Going Down?

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Damn computer system!

I was stressed out. I had to get out of this place and get something cold to drink. I was thinking about quitting my job when I stepped into the elevator. It has not been a fruitful night so far.

Usually my job is not this bad. As a tax accountant for an international corporation, I am well compensated for my training and advice. Unfortunately, it is tax time and the annual shareholders meeting is coming up, so I am compiling reports and generating tax documents at midnight on Friday when the damn computer system crashes.

Throwing my briefcase to the elevator floor, I punch the basement where our parking garage is located. It is going to be a quick ride even from the 43rd floor because at this time of night, there shouldn’t be anyone else in the building. I was surprised when the elevator jumped to a halt at the 36th floor.

“Who from Payroll could be working at this hour?” I thought to myself.

The doors opened and Janet stepped through the doors carrying her trench coat and briefcase. She jumped when she realized someone else was in the elevator. Like me, she was expecting to be alone.

“You startled me!” she stated as she moved beside me to place her briefcase down.

She placed her coat over her case and stretched to get her blood moving again after what appeared to be a long day. As she stretched, I thought her breasts were going to explode through her silk blouse as they pushed the material to their limit. I saw the outline of her nipples and blushed as she caught me admiring her feminine beauty.

“I’m sorry, long day. I wasn’t expecting anyone else either.” I commented as I turned my head away slightly so I could look at her through my peripheral vision. She reached into her blouse and adjusted a strap of her bra and I wished that it was my hand doing that instead of hers.

Realizing that the doors were still open, I reached for the floor buttons and asked, “Going down?”

“Yes, please” she responded. I saw her reach her hand to her hair and twirl a strand in her fingers as the doors closed. I noticed that she was looking at me as the elevator started its slow descent again.

“You’re here late.” She said.

“Yeah, but with the system down, I can’t get anything done so I decided to get some relief.” I explained.

“Me too. I was trying to complete my monthly reports before Monday but…” her voice trailed off.

” I know. I’m so worked up I can’t think straight” I complained to her as she shook her head in agreement.

“When that system went down, I told myself the hell with this, got my shit and left” I continued.

“Me too. I so wound up, I don’t think I’ll be able to get to sleep when I get home.”

“Maybe I can help you. At least one of us can get a little relaxation,” I said as I reached for her shoulders. Facing me, I placed my hands on her shoulders to turn ataşehir escort bayan her around. She did not resist so I slowly began to massage her tense shoulders and neck.

“That feels great.” she said as she released a deep sigh.

I continued massaging and occasionally would let me hand drop down her spine and back to work the pressure out. She continued relaxing and started to move her head around to help me. As we continued our descent, I would move my hands to her waist and use my thumbs to massage the small of her back and down to the top of her pelvis. Then I would slide my outstretched hands slowly up her back moving the tension out as I went up. My touching her was invigorating to me. I felt my manhood start to swell in my pants. I reached down and adjusted my tool in my pants so it wouldn’t poke her in the back if she moved.

We felt the elevator jerk to a stop and the bell went off announcing our arrival at the basement. The doors opened and the dimly lit basement loomed in front of us. Before I could take my hands off her back, she reached up and pressed to button for the top floor.

“I hope you don’t mind but this feels too good to stop right now.” Janet purred.

I just continued moving my hands as the elevator closed again and began climbing towards the 72nd floor. Within a few moments, Janet turned around and said, “It’s your turn now.”

She reached forward and placing her hands on my chest, she turned me around. She tried to reach my shoulders but with her being only five feet four inches and me being six feet two, she found it difficult. I decided to help out so I knelt down on my knees. She began to reciprocate the attention back to my shoulders and back. Her hands were strong on my aching muscles and I felt the tension rise out of me as she worked her magic. My tool was also rising as I concentrated on her touch. She worked my neck muscles with one hand as I felt her moving behind me. “O.K., time to work the front.” She said as she used her hands to prompt me to turn around. When I turned around, I saw the loveliest pair of tits I had ever seen on a woman. She had removed her blouse and bra while she massaged my neck and dropped them to the floor.

Ding! The elevator had reached the top and she reached out and pressed the basement button again.

“It’s time to go down,” she said in a soft and husky voice.

I leaned forward and placed my face between those two glorious globes. Reaching up, I cupped them in my hands as my thumbs made circles around her nipples. Responding to my touch, her nipples became erect as I moved my mouth to suck on them.

“Now that’s how I like to relieve stress.” she stated as she leaned her head back as she enjoyed my tongue dancing on her erect nipples. I released her breasts and brought my hands under her short skirt. My hands explored her thighs and pelvis. I reached behind escort kadıköy her and grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. Her ass was firm and smooth as I kneaded her cheeks pulling her even closer. I reached a little higher and looped my fingers into the top of her panties. As I tugged them down, she wiggled her ass so they would slide down easier for me. Holding her panties low, she stepped out of them and I began to smell the musky aroma of her pussy. As I grabbed her panties with one hand to toss them to the side, I felt her wetness in them. I pulled my lips from her nipple and spread some of her love juice on it for flavoring. Her scent and taste only made me hungrier.

