Fun with Bri Ch. 02

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The Relationship Continues


This is part two of the story of Kate’s relationship with Brianna. While it can be read as a stand-alone story, it may better be enjoyed by first reading “Fun with Bri”, which relates how Kate and Bri first got together during a business trip to Orlando.

I have posted this in the Lesbian Sex category as the focus of the story is the developing relationship between Kate and Bri. Note that there is also some straight sex featured in the story too. If that isn’t your thing please pass this story by.

Enjoy, and as always, I welcome positive, constructive feedback that helps me grow as a writer..



Crystal and I always get together first thing Monday morning to discuss ongoing work and plan our activities for the week. The Monday after returning from Orlando was no different and I spent ten minutes updating her on the information that Brianna and I had gathered during our trip. She listened attentively while I explained what we had found and the ways that I thought we might use it to the advantage of our clients.

“That’s great, Kate. Good work,” she said with a smile. “The information that you sourced will go a long way to helping settle the suit.”

“A lot of the kudos goes to Brianna. She prepared well for the trip, and that made it easy for us to achieve what we needed very quickly. She really is a find for the firm, Crystal.”

“I know, I hear it from others as well as you. I’ll make a point of stopping by Bri’s cube later to thank her.”

“Thanks, Crystal. Hearing what a great job she is doing directly from the Managing Partner will be good for her.”

“Ummmmmm, I have an eight o’clock call, but I really want to hear how the other part of the Orlando assignment played out. Are you free for lunch, say around one?”

I blushed. “Yeah, that works. I’ll swing by then and we can walk over to Little Italy. See you then.”

I collected my notes and phone from Crystal’s desk and headed down the hall to my office, deep in thought regarding the ‘other assignment.’ In addition to being colleagues, Crystal and I have been lovers for the past six months, and have both acknowledged an attraction to Bri. We had agreed that I would use the Orlando trip to grow my personal relationship with Bri and figure out whether she might be open to a relationship with one or both of us.

Well, I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams with that part of the assignment, I thought to myself as my mind flicked through the trip. After successfully running the Disney Wine and Dine half marathon in a personal best time, Bri had been tired, wet and hungry. I’d driven her back to our hotel, ordered room service for the two of us and, in a moment of inspiration, offered to give her a massage using my Lelo Mia travel vibrator. She was a little reluctant at first but with some gentle persuasion she was soon lying, almost naked, on the bed. I had slowly and sensually seduced her and, forty minutes later, was rewarded by watching as she shook and shuddered through a long, seemingly ecstatic orgasm. Afterward, she had returned the favor, licking and sucking at my pussy until I came explosively, her head clamped between my thighs. It may have been her first time, but God, she certainly knew just how to please her partner. We made love many times following that initial seduction, and Bri was a willing and eager participant in what turned out to be a delicious voyage of exploration.

I was hopeful that our voyage could continue now that we were back in Austin and that we might expand our horizons to include Crystal in what, I mused to myself, could be a very promising and delightful menage a trois.

Brianna ?It seemed like the trip back to Austin, and the reality of life came all too soon. The time I spent with Kate both shocked and thrilled me at the same time. Honestly, I don’t know what came over me while we were together in Orlando. Maybe I actually was a lesbian or at the very least bi-sexual? The way that Kate had brought me to such delicious orgasms had me questioning everything about my past relationships. Even my initial reluctance to go down on her quickly evaporated as I delighted in the taste of her sweet nectar. It felt as if I was making up for lost time as each night we found new and different ways of giving the other erotic pleasure. ??In a way, I was glad to be going home, so I could rest and catch up on my sleep. Kate literally wore me out, which while not unpleasant, had given me little time or desire to consider the implications of sleeping with my boss.??On the flight back I held her hand in mine, at times wishing I could hold her closer. I know it sounds silly, but I was infatuated. Maybe because she was my first, perhaps because she was so gentle and caring, I don’t know. I knew I had to put those thoughts away once we landed. Kate is happily married and would never leave Dan and her children. What a lucky türkçe altyazılı porno man he is.??My first day back at the office proved uneventful. Kate had an early meeting with Crystal to discuss our trip. I worked on organizing and cataloging the information that we had collected, prior to my three o’clock meeting with Kate. ??Over lunch I allowed my mind to revisit the many wonderful moments that Kate and I had shared on our trip. I squirmed in my seat as I thought of the jolt of pleasure I had received from her first caress and I positively flooded as I recalled the intensity of the orgasms that she had given me with her mouth and fingers. ??The sexy thoughts that had invaded my mind over lunch made my pussy tingle for the rest of the day, something that has never happened to me before. I actually looked it up online as I was so worried about this new feeling. I discovered it was called ‘edging’ – a sexual technique which may be practiced either alone or with a partner and involves the maintenance of a high level of sexual arousal for an extended period of time without reaching climax.??Needless to say, I worked myself to a massive orgasm as soon as I got home that evening.

