Futa’s Wild Passion 18: Futa Spies on the Twins

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Futa’s Wild Passion

Chapter Eighteen: Futa Spies on the Twins

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to FallenAngelX00 for beta reading this!

Allie had her laptop out and booted up on my bed. She was wearing a skirt, but I knew she didn’t have panties on underneath. Her naked twat had flashed at me when she’d raced before me up the stairs to reach my bedroom.

I reached beneath my skirt and shimmied out my panties. My futa-cock groaned in relief. Even these roomier panties, designed for transwomen who hadn’t had their sex change operation to remove their penis, didn’t quite have enough for a futanari. We were just hung. All fifteen or so of us in the world. So there was little chance of having clothes that fit our massive cocks.

It tented the front of my skirt. I hiked that out and let my pale shaft spill out. Allie was busy navigating her laptop with the touchpad. I slid onto the bed behind her, my cock nuzzling into her thigh. She threw a look over her shoulder, her strawberry-blonde pigtail almost smacking me in the face as it whipped around her head.

“Mmm, I need that cock in me,” she moaned, her blue eyes twinkling.

“My cock was just in you,” I pointed out. We had just returned home from our incestuous study session with my friend Pita and her hot mother. The four of us had sex in all manner of ways, thoroughly enjoying each other.

“But that was, like, fifteen minutes ago,” Allie said. “That’s so long for me to go without you in me.”

“You go longer than that every day at our college.

“And it’s just torture,” she moaned. “Don’t you know how much I suffer because your futa-cock isn’t in me.”

“My apologies,” I said, sliding my cock up her thigh. “I’ll fix that right now.”

Allie let out a theatrical sigh. “You’re the best. I love you, Jenny.”

“And I love my cute, adorable, bratty sister,” I purred.

She giggled, not objecting to any of those adjectives.

My cock reached her pussy. I nuzzled into her twat, savoring the feel of sparse, eighteen-year-old bush covering her tight cunny. She opened up the spy program she used to connect to our twin sisters’ laptops.

I could hardly contain blurting out what was about to happen. So I thrust my futa-cock into Allie’s pussy.

She gasped and shuddered. Her cunt clenched down on me as my futa-dick slid deeper and deeper into her pussy. Her wonderful snatch massaged me. The pleasure flowed down my cock to my own snatch. The heat rippled there and then washed out through my body in wonderful ripples.

I hugged my little sister tight as I marinated in her pussy. I reveled in the incestuous grip of her silky, hot flesh about me. She groaned and shifted in my arms, her back rubbing against my breasts. My nipples throbbed against my bra.

“Okay, let’s see if the twins are magically doing anything naughty,” Allie said.

She opened the webcams. We had two different feeds. One was a close up of Tara, one of our older sisters, who looked to be using her laptop. She was peering at the screen, her green eyes studious. She had the same color irises as me but had our mom’s blonde hair instead of my fiery locks. Allie was in between the twins and me. The other camera showed Sara—I could tell the difference between them by how they parted their hair, Sara always on the right side. They were identical unless you really knew them. Then you could see minute differences in facial structures and little blemishes on their skin.

Naked, of course, it got even easier to tell them apart since Tara had her clit pierced and Sara both her nipples.

“See, they’re doing nothing,” sighed Allie. “Our older sisters are so boring. They could be having hot twincest all the time.”

“And inviting a certain, bratty little sister into their bed?” I asked, drawing back my cock.

“Yes!” Allie shouted.

“Shhh,” I said. “We have to keep it down.”

“Right, right.” Allie squeezed her pussy down around my withdrawing cock, sending a flare of pleasure down it. “Can’t have those two prudes find out the rest of us our fucking. They’ll ruin it all. Ugh, I can’t believe the four of us came from the same pussy.”

“And what a yummy pussy that is,” I said, remembering the last time I had sex with our mother.

“Uh-huh,” Allie whimpered. “If the twins weren’t home, we could be having fun with Mom. They better not be around on Saturday to ruin Mrs. Asis’s visit.”

Pita and her mom were coming by on Saturday to, hopefully, let Mom join the fun.

I slid my hands beneath Allie’s shirt as I pumped away, the twins busy with their homework. My fingers slid up and up my sister’s belly to reach her breasts. I squeezed her small tits, kneading them as I savored her pussy. Her cunt squeezed around me.

She whimpered, wiggling her hips and stirring her juicy cunny around my cock. I loved my sister. Loved being in my sister, too. My cunt drank in the pleasure her pussy generated. I trembled, waiting for the fun to begin.

Tara leaned back from her laptop and thrust her arms over her shoulders. Her large breasts stretched out the tank top she wore. “I need a break.”

“Yeah, me, too,” said Sara. “My head’s starting to hurt.”

“Think we have time before dinner?”

“They’re home, Tara.”

