Fresh Men: Chapters 2-3

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Hello! Thank you for clicking on this story. A few notes:

As you might have guessed from the title, this is not the first entry in this series. For those looking for a quick wank, this series may not be for you, as there will also be quite a bit of story and character involved. With that being said, there is no sex in Chapter 2, but there is sex in Chapter 3.

This series takes place on a small college campus where everyone lives in dorms. Chapter 2 takes place immediately after Chapter 1, which was move-in day. Chapter 3 takes place a week later, after classes have started. Here’s a brief description of major characters met so far, and what is known about them:

-Tyler: 5’11”, fairly muscular, although lacking ab definition. Black hair, somewhat hairy chest, wears hipster glasses. 7.5 inches, cut. Top. Tyler is very comfortable with his sexuality, although he is currently working on improving himself after making a series of bad decisions in high school. Very extroverted, he has a strategy for hitting on men, and is not ashamed at his man-whore status. Roommates with Nicky.

-Nicky: 5’9″, very muscular and tan, with well-defined abs. “Built like a Greek God.” Sandy brown hair, hairless chest. 6 inches, cut. Vers, although tends to bottom more often. Not much is known about Nicky, as he has a very guarded nature, with an extremely blunt affect, leading to him rejecting a kiss after sex with Tyler. So far, unemotional and aloof about his surroundings. Roommates with Tyler.

-Tom: 6’4″, absolutely ripped, with blonde hair and beard, and hairy chest. Tom is extremely anti-social despite being very attractive, and actively avoids interacting with other people whenever possible. Seems to have warmed slightly to Diego, however. No roommate.

-Miles: 6’3″, thick, with linebacker build. Buzzed haircut and light beard. Despite being a football player, is awkward. Although not previously stated, Miles is struggling to accept himself being gay, and therefore tends to avoid getting too close to people. He is extremely studious and dedicated to getting good grades, and doesn’t fit in with many other college students as he doesn’t drink. Roommates with Garrett.

-Brock: 5’10” semi muscular build, brown spiky hair, horn-rimmed glasses. Brock is the RA, and therefore has an extremely chipper disposition. He has shown some signs of attractive to Tyler.

-Garrett: 6’7″, average build, has a mop of black hair, described as neither “skinny nor muscular.” Very little is known. Although not previously stated, he is much more likely to drink and party than his roommate. Also has awkward disposition. Roommates with Miles. RETCON: Difference from Chapter 1: In order to not confuse body type, Garrett will no longer be described as “lanky.”

-Diego: 5’10”, beefcake, South American descent, noted as having well trimmed chin goatee and side burns and curly black hair. Frequently dresses like a frat brother. Very sociable and confident. Sexuality is a bit of a mystery at this point, as it’s unknown if he was flirting or not. No roommate.

Please leave comments with constructive criticism or how you would like the story to play out. Miles, Garrett, and Diego do not appear in either chapter. They will return. Obviously the sex in this story will be gay sex.

And as always…

Do not use this story as a hookup resource in the comments. Nothing good has ever come from that, and nobody gives a shit.


Nicky let the hot water wash over him for the second time in an hour. He could feel remnants of lube against his asshole, and carefully fingered his tender hole in order to cleanse the greasy feelings. He scrubbed his chest and face, making sure there would be no lingering sweat caked on.

After a few moments of inhaling the steam and reflecting on the idiotic decision to hook up with his roommate on his very first night of college, Nicky reached out of the shower for his towel, wrapped it around his waist, and stepped out, walking over to one of the sinks.

One of the sinks was already taken by another boy in a towel. He had dark wavy hair on top of a very youthful face with brown eyes. His face was baby smooth, and he looked like he could feasibly be playing someone much younger on the Disney channel, despite being 18 years old. His boyish look was complimented by a wide nose and teeth that were both very short and very straight. The boy was a few inches shorter than Nicky. His bare chest was exposed, showing washboard abs and well toned arms, which, combined of the total lack of hair, gave him a swimmer’s body.

