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A 23-year-old guy shouldn’t have to move back home with his parents but that is exactly what happened. At least, the move wouldn’t be a long-term thing as it was only five weeks while I was waiting for my new condominium to be ready after my apartment lease ran out. I had an excellent relationship with my parents calling them Ma and Pa even though I didn’t grow up in the country. Home was the bustling town of Kansas City.

I would shortly be moving into a condo in Crown Center a very high brow shopping center and home to my employer the world’s biggest greeting card maker. My folks had their own condo in the same building ever since I went off to college, so I had gotten to know some of their neighbors. While they were mostly my parent’s age or older there was a nice group of younger folks that either worked downtown or right in the building complex. There were a handful of very sexy young single ladies, among them Cindy.

Now Cindy was a beautiful and charming woman so after getting settled in with my parents I asked her out. We went out on Friday night and were having a wonderful time together. We had a great dinner at the steakhouse in the complex then took the elevator downstairs and saw a delightfully funny play at the Heartland Theatre. We had a couple of drinks during the play and had become relaxed with one another.

We both sensed a connection so decided to go to her place for some more drinks. It didn’t take long before we were kissing and caressing each other. In just a few minutes time she let me take her blouse off. As she let me unfasten her bra, she unbuttoned my shirt. Then as she felt my hard cock through my pants she asked, “Do you have a couple of condoms with you?”

“No, I don’t,” was my simple answer as I felt my chances shrink away along with my boner. I didn’t bring one along as I didn’t think I would have a chance on the first date and most of the time my dates hadn’t demanded a rubber if I forgot it. She gave me a little kiss before speaking again.

“Without a condom, our pants stay on. I’ll do anything you want dressed as we are now.” As she ran her fingers over my chest, she explained that she was so careful because her Sister had caught a disease from a guy who didn’t use a condom and she wasn’t willing to take that chance. While my intellect understood her concern my libido was super charged at the vision of this sexy lady sitting right beside me with her massive boobs dangling right in front of me.

After Cindy and I proceeded to guzzle down another drink we resumed smooching. It wasn’t long before my lips were firmly attached to her boobs and she was grinding them in my face. I pulled her up into my lap to give her tits the work out of her life. She was obviously enjoying it as she wrapped her arms around my neck and was squirming around on my lap rubbing her crotch against my cock. This only served to excite me more.

Cindy’s breathing was getting heavier and heavier. She was encouraging me to get rougher and rougher with her boobies. So, as I sucked on one, I twisted and tortured the other one. The rougher I got the more she seemed to like it until she called, “Oh my God I am cumming.”

After giving her a second to recover I confided that I hadn’t cum yet. Then asked her if she wouldn’t, at least, give me a hand job or blow job. She tried her best to be nice about it but was firm that my cock wasn’t coming out of my pants as she didn’t want to take any chances that things might get out of hand. She kissed me a couple of more times and then told me that she thought we should call it a night.

After kissing her one last time at her door I sulked away. To say that I was frustrated would be an enormous understatement. I was ready to spit nails when I quietly walked back into my parent’s condo. I headed straight back to my bedroom to strip for bed. My plan was to throw on a robe and then head back to the living room and jack off to a raunchy movie. Shedding my clothing I opened my Box of dirty movies and picked one out and shoved it into the pocket of my robe. Walking back to the living room I suddenly noticed the lamp by the couch was on and there on the couch was my ma. The TV was still on as she had fallen asleep watching it as was typical when Pa was out of town. My cock sprang to life instantly as all she was wearing was a silky robe that normally came halfway down on her thighs. Evidently as she had rolled over onto her stomach in her sleep the material had gathered around her waist revealing her white cotton panties. Like a magnet those panties seemed to draw me toward my 43-year-old mother’s ass.

Getting closer and closer I realized just how mammoth her twin cheeks were. I had long known that Ma was a sexy woman with 38DD breasts and a slim waist leading to that wonderful ass and long legs but had never really considered her sexually before. But with Cindy’s earlier refusal to satisfy me and her laying there with her coal illegal bahis black hair d****d over her back something inside of me snapped. The magnetic pull of those panties was just too great. I knelt beside the couch and began to knead her ass cheeks.