Allie perked up. Her cunt squeezed around me. “Why do they care if we’re home.”

“That little pipsqueak is not watching us any longer. She’s got to have grown bored with spying on us.”

“They know?” Allie gasped. “Wait, does that mean…?”

“Fine, but we have to be quiet,” Sara said. “Mmm, sixty-nine?”

“I could eat you out and cum at the same time,” Tara said and popped off her tank top. Her breasts appeared, jiggling in her black bra. She unhooked that next. Her large tits spilled out right before the camera, her gold nipple rings on display.

“Holy fucking shit!” gasped Allie. “I knew it! I knew they were into twincest! I told you, Jenny! I told you they were doing more than studying in their room!”

“Yes, you did,” I moaned, thrusting harder as Tara stood up and crossed to Sara. The webcams caught them from two different sides. They were both topless as they kissed with hunger.

I knew they were lovers since the lunch break today. At the secret lesbian club meeting in the dean’s office, I had learned that Tara and Sara had been seduced into sapphic incest by none other than the head of our college.

Tara and Sara were just like me: afraid that the family would find them disgusting for engaging in incest. They had revealed themselves today in the middle of the orgy hoping I would be too turned on to care.

Little did they know I had been banging Allie and Mom all week.

“This is so hot!” Allie groaned as they kissed, her pussy squeezed around me. “We’re going to have so much fun messing with them before we reveal we want to join in.”

“Mmm, yes, it’s fun teasing a sister,” I said, rolling her nipples between my fingers.


Allie squirmed so much as I pumped away at her pussy. I thrust into her hard and fast. I savored how her snatch squeezed around my cock. She massaged me with her silky grip, sending such bliss shooting down to my twat. The pleasure grew and grew in my snatch, flowing down my clit-dick.

The twins shoved down the other’s skirt as they kissed with hunger. They wore matching panties, black and lacy that hugged their asses. They each shoved their hands into the other’s panties, cupping the other’s butt-cheeks. They gripped and kneaded each other, moaning as they kissed.

“So hot!” groaned Allie. “Mmm, Jenny, we got them.”

“Yes, we do,” I cooed.

I savored every stroke into my little sister’s twat. Her excitement sent a wicked thrill through me. The twins drifted to the bed, still kissing with their hands down the other’s panties. They reached the bed and broke the kiss. The ripped down those panties and kissed again.

Allie gasped, her cunt squeezing around my futa-cock. “Does Sara have a pierced clit? I thought I saw something.”

“No idea,” I lied, thrusting away at my little sister’s twat. I pumped hard and fast at her, reveling in plowing into her snatch. “But sure is sexy. Mmm, they’re going for it.”

Sara ended up on the bottom. Tara’s breasts swayed, her nipple piercings flashing, as she straddled her twin’s mouth. She settled down on Sara’s mouth. Blonde hair fell around Tara’s face as she went for Sara’s pussy.

The twins sixty-nined.

Allie groaned.

I thrust harder.

I pumped away with passion at my younger sister’s cunt as we watched our older sisters devouring the other’s pussy. They feasted on each other. They licked and lapped and ate each other out with such passion. It was so sexy to watch.

It made my cock so hard. I thrust into my little sister’s snatch. I pounded her hard and fast while Tara and Sara moaned their passion, their rapture coming out tinny through the laptop’s cheap speakers. They licked with enthusiasm.

“So hot!” gasped Allie. “They’ve done this a lot. Incest runs in the family! We’re all such horny perverts!”

“Yes!” I gasped, pinching her nipples. “And a certain bratty sister is the worst!”

“Yes, yes, yes!”

Her pussy went wild around my girl-cock. I shuddered at the intensity of her orgasm. Her flesh quivered and writhed with such enthusiasm around my clit-dick. It was a wild thrill to enjoy. A wicked and wild passion. I drank it in. I loved every moment of her pussy going wild around my shaft.

She sucked at my cunt. She drove me wild. I buried into her snatch as I watched the twins devour each other. Sara’s hands clenched around Tara’s butt-cheeks, holding tight. Fingers dipped into Tara’s crack.

“Yes, yes, Sara, go for it!” hissed Allie. “Finger Tara’s asshole.”

Tara spasmed.

“You wicked sluts!” Allie moaned, bucking harder in my arms, her pussy sucking at my girl-dick slamming into her heavenly snatch.

I groaned at the wild thrill of her pussy convulsing around me. That hot embrace spasmed with such hot intensity about my girl-dick. I groaned, my body bucking with wild enthusiasm. I panted and thrust into her, unable to hold back.

I erupted.

I shuddered and bucked on the bed, holding Allie tight, as I pumped her cunt full of my izmir escort bayan jizz. My little sister’s pussy went even wilder about my cock. She spasmed and writhed. She milked me with her silky glove. Juices gushed out of me. This amazing pleasure surged through me.