The boy looked in the mirror and saw Nicky in the reflection. He gave a wide smile, but did not turn to face him as Nicky turned on the sink next to him and began applying face wash.

“So… how’s your day?” said the boy, barely repressing the laughter in his voice.

Nicky give the boy a side-eye. “Peachy. I’m guessing you heard my uh… shall we say activities.”

“Bro, they heard your ‘activities’ from four floors up,” the boy quipped back.

Nicky shot the boy a seductive smile. “What, did you like what you heard?”

The boy smiled again. “Well, unfortunately for you, I am, in fact, straight. I know, right? There had to be at least straight guy on this campus.” The boy laughed, and Nicky’s normally stoic demeanor even cracked a small smile.

“Well that doesn’t mean that you can’t-”

“Ooo, strike two, sir. I have a girlfriend. But hey, this playful banter thing where you shamelessly hit on me is fun. We should do it again some time.”

At this point, the boy extended his arm towards Nicky. “Isaac,” he said.


“We should get lunch some time. I’ll come visit you when you’re not getting rammed in the ass.” Isaac laughed at his own comment.

“Oh come on, how do you know that I was the one-”

“Unless your roommate has an identical voice to you, it was definitely you shouting such lovely, exquisite phrases such as “that all you got bitch” and “fucking give it to me.”

“I get the distinct feeling that if we ever hang out, it’ll just be you making fun of me.”

“I know, right? Doesn’t that sound like fun?” Isaac smirked left the bathroom, saying “See you, bro” as he left.

Nicky walked back to his room. By now, Tyler lied on top of his sheets completely naked. Nicky walked to his dresser to grab a pair of boxers.

“Whatever happened to sleeping naked?” Tyler asked, a daring tone to his voice.

“Well, now that you’ve officially been inside of me, I don’t really think you’re gonna need the extra exposure.”

Tyler chuckled to himself. “So… not straight, huh?”

Nicky antalya escort bayan turned around and glared at him. “Wow, Sherlock, what was your FIRST clue?”

Tyler chuckled again. “Whatever dude, I still got you to bend over.”

This time Nicky laughed, a taunting derision behind it. “Bitch please, you were nearly begging me. You didn’t get me to do anything.”

Tyler didn’t return the laugh. “You really think your game has anything on mine?”

“No, I actually KNOW that I’m better than you at this,” Nicky quickly shot back.

Tyler glared at his roommate. “Wanna bet? I bet I can bed more guys than you can.”

Nicky smiled. “I doubt that. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m significantly more attractive than you are. Plus, and let’s face it, you’re a strict top aren’t you?”

“Doesn’t matter, I’m just that good,” Tyler sneered.

“Fine, it’s a bet then. Whoever gets more guys gets to…” Nicky trailed off as he tried to think of a prize.

“Nah, I got it. Whoever gets fewer has to make a sex tape and put it online.”



“No one is off limits?” Tyler asked, extending hand to complete the bet.

“No one is off limi- actually, yes. He’s straight, so it won’t matter, but Isaac, this guy that lives on the floor, is off limits.”

Tyler snorted. “Like I’d have any trouble getting him to ride this dick. Fine, whatever.”

The two roommates shook hands. The deal was set.



One week had passed since move-in, and with it, classes were in full swing. Tom never struggled much with academic work, it was the constant social harassment that was proving a challenge.

On Friday afternoon, Tom returned to his room, flopping down to his bed after finishing a long day of intensive calculus classes. He sat up, taking his shirt off and tossing it across the room, exposing his absolutely ripped chest, adorned his blonde chest hair. Every time he wore a tight shirt, he caught a ton of onlookers, but he didn’t bother responding. He didn’t do well with people.

Tom decided now was a good a time as any to go for a quick run before dinner. He opened his door and saw the person that he least wanted to see at the moment: Brock, the overly chipper and pretentious RA.

“Hi Tom!” Brock said with a beaming smile. “Wow, nice room! How did you ever manage to get a single?”