Burying my face deeply between her panty-clad ass cheeks I inhaled the sexy aroma of shit, sweat, and her womanhood. Suddenly her hand came down as if swatting at an insect that was crawling across her rump. Quickly I ducked out of the way as she swatted the air and then she pulled down the robe covering up her ass with the light blue material. I sat there frozen in place deciding what my next move should be. Suddenly she groaned causing me to jump nearly a foot.

Staying calm I watched as she rolled onto her back with her eyes still closed. I was relieved as she was just making noises in her sleep and doing a little tossing and turning. But if I thought I had gotten an eyeful before she was really giving me more than I could take now as her robe wasn’t fully closed.

In fact I could see one of her entire breasts as well as the front of her panties. The sight of her boob was marvelous. Most women’s boobs would fall to their sides when they laid on their backs; but her boobs were standing up proudly. Her nipple was huge as it looked like a giant push button; one I wanted to try. Tentatively I reached over and gave her rock-hard nipple a little push.

As I let go it bounced right back into place. I thought that whatever was on the tape in my pocket surely could not be nearly as exciting as the sight of Ma before me. Crazy with lust I threw off my robe. My hand quickly found the knot of Ma’s robe and untied it revealing the other sexy breast as I pushed the material aside. Now, her nipples seemed to be staring at me right into my soul.

No one was going to deny me sexual gratification again that night! Almost angrily, I climbed onto the couch with my mother straddling her thighs and, in a fury, grabbed her tits in my hands. In seconds I had a boob in my mouth sucking the shit out of it. Not only was it bigger than Cindy’s but tasted better.

Rational thought was a thing of the past as I moved to her other breast while mauling both with my hands. As Ma started to wake up from my attentions her hips ground against my stomach as she began to put her arms around my shoulders. Just then, she looked down toward my head and realized that I wasn’t Pa and shrieked, “Oh fuck, get the hell off me right now. Let go of my fucking boobs; I am your damn mother.”

She was pushing on my shoulders and hitting me trying to get me off her. Combined with the cussing she was doing she was turning me on even more. I knew for a fact that I would not **** her; if we fucked it would be with her consent. But I wasn’t about to go to bed without both of us cumming even if it were only by hand jobs. So, I hollered back, “Ma, you are so damn fucking sexy and these tits and the rest of this fucking body is mine tonight! That feels so good.”

“What, you little bastard you like me hitting you? Get off your mother right now or else there will be hell to pay.” With that, my usually sweet Ma gave me a knee to my balls. Responding, in kind, I bit her boob hard and flattened myself against her body. She was trying to get me off her, but I was too strong and continued suckling on her boobs.

“Who gives a shit if there will be hell to pay or not? I am NOT leaving you alone until I fucking cum!” While she was still resisting her protests were becoming more and more feeble. Not wanting to risk being stopped for a second time in one evening before I got past kissing a woman’s titties, I took things a step further.

Still holding her in place I frantically kissed down her soft stomach. While she wasn’t ready to give in yet her cunt clearly was as I could already smell the sweet aroma as she again yelped, “You little bastard, stop now.”

“No way in hell, you’ve already soaked your panties and there is no way I am leaving you without tasting that sweetness.” I lowered my face to her wet cotton crotch and inhaled deeply. Then savagely I wrapped my arms around her thighs and pushed her legs up and away from her cunt.

She was trying in vain to put her legs back together, but I was unyielding. Almost angrily, I kissed and nipped at her through the underwear. Determined to arouse her I nipped and bit all over her slash while holding her thighs tightly straight up from the couch. She was kicking her feet at me the best she could, but it had no effect as it felt like tiny pebbles hitting me. Her twat was betraying her as it began wiggling uncontrollably in my face as she still cried out, “Oh my god you fucking bastard, you are going to pay for this, you hear me?”

“Yeah, Ma, I hear you and I don’t care. Now let me get those fucking panties out of the way!” With that I tried to push her legs back together but, knowing what I was up to, she successfully held them perabet firmly apart. Lost in lust I reached to the sides and gave one hard tug and tore the panties to shreds as I pulled them right off her big ass. And what to my wondering eyes should appear but her dark forest of pussy with her glistening hot red pussy lips right in the center. Instantly I had my mouth back on her sweet center drinking up every little dribble of her incredible fluid. In less than a minute she was fully fucking my face with her pussy moaning out, “You are a fucking savage, oh God.”

