes. Her blonde hair was wavy down to her shoulder.

For the next half hour they talked as he inspected and tried out a number of irons and woods.

When he moved into the back where a range of golf clothes were displayed next to a change room, she followed, encouraging him to try on some of the new gear.

“The light weight wind cheaters and rain gear are fabulous,” she explained. “You can be warm and dry in any weather if you set yourself up right.”

“There is no longer any need for bulky outfits” she continued as she pushed him into the small change room.

“Try these slacks and this under vest; it will keep you warm even when it’s wet. A combination of this new thermal underwear and light weight slacks and tops are all you need.”

She was talking as she took his measurements and kept passing him gear. He had undressed and was standing in his socks pulling a light weight vest over his head, when she pushed through the curtain.

“Here’s some more,” she said before she spied his cock hanging out his boxers, and gasped, “My god you weren’t behind the door when they were handed out.”

She didn’t withdraw from the change room but stood and watched him pull the vest down over his head.

Mark was not really surprised when his eyes came clear of the vest to see she was studying his cock. She didn’t blush just looked at him; embarrassed he pulled the end of the vest down to hide his rapidly enlarging cock.

She laughed at his embarrassment “just wait till I tell some of my associates about that” she said pointing down between his legs, “you will go up on their most wanted list.”

“My god you wouldn’t do that would you?” Mark growled.”

“Why not? It would be quite a change for some of them to have a big man, if what they tell me about their husbands is true.”

“You would be considered well hung in any society, especially well hung here in the valley;” she said as she moved over and took his now diminished cock in her hand.

“Even deflated you beat my husband by a mile.”

Mark started to protest and back away, his hand came down to hold hers away from his cock. His protest was useless as his cock had already responded to her touch by starting to grow.

“Don’t be silly” she whispered as she leant into him and kissed him. Her tongue and lips created turmoil in Mark’s mind, his wife rarely kissed him and never with her tongue.

Darlene’s kiss was like a dose of Viagra to his ego. His cock jumped up hard and firm, his mouth responded automatically.

Her arm encircled him pulling him closer as her tongue worked its magic. Without opposition her hand returned to his over excited cock.

Mark couldn’t believe what was happening to him. Darlene had met him only minutes before and before he knew it her mouth and tongue was stirring his ego whilst her hand moved up and down round milking his cock. He groaned as his body responded and his temperature rose.

He had never dreamed that a woman’s kisses could bring him to such a state. Her tongue weaved a magic that he could not describe. He kissed her back eagerly, his hands coming up to her breasts.

Any thoughts of resisting melted away.

Somehow the buttons of her blouse opened, allowing his hand to push her bra up so his fingers could brush her nipple.

“Oh yes that’s lovely,” she moaned, pulling his head down so his lips could encircle her breast.

“I love that,” she whispered as her hands steered his head so that his mouth could follow her directions. “Just the nipple darling, suck it hard for me.”

“Now bite it.”

She jumped as Mark bit down following her request. “Oh shit, that’s marvellous.” She moaned, her chest pushing against his mouth and face.

Mark after months of sanitised sex or no sex at all, found his body responding in a way that he could only remember happening when he was a teenager.

The difference was that as a teenager he was the one that took the lead trying to get his partner to fuck. bostancı escort Today it was the pros young wife who was taking the lead.

Her tongue was like a hot poker stirring his blood pressure, setting him on fire. Her hand was still moving slower now as his prick started to leak pre come and his balls tightened.

Gradually, while all this was happening Darlene was moving them both across the change room to some stacks of clothes lying in the corner.

Sinking down she raised her legs and slipped off a pair of white cotton tail panties. He stood there watching as her hairy box came into view. He would in days to come relive this moment.

In the pro shop on the floor was the pros wife, her bra up over her breasts, her skirt rolled up around her waist, holding her legs apart displaying a hairy cunt. She still wore her golf shoes and socks. It was a picture that he would recall over and over again.