It was awesome.

“Jenny!” Allie moaned, bucking in my arms. “Oh, Jenny! Jenny!”

We weren’t being quiet, but it didn’t matter now.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I panted. “Oh, my god, that’s hot. That’s delicious. Mmm, I’m cumming so hard.”

“I bet you are!” Allie shuddered. “I know you are! I can feel it!”

Hot and wild eruptions of cum fired out of my dick. I groaned, the pleasure screaming through me. Stars burst across my vision. I bucked and moaned, loving every minute of that delicious rapture screaming through me.

I hit the peak of my pleasure and panted. A momentary wave of darkness washed across my expression. When it cleared, the twins were still devouring each other while Allie’s pussy wrung the last of my cum out of my dick.

“I just knew it!” Allie groaned. “Didn’t I, Jenny? I called that they were lovers.”

“Yes, you did,” I said, stroking her arm.

“Oh, we’re going to fuck with them during dinner,” Allie purred. She licked her lips. “They have no idea you’re fucking me and mom. I’ll make them squirm for keeping this from me.”

I tried to hide my smile. Luckily, Allie had her gaze glued to the screen.

The twins were moaning louder and louder. It was clear their climaxes approached. They were both squirming, their big boobs rubbing into the other’s belly. They moaned and gasped. Then they bucked.

Their orgasms moaned through the cheap speakers, almost screeching into shrilling feedback. The pair were in heaven. They licked up all that yummy pussy juices. I could say, after the last five days of fucking, that my sisters all had yummy pussies.

Not surprising since Mom’s was just divine.

Tara slid off of Sara. The pair turned around. They planted hungry kisses on the other. They loved each other like Allie and I did. I smiled at the twincest love on display. Their secret romance exposed to our eyes.

“They’re so cute together,” Allie said. “Just like me and you.”

“Uh-huh,” I said. I wanted to share my relationship with Allie to the world, but there were more and more people I could tell about it. Allie’s naughty friend, Kathy Greene, was in the lesbian club as were my friend Briana, Dean Washington, and a few other professors I didn’t know that well.

They all accepted Tara, Sara, and me having sex. Allie would be a cinch. Kathy would want threesomes with us, and then we could seduce Kathy’s mother, my professor Mrs. Greene, into our fun, too. She just had a baby and her breast milk tasted amazing.

“Dinner!” Mom called from below. “Come on, girls, get down here and eat it. Then you can get back to your studying.”

“Oh, we’re going to be studying all right!” Allie said, watching as Tara and Sara scrambled to get dress. “Mmm, studying twincest tonight!”

I giggled.

She wiggled off my cock and scampered off my bed, not bothering to do more than shove down her skirt and adjust her tank top. I grabbed my discarded panties and pulled them on while Allie pressed her ear to the door. Then she burst out into the hall.

“Oh, hey, how’s studying going?” Allie asked.

“Fine, fine,” one of the twins said. I couldn’t tell them apart by voice.

“Cool, cool, what are you studying? Biology?”

“History,” the other twin, or maybe the same one, answered smoothly.

“Oh, yeah, what? Women’s liberation? Studying how we got free to vote and own property and have jobs and be lesbians.”

“Lesbians?” One of the twins asked. “You’re weird, Allie. You know that?”

“Sure, sure, I’m weird,” said Allie. “I mean, you and Tara are always in your room. Alone. Studying all manner of things. Why, I bet it’s positively cozy when you two are feverishly studying. Just working each other into a lather as you memorize this or that. Poke around. Probe. Get into the subject matter real deep.” Allie sniffed. “What’s that smell?”

Then she darted away, giggling.

I shook my head and stepped out. The twins both had smirks on their faces. “She’s not subtle,” Tara said while Sara added, “Why didn’t she just accuse us of being dykes?”

“She wants you squirming all through supper,” I said as I strolled past them. “She wants you afraid that she’ll tell mom about what you two are doing in there.”

“What a brat,” one of the twins said.

The other grunted in agreement then added, “I’m not sure I want to play with her.”

“Oh, don’t be like that,” I said. “She’s got a pussy full of my cum. I know you’re both dying to taste it out of her tight twat.”

“Yes,” they groaned together.

Allie was helping mom set the table, something suspicious. “I kept hearing these weird noises while I was studying,” Allie said. “I don’t know what they were. Like the house was settling or something. It came from the twins’ room.”

“Oh,” Mom said. “I’m sure it was just nothing. This house isn’t young. Bound to hear funny sounds.”

“True,” Allie said, looking up. “Tara and Sara, did you two hear any weird groaning coming from your bedroom just a few minutes ago?”

“Just the normal sounds,” one of the twins said.

“Yep. Nothing unusual I heard.”

