First Time With Carter Part 4

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Over the next couple of days, I only saw Carter and Jacob a couple of times. We were getting ready for our camping trip after all. I continued to think about the last conversation I had with Carter, the one where he invited me to go camping. We were jacking each other off at the moment, feet away from his 12 year old son, and there was a definite tone of excitement in Carter’s voice. I couldn’t quite place it, but it was definitely there. I found myself continuously horny in the days leading up to the camping trip, but it wasn’t at the thought of spending two weeks with Carter. I was actually more excited about spending two weeks staring at Jacobs’s skinny, well-tanned body and his small hairless dick and balls. Carter and his son were nudists after all. I knew I shouldn’t have these thoughts, but pile them on top of the sex I was sure to have with Carter, and I never lost my erection!

I was looking for a fuck between now and the time of departure. There wasn’t much time to spend with Carter right now, so I had to come up with an alternative. None of my other hookups were available, so I decided to try something a little different. I went to a well-known gay bar two towns over and parked outside. I waited for the right man, and I found him. Within an hour, an older gentleman came out of the bar, looking rather disappointed. This man looked about 55 years old, around 6’0” and a little bit thick. I have been harboring a fetish since I was introduced to gay sex and this was it. I got out of my car and approached the man standing on the corner.

“Hi” I said.

“Hello” he replied.

“Why do you look so disappointed” I asked.

“Well, I was looking for something, but I didn’t find it today” he answered.

“Well, I think I can help you out there” I replied with a sly smile. “Come on.”

The man followed with no objection. We went over to my car, which was a large SUV, and drove a couple miles away from the club, looking for a deserted spot. We never said a word to each other, because we both knew what we wanted. I settled for a parking lot of a park that was well covered. I pulled into a spot and turned the car off. Immediately, the mans aged hands found my crotch. I was already hard, but this was not the most comfortable spot. We got out of the car and moved around to the back, which was empty and wide open. He got in first, and I climbed in sort of on top. I quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I was amazed at the size of his dick. It was at least 8”, and plenty thick. It had a kind of tanned, leathery look to it, but it definitely looked delicious. I immediately opened my mouth and took his raging erection into my mouth antalya escort bayan as far as I could. I was enjoying swirling my tongue back and forth on his shaft, and I rubbed his balls at the same time. I bobbed up and down, changing my pace as I saw fit. He was lying back with his hands behind his head, clearly enjoying himself. Every once in a while, a moan of pleasure escaped his mouth. I was enjoying pleasuring him the best I could, and I didn’t feel that I needed any attention at the moment. I sucked him for a few minutes, and then stopped. I quickly undid my pants and pulled them down around my ankles. In the meantime, I heard a disappointed groan at the stop of the oral pleasure I was providing. I gave him a look to tell him that it would get better, and he just smiled. I turned around so that my back was facing him, and I positioned myself over his dick. I took a hold of the thick shaft and started to sit back as I guided the head toward my asshole. When we made contact, I plunged down kind of far. He gasped because my hole was pretty tight around his cock. I have never had a cock this large. Toward the end, I started to feel a little pain, but I plunged all the way. His hands immediately found my waist, as he was searching for leverage to give me the fucking of a lifetime. We started to work a rhythm, and while he was fucking my ass I was jacking off. Five minutes in, I felt his hand moving to my cock and balls, so I removed my own hand and let him take over. He was pounding good and hard, and at his touch I exploded. I shot my load of cum onto his waiting legs. He continued fucking me for a good 15 minutes, changing pace as the tension built. I thought he was on the verge of cumming a few times, but he would stop for a moment, and then continue when the tension fell. I loved this. This was the longest fuck I had ever had. Eventually, the old man was unable to slow down so he started pounding me hard. His balls were slapping me hard, and I felt his dick get even bigger, a sure sign of impending cum. A few seconds later, the stranger unloaded into my ass. He sure had a lot of cum; I don’t think he had fucked for a while now. I lifted myself off his softening dick, and turned around to lick my cum off his legs. Once I was done, I took a finger and collected cum from my ass and let him lick it off. Once my fingers were clean, we shared a deep kiss and got dressed. I drove him back to the club and dropped him off looking happier than before. I was satisfied for the time being, so I drove home and went to bed, but not before jacking off to the thought of Jacob’s naked body again.