She bent her legs opening them wider. As he watched she licked a finger and inserted it, stirring it around in circles. Then using the fingers of both hands to open her cunt lips, she laughed wickedly as she drew his eyes to her clit standing out amongst the hair and flesh.

“Come here love,” she moaned, reaching up to try and pull him down on top of her.

When he didn’t move straight away, she whispered “Fuck me!”

Any thought of Mark saying no had disappeared some time ago when her kisses had awakened his virtually dormant sexual power. His prick was surging, leaking pre cum as he sank down on to her body.

She wet her fingers in her cunt and took his prick in her hand once more. “By god you’re big,” she said, “it’s a fucking monster”

Mark knew his prick was a good size, but not a monster. But he didn’t have time argue as she fed it into her cunt.

She grunted as his body weight and his cock took her breath away, “oh hell,” she said, “I’m not used to your size.” He stopped pushing, alarmed that he might really be hurting her and that she was not just massaging his ego.

“Don’t stop, don’t bloody stop now,” she moaned as she wrapped her legs violently around his back and hips, to pull him hard into her cunt.

Memories of his younger days, when as a top sportsman his sex life was wild and full of variety flooded back, he pushed hard wriggling his cock until it was embedded to the hilt.

Raising his body he started to move his cock slowly finding a favourite position where it rubbed her clit as it moved in and out.

Darlene’s body was responding her fingers biting hard into his back. They were sweating and grunting, as their passion grew, when a bell rang indicating that someone had entered the shop.

Mark sat up quickly before Darlene pulled his head down to whisper, “Shh, don’t make a noise.”

Mark wasn’t going to make a noise, he was petrified. Oh shit he thought. What a fucking mess.

Darlene put her hands over his mouth as a woman at the front of the shop called “Hello is there any one there?”

Another voice called, “Hello shop. where are you Darlene?”

“Thank god, it’s only my three fucking girlfriends,” Darlene whispered.

She pushed Mark roughly away, “stay here! I’ll be back,” she whispered. Standing up she called out loud, “I won’t be a minute.”

She pulled her skirt down, straightened her bra, found her discarded top, and ran her fingers through her hair. She called out again as she moved out of the change room and joined the three women in the shop.

“Sorry for the delay. But I was cleaning up out back,” she explained.

Mark dressed quickly and looked around to see if there was any thing that would give them away. “Fucking hell,” he groaned when he spied her white cotton tail panties discarded on the floor.

“What have you been up to? you look as though you have just got out of bed.” Julie Graham asked Darlene as she made her way through the shop.

Martha Ryan a twenty two year old blonde studied Darlene carefully, she leant forward to kiss her on the cheek, “I can smell sex, you’ve got that well fucked scent.” she cried.

“My god you’ve been fucking haven’t you?”

“Who was it?” Julie asked.

“I saw your husband on the putting green coaching so it wasn’t him.”

“I can smell sex your hot.” “It’s the scent of a man,” Martha announced.

Mark watched as the three young women gathered around Darlene. She wasn’t protesting enough for his liking, if anything she seemed to be enjoying their questions

Shelia Jones placed her hand on Darlene’s rear an exclaimed, “I can’t feel any panties.” Before Darlene could say anything she ran her hand up under Darlene’s skirt, “my god just as I thought no panties and a wet pussy.”

Darlene squealed loudly as Sheila’s fingers entered her pussy. Pulling away, her eyes flashed as she shouted “stop it you bastards your like a bunch of detectives.”

Shelia didn’t give up easily” Don’t try to deny it; you’ve been fucked this afternoon.”

Bloody hell, Mark thought she hasn’t been fucked I was only just starting.

Darlene was enjoying her self, “rubbish” she said “I haven’t been fucked but I could have been.”

“You bitches are always skiting about your conquests, I nearly had a new one for our little group but we never got the chance to finish.”

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