Tom’s eye twitched out of annoyance. He had received that question multiple times each day since arriving, and had responded with “luck” every time. However, at this moment, he decided to just tell the truth.

“Well, after the college found out about my multiple assault charges, and subsequent psychological evaluation which told them that I had some major anger issues and anti-social tendencies, they decided that while they would admit me due to my impressive academic record, it would probably be best if I didn’t have to constantly be around someone I didn’t know. Like you, for example, because you have somehow found an excuse to talk to me every goddamn day. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go for a run.”

Brock was left dumbfounded, his enormous toothy grin slowly sliding off of his face. Tom left in such a hurry he didn’t even lock his door behind him, eager to feel the pounding of the pavement beneath his feet.


Tom ended up in the athletic center after taking a run around campus, as the building was close to his dorm, figuring he’d try to find the weight room. This endeavor proved to be fruitless, as the athletic center was built like a maze, with nothing properly labeled. If the building were to catch fire right now, Tom was sure that he would die while trying to find an exit.

On a guess, Tom threw open a random door. Turned out he had successfully found the weight room. It was empty except for one person.

“Oh thank God, finally,” said a voice from across the room. Tom walked over and saw the source of the voice: a person was trapped in a leg press machine, his knees almost to his chin, his whole body straining under the enormous load of weight.

“Dude, you gotta help me, I’ve been stuck like this for an hour,” came the voice, muffled by his own legs. Tom quickly removed some of the weights and pushed the machine back up. The trapped individual simply flopped out of the machine, collapsing onto the floor.

The boy was obviously a wrestler. He was short, not even hitting five and a half feet. But he was built like a wrestler: wide shoulders, wide calves, giant bubble butt, large pecs, and flat abs. His head was shaved short, and his face was shaved clean. On top of all of that, he was wearing a wrestling singlet. Obviously a wrestler.

Tom helped the boy up, but he almost immediately collapsed. “Jesus Christ, dude, what did you do? And why are you wearing that outfit?”

“I thought I’d come right from practice to get some work done, but nobody else on the team thought that… What time is it?”

“Like 5, why?”

“FUCK! Trainer has already gone home and my legs are shot.”

“Where do you live?”

“Carlson Hall.”

Tom sighed and chewed the inside of his cheek, a ritual he did whenever he knew he was about to help someone for absolutely no reason. “Ok, look, that’s all the way across campus. I’m in Thompson, it’s right by here. We can go there and then figure something else out.”

The boy simply nodded. “Thanks bro. I’m Nolan, by the way.”

“Tom.” Tom helped the much shorter boy to his feet, hunching down and throwing Nolan’s arm over his shoulder. “Alright, let’s go.”


Despite Thompson Hall being right next to the athletic building, Tom dragging Nolan took nearly half an hour due to Nolan’s large immobility. Upon arriving at his room, Tom struggled to open his door without dropping Nolan onto the floor. The two entered the room, and Tom sat Nolan down in his desk chair.

“So… what do you wanna do here?” Tom asked.

“Ok… I’m going to suggest something, and you can of course say no, but it’s just a suggestion… Do you think you can rub some feeling back into legs?”

Tom felt himself at a crossroads. He found himself attracted to Nolan, but at the same time didn’t want to undo years of work repressing his sexual desires towards other men.

“Alright… Sure… Here, give me a second.”

Tom took the cushions off of his pullout couch, and extended the mattress out.

Nolan looked around. “Wait, is this a single?”

After going off on Brock that day, Tom wasn’t tempted to answer too many questions about his past. “Yep.”


Tom breathed a escort bayan brief sigh of relief.

Nolan tried to stand up, but found that his legs wouldn’t support his weight. “Ok, new awkward scenario. Can you help me take some of this shit off?”

Tom didn’t even hesitate this time. He was in this for the long haul. “Yeah, sure.”