“See,” Mom said brightly, setting down a creamy mushroom and chicken casserole in the center of the table. “Go get the green beans, Allie.”

“Sure!” Allie said and gave the twins piercing looks. Then she darted off.

I set down to Mom’s right, who was at the head of the table, with Tara on my left. Sara sat across from her twin and Allie came back with the green beans and took the open seat across from me. She had this big grin on her face.

“I bet the twins wished it was tuna casserole,” said Allie as she spooned green beans onto her plate. They’d been cooked with bits of bacon for more flavor. “They just love fish, right? Especially fish tacos.”

“Oh, absolutely,” said Tara. She glanced over at Sara. “You know, Sara makes the best fish tacos I’ve ever had. Just knows how to spice them up.”

“Mmm, but Tara’s are pretty good,” Sara added as she scooped up the casserole on her plate.

“Oh, you should make them tomorrow for dinner,” said Mom. “I’d love to try them. We won’t have Jenny, so we can have a casual night.”

“Yeah, do that,” Allie said. “Show mom just how you like to each other’s fish tacos.”

“I don’t see why you’re saying that like it’s weird,” said Sara. She gave Allie a fixed look. “They’re just tacos.”

“Delicious tacos,” Tara groaned.

Allie’s vexation flashed across her face. This was not going the way she wanted. She shifted in her chair, giving Tara and Sara studious looks in turn. My sister’s blue eyes narrowed. I wondered what was going through them. Was she trying to figure out if the twins were missing her signs, or if they were playing along with her and acting like what she said was perfectly innocent?

Allie spooned up her casserole and stirred it around. I could almost hear the little hamster in her mind running fast on the wheel, her thoughts practically squeaking as she toyed with her food. Then she took a big mouthful.

“That’s a strange perfume you have on, Sara,” Allie said, glancing at our older sister beside her. Allie leaned in and inhaled. “What is that, Ode de Tara?”

“I’m not wearing any perfume,” she said.

“Then what is that musk?” Allie glanced at Mom. “You smell it.”

Mom inhaled. “I smell the casserole.”

“It’s really good,” Tara said and took a large bite.

Allie sighed then she shifted, “They’re studying history up in their rooms.”

“Yep, history of lesbians,” Tara said without missing a beat.

“Have to do a lot of research,” Sara said, not even smiling. “It’s for our class. We’re in an LGBT module.”

“It’s been quite fascinating. The things we’re learning. Just delving deep into the material. We were having a heavy study sesh when you called us down for dinner.”

“Yeah, we could have just kept going at it.” Sara smiled. “I’m eager to get back to it. I got that itch.”

Tara nodded. “You know that itch, right, Allie?”

Allie glared at them both. “This isn’t funny.”

“Why would lesbians be funny?” asked Tara.

“You’re not homophobic, are you?” Sara asked. “I know Reverend August is, but I didn’t think you are.”

Flashes of Reverend Helen August danced through my mind. I had masturbated to her and mom with my cock on Sunday. It had been while I was cumming thinking about them that Allie had burst in on me and capitalized our relationship.

“I’m not homophobic,” Allie said. “But Mom is. She doesn’t like lesbians. She agrees that it’s wrong. I don’t think she would like what you two are studying.”

“Oh, they can study lesbian history,” Mom said. “Eat your dinner before it gets cold, Allie.”

Allie let out a frustrated screech.

Mom wince. “Now, really, Allie, it’s not that bad.”

“They’re having sex!” Allie said, pointing at Tara and Sara. “They’re having sex all the time. They eat each other’s pussies. They were just doing it.”

If she expected the twins to panic at that, Allie was in for a shock because they just each took a bite of their casserole. Sara let out a groan of delight and squirmed beside me like she thought she’d eaten the best thing in the world.

“No, really, Allie,” Mom said, standing up and moving behind her. “Why would you think they were having sex just now?”

“She put software to spy on us through our laptops,” Tara said and turned to Mom. “I don’t see what the big deal is since she’s having sex with you and Jenny. You’d think she’d understand.”

Allie’s jaw dropped.

Mom leaned down and kissed Tara right on the lips, slipping in plenty of tongue.

Allie’s eyes bulged.

I leaned over to Sara and kissed her on the lips, thrusting my tongue into my older sister’s mouth.

Allie let out a strangled groan.

Mom and I kissed our respective twin, tongues dueling. I stroked Sara’s thigh beneath the table. She cupped my breast through my top, squeezing my round mound.

“What the hell is going on?” Allie demanded.

I buca escort broke the kiss and smiled at Allie. “Why, family dinner. Now, would you like to lick a creampie out of Sara’s pussy or not.”

“Of course I would!” Allie said. Then her eyes widened. “You knew, Jenny! You knew they were having sex! You set me up!”

“You were trying to set us up,” Tara said.

