First Date

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By Paris Waterman

Copyright 2003

Eight – The First Date

Rosa had Kathy’s dinner ready almost an hour early, prompting Kathy to ask what was going on. Having no idea that her daughter had witnessed her and Dutch frolicking in bed earlier, Rosa was a little flip in answering.

“Got a date.”

“With the guy you were screwing this morning?”


Kathy blithely ignored her mother and turned a page of People’s magazine.

Frozen in time and space, Rosa forced herself to react and firmly said, “Kathy, what did you just say to me?”

The teenager closed the magazine and looked directly at her mother. Her eyes were defiant. “I saw the two of you this morning,” she said coldly.

Rosa recovered well enough to respond, “Did you? Well if I have anything to say about it you’ll be seeing a lot more of him.”

“Well I hope he has his clothes on when I do,” she spat out and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her and fell sobbing on her bed.

Rosa gave her a minute then entered the room. She sat on the edge of the bed and tried to comfort the girl. “Kathy, I didn’t mean for you to see us like that. But it happened. We may have something beautiful going. His name is Bob, but he prefers Dutch. We like each other very much and God knows we could use a man around here.”

Still full of rebellion, Kathy went for the heart, “Yeah, you were sure using him this morning, mother.”

Angered by her daughter’s attack, Rosa forgot to be diplomatic and shot back, “He may be moving in with us, so get used to it.” Then left the room slamming the door behind her for emphasis, with Kathy’s crying ringing in her ears.

Rosa took a long, hot shower and when she came out she had calmed down and was ready to deal with Kathy, but her daughter remained in her room until Rosa left for her date with Dutch.


Dutch Perry was on time, and to his surprise, Rosa was ready to leave when she answered the door.

“You look great,” he said, as he held the door of his battered Volvo open for her. She was looking into her purse when he viciously kicked the driver’s side door and startled her, causing her to drop her lipstick.

“What the hell?” Rosa blurted out, “Are you hurt?”

He smiled at her. “No, I have this habit . . . a superstition really, that by putting a dent in the car every time I get in or out brings me good luck.”

“And . . . this denting, does it work?”

“I met you didn’t I?”

“I can’t argue that,” Rosa said, unable to contain a smile. She got into the car; made sure he got a good glimpse of her legs, and found herself laughing by the time he was turning the ignition to start the car.

He noticed her amusement, but promptly forgot it as he recalled her present. “Oh, almost forgot. I got you something,” he said handing her a single white rose.

Rosa melted. “Oh, I love roses of any kind, but I think the white ones are the prettiest.”

“I got it in honor of your name,” he said softly.

“Thank you, Dutch, it’s beautiful,” she felt her eyes tearing.

“Its nothing compared to you,” he grinned and kissed her free hand.

Her heart leapt.

Pleased with how the date had begun, he asked, “So, how was your day?

“I’ll tell you, but I wish you hadn’t asked.”

Dutch kicked himself for having asked what might have been a very dumb question.

“That bad, eh?”

Rosa hadn’t heard him. She was busy formulating her recent experience so that she didn’t come out the bad guy.

“My daughter, Kathy, she just turned eighteen . . . she caught us last night. She waited until this afternoon when she got home from school to throw it up to me.” Then she gave him all the details.

“Ouch!” He said, picturing the conversation and rubbed his jaw.

She leaned to him and kissed him on the cheek. “She’ll get over it. I just wish that the two of you might have met under better circumstances. I know her hormones are running wild and I’m doing everything I can think of to keep her a virgin for at least another year. And look what I do as an example.”

“I’m sure she’ll understand. I bet she tells her best friend about it and they rationalize it and tomorrow she’ll act like nothing happened.”

“And you expect me to let her actions pass?”

“It seems to me you lost any momentum you had when you stormed out of her room and took that shower. Furthermore, you didn’t reopen the subject after the shower, now I’m not saying you’re at fault here, but allowing her to stay in her room until you left might have been a tactical error.”

She bit her lip and studied his face. “I suppose you’re right.” But she was thinking, ‘This guy seems to understand women to some extent; that bears watching.’

“Hey, I could also be dead wrong. Just remember sweetheart, time wounds all heels.”

Not sure she’d heard him correctly; Rosa started to say, “Isn’t that . . .”

“Just checking,” he laughed. “Its time heals all wounds, but I like my version better.”