Tom took off Nolan’s shoes and socks as Nolan undid the straps of his singlet. Nolan’s bare chest became visible, showing off his large pecs and flat stomach. There was no hair on either. Tom helped Nolan to his feet, and Nolan slid the singlet down to his ankles, revealing a tight blue pair of boxer briefs underneath, accentuating his bubble butt. Tom helped Nolan lie face down on the mattress, and pulled the singlet off of his ankles, tossing it onto his own bed.

“Well… now is a bad time to remember that I left my bag with all my clothes at the athletic center, huh?”

“Where should I start?” Tom asked, his eyes firmly fixed on Nolan’s ass, barely registering Nolan’s words.

“Uh… could you start with my hamstring? It feels like someone is ripping them in half.”

I’ll rip that ass in half, Tom thought to himself. Tom began massaging Nolan’s extremely taut thighs, noting their relative lack of much hair. He worked on one, then the next.

“Oh yeah man, it’s already getting better,” Nolan moaned. The front of Tom’s shorts got tighter.

Tom continued massaging, working on one, then the other, moving back and forth, before moving down to Nolan’s calves.

“Hey, man, do you think you could work on my lower back? I just don’t want to pull anything back there.”

“Yeah… sure…” At this point, any guilt Tom might have felt about using this opportunity to ogle the wrestler was gone. Tom mounted himself on top of Nolan’s ass, positioning himself so the rock hard monster in his shorts was touching no part of shorter boy.

Tom dug into Nolan’s lower back, feeling the immense tension built up in the muscles. He ran his hands all across Nolan’s muscular back, listening to him moan as he did, feeling the vibrations of his body caused by the moan.

“Ok, I’m probably almost done, just need to work the front of your legs,” Tom said.

“Wh-what? Why?” Nolan asked, suddenly nervous.

“Because I’ve had to get massages before, and it doesn’t do jack shit if you don’t do both sides,” Tom responded, a slight snap to his voice.

“Maybe I should just go.”

Nolan looked like he might try to crawl off of the mattress.

“For fuck’s sake dude.” Tom flipped Nolan over himself, and quickly discovered why the wrestler wasn’t too keen on being on his back.

A five inch boner poked out from underneath the straining fabric of the blue boxer briefs.


“Fuck, man, sorry,” Nolan stuttered worriedly.

“Uh… are you gay, dude?” Tom asked. His cock was threatening to spring loose with such force it would surely rip his shorts in half.

“No! I mean, I don’t think so. I don’t know. I guess I’ve thought about it a couple times… It’s just, girlfriend is back home, so I haven’t gotten laid in for-fucking-ever…” Nolan trailed off, a look of panic coming over his face, as he worried he might have said too much.

It was hard to blame him. Above him knelt a massive muscular man, with almost a foot on him in weight, his bare shredded chest covered in thick blonde hair, his eyes piercing, and his beard screaming a special kind of masculinity that could tear any hint of homosexuality in a person to shreds with his bare hands.

Tom got off the mattress and locked the door, then stuffed an old t-shirt in the door crack. “Wait, bro, I’m sorry, what are you doing?!” Nolan’s voice was full of panic, clearly worried that he was going to get ass kicked by a hulking mass of muscle and flesh. Tom got back on the mattress and climbed on top of Nolan, pinning Nolan’s arms behind his head, grinding his own rock hard cock against the wrestler’s.

“Wha-” Tom silenced him with a brief kiss on the lips. “Dude, I have a girlfriend, I-”

“Shut up.”

Tom crawled to the foot of the mattress and hooked his fingers in Nolan’s boxers, slowly tugging them down, Nolan still too shocked at the situation to react.

The wrestler’s cock sprang out, measure a little more than five inches, with will trimmed pubic hair. Tom positioned his hands on each of Nolan’s thighs, massaging them thoroughly as he slowly lowered his head onto Nolan’s cock, easily swallowing it whole.

Nolan gripped the sheets. Never in his life had he found a mouth as expert as Tom’s. His tongue swirled the head as he bobbed up and down. Nolan moved his hands to Tom’s head, but he quickly swatted them away.