I awoke early the next day, around 3:30 am. I was more excited than I had been in a while. escort bayan My ass was slightly sore from the pounding I took last night with the 8” cock, but it was well worth it. I packed some final things, and headed out to the front room where my bags were already packed. I loaded my stuff into the back of my SUV, grabbed a drink, and drove off to Carter’s house. I arrived at about 4:45 and knocked on the door. Carter answered, ready to go, with Jacob at his side. I greeted them both with a hug, and helped them load their stuff and we were off. We drove a good six hours north, to a piece of land that Carter owned. We arrived at the piece of land, which was huge and encompassed a lake. Carter mentioned that the entire lake and surrounding acreage was privately owned, so we would be quite alone. Not even ten seconds after this sentence escaped Carter’s lips and Jacob was already stripping his clothes off. I laughed to myself at his innocence, and helped Carter unpack the gear. Once we got everything unpacked, we set up the large one room tent and rolled out the sleeping bags. We started a fire when Jacob came back from the lake. He looked exhausted, as we all were, since we got up so early. Carter suggested that we take a nap. I said okay, and before I knew it Carter had stripped as well. I was a little taken back, but soon followed suit. Jacob insisted on sleeping between Carter and myself, which left me frustrated. I was looking forward to giving Carter at least a hand job, but that looked impossible now. My mind was racing, and I definitely could not take a nap. I rolled onto my side and lay there for about 20 minutes. I heard a slight rustling next to me, but ignored it. I heard a couple more slight rustlings, and began to wonder what was going on. Next, I heard the faintest moan and I decided that I had to investigate. I slowly and carefully rolled back onto my back. This movement went unnoticed so I rolled to my other side, and I was shocked at what I saw next. Jacob’s mouth was around his father’s dick! I was so shocked that I stared for a good five minutes. I came out of my trance and realized that I was hornier than I have ever been in my life! I was so turned on by this incest that I could hardly contain myself. I made a noise a little louder than I planned and Carter turned his head. I was slightly embarrassed, and my face turned red.

“Don’t worry, this isn’t new. If this makes you uncomfortable, we can stop” Carter said.

I looked into his eyes and I didn’t even need to reply. Carter was able to read me.

“Why don’t you join us” Carter asked.

Through this entire conversation, Jacob never stopped sucking his father’s fat cock. I antalya escort slowly reached out my hand and started to caress Jacob’s back. I was expecting Jacob to jump, but he never broke his stride. I rubbed up and down Jacob’s tan back and found my fingers exploring his ass crack. I began to move my finger in and out of Jacob’s ass crack with my right hand, and I moved my left hand around to his rock hard 4” cock. The hairless feeling was absolutely amazing. This wasn’t from shaving like my skin, but because hair had not grown yet. I continued rubbing his tiny balls and dick with one hand, and pulled my other hand to my face to lick my finger. I got my finger nice and wet, and put it back between Jacob’s ass cheeks. I started to penetrate his ass with my finger. I was expecting a lot of resistance from his tiny anus, but none came. My finger slid in very easily. I realized that Carter must have been fucking his son in the ass for some time. This thought made me extremely hot. I was ready to fuck this kid. I wasn’t expecting to, but I could not contain myself. I was ready to jump in.

“Let’s change positions” I said. I pulled Jacob up onto his hands and knees and got ready to enter him doggy style. Carter got up onto his knees with his rock hard, 7 ½” dick ready for a sucking. I moved into position after lubing up my dick with saliva and placed the head at Jacob’s opening. At the same time, Carter placed his cock at his son’s mouth and told him to get ready. I started to put my dick into Jacob’s ass, and he took it with ease, but there was still a great tightness. Once I was all the way in, I lost all control. I began to pound his ass with passion. I don’t know what came over me, but there was no way I could stop. Carter pushed his dick into Jacob’s mouth and Jacob was able to take the whole thing with ease. I was amazed that Jacob was such a slut and he was only 12! I was beginning to lose any decency that I still had left. I readjusted myself to gain more leverage and pounded with every bit of strength I could muster. At the same time, Jacob was still taking his father deep into his throat. He couldn’t be getting much oxygen between the fucking he was getting in the ass and the mouth. I had continued to play with his dick once I found my rhythm. Jacob shot his small load of boy cum onto the sleeping bag. Less than a minute later, I was ready to blow my load. I took one last thrust as deep into his ass as I could and released wave after wave of cum into his ass. I was finishing my final spurt when Carter shot a huge load of cum deep into Jacob’s throat. He began to pull out so he wouldn’t choke his son and shot his last few spurts of cum on Jacob’s mouth and chest. I lay down completely exhausted, as did Carter. We looked at the beautiful boy between us just as he passed out from exhaustion. I just smiled. I knew I was in for the best camping trip of my entire life.

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