“I found out at school today,” I said. “The twins knew you put spyware on their computer and they’ve been so frustrated for days thinking you were going to bust them. They haven’t been able to have sex in their bedroom like they love. So they need some extra loving.”

“Mmm, they do,” Mom purred. I had called Mom today and let her know all about our planned fun for dinner.

“I… You… This…” Allie stamped her foot. “You were all messing with me.”

“Yep,” I said as I stood up and pulled Sara with me. I grinned at my older sister, my futa-cock eager to make love to her again. “You can be a brat, Allie. I love you—I really, really do—but you deserved some teasing back, don’t you? I mean, you did put spyware on their computers.”

“So I could confirm they were in the throes of twincest, tease them to distraction, then offer to join the fun. Then the three of us were going to seduce you and then we were going to go for Mom as a team. I didn’t expect you to become a futa or… or…” Her words trailed off. “Oh.”

“Yeah, kind of a brat.” I smiled at her. “But that’s why we’re going to go to the living room, have sex, and you’ll have to watch. Then you get to join the fun. How does that sound?”

“Amazing!” Allie jumped up and down, her pigtails dancing. Then she spun around and threw her arms in the air. “The entire family. All five of the Riter girls getting it on! Oh, this will be so hot! Kathy Greene will eat her heart out if I could tell her.”

“She’s in the secret lesbian club at our college,” said Sara casually as she led me to the living room. “She’s eaten mine and Tara’s pussies loads of time. Even both of ours together.”


I giggled at Allie’s echoing screech. This was a lot of fun. Allie needed to be teased from time to time or her brattiness would grow so large, it would swallow the whole world in her mischievousness. And she was so cute when she was frustrated, too. I wanted to just rain kisses all over her.

In the living room, things progressed. The twins ripped off the sweatpants and t-shirts to reveal their naked bodies. Mom had her sweatpants and top off, too. She was equally naked beneath. Was I the only one in the family wearing panties?

Mom and Tara were making out with hunger, my sister pinned beneath Mom on the couch, by the time I was down to bra and underwear. Sara was on the floor, her legs spread wide, her pierced clit gleaming. She tugged on it, watching me.

“Hurry up!” she moaned. “I want that cock in me. Once wasn’t enough. I need you pounding me, Jenny.”

“Yes!” Allie hissed. My sister came up behind me and yanked down my panties.

I gasped as my cock popped out. My clit-dick bobbed before me. It twitched and throbbed with my wild heartbeats. The spasms rippled up my cock. I groaned, pussy juices trickling down my thighs. I unhooked my bra while Allie pushed on me from behind.

“Get in her pussy so I can lick her clean!” Allie moaned. “Right now, Jenny!”

“How do you put up with her?” Sara asked as I peeled off my bra, baring my round tits.

“When you love someone, you put up with all their brattiness.” Then I giggled. “And, honestly, she is so wild in bed. She is a minx. You’re going to love her enthusiasm channeled into appropriate places.”

Mom moaned her agreement.

She broke the kiss with Tara and kissed my sister’s neck to her boobs. Mom pressed her face between them, rubbing those lush mounds into her face. Tara groaned, her blonde hair fanned over the couch’s armrest.

“Mom!” she groaned. “Ooh, you’re a boob girl, huh, Mom?”

“They’re just so sexy. I love all my daughters’ boobs.”


“Mmm, and these are just such lush and delicious ones.”


As mom kissed all over Tara’s tits, I was pressing my cock into Sara’s pussy. I brushed her clit piercing, making her gasp, then I slid down to the entrance to her juicy twat. My older sister grinned at me, her eyes wide and bright.

I leaned down and I kissed her on the mouth. I thrust my tongue past her lips. Mine dueled around with hers while my cock slammed into her pussy. I groaned into the kiss as my clit-dick penetrated to the hilt in my sister’s snatch.

She squeezed around me. She held me tight and squirmed on the floor. Her fingernails scratched along my back. They slid down to my rump. She gripped me. She held me tight. Her digits dug into my plump ass and pulled me into her snatch.

I loved it.

I kissed her with hunger and pumped away at her twat. I thrust with hard strokes. I rammed into her, churning her up. It was so exciting to do. I reveled in it. I loved every moment of penetrating her cunt and stirring up her snatch. She kissed me with hunger. Her tongue danced and played with mine.

“That’s so hot,” Allie moaned. I felt her breath washing over my cock as it pulled out of Sara’s pussy. “Just watching you pump away at her cunt. Are you going to knock her up?”

“Maybe,” I groaned, no longer afraid of that prospect. “After all, Mom might be a mommy again.”

“Yes!” Mom groaned. She was kissing down to Tara’s pussy now.

“That would be so hot,” Allie purred. “Just like watching your cock plunge into Sara’s pussy.”

