Finding Lust In The Chatroom Ch. 04

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Romeo logs back online and promptly gets an instant message from RoseBud70 saying, “I’m ready to be blown away even more, are you ready to blow me away?”

Romeo quickly responds, “Are you ready for some real action?”

“I was born ready. Tell me what is going to happen next.” Responds RoseBud70.

Romeo continues the fantasy, “After our mutual eruptions, and our required cuddle time, we start passionately kissing again. Me propped up on top of you and almost hovering. Before too long you notice that something is gently tapping your inner thigh, and you reach down to find out what it is. Of course you have an idea of what it is, but you didn’t think it was something that would happen so soon. When you finally get a hold of it and confirm your suspicions, you pull me closer and kiss me more passionately. Slowly trying to guide it to where you want it to be, only I pull away a little and give you a devilish grin. You let go with a pouty look on your face, but it doesn’t stay long. With no hands I guide it to where we both want it, sitting on top of your meaty and velvety smooth labia. Gently rubbing up and down them slowly till I feel the wet lips spread apart eagerly.”

RoseBud70 quickly questions, “Can you really do that? Just guide it without anything, and have things open up like it is nothing?”

“You will have to find out in person some day, that is the only way you will know for certain.” Romeo quips back, then continues on, “Your lips eagerly open on their own, like they want to taste what you have already, and they get their chance. Almost as if your sweet flower is actually a gentle Venus flytrap, it starts to swallow its meaty meal slowly inch by inch. I gently move myself to let my meaty shaft inch its way in, with each thrust getting more in, and forcing a light moan out of you. When I finally work the last bit in, I stop and hold it deep inside of you, so that you can enjoy the fullness türbanlı escort of it being deep inside of your velvety soft folds. Soon you grow eager and want to feel it work its magic and begin to squirm underneath me.”

RoseBud70 notes, “Mmmmmm, that sounds wonderful, is it really that big?”

“Again, you will have to find out in person some day, me telling you it is so means nothing without proof.” Romeo playfully teases, and then continues, “I know that you want the action to start so I slowly pull out till I am all the way out, then I quickly ram it deep, forcing a quiet scream of pleasure out of you. You look up at me and nod to me, almost like you know how to get it deeper, and you lift your legs up so that your ankles are resting on my shoulders. I know what you want, you want me to forcefully ram it home as hard as I can for as long as I can, but I have other plans.”

RoseBud70 coyly questions, “What are your plans?”

“It is always better to start out slow and work up to a good pace, then speed it up and slow it down as things progress, so as to get the best orgasm out of it that is possible.” Romeo answers.

“You will have to show me what you mean, but for now, tell me about it.” RoseBud70 replies.

“With your ankles on my shoulders, I slowly work my meaty shaft in and out, from head to hilt, occasionally moving a little to one side or the other.” Romeo continues, “I do this for five minutes or so, then I grab your left ankle and lift it over my head and roll you on your side, never pulling completely out of you. I continue to slowly work myself in and out, from head to hilt, still occasionally moving a little to one side or the other, as well as leaning down and passionately kissing you. Again, this lasts five minutes or so, then I pull you close and lift you up to me and turn you so that you are facing away from me, only you realize the method to ümraniye escort my madness and continue the rhythm, continue the pace, continue the movement from side to side on occasion as you ride me. Again we do this for about five or so minutes.”

RoseBud70 playfully interjects, “Can you really last this long?”

“I won’t say it, you know what my answer is.” Romeo replies.

RoseBud70 responds, “I know, I will have to find out in person sometime if I really want to know. It is just that I am so hot, wet and ready to go, that I do want to find out in person!”

“Maybe you will. Before we can though, we have to get through the complete fantasy. Each and every part of it.” Romeo replies, then continues, “Like clockwork, after five or so minutes, I lift you up and turn you so that when I lay you down, you are laying on your left side this time. Slowly working myself deeply in and out, from head to hilt, and occasionally moving a little to one side or the other. By this time we are drenched in sweat, breathing heavy, and nearing another orgasm. So when five or so minutes have passed, I grab your right ankle and lift it up onto my shoulder, and nod to you. You know what I am thinking, and reach up and wrap your arms around my neck as I kick one foot out in front of me and lean back, pulling you up so that you are sitting on top of me completely filled.”

“Mmmmmm, I get to ride you like a cowboy!” RoseBud70 quips.

“You maneuver your feet so that you can ride me, and begin to do so, first like a soft galloping horse, slowly moving up and down. Then as your orgasm gets closer, you move faster and grind harder into me. I grab your waist, and then position my hands so that my thumbs are directly on top of your clitoris, and I begin to rub it. You are so close that you start riding faster and harder, eager to feel the electric rush of yet another orgasm. I am really close acıbadem escort myself, but I know that I have to try to hold off my orgasm so that you can have yours as well. Before long I can feel you tighten up around me as you flail and lean back trying to get me even deeper than I have been thus far. It is too much for me, I can’t hold back any more. I sit up and grab two handfuls of your beautiful backside, and aid you in getting me deeper as I erupt. You feel the hot streams of my creamy juice filling you up inside and you explode with a loud scream of pleasure as your orgasm envelopes you as well. You continue to ride me, with your hot wet vagina tightly maintaining an adequate amount of blood in my erection to continue on till your orgasm finally finishes. You fall in a sweaty hot heap, right on top of me, gasping for your breath to return. Cuddling as you wait for the tremors to cease.” Romeo finishes.

RoseBud70 responds, “That sounds so great, I am so hot from reading it that I feel like I am about to cum, but I want the real thing. Can we meet? Is it possible for us to live this fantasy? Or is it going to be just that, a fantasy?”

Romeo replies, “There’s more to be written, thus more to be described before we can even think about living it, but I do think we can talk about meeting and possibly living the fantasy. The only thing is, we can not make a decision one way or the other till it is completely told.”

“Okay, then we need to make more time so that you can finish telling me this fantasy, that way I can have the opportunity of living it. I am just to damn hot and wet to be able to take care of myself on my own, and I want to find out if what you are describing to me will feel as good as I imagine.” RoseBud70 responds.

“Well that is all for now, I am actually running late for an important appointment. So I will be watching and waiting for you to log online tonight if I get on before you.” Romeo returns.

RoseBud70 replies, “I may just stay online waiting for you. I don’t know which will be worse, the wait or the anxiety of reading what will come next?”

Romeo responds, “I will catch you back online later, and you will have to tell me after we finish which was worse.”

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