“Oh God, that feels great.” she exclaimed as her breathing began to get heavier.

I reached behind her and unzipped her skirt. The looseness caused it to fall to the elevator floor. Stepping out of it, I got a chance to look at her exposed body.

“God, this woman is beautiful.” I thought as I took this time to move my hips so my cock could get some more growing room.

Ding! The elevator had reached the basement again and she instinctively reached for the top button and pressed.

“Back up again. Now, lets see what else is up.” she cooed as she pushed me back causing me to fall backwards to the floor. She reached forward and began to loosen my belt. I raised my hips and when the pants were loose, she pulled them down. My cock jumped up through my boxers. She admired the redness of the organ for a moment and then grabbed at my boxers and pulled harder than before. Bending forward, she licked the head of my dick with her tongue and I spread my legs apart. My balls fell loosely between my legs and she reached down and cupped them in her hand. Her mouth began sinking down my swollen shaft as she played with my balls. I closed my eyes and dreamed of what was to come.

“Turn around.” I commanded as she moved to adjust her weight. Doing as she was told, she climbed on top of me and returned her mouth to my dick. I wrapped my arms around her waist and took a deep smell of her wet cunt that was in front of me. I licked her outer lips and felt her shudder at the touch. I took one arm and reached out and began to manipulate her nipple. She squirmed and I dug deeper into her cunt with my tongue. I tongued her labia as I held her close with my other arm. I could feel her muscles rippling with each lap of my tongue. She continued pounding her head onto my dick and I returned the favor by pounding my tongue deep into her pussy. I pulled my tongue out and nibbled lightly on her clit.

“Oh yes……yes” she squealed as I continued the rhythm on her clit and nipple. Her cunt was dripping wet and the combination of her juice and smell was causing animal lust to rise within me.

“Ohhhhhh, I’ve got to have you in me.” She squealed again as her breathing had turned to gasps.

Ding! The bostancı escort elevator had reached the top floor again. This time I reached for the button. Pressing the basement again I turned and looked into her eyes. She was engulfed with passion as she looked me and my rock hard dick.

“Time for me to go down again.” I stated as the elevator began its descent again.

I turned her over and laid her on the floor. The aroma of her cunt filled the elevator and my lungs. I reached for her knees and spread her legs as far apart as they would go. Her glistening pussy stared at me as if it knew that my dick was about to enter her steamy canal.

Leaning over her, I reached for her cunt with my hand and stroked her clit some more.

“No……I want your dick!” she barked. “Now!” she continued in a strained voice. She squirmed at the touch on her clit and her breasts were heaving with each breath she struggled to take.

Leaning over her, I grabbed my cock and led it home. The crown of my dick touched her outer lips and I could see her eyes roll back before she closed them. I moved my hand from my dick and grabbed her left breast. Squeezing her breast, I pushed through and into her pussy. Even though she was dripping wet, she was tight. Her pussy muscles squeezed my dick as it entered into her forbidden place.

“That’s what I want. Push it. Push it in Baby.” she begged.

With a quick thrust, I rammed my solid tool as deep as I could get. Her legs strained to open further as I began to pound my cock into her pussy.

“Oh Jesus, Oh yes.” She screamed. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” was her command as her body danced to the pounding I was giving it. I felt my seed swelling deep inside me as she convulsed with her first orgasm. She shook and bit on her lip to keep from screaming again. As she continued her orgasm, I reached down and rubbed her clit while my dick continued dancing in and out.

“Oh my God! Yesssssssssss!” she hissed.

Her body recoiled in another orgasm. As she writhed beneath me, I grabbed her legs and pulled them up to get as deep as I could. With one final stroke, I exploded into her. I felt a release of tension I could only dream of as I unloaded my seed into her. I shook in ecstasy as she continued writhing beneath me.

Ding! The elevator had reached the basement again. Since neither of us reached the buttons in time, the doors opened and I felt the coolness of the night enter into the elevator. There was nobody in the parking garage and with nobody in the building calling for the elevator, it just stood there with the doors open exposing our escapade to the world. We looked at each other and laughed. Getting up, I handed her clothes to her.

“Thank you.” she responded.

“No, thank you.” I replied as we looked into each other’s eyes. We both knew what the other wanted to say but we left it unsaid. We just smiled and started for our cars.

“That was the best elevator ride I have ever had.” she commented as she reached her car.

“I’ll tell you, going down has a new meaning to me now.” I responded as she smiled and got in her car.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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