?Kate?Crystal was on the phone when I tapped on her door just after one. Looking up she held up a finger and pointed to the chair in front of her desk. She smiled as she hung up a few minutes later.??”Phil Laidler at Brooks, Morgan. Looks like they have a large transaction coming up that they want us to represent them on. Should be a great piece of work. Hopefully, we can get you involved.”??I smiled, “Phil is a good guy!”??I had worked with Phil a few times on previous projects and knew him to be a major flirt. I could never quite grasp whether he was truly serious or just flirting for the fun of it, however. His wife, Marianna, was a gorgeous Brazilian that he had met while at law school and I couldn’t, for the life of me, fathom why he might want to play outside of his marriage. Just another example of how difficult, perhaps impossible, it is to have any insight into someone else’s relationship.??Ten minutes later, Crystal and I were seated at our favorite Italian restaurant sipping on a couple of iced teas.??”So, your smirk of satisfaction didn’t go unnoticed this morning when I mentioned the additional Orlando assignment, Kate! Time to tell all!”??I laughed softly. “Well, I have to admit that I succeeded beyond what you could ever imagine! Let’s just say that Bri may be considering changing sides!” I lowered my voice to a whisper, “She is absolutely delicious, Crystal. You should have heard her when she came! Oh my God, it was so wonderful to experience.”??Crystal looked at me, astonishment showing in her eyes. ??”You slept with her in Orlando?”??”Not just once, Kate! Once the dam broke, she was almost insatiable! There is actually a very sexy young lady hiding behind the demure persona that she presents at the office!”??”You did communicate the importance of discretion on this? It needs to stay between you, her and I.”??”Yes, we talked about that. Bri understands, and while she’s over the moon about her and me, she knows it needs to be a secret for now. I haven’t told her about our relationship just yet, although her face did light up when I told her that I was sure that you would definitely want to get to know her as well as I do. She didn’t ask, but I think she understood what I was saying.”??”I’m swamped this afternoon, I’ll make a point to chat with her later however to make sure she knows how valuable she’s becoming. Have you given any thought as to what comes next, both on the Lyons case and with Bri?”??”It so happens I have,” I replied. “Bri and I need to work on developing our case over the next few weeks. Once we’ve completed that we’ll have a much better perspective regarding what comes next and the level of resources required.”??”OK, but please keep me in the loop regarding how things are going. What about you and Bri?”??”Still to be decided, Crystal. I told Dan about her and I the night I got back from Florida. He gave me his ok to continue seeing Bri if that’s what I wanted.”

Dan’s only concern had been that I might be getting in over my head as far as the number of lovers I was slowly acquiring. However, I had reassured him that he was number one forever and always, reminded him that Crystal had Dave and told him that neither of us was contemplating leaving our wonderful spouses for anyone. Bri was simply an inquisitive young woman who seemed to want someone to introduce her to the joy of lesbian sex and I told him that I’d make sure she was aware of our situation before we went any further. I had no intention of deceiving her into thinking I would ever leave my family.

I had then kissed him deeply, told him he was the best, and ten minutes later was on my back receiving long, slow strokes of his thick cock as he drove himself mercilessly into my exceptionally wet pussy. I came twice before he finally let go and emptied himself into me.