Tom licked up and down Nolan’s shaft, taking one hand from his thighs to massage his balls. Tom spit on the dick, then stroked it, moving the saliva up and down the shaft and moistening his fingers.

Nolan felt a surge of surprise as Tom jammed a finger in his ass. “Dude, hold on-”

Tom stopped sucking for a moment. “I thought I told you to shut up.”

Nolan felt the finger move around inside of him, squirming slightly as Tom resumed sucking. Suddenly, he felt a building pressure in his loins.

“Fuck, Tom, I think I’m gonna-” Tom didn’t stop, merely flashing his piercing eyes upwards and meeting Nolan’s awestruck gaze, as he felt the first shot of cum hit the back of his throat, with others quickly following. Tom never broke the gaze as he swallowed every drop, Nolan moaning as he came for the first time in weeks.

“Tell me something, Nolan.” Nolan’s heavy breathing did not cease, but his eyes followed Tom as he sat up into a kneeling position. “Have you ever sucked a dick before?” Tom started massaging the front of his shorts.

“No, I mean yeah, once. It was on the bus to a wrestling meet, a bunch of the guys thought it would funny if we…” Nolan trailed off and was silenced by Tom’s stare.

“Good, so this won’t be entirely new for you.”

Tom pulled down his shorts and boxers in one swoop, exposing his cock in all of its massive glory. It maxed out at a ridiculous 9 and a half inches, with a wild curly bush of dark blonde pubic hair at the base. Its uncut tip ended the massive shaft, which lead down to a pair of very loose balls.

“Whoa man,” Nolan started to protest, despite his cock already starting to re-harden.

“Nolan, so far today I have saved you from paralysis, hauled you to this dorm, massaged your legs into working again, and given you what I can only assume to be the best fucking blowjob of your life, because you came in like 2 minutes.”

“Ok… I’ll try.”

“I antalya escort know.”

Tom got off of the mattress and stood beside it. Nolan crawled into a seated position, and grabbed the massive member with his hand. Tom put a hand on the back of Nolan’s head. When his head reached the tip, Nolan looked up as though he were asking for permission. Tom simply nodded, and Nolan opened his mouth.

Tom slowly pushed Nolan’s head into his own crotch until he heard the unmistakable gagging sound that let him know that that was as far as he could go. Nolan impressively had about 6.5 of the 9.5 inches engulfed in his mouth. One hand reached to the shaft to fondle the remaining 3 inches, while the other slowly moved from Tom’s thigh to his hips, then to his hairy chest, stroking the cut abs.

Tom grabbed Nolan’s head with both hands and slowly got him to increase his pace. Nolan started stroking the cock just below where his mouth would move up and down the massive shaft. The pace kept getting faster, with Nolan’s head a blur of bobbing, as Tom’s got increasingly aggressive with his face fucking.

“Alright, big boy,” Tom said. “I want you to start slobbering all over this thing… because this baby is going right up your ass.”

Nolan took the cock out of his mouth and looked up at Tom with wide eyes. There was a sense of fear in them, mixing in with excitement as Nolan obeyed Tom’s order and started slobbering all over Tom’s cock.

Tom buried his tongue into Nolan’s delicious virgin ass, who immediately started moaning. Without taking his tongue from Nolan’s backdoor treat, Tom reached out and grabbed a pillow from his bed, also grabbing Nolan’s singlet in the process.

“Here,” Tom said, tossing the pillow up the mattress toward Nolan’s head. “Bite onto this. Some dude down the hall got his ass pounded last week and he never shut the fuck up the whole time.”

Tom climbed on top of Nolan, who was still lying on his stomach, lying completely parallel to him. His spit onto his cock, getting it as moist as possible, then rammed it into the wrestler in one easy swoop with such force that any anal resistance usually exhibited by first-time participants of butt sex was immediately destroyed.

Nolan cried out into the pillow as tears sprang into his eyes. Tom quickly pinned Nolan’s arms into the mattress, adjusting himself slightly so that he was lying completely on top of Nolan with his massive cock completely penetrating Nolan’s velvety insides. Tom let out a deep breath next to Nolan’s face.