Starting to feel fatih escort much better about things, Rosa relaxed for the first time since the confrontation. “So . . . where are we going on our all important fist date?”

“There’s this terrific motel with mirrored ceilings . . .”

She cuffed his arm and began to laugh. “Come on, really.”

“You ready for a movie?”

“You bet,” Rosa smiled.

They made small talk on the way to the theatre. The theatre was only a mile away, so they didn’t say all that much. After the movie, a romantic comedy, they decided to get something to eat at a place roughly three miles away.

When he finished parking the car, Dutch put his arm around Rosa and moved as if to kiss her. She met him halfway. It was a short one, but the kiss left Rosa wet between the legs.

“Christ,” she gasped, her mouth inches from his, “my toes are tingling.”

“Mmmm,” he agreed. “We do seem to enjoy each other’s kisses.”

“We seem to enjoy a few other things too,” she said and tittered.

He smiled at her. “Now I don’t have to worry about getting a good night kiss,” he said.

“We better get ourselves inside or I’ll be hopping into the back seat,” Rosa giggled.

“A horny women, eh? That’s just great. I love horny women.”

“Are all your women horny?”

“After I fuck them they are.”

They both laughed, and he was out of the car and holding the door open for her. As Rosa set foot on the sidewalk, Dutch kicked the passenger door shut, leaving an obvious dent.

“Must you always do that?” She asked.

“Yes,” he replied, and left it at that.

“You’re something else,” she smiled.

“Come on, let’s eat,” he said and headed for the restaurant. Rosa had to run to catch up with him.

They were holding hands by the time they reached to door.

They made light conversation while waiting for the food to arrive. As the food was being served he told her he found her stunningly beautiful.

The food grew cold as they looked at one another.

“You really think I’m stunning?”


“I don’t . . . no one’s ever told me that.”

He nodded, speared a French fry with his fork and before placing it in his mouth said, “They damn well should have because you certainly are that and more.” It had occurred to Dutch that they were great together and he began to relate the reasons he thought this to her.

Rosa sat there listening in awe. “He did know women! Damn she was in trouble for sure with this guy.’ A moment later it occurred to her that his type trouble might be the good kind; whatever that meant.

“Sure,” he said, “first thing I hear out of your mouth is hello, goodbye, there’s a big dick I’ve got a hankering for, catch ya later.”

Embarrassed, but thrilled, she responded, “I never said that.”

“Maybe not. At least maybe not in those exact words. But the meaning was the same. You dumped me for some guy you’d never met. And later you stumble in to your mother’s and pass out.”

She began to regain her composure and responded, “Like I had a choice. You were boinking my mother, for God’s sake.”

“She’s got a great pair of tits.” He was grinning at her.

“Oh sure, change the subject!”

“She does have a great set,” he protested.

“Yeah, yeah, well mine ain’t exactly chicken liver!”

Dutch let his eyes rest on Rosa’s ample bosom.

“True enough,” he conceded.

“Thank you,” she said feigning mollification.

“But if I recall correctly, it was you picked my dick up in the middle of the night and gave it a great big smooch.”

Rosa couldn’t contain herself any longer and began to laugh. Dutch joined her, and soon they were both hysterical — tears streaming down their faces, and attracting bemused smiles from the other near-by patrons and servers.

Eventually they calmed down and resumed eating. The conversation continued, and covered a wildly diverse spectrum, from saving the world to kinky sex. They talked about everything. And were surprised to find the waitress standing at the edge of the table.

“Yes?” Dutch inquired.

She smiled at them. “I guess you two have forgotten the time. But the fact is . . . we’re closing

and . . . well, you’re going to have to pick up somewhere else.”

He looked at Rosa. “My place okay?”

“Sure. Do you have etchings of naked women?”

“No, but I do have replicas of my penis all over the place.”

They were laughing again and still laughing as he left the money for the meal and a generous tip on the table opened the door for her on the way out.


Thirty minutes later they sat on a couch in his condo and discovered they shared a liking of the same kinds of music. Rosa went ballistic on discovering that he had read and liked several books she thought highly of. An hour passed before Dutch thought to inquire if Rosa wanted something to drink.

“Oh . . . now that you mention it, I am thirsty. Water, juice, I don’t care, anything.”

He fındıkzade escort took the time to prepare a beverage of mixed fruits and served it in a huge glass filled with crushed ice. He had a glass of cranberry juice for himself.