I thrust into Sara, my round breasts pressing into hers. She groaned, her blue eyes sparkling. I rubbed my nose against hers, loving the sounds she made as my cock rammed into her pussy over and over again.

Then I gasped as Allie’s lips nuzzled in to lick to my cock as it pulled out. She lapped up Sara’s juices. She was supposed to just be watching, but she felt so good on me, I couldn’t tell her no. I rammed forward. Her tongue slid through my pussy folds, teasing me.

Sara gasped, her pussy clenching around me. I shuddered, loving the feel of her around me. I pumped away at her, thrusting with all my enthusiasm into her snatch. My sister’s tongue licked at my cunt and cock. She smacked her lips in between her teasing flutters.

“Mmm, you two taste so good,” Allie groaned.

“She feels amazing in me!” panted Sara, her snatch squeezing on me.

“You should cum on her dick!”

“Yes!” Tara moaned. It might have been in answer to Allie, or It could have been because Mom devoured her. Tara thrashed on the couch, getting feasted on by Mom.

It was hot to watch with my cock driving into one sister’s twat while the other licked at my futa-dick and cunt. My ovaries brimmed with the load of cum that I would fire into Sara’s pussy. I would make her explode.

Her snatch squeezed around me. The pleasure shot down my shaft to my cunt. Allie’s tongue fluttered through my folds as I thrust back into Sara. Another exciting bit of stimulation that was driving me to the edge.

“Oh, yes, yes, Mom!” gasped Tara. “Oh, my god, I can’t believe how good you are at eating pussy! You’re amazing! Sara, you have to feel Mom eating you out!”

“Are you cumming on our mother?” asked Sara, her snatch clenching around my futa-dick.

“You better fucking believe I am! “Tara howled. “Mom! Mom! Drink down all that cream gushing out of me! Oh, fuck, isn’t that just the best fucking pussy you’ve eaten?”

“Mmm, I can’t choose between my daughters, now can I?” Mom moaned between licks.

“Besides, she hasn’t tried mine yet!” gasped Sara as I drove into hers.

“We taste the same!” gasped Tara. “Oh, yes, yes, Mom! You rock!”

“Do they taste the same, Jenny?” Allie moaned.

“Yes!” I gasped, driving hard into Sara. “Just both so delicious. But not as good as yours. Yours is the best pussy, Allie.”

“I love you so much!” Allie fluttered her tongue against my pussy lips. She drove her tongue into my cunt and swirled it around. I groaned, my twat squeezing around her. Then I was drawing back and her lips kissed down my cock.

I slammed back into Sara, and my older sister gasped. Her hands shot up and squeezed my tits while her pussy clenched around my girl-cock. The friction increased. Sara’s green eyes squeezed shut. Then her cunt went wild about my dick.

I groaned at the feel of her cumming on my cock. Her pussy juices gushed out around my girl-cock. Allie squealed in delight, no doubt getting a face full of our older sister’s cunt cream. I slammed back into that wonderful pussy and joined her.

“Jenny!” Sara gasped as I pumped into her.

“Yes, yes, Sara!” I moaned, my futa-cum firing from my girl-cock and my pussy juices squirting from my spasming twat.

Allie rubbed her face into my pussy, licking and lapping and devouring the cream flooding out of me. Her tongue fluttered through me, adding waves of delight that washed through my orgasming body. I shuddered and moaned, Sara squeezing my round breasts.

My older sister’s big boobs heaved as she came on my cock. Her climaxing pussy writhed and spasmed. Her hungry flesh sucked at my dick. She worked out all the cum in my ovaries. I groaned as I fired that final blast into her, whimpering and moaning.

“So much cum,” panted Sara. “Ooh, so much jizz is in me.”

“Yes!” Allie hissed. She fluttered her tongue through my pussy and then panted, “Out of the way, Jenny. I have cunt to eat!”

“Rude,” I panted. “You can at least ask nicely, Allie.”

“Sorry! I’m just so excited! The twins are finally playing with us, and I just want to lick all of your cum out of Sara’s pussy, so will you pretty, pretty please move so I can devour her and feast on her and enjoy every bit of her!”

Allie fell into breathless pants as I graciously slid my futa-cock out of our older sister’s twat. I slipped to the side and Allie rolled over onto her knees. Still gasping for breath, she buried her face into Sara’s shaved twat and licked.

Sara groaned in delight.

Tara purred, drawing my attention. She had turned over to kneel on the couch. Mom had moved before her, settling down on the armrest and looked prepared to be eaten to a mind-numbing orgasm by her daughter. Mom’s izmir escort hands seized Tara’s blonde hair, pulling my sister’s head lower and lower.

“That’s it,” cooed Mom. “Mmm, just lick and lap at my pussy. That’s where you came from.”

“Mmm, and it looks yummy, Mom!” Tara pressed her head into our mother’s cunt and started licking. Mom’s back arched. Her boobs heaved. She trembled there, looking like she was in heaven. I smiled, knowing the feeling.