Convinced that she was now willing, albeit a bit reluctant, I momentarily pulled away from her glory and stood up. She laid still not attempting to get away as I walked the two steps to her head. Her eyes were looking straight at my seven inches of cock almost in a daze. Putting a knee over her head I straddled her face and then laid on top of her in 69 position. With one hand caressing her twat and the other playing in her ass crack I demanded, “Suck my cock, come on and suck my cock.”

Sealing her lips tightly and turning her head to the side she opened up just enough to say, “You can’t make me.”

“Damn it, suck me off right now,” I ordered her. I reached my hand to my pecker and found her lips and pushed the head against them. I pushed again and her lips parted, and my cock slammed half way in. Now that it was inside her mouth, I just let it sit there and resumed fingering her entire crotch as my tongue went back to work on her clit.

It wasn’t long before her cunt was moving wildly again. Then I felt her tongue working on the head of my penis and moments later Ma sucked my entire cock into her mouth as she wrapped her arms around my ass. The suction she was creating was amazing as she worked her mouth up and down and up and down the entire length of my manhood.

My entire face was being bathed in wave after wave of her silky juices. She was flowing so freely that it was hard to keep up, but I had fun trying. She was totally into the experience forgetting who was eating her out as she put one leg up on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. As she kneaded my ass cheeks while voraciously sucking my cock, I jabbed first one and then a second finger into her asshole.

My orgasm was getting closer and closer. There was only one place that I wanted to cum. giving her clit one hard suck I lifted my head away slightly and in a demanding tone asked, “Are you ready to get fucked?”

I licked her hard clit some as I finger fucked her ass. Ma let my cock fall from her mouth as she answered, “Damn it, just do it, fuck me.”

My cock was against her bush so fast that I don’t even remember changing positions. Automatically I slid my pecker in a fucking motion between her cunt lips rubbing over her hot clit. Excitedly I moaned, “Damn it you’re so frigging hot!”

“Shut up and get that god damn cock in my fucking pussy right now.” I looked her in the face and realized that we hadn’t even kissed yet, so, I had to play one more card.

“You want my cock then kiss me damn it. I have never fucked without having at least gotten a kiss first.” A shocked look came to her face. Then, she lifted her head, putting a hand behind my neck and gave me a kiss. It was a strong and long passionate kiss.

As she licked her cum off of my face she pleaded, “Get that fucking big cock of yours inside of me now!”

Pulling my hips back I took aim, as she was still licking my face, and slammed my cock hard and deep into her inferno of a cunt. My cock was on fire as I slammed her twat again and again, “Like this Ma, you want me to fuck your hot little cunt!”

Wrapping her legs around my ass she urged, “Come on pound me, and pound me with that fucking i****tuous cock meat, harder, bastard.”

“You want it harder, bitch, how is this. Come on take this mommy dearest!” I pounded her harder than I have ever fucked anyone in my life as the couch was shaking. Her fingertips were digging into my back and her head was flailing from side to side out of control. Her hips were rising up to meet mine so hard I thought we both might end up bruised were they came together.

“Oh god, yes, cum in me; oh, fuck yes it feels so fucking good!” All she had to do was say the word “cum” and I did just that. Torrents of my hot seed poured into my mother’s pussy. The cum kept flowing from my excited cock with no end in sight. Ma’s joyful moans were getting louder and louder just before I felt her whole-body shudder beneath me. Suddenly, we both became limp as the overwhelming feelings of post orgasmic bliss ran through our bodies.

I slid off of the couch onto the floor beside her. I rested my arm on her thigh and lightly ran my fingers through her soft pubic hair. Still trying to catch my breath I told her, “Ma, that was the experience of a lifetime, fucking great.”

“It isn’t over yet you son of a bitch; I’ll be damned if you fuck and run without perabet giriş doing the one fucking thing that I like the best. If I am going to fuck my damn son, he damn well better totally satisfy me!”