They toasted one another.

“To a real man,” she said holding her glass in the air.

“To the lovely Rosa,” he began “a lady in public and a slut in bed!”

“Oh . . .” then his words sank in and she shrieked, “You bastard!” But her anger was muted for she carefully placed her drink on a coaster before following up and hitting him on the shoulder with her fist.

“Okay, okay!” He said as if trying to placate her. “You can be a slut in public too!”

She couldn’t withhold her laughter any longer. And threw her arms around his shoulders as her body shook with spasm after spasm of laughter.

“As a matter of fact, I can,” she murmured after the laughter stopped.

“But you know I want more too, right?”

“I hope you do,” Dutch grinned, leaned down and kissed her. Rosa returned the kiss and grabbed his shirt. He fell back against the couch and put his hand on her bare thigh just above her thigh-high black stockings. Rosa’s hand came and covered his. Dutch pulled his away. Her thigh was resting against his. He jumped up and put on some soft music.

When he returned and sat next to her, Rosa waited as though mesmerized until his hand returned to her thigh and gave it a reassuring squeeze. She moaned softly and leaned back on the couch. His hand was at the hem of her skirt and moved steadily toward her crotch. Rosa’s mouth was slack as he slid his tongue into it. Her response began as his hand made contact with her pantied crotch. Grunting from a combination of passion and effort, she spread her legs wide, allowing him all the access he needed while simultaneously meeting his tongue with her own.

His nimble fingers were rubbing along her labia in mere seconds, noting the rough texture in her mat of pubic hair. And as her sighs grew faster and louder, he decided to move to the bedroom and the greater freedom it allowed. Taking her hand, and ignoring her feeble protests, he got up and pulled Rosa to her feet, and guided her into his bedroom. Once inside, he pulled her tightly against him and ground his truncheon-like cock into her belly. His busy hands massaged the plump cheeks of her ass while her arms came up around his neck, and her belly ground back against him. Then he undressed her and she undressed him.

Dutch continued igniting her inner fire, nuzzling his face against her bare stomach and licking circles around her belly button before moving to her ripe breasts and swollen nipples. In the midst of a torrid soul kiss they tumbled into a heated clinch on the bed, legs twining, lips fastened together, all sinuous, nubile and writhing.

He gasped as Rosa ran her hand down over his chest and stomach to his cock. She gripped it just as his lips began gripping her left nipple. It was a Mexican standoff until Rosa rolled over into a three-point pose — both knees and one arm — and got her lips on his cock and began pumping up and down, sucking hard as her tongue swirled around his helmet-like knob.

In reply, he took her left nipple between his sturdy thumb and forefinger and pinched hard. Rosa groaned with lust and her eager mouth issued forth a series of quick, urgent, hungry: and her hips were rolling in time with the fingers he’s placed inside her. Rosa jerked her hand on his thick shaft, and he warned her he was going to come in her mouth. [Pic available on request]

“‘so kay,” she managed to get out before he spasmed his first burst into her throat. She cupped his balls in the palm of her hand even as she coughed trying to swallow the thick gobs. Still coughing and choking, she pulled his erupting cock from her mouth and let him finish spurting three more translucent ropes over her breasts. Then she nursed his semi-rigid prick, sucking down the remainder of his seed as if it were mother’s milk. She kept sucking and playing with his testicles until he was getting hard again.

While she was tending to his cock, Dutch had kept his fingers stirring around in her pussy which was well lubricated by now. To Rosa’s surprise, Dutch yanked his hand from her and stuck two fingers in his mouth, drawing greedily on them. Rosa was frozen, unsure of what to do.

He pointed to his chest and said, “Sit on my face, baby.” [Pic available on request]

She smiled then giggled. But before complying, she stuck her fingers into the remnants of jizm on her breasts and slowly licked them clean. ‘Two can play this game,’ she thought, and then hunched herself up until she was squatting above his waiting mouth. This time Dutch remained still and Rosa unable to contain herself started to move. Quickly he interceded and guided her cunt lips to his hungry mouth.

His first thoughts were that Rosa was musky and humid, but that only made her more alluring to him and he buried his tongue deep inside her. Startled, halkalı escort she sank down on him, almost smothering him with her snatch. He was forced to push her away. She leaned back creating some space and he raised his face to her gaping cunt. Her labia’s lips were both thick and slick. He flattened his tongue and licked from her clit to her anus in one brushing stoke.

