Getting to Know Her Ch. 02

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Shirley and I headed out of our resort at around 4PM, and started exploring the place. We felt like college students – holding each other’s hands while walking and sneaking a quick kiss in betwen. We roamed around quite a bit, and caught the sunset from a nice hillside. As darkness fell, we decided to have dinner at a happening little restaurant. To add to the effect, the restaurant played our favourite songs, one after another. It felt great – to be with Shirley, looking at her, holding her hands, with all the lovely music in the background. Anyway, we finished our meal, settled the bill, and walked back to our resort.

It had grown quite cold by the time we reached our room. The room interior though was warm and cozy. Just the perfect setting we needed. We freshened up and changed into our nightwear. The surroundings were absolutely quiet and we could hear the sound of crickets outside. We lay on the bed listening to these nocturnal sounds outside, and then I pulled Shirley close to me. I kissed her full on her lips, and she responded immediately. This time there was no tentative probes or hesitation. We explored each other’s mouths with our tongues, and enjoyed the feeling of togetherness. We kissed passionately like there was no tomorrow. I then broke the kiss, and moved my lips to her neck. I kissed and licked her soft, smooth skin and she hugged me tightly. I removed her night gown, leaving her in a sexy bra and panty. Taking a cue, Shirley removed my T-shirt. We kissed again, this time feeling each other’s warm bodies. I squeezed her juicy, luscious breasts through her bra, and she let out a low moan. I unhooked the bra, and took each breast in my hands. Shirley has huge breasts, and they proved quite a handful. I have a weakness for breasts, and holding these two marvels made çatalca escort me rock hard! I kneaded them, squeezed them, pinched them and teased them. Shirley enjoyed it all, with her eyes closed and without saying a word. I then pinched her nipples – one by one and she pulled me closer to her. Then I started licking her large dark areoles and then her nipples.

It was now time to move further down, and I kissed her belly, and drew circles around her navel with my wet tongue. She enjoyed it, and wriggled with pleasure. I kissed her on her pubic mound through the fabric of her panty, and inhaled her musky feminine smell. This turned me on even more, and I removed her panty in quick time. I took a few seconds to admire her clean shaven pussy, with the lips slightly apart, and moisture beginning to seep out. I planted another kiss there, and spread her legs. Shirley was now breathing heavily and was gripping the pillow with her hands. I started massaging her thighs lightly and this relaxed her further. I kissed her all over her legs and thighs, and slowly moved upwards. I then planted another kiss on her pussy mound, and placed my middle finger over the hood of the clitoris. She squirmed as I applied pressure, but was enjoying the attention. I slowly moved my finger inside her pussy lips and felt all the juices that were coming out. I placed it at the entrance of her vagina, and moved it inside by an inch. Her reaction told me that she wanted more, and I inserted the whole finger. I kept it inside for a few seconds, before pulling it out and then inserted it back again. Thus began another round of finger-fucking.

This went on for nearly five minutes, after which I replaced my finger with my tongue. First, I licked the outer lips, before moving inside esenyurt escort and probing deeper. I then licked her clitoris, which she seemed to enjoy the most. She grabbed my hair, and pushed my head deeper into her pussy. Her pussy was flooded with her juices, which were starting to trickle down and soak the bedsheet. She looked just about perfect for a nice fuck. I moved up and kissed her hard, giving her a taste of her own pussy. She had never done this before, and was taken aback by the taste for a second, before drawing my tongue in. We kissed each other for the next few minutes, and then she moved her hand inside my shorts. She grabbed my rock hard cock in her soft, warm hands and gave it a nice squeeze. I helped her by removing my shorts and underwear. She held my cock in her hands, and started stroking it. The feeling of Shirley’s soft hands caressing my cock were driving me insane, and I took her hands off me, pinned them to the bed and kissed her again. I then moved on top of her, and hugged her tightly.

Slowly, I moved downwards, kissing her breasts, her nipples and her belly. I then parted her legs and kneeled between them. My cock was absolutely hard, and ready for action. Her pussy looked warm and inviting as ever. I gave it a nice little lick to lubricate it even more. I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy, and looked at her. She gave me a lusty look. I then asked her, “May I proceed?” and she just nodded. My cock throbbed in excitement at the prospect of fucking Shirley for the first time. Permission granted, I moved the tip of my cock around her pussy lips and pushed it inside. I was finding it a little difficult, so I applied more pressure. Slowly two inches of my meat slid into her. I held that position for a few seconds, etiler escort then withdrew my cock and pushed it back deeper. This time the whole six inches sank into her. Her pussy felt great – quite tight and searing hot. I could feel her juices surrounding my cock as it explored her inner beauty. As we got used to this, I started moving in and out of her slowly. At the same time, Shirley put her hands around my back, and pulled me closer to her. I kissed her and she responded by biting my lips.

I then asked her if she wanted me to wear a condom. She said, “Go ahead if you want to…” Not wanting to take a chance at the first time, I fetched the condom, slipped it on, and entered her again. I missed the touch of her pussy but could still feel the intense heat around my cock. I increased the tempo of my thrusts, and saw her breathing getting heavier. We felt really close to each other as we ground our hips against each other. The feeling of fucking a woman for the first time is simply out of this world, and this was driving me crazy. I started fucking her faster and faster, and felt the cum building up in my cock. Shirley was close to her orgasm as well, as she shut her eyes, and held me tightly. I gave a few mighty thrusts and climaxed. As I felt my cum shooting out, she violently bucked her hips, and I felt her orgasm hitting her. She let out some heavy oohs and aahs, and ground her pussy against my cock. Wow, what a feeling it was!!! As our orgasm subsided, we kissed each other, and held on in that position for the next five minutes.

Our breathing slowly returned to normal, but we did not want to move an inch. It felt so good to be inside her, that my cock refused to deflate. We were quite tired now, so I reluctantly withdrew my cock from her. I could see the condom filled to capacity with my cum and covered in her lovely juices. I cleaned up, and lay down next to her. She hugged me tightly, and gave me a sheepish smile. We had finally consummated our love affair, and it felt absolutely great! With these thoughts in our head, we drifted off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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