I moved onto the couch behind them. Mom smiled at me then nodded to Tara’s curving rump. I grinned and winked at my Mommy-slave. With my cock dripping in Sara’s pussy cream, I boldly brought it to Tara’s butt-crack.

I slid in, savoring the silky texture. Tara didn’t even lift her head as she moaned, “Do it, Jenny!”

“Ooh, anal’s hot!” groaned Sara as she shuddered on the floor, a recipient of one of Allie’s amazing pussy-eating jobs.

I found Tara’s asshole. I shuddered at the incestuous thrill rippling through me. Then I pressed forward, staring into Mom’s blue eyes. They sparkled with her own illicit delight, shuddering as Tara devoured her.

My older sister’s anal ring parted with surprising ease. She was no virgin back here. She did groan as my cock stretched her out. I popped into her bowels and, lubed by her twin’s cream. I panted, savoring every inch that I slid into her.

More and more of my cock vanished into Tara’s wonderful asshole. Her bowels devoured my clit-dick. My pussy clenched, juices running down my thighs. My boobs jiggled in delight. They swayed together as I bottomed out in my sister’s asshole.

“Ooh, fuck her hard,” Mom moaned, her large tits jiggling. “She’s got her tongue so deep in me. It’s such a delight.”

“I bet it is,” I moaned, my hands sliding up and down Tara’s sides as I let her bowels stretch around my girth. She might have taken dildos and vibrators back here, but I had a big cock. “Make her cum, Tara. She birthed us.”

“Yes, she did!” purred Tara.

“Nine months in my womb,” Mom said, this dreamy look crossing her face. Then she gasped. “Tara! You wicked slut! Mmm, I love what you’re doing to my pussy with your tongue.”

Smiling, I gripped Tara’s hips and drew back. My cock slid through her bowels. That velvety delight of my sister’s asshole massaged my cock. The pleasure surged down my shaft to my pussy. My cunt clenched, the heat boiling through them and reaching for my ovaries full of all that cum.

I slammed back into her bowels. I buried into her hard. Fast. I slammed to the hilt in her. My crotch smacked into her rump. The echoes jiggled through the bedroom. My breasts bounced and heaved with every thrust.

My hands roamed Tara’s body. I found her jiggling boobs. I squeezed them, gripping them tight as I sodomized her hard. My sister’s bowels clenched on my cock on every withdrawal, sending rapture blazing through my pussy.

“Yes!” I moaned, slamming back into her.

“Mmm, that’s it,” Mom moaned, her blue eye smoky. “That’s how you eat your Mommy’s pussy. Yes, yes, I’m going to cum.”

“Do it!” I hissed. “You can cum all you want!”

“Thank you!” My Mommy-slave shuddered. Then she gasped and bucked.

Tara groaned, clearly enjoying the mouthful of pussy cream she got to lick up. And I savored the delight of fucking her asshole hard and fast. I buried into her, watching Mom’s tits heave. Her head tossed back and forth, her mane of golden hair sweeping behind her.

She groaned and gasped. Her passion echoed around us. It was such a delicious thing to hear and witness. I slammed to the hilt in Tara. I groaned, my futa-dick throbbing and aching. The pleasure built at the tip, wanting to explode out of me.

I squeezed up my sister’s tits as she feasted on Mom, sending another climax bursting through her—she went multi-orgasmic with ease. I found my sister’s nipples. I twisted them. Tugged on them. She squealed into Mom’s pussy.


Her bowels writhed around my cock.

“Oh, Jenny, yes!” hissed my older sister, her bowels spasming and writhing around my cock.

I gasped and buried into her sucking asshole. My back arched. My pussy clenched. Then I joined my sister in incestuous heaven. I fired out my jizz. The cum spurted over and over into her bowels. I gasped and groaned, pumping my delight into her asshole. Stars burst across my vision. Great big bursts of bliss that had my mind reeling.

Tara moaned. Mom groaned. Sara gasped. She, too, was cumming. Everyone but Allie was, and she was happily feasting on Sara’s twat. I shuddered, my pumping my futa-cum into Tara’s writhing asshole. She worked out all my spunk. I hit the pinnacle of rapture.


“Ooh, you know how to fuck a girl in the ass,” panted Tara.

“Yes, yes,” Allie groaned. “Tara, I got to lick your butthole clean now. Get over here.”

“How can I say no to that?” asked Tara as I pulled out of her asshole.

“You can’t,” I told her, watching my older sister crawl off the couch and rush over to Allie.

“I’m going to eat your cunt, cutie,” Sara said, sitting up, and grabbing Allie’s waist. She tickled our little sister’s sides. Allie’s strawberry-blonde pigtails danced as she burst into giggles, her sticky face turning red.