“What do you mean, Ma?” She immediately scooted up on the couch and lifted her legs above my head, spinning around until her feet were flat on the floor in front of me. Then standing up she put her ass in my face. She grabbed the sides of the cheeks with both hands to reveal her asshole to me.

“Well, follow me you mother fucker and I’ll show you what I need.” Ma took off toward her bedroom swaying that bountiful ass at me as she went. While I was satisfied enough that she didn’t need to give me anything else I was still plenty horny enough and followed right behind her with my eyes transfixed on her butt.

We got to her bedroom and within seconds she was lying face down on her king sized bed. Her legs were spread showing off her newly fucked cunt matted with our combined cum. Again, she pulled her rear cheeks apart as I looked on and choked out, “Oh my God Ma, your ass is fucking amazing!”

“Then, get your damn mouth down here and kiss the sucker; eat your Ma’s ass.” Grasping her twin pillows with my hands I licked and sucked all over that ass. Within seconds Ma was grinding it in my face and groaning. Working my way to the heart of her ass I smelt the aroma of her bowels and pulled apart the cheeks for myself this time. I ran my tongue down her deep ass crack until I reached her tiny rosebud.

As my tongue hit her tiny hole, she began using her feet to caress my cock which quickly turned me on again. As Ma worked to make my cock hard once again, not a difficult chore, I tried to jab my tongue into her puckering anus. Finally, with one extra hard jab her rectum seemed to open like a flower as I was able to stick about half of my tongue inside of her stink hole. As I wiggle it around inside her Ma pushed against trying to get even more of it up her rear passage.

Her butt hole tasted so good and I loved the feeling of her cheeks pressed against my face. Urgently I began to tongue fuck her ass hole. My cock had grown rock hard once again. Ma blurted out in her most authoritarian tone, “God damn it, I want your mother fucking cock up my butt right fucking now; do you understand me? Just do it right now, butt fuck me?” Not even giving me a chance to answer Ma rose up on all fours and quickly tucked her knees under her belly. She waved her ass in my face urging me to fuck her back there. I hadn’t done much ass fucking but loved doing it so how could I refuse the woman who had just given me the best fuck of my life.

Kneeling behind her I rubbed my cock up and down her crack a couple of times. Then I dipped my rod into her sopping wet pussy to lubricate it just a bit. While admiring her big butt I found her tiny ring and shoved the head of my prick against it. With one hard push the head popped in as I shrieked out, “You like it in the butt, well, take this you bitch.”

“Fuck yes, fuck me hard you bastard!” I hadn’t remembered anyone else’s ass being this tight as I grunted loudly as I tried to shove my way in. Ma began pushing up to meet my thrust and soon she had captured every inch of me inside her shit cavern. I paused for a second to catch my breath. I withdrew it halfway then pushed my way back in. It was much easier this time, so I began to slowly go in and out until her bowels seemed to get used to my cock in there.

Picking up the pace I fucked her butt harder and harder. My balls were slapping against her pussy. Faster and faster my cock pounded away at Ma’s forbidden ass. She thrust her ass back at my cock with amazing power. She was moaning as loud as chicks in porno movies, but her excitement was for real. I used her tits to hold on to her as I pummeled her rear. We were getting more and more excited until all at once she let out one very loud scream as I filled her back door up with my cum.

Collapsing onto the bed we fell asleep and slept the whole night through. In the morning she told me that she would fuck me again right then but that would be the end of it. Surely, she reasoned, that there must be plenty of girls out there for me to fuck. Besides, she really didn’t want to have sex with anyone else besides Pa; he was a very hot lover. So, we had a sweet fuck that morning and then both got dressed and went our separate ways sexually.

Getting my car keys I went straight to the d**g store and bought two boxes of condoms, one ribbed and one plain. As soon as I got home, I called Cindy and asked her if she would go out with me that night. Before answering, she asked me if I had condoms. After reassuring her that I did she agreed to go out I spent the rest of the day anticipating the night ahead and remembering the sexual encounter with Ma the night before.

Right at 7:00 I rang Cindy’s bell. She opened the door and peaking her head around it and asked me to show her the condoms. When I did, she opened it the rest of the way. She was wearing nothing but a blouse and bra and said, “You can come on in, but I believe you are a bit overdressed.”

It was going to be one hell of an evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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