“Mmm, dude, damn you feel good.”

Tom sat up slightly so that he was leaning forward, but now had more thrusting leverage.

“Man, am I glad I actually found the weight room.” Tom laughed at his own comment, then, without warning, pulled his cock almost all the way out of Nolan’s asshole. Tom paused for a moment with only his head inside, before he started thrusting with every ounce of power he could muster.
Nolan practically screamed into the pillow as his fists pounded the mattress. Tom was thrusting like a deranged madman, destroying Nolan’s ass with every pound.

Tom hooked his hands underneath Nolan’s hips, pulling him into a hands and knees position. Tom stopped thrusting for a moment to lean over and whisper into Nolan’s ear.

“You like that, big boy?”

Nolan had a cock so far up his ass he could barely breathe, let alone speak, only nod, as the strange and foreign mixture of intense pain and intense pleasure could not end yet.

Tom gripped both of Nolan’s hips and resumed his thrusting. With every pound, his raw cock disappeared deep within the wrestler’s formerly virgin hole. Sweat was pooling on his chest, glistening, flying around the room every time Tom buried his gigantic cock deep with Nolan, he giant balls making a large slapping sound each time.

Nolan had regained speech and started yelping every time Tom slammed his fuck hole up to the hilt. Tom got into a steady rhythm, his breathing intensifying, as Nolan’s cock was rock hard despite cumming minutes prior. His hands were to busy propping himself up to jack himself off.

Nolan could feel every curve and vein of Tom’s massive member inside of him, ensuring that he may never be able to sit again.

Tom unlooped the singlet from around Nolan’s neck and crumpled it up into a ball, then stuffed it into Nolan’s gasping mouth. Placing both hands onto Nolan’s bucking shoulders, he increased to an inhuman speed, his cock now a blur slamming in and out of Nolan’s bubble butt, the sweat of the two boys providing the only lubricant preventing Nolan from being torn apart inside. Nolan moaned, the singlet the only thing preventing them from echoing throughout all of campus. Tom also gasped and moaned in equal measure, sweat from his face stinging his eyes.

Without warning, Nolan ejaculated without even touching himself, his cum spraying the mattress and his own chest. As he did, his entire loins tensed up, becoming tighter than ever. That was all it took for Tom. He felt a surge of pleasure coming on, letting out one long guttural moan as he jammed his cock as far as possible deep inside Nolan, gripping his shoulders so tightly that Nolan could feel his muscles straining under the intense pressure applied.

Tom came.

Tom came inside of Nolan, coating his entire insides with his semen. He slowly retracted his cock, spurting out load after load of the white hot white goodness, completely filling him up. Despite the extremely tight fit, some cum began to leak out all over the mattress. Tom completely removed his now limp, but still sizable, dick from Nolan, breathing heavily. Nolan had collapsed face first onto the bed, jizz seeping out of his anal orifice, the singlet in a crumpled damp ball on the floor.

Tom sat back, as little by little, Nolan slowly sat up, before standing up on wobbly feet, with a combination of severely strained muscles and a severe ass pounding preventing him from gaining too much balance.

Without saying a word, Nolan slowly struggled to put on his boxers. After he successfully completed this task, he uncrumpled his singlet and tried to stretch it over himself.

“You can borro-” Tom started

“I got it,” Nolan responded meekly.

Nolan struggled for a while, but eventually succeeded. He bent over to put on his socks, but immediately arched his back in pain. Tom stood to help him.

“No thanks,” Nolan said, so quietly that Tom wasn’t sure he heard anything. Nolan simply picked up his socks and shoes and opened the door.

Nolan turned around briefly. That’s when Tom saw it: his eyes held a look of sadness, pain, and confusion. The eye contact ended quickly, as Nolan hurried out of the room.

The look in Nolan’s eyes left Tom feeling like he had been hit by a bolt of lightning.

What had he just done?

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