She roared with delight. “Yes! That’s it! That’s it!”

He tongue fucked her for perhaps thirty seconds before she came and smothered him again. Dutch rolled her off and pinned her to the mattress, he placed her knees up on her chest and slid his knees under the small of her back. From this position he was able to perform cunnilingus upon her at his leisure. [Pic available on request]

She came again. Her head lolling back and forth on the mattress.

She came again. Pounding the mattress with her fists.

She came again.

Beginning to tire, Dutch decided to finish her off, and reamed his tongue into her asshole.

Rosa shrieked and screamed and begged him to stop.

“Are you coming?” He asked.

“H . . . Haven’t stopped . . . Still coming!” She was gasping for breath.

“My God . . . I can’t stop!” A tinge of pleasured panic filled her voice.

He thrust two, then four fingers into her sodden cunt and stretched it wide. Then he drove them in and out as fast as could for twenty seconds. She came continuously. When he ended it, she lay curled up in a fetal position, shuddering through the remainder of her series of orgasms.

He left the room to shower and when he returned she was sleeping, still curled up, her pussy peeking out at him from between her thighs.


Dutch made himself a drink and settled down in a chair, sipping the drink and watching Rosa sleep. Just as he finished the drink she stirred. “Have a nice nap?”

She purred and stretched her arms in the air. “Mmmm yes thank you. Ummm, especially thanks to you.”

He stroked his erection and noticed as her eyes focused on him and riveted to what his hand was doing.

“Is that gonna be for me?”

“If you’ve been a good little girl, yes.”

“How ’bout if I wanna be a very bad girl?”

“That would be fine with me too.”

“I prefer being bad,” she said, and stood up proudly, hands on hips, feet spread apart.

His eyes raked over her body absorbing her full breasts glistening with a slight sheen of sweat and downward to the furred mons and pink slit still glistening with his spittle and her juice. His throat went dry. He let his erection fall free from his hand and willed it to bob up and down.

Rosa was entranced. “Do that again!”

He obliged her and she laughed lewdly, excitedly.

“That’s some piece of equipment you’ve got there.”

“It’s not for sale,” he said and watched her face pale.

“But for you . . . I’ll gladly give it away.”

She laughed. It was a wickedly obscene laugh. “I’ll take all you have in that lap of yours and the sooner the better.”

Dutch stood up. His prick pointed at the ceiling. Rosa stared at it and licked her lips. Then she smiled. “Okay my big man, come to mommy!”

With that she plopped herself on the bed and waited for him to join her. Two strides and Dutch was on her, kissing her with everything he had. With regret, but with a sexual hunger virtually overpowering her, she ended the kiss and panted, “Lie down and pull those pillows over and put them under your head.”

“My, you’re awfully bossy for a horny babe, ain’t ya?” But he did as she asked.

Steadying herself with one hand she loomed over him. Dutch marveled at the intense heat her cunt was throwing off.

“Now, watch that beauty sink into me, lover.” She said over her shoulder as she backed up toward him. With his hands resting lightly on her hips, he watched and felt Rosa’s labia parting to accept him. Then she leaned back and started a slow rocking movement designed to heighten the pressure of her pussy on his cock. Dutch groaned at the exquisite sensations pouring into his glandular nerve center. Feeling every bit the voyeur except for the incredible softness of her velvet walls embracing his prick that convinced him it was he who was receiving this delicious treatment and not someone he was looking at from afar.

“Yes Daddy!” She trilled, sinking down on his groin, his entire member embedded in her. “Just lie there and let me fuck you.” [Pic available on request]

“Oh, yeah!” He managed to grunt before she lifted her body up and turned to face him then settled into a slow up and down, old-fashioned fuck.

Rosa made love to him, to his cock, to his mouth and chest. Her warm breath tasted of his own seed, her mouth sticky-wet on him; her curious, multi-talented tongue explored his mouth, rolling across his gums and teeth, swallowing his saliva as if it were a precious fluid.

And while all this was going on, her magnificent hips moved sensuously around making little circles, squeezing and milking him.

He tried to absorb it all and failed.

Her tongue was licking the inside of his mouth. Her avid lips nibbled on his neck; in his ears, and all the while she hissed a continuous litany of dirty, whispered obscenities. Fucking him methodically, ending the circular motion and renewing the up and down thrusts she’s started with.

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