First Anal

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We had decided to check into a hotel for the night, we were more than good friends at work and we’d had a few quickie sessions but they weren’t enough for either of us. A whole night together was just the ticket. We’d spent the weeks building up to it teasing each other about what we were going to do to and what we wanted to try. One thing that came up time and time again was anal. How much he enjoyed the idea of anal sex but had never had the opportunity to try it, I’d tried it with several partners and loved it. I decided this was the night to change that.

After the initial rush, a very frantic hurried first round involving our clothes being shed rapidly and myself being pushed down on the bed, legs wrapped around his waist with no foreplay needed, the anticipation had me so wet and more than ready for him. He certainly delivered on that score, his hard thick cock had brought me to orgasm several times before he exploded into my wet hole. As we lay together on the bed naked for the first time and kissing softly I knew it wouldn’t be long until round two was on the way.

He kissed his way along my jaw and down my neck slowly. His beard tickling me as his lips sent shivers down my skin. I moaned as he ran his tongue the length of my collar bone. His big warm hands stroking down my sides, his fingers making paths of pleasure in their wake. He moved his lips down to my chest across the tattoo towards my small breasts, kissing around carefully avoiding my stiff nipples, his hands cupping and squeezing them. I arched my back pushing my chest into him. I cried out softly as he finally closed his lips around my pierced nipple, his tongue flicking across bahis firmaları the tip as his teeth teased me. I moaned and squirmed as he switched nipples, the little sensitive pink nipples were now standing to full attention as he worked them.

He looked me in the eyes, he blue eyes locking with mine as he moved down, trailing my toned tattooed stomach with little bites and kisses. His tongue dipping into my pierced belly button making me jump then he continued down. He licked down between my spread legs, licking my outer labia slowly one after the other. Moving slowly to my tight arsehole, I gasped as he licked quickly around it before licking up towards my pussy again. His tongue finding my soaking wet hole and pushing in deep before slipping up to my clit. I cried out my whole cunt tingling with the sensations as he swirled around my clit before latching on and sucking it. He started with little quick sucks making my body buck. One of his hands went to my stomach pushing to hold me still, the other slid two fingers inside me as his sucking got harder. He teased my g spot in the same rhythm as my clit. I could hear how wet I was as I got more excited.

It wasn’t enough I reached down around my leg and pulled his hand free. He looked up at me questioning me with his eyes as I moved his hand downwards. “Stick your fingers in my arse, please fuck my arse as you make me cum!” He slipped those fingers, wet with my pussy juices slowly into that tight arsehole. It felt delicious so tight it had been so long since I’d had anyones fingers but mine in my arse. I cried out as he started to move them in and out. I could feel my juices running freely as my moved kaçak iddaa body bucked. My breathing and pulse sped up as I felt him groan against me as he felt how very tight I was.

I started to lose control, my spine arching gripping the back of his head to push his face into me. My stomach muscles started to quiver and my cunt spasmed. I screamed his name as I saw stars. My orgasm crashed over me until my clit was too sensitive to continue and he made his way up my body to kiss me deeply. I could taste myself on his lips and tongue, his beard was soaked through. He still had his fingers buried in my arse.

I could feel his hard cock sliding against my dripping pussy but that wasn’t where I wanted it. I whispered in his ear “fuck my arse!” He gestured for me to roll over “no I want to watch your face when you first take my arse, when you feel how tight it is.” I grabbed a pillow and wedged it under my hips, he grabbed my calves and propped them over his shoulder for easy access. I felt that rigid cock getting as wet as possible sliding along the length of my pussy. My pussy juices had flowed down to my arse hole acting as a lube while his fingers had stretched me already.

I felt the tip of him pushing against me. I relaxed and pushed out with my arse muscles, feeling a sting as he first entered. I watched his face as he felt how tight it was, his expression was a look of wonder. He pushed forwards with his hips, the initial sting eased as he popped through my tight ring and I just felt an aching fullness as he buried himself in my rectum. It felt so big and so wide his pre-cum and my juices helping him work his way deeper. “Is that ok princess?” kaçak bahis He asked looking down at me.

“God yes, fuck me slowly.” I replied in a breathy whisper. He started to move slowly out until he only had the tip in me, when he pushed in again I moaned feeling every inch. I reached down and started stroking my clit in time to his thrusts. He watched in amazement as my tight hole stretched around him. The wetness leaking from my pussy shining in the light. I started to move with him as his hands gripped my hips pulling me down onto him, my legs shaking as they rested over his shoulders. We were both starting to moan and grunt with the pleasure of it all. He leaned forwards crushing my thighs against my chest, bringing his face to mine in a deep kiss. From that angle he felt so much deeper I could feel his balls hitting my arse cheeks.

His thrusts were faster and more frantic my pussy starting to quiver under my fingers. The nerve endings in my rectum were tingling and I could feel the pleasure building as he fucked me. I never wanted the feeling to end, it felt so good he was completely in control as he took my arse roughly. I could feel the strength in his big body as he moved against me. As my body started to tense up he pulled away from my mouth locking eyes with me. His eyes reflected the same joy I was feeling.

I could feel him starting to swell inside me as he pushed me over the edge, I knew was making animalistic noises as I lost control, my body shaking and my cunt and arsehole spasming, milking him as he exploded. I felt him spurting stream after stream of hot spunk into my bowels. The feeling kept my own orgasm going until we were both spent and panting breathlessly.

He collapsed on top of me kissing me as felt him soften inside of me. I stroked his back and shoulders and felt a pure bliss as I wondered what we could tick of the list next.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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