After my xnxx lunch with Crystal, I met with Bri to help plan her week. She sat on the sofa in my office taking notes while I reeled off the various activities that needed to be completed. She was dressed in a grey pencil skirt that ended a few inches above her knees, paired with a classic white blouse decorated with lace, and buttoned to provide just a hint of her breasts. She seemed oblivious to just how sexy she looked in the moment; tanned, taut legs crossed, one nude heel dangling from her foot, as she spoke confidently about the case. It was a struggle to keep my mind on work.

I complimented her on the work that she had done so far and commented on the schedule that Crystal had requested.

“Crystal asked if we could present our strategy for the case to her and the remainder of the leadership team by the end of the month. That’s tight but achievable, I think, though it will probably require a few late nights for both of us.”

“That’s fine for me, Kate. I really don’t have much of a social life these days anyway. Besides, I’d love to be able to spend some alone time with you, even if we are working.”

I blushed a deep red, took a deep breath and, walking over to the door, closed it quietly. “Ummmmmm………well yes, we did seem to connect in Orlando. And that…………I guess that leads to the next thing. Ummmmmmmmm, I told Dan about you and me when I got home and asked if he would be ok with me continuing to see you. I……..well,…….to be honest I’d love to explore what a relationship between us could be.”

Bri was clearly startled and shocked by the information that I had just imparted.

“You told Dan that we slept together! And he was ok with it? Are you serious!”

Carefully, I explained to Bri that Dan and I are totally committed to our relationship and that while we don’t have an open relationship, he has given me the opportunity to explore relationships with certain women. I didn’t, however, tell her that the only other woman I’ve had sex with is Crystal.

“He knows that I’m bi and loves me enough to allow me to satisfy that part of my make-up, Bri.”

She just stared at me, dumbfounded.

“I’d like for us to continue what we started in Orlando, Bri. See where it might lead us.” I said softly.

I can only imagine the thoughts running through Bri’s mind at that point.

“I like you, Kate. I really do. And I loved what you and I shared in Orlando……….”

I sensed a ‘but’ coming as she hesitated, gathering her thoughts, “but I would never want to do anything that could hurt your relationship with Dan. Besides, couldn’t you get in trouble with the firm if anyone ever found out?”

I shrugged, “That ship has already sailed, Bri. I’m confident that it won’t get out and, even if it does, I’m sure I can manage the situation. And there’s no way that I will do anything to hurt Dan either. That’s why I told him about us right after I got back.”

I could tell that she was reeling from the revelations that I had just laid on the table and the implications for her and I going forward.

“I really can’t process all of this right now! I need some time to absorb what I’ve just heard and think through what comes next!”

“Absolutely, Bri,” I responded with a soft smile. “Take all the time you need. Oh, and please know that whatever you decide it will have zero impact on our working relationship.”

Shaking her head and smiling softly at me, she said “Thanks for saying that, Kate. I trust you totally and know that you will always look after me here.”

“I will, I responded quickly. “You have my word on that, Bri.”

I walked towards the door, and as Bri stood, brushed my fingers across her cheek and kissed her lips invitingly. Bri responded, and in seconds we were locked in a deep, passionate kiss that communicated everything that each of us was feeling at that moment.


I left Kate’s office Monday afternoon with my head spinning, not only from a kiss we had shared, but from the revelation that she’d told Dan we were lovers and that he didn’t mind. When I got home I felt as if I’d been drunk driving. I knew I was home but didn’t know how I’d arrived; my mind was flooded with questions, images, and scenarios regarding not only Kate but of Dan as well. Maybe I was taking this thing with Kate too far in my mind, though it wasn’t unpleasant imagining myself sandwiched between them in their bed.

I thought about that while I was showering. My once ‘vanilla’ mind played vivid thoughts of Dan happily satisfying my pussy while I, in turn, drowned in Kate’s sweet juices. The images scrolled through my mind as the warm water cascaded over me. Needing to satisfy the yearning sensation between my legs, I shut the water off, used my favorite body gel to make myself slippery and sexy, and sat back against the cold tile of the shower.

Soon I had one hand kneading each breast, pinching and arousing my nipples, while porno izle the other hand pretended to be Dan’s stiff penis slipping in and out of me. After a few moments, I switched hands, tasting myself and imagining it was Kate spread over me as my ‘Dan’ hand merrily pumped away knowing the perfect spot to satisfy my desire. It didn’t take long before I was a quivering mess on the shower floor, panting, my heart racing, with one hand resting inside my pussy while I sucked on the finger of the other.