“And you, slut, you’re going to suck my cock clean,” I said to my Mommy-slave.

“Yes, Mistress,” Mom cooed.

I stepped off the couch, and she sank down before me, big tits swayed. She opened wide and sucked my dirty cock into her mouth. I groaned as she bobbed her head with hunger. She polished my pole, sucking on it with such delight. Her blue eyes shone up at me with such joy.

She was the happiest serving. Pity she and Dad never figured out just how submissive she was when he was alive. Well, I would take care of her in his place. I stroked my hand through her hair and savored her sucking on my dick.

She bobbed her head. She worked her mouth up and down it. Her head twisted. She swirled her tongue. I groaned, loving how hungry she was. She sucked and slurped and loved my futa-dick. I smiled, my pussy clenching.

Allie knelt behind Tara and feasted on her cum-filled asshole while Sara nuzzled into our little sister’s twat and licked at her. She smiled, finding the cum I’d left in Allie earlier. I savored this moment, my pumping hips driving my cock to the depths of Mom’s throat.

She swallowed my dick with submissive ease.

I loved the way my cock slid down her gullet. I groaned, my breasts jiggling. My pussy clenched. She sucked with such hunger on me. Her fingers grabbed my rump. She held me tight. Her fingers dug into my ass while her lips nuzzled all the way into my blonde bush.

“Just like that, Mommy-slave,” I cooed.

I fucked her throat hard as my sisters moaned beside us. Mom’s hungry mouth and tight throat polished my futa-dick clean of Tara’s bowels. Mom’s tongue danced around my shaft as I buried down her gullet over and over.

She sucked. Slurped. Drool spilled out of the corners of her mouth. She stared up at me with motherly submission.

“Yes!” I moaned, pumping away at her. “Oh, yes, yes, Mom! Oh, that’s good. That’s amazing. Mmm, just keep sucking on my cock. That’s wonderful. Oh, you’re giving me all that pleasure I want. Ooh, look at you go.”

She danced her tongue around my dick. She polished it with her hunger. I drove my futa-shaft down her throat over and over. Her nose nuzzled into my blonde bush on every downstroke. The pleasure hit that wild pinnacle in me.

On my next thrust, I erupted down her throat.

Pussy juices gushed down my thighs while my cum fired straight into her belly. My sisters moaned in delight while I enjoyed our mother. I swayed, stars bursting before me. I held Mom’s head tight, my body bucking. Tits heaving.

I savored this incestuous rush. Our entire family was able to love each other. It was incredible. We were so fortunate to be so close. My head tossed back and forth. My cock spurted a final time. I hit that pinnacle of heaven.

“Yes!” I moaned.

Mom stared up at me with love.

I pulled out of her and grinned, eager to join the fun. Mom, my three sisters, and I all descended on each other into a wild tangle of incestuous passion. We loved each other the way only a family with a futa could.

Sadly, it had to end.

“Okay, it’s a school night,” Mom announced, cutting short our family orgy. We were all sticky and panting and happy. “Now, don’t pout at me, Allie, you’ll have plenty of time to have sex with your sisters and me.”

“The rest of your life,” I said, grinning at her.

“Yes, but now you have homework. I know you didn’t get any studying done at the Asis’s. I spoke to Mrs. Asis before you came down for dinner, so I know just what you four were up to.” Mom’s eyes sparkled. “And she’ll be coming over on Saturday for afternoon tea, so we’ll have plenty of fun. But only if you get your homework done.”

“Right!” Allie gasped and darted upstairs.

“Holy shit, Mom got Allie to do homework,” Tara said. She hooked Sara’s arm. “Amazing.”

Sara nodded in agreement. “Incest has really changed that girl. Mellowed her.”

“That’s just being in love,” said Mom, smiling at me. “Now, I know I’m your Mommy-slave, but you have to do your homework, too, Jenny. I’m putting my foot down. If you want to spank me for this, it’ll have to wait.”

Tara and Sara both stared at me with looks of awe.

I winked at them.

I headed upstairs to do my homework. Wendy texted me more than a few times, eager for the date we were going on. So was I. Tomorrow would be dinner, a movie, and then back to her place for another movie. Her parents weren’t home, and I was going to give her quite a wild night. I had such a huge surprise for her.

If my plan worked, my girlfriend would finally admit she was gay and be happy with that. I wanted to set her up with Victoria. I think they would be cute together. And, of course, I would be there to have kinky threesomes with them whenever they wanted.

I was looking forward to tomorrow.

Allie joined me for bed, and she fell asleep with a pussy full of my cum and my hand resting on her belly wondering if our daughter had already started growing in her. I’d done some research on futas. And we could have children. Either futas or daughters. Apparently, we had like a Z chromosome.

An X and a Z and you got a naughty girl like me!

To be continued…

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