I lay there looking up at the ceiling, smiling as I shook my head. What had I become? I’d never had these kinds of feelings before and now they seemed to arrive frequently. Finally, I got up to finish my shower, the aching in my pussy satisfied for the moment. I knew that feeling would visit me again, I just didn’t know when.

I dried off, dressed in my lounging attire, then plopped myself down on the sofa to watch some mindless TV show. Then an idea shot through my mind. I quickly opened my laptop trying to remember the name that Kate had used. Luckily Google was able to help with suggestions. I found the site then perused it, gazing at the various items that were available. When I saw what I wanted I set the computer down to get my ‘online shopping only’ credit card, made my selections, entered the required information and clicked send. I sat back congratulating myself. Soon I’d be the owner of a Lelo Mia and Gigi 2, my very first sex toys.


I was totally astonished by the news that Kate and Brianna had gotten together in Orlando. Make no mistake, Kate is hot, however, I never envisaged that she would be able to break down Bri’s defenses quite so quickly. Kate rocks my world when she and I make love so I can only imagine how Bri must have felt being seduced by Kate.

I eventually found a moment to drop by Bri’s desk around 5 o’clock. I have to admit to a momentary pang of jealousy towards Kate as I took in just how sexy Brianna looked. It passed quickly though when I reminded myself that Kate was actively helping me find a way into Bri’s bed.

I tapped gently on the cubicle wall and smiled brightly as Brianna shifted her gaze to me.

“Oh……..Crystal……hello!’ She greeted me, a quizzical look on her face.

“Hi Brianna, how are you today? How was the Orlando trip? I hear from Kate that you posted a personal best time in the half marathon that you ran. That’s fantastic, congratulations!”

“Thanks! The trip was wonderful. I loved seeing how Kate works and I think we managed to collect just about all of the information that we wanted. The time for the half was just icing on the cake!”

“Kate mentioned in our meeting this morning that the two of you had collected just about everything that you needed. That’s really great since given what Kate’s passed along, it should go a long way to ensuring a successful outcome for the client.”

Bri smiled, “I really hope so. I’m enjoying the experience of working on this one. Lot’s of new stuff to learn but Kate is being really good at helping me understand why we are doing the things that we are. Working with her is totally awesome.

I smiled back at her. “Well, I know that she is enjoying working with you too. She told me again this morning just how bright, hard-working and inquisitive you are. All traits that will go a long way in helping you build a successful career here. I’ve heard glowing praise from others too so please keep up the excellent work!’

Bri’s face lit up at my praise of her work.

“Oh…….wow, Crystal! Thank you! That’s amazing! Especially hearing it from you! And of course, I’ll keep trying to meet you and Kate’s expectations of me.

“I’m sure of that,” I responded, giving her an encouraging smile. “Oh well, guess I should get back to it – another hour or so and I should just about have caught up with my never-ending email stack! Thanks again for your efforts on the case.”

“You’re welcome, Crystal. Thanks for allowing me to work on it.”

“By the way, I love that skirt and blouse combination! Compliments your figure perfectly.” I said, turning and heading back to my office.


What a day! After a night of masturbation, self-examination, and contemplation I made a decision as to my relationship with Kate. As soon as I got to my desk I emailed Kate asking for a private meeting. I knew that she was out that day but I wanted to get with her as early as I could tomorrow. I was pretty certain what I wanted to say however I still hadn’t fully made up my mind regarding what she and I had done in Orlando. I didn’t really consider myself a lesbian after just a week of making love with Kate. On the other hand, it appears that I’m not totally straight because, well……because I had just enjoyed a week of making love with Kate! If that confuses you just think what it was doing to me. Finally, I came to the conclusion that I’m not going to label myself. If I find someone attractive and we hit it off I’m going to go for it, regardless of their gender. That doesn’t mean I’m going to jump into bed with just anyone. I’m going to make a checklist of criteria that need to be met before I have sex with anyone. A large part of the checklist will undoubtedly be based on my relationship with Kate.

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