Fevered Dreams

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We met on the internet. I was lingering in a chat room, he came in, shy and quiet. I’ve been coming to this chat for right on 5 yrs now, and we had never met before. Never once have I been here and met anyone that has purely grasped my interest here. Sighing, I’d bout giving up hope on finding a person that I could sit here and share with. The day we met, I had been with an other briefly, the time we spent together was all too long for my comfort. Nevertheless, each time I would see him, I yearned to know more about him.

He’s very quiet, conservative; odd that I would have interest in someone as such… hell I’m an extrovert. Even then, the desire was still there. I tried many times to talk to him, he never said much. I don’t remember the day when I finally had to say a few words to him, and he finally spoke. However, I thought it was something that at least broke the ice. The time came when a guy I was with was past due for sweet partings. Therefore, I broke things off with him only to sit alone again.

One day I get a message on my ICQ, of all people, it was the one person whom I had such an interest to get to know. We talked a few minutes; he invited me over to the chat he was in, and obliging I went. He was with another at the time, sorrowed but still hopeful. I came to stay there, talking and learning more and more about him. Pushing back the longing for him, and settling just to be friends. After a time, we had begun to flirt innocently, always gibing one another and had a lot of fun. Time passed, and I had been drinking that night. I felt a bit full of myself at the time and very flirtatious.

As usual when he came online, he jotted a note to say hello, ragged me bout things, and flirted. It was like “My word!” opportunity knocked. I laughed to myself and was thinking awful wickedly with the amount of liquor in me. As normal we were passing flirtatious remarks to one another, and ended up going a bit further than I could imagine. As I recall my teeth were on his zipper, laughing and I looked up to him and told him to ask me to stop. There was a long hesitation before he asks me to stop, but I was happy and frustrated all the same.

Time went on and we talked more and more, and begun to see each other in his private chat. We never once whispered to each other in public, it just seemed a bit much for sarıyer escort me. As I respected that he had another. One night he did whisper to me and tell me that he wanted to be with me. Lord knows how I wanted to be with him, my feelings over the month had grown so strong for him. He and his girlfriend had a big fight over some other misunderstanding and they broke up a week after he had asked me to stay with him that night in his chat. We ended up together, and have been for many months now.

It’s been several months now since that first chance meeting, now I cannot help myself but to think of him constantly. We chat on the net nightly, even though we are far away and both with real life obligations. Nevertheless, for me, he’s become my obsession. I know most of you would think that silly, but I also know that many can understand how that feels as well. Thus, begins my dreams.

* Chapter 2 *

My dream was fevered with such intense emotions, the night was humid, a light sweat glistened upon my skin, as my body writhed along the cool satin sheets. So vivid, is this dream that I can feel you beside me. Such delicious thoughts fill my mind, that it is ablaze with what I want so much to share with you. Soft are your kisses, each one melting me to the core, each one causes a burning sensation as your lips touch mine. The heat of your tongue burns like a liquid fire against my skin, causing me to shiver with delight. As I open my mouth my tongue inviting yours in, begging to taste your tongue, letting them dance along side one another touching and feeling.

My hands begin to slip down my body. Stopping to tweak and roll my nipples between my fingers and thumb. Rousing an intense response inside me. My right hand glides down my belly, down and over my mound, and then pulling my finger slow up my slit, the hot-searing passion building with each pass of my hand. Dipping and delving my fingers inside myself. Waiting to explode with each gasp and moan. Sucking my breath in hard between my teeth, my moans hissing soft like the fires of a volcano coming from deep within.

Your hands begin caressing me with a soft and gentle touch; I become feverishly hot and flushed as our torrid passions become aflame. My back arching higher and higher as my hips buck and grind. My mind is so charge silivri escort with emotions they alight my body in response to your touch. My nipples standing firm, arising from the mark of my arousal. The warmth of your body causing such wonderful sensations to shoot and course though out my body. Your body rubs up and down against my own. Your hands and mouth driving me to such intense pleasures, as I’ve not felt in so long.

I feel the weight of your body pressing lightly atop mine, your hardness bearing down onto me encouraging me to envelope you with my wetness. With a slow insistent push, that urges of us both… you begin pushing down into me. My body now lustful, my fingers still toy and tease my clit, pushing upward with my hips as you enter me deeply. Stopping once my wetness surrounds you, you stop there.

Kissing my neck, and working your way to my lips our fervent and passionate kisses press together, alighting a fire between us. Your lips searing mine, the vibrant fire burning as I squirm beneath you. Your hips withdraw, pulling you from me as my hips lift higher, pulling out just to the very tip and then you plunge back into me…

Our rhythms steady pace as our bodies glide in harmony with one another. Your pace quickens then subsides as you tease me, smiling as I beg you for more… Changing and plunging deep and hard inside me to a soft gentle glide. My hands run up and down the length of your chest, feeling the muscles ripple and tighten beneath my fingertips. You’re teasing unmerciful as my ragged breath gasps for air to fill my aching lungs…. Low purrrrrrrrssss escaping my lips moaning and loving the way you drive my body to these fiery needs. The sweat clings to our bodies, as we change positions to suit our desires.

Your hands cling to my hips as you thrust inward, pushing in hard as my muscles tighten to grip you hard. My hips rocking hard into you as you pound me relentlessly, our moans growing louder with each thrust. The urgency becoming stronger. Our breathing ragged and hot as our climax rise’s ever higher; my body stiffens as I cry out, feeling my release coming all too soon, gasping and moaning loud. You growl low, intense, and then I feel you pouring into me, hot like molten lava, boiling deep within. Our bodies spent we lie next to one another şirinevler escort cuddling and kissing away the night…holding each other in a warm embrace. Our hearts slowing back to their normal paces.

I awaken suddenly, with a rapid jolt I find myself sitting in an upright position; fevered with desires for you, sighing as I realize that it was all a dream. Wanting now only to feel you near me. I’m a washed with the intensity and emotion of my dream; I drop again into a fevered and fitful slumber wanting only to feel your sultry touch on my skin once again.

The dawn comes all too quickly as I awaken to the songs of the birds in my window. I lay in bed thinking of this vivid dream of you that haunts me, haunts my dreams. Are you my dream lover? To be loved and felt in the primes of passions untold as I lay sleeping? So many questions weigh heavily upon my mind. Unconsciously I lower my hands from behind my head…touching my body thinking of how you brought me to such a fevered pitch.

Oh how I would love to find you and bring these strong passions to reality. I want so much for my fingertips to touch you. I would love to touch them just over your body, grazing across your skin. Every part of you I want so much to feel, the heat from your body rising beneath the palms of my hands. I think of how you brought delicious shivers to my body, making the hairs raise upon my skin.

I shake my head waking myself from this haunting dream, as it still haunts me now…as I lay awake. I sit up and decide to start my day. Crawling from my bed, my feet hit the floor sending a quick chill through me. I hate the winter, the cold, wet and rainy days… It chills me to bone. Looking down and slipping my feet into my slippers, I grab my big warm sweater, heading for the kitchen to begin my day.

Coffee first, I don’t know what I would do with out that, and then it’s off to the bathroom. Feed all the animals, and then make my coffee and settle down to check my emails from the night before. Walking with my coffee in hand, I settle down in my chair facing the computer and lighting up a cigarette. “Bloody Hell, it’s cold!” I think to myself as I hear the whine of the fans on my computer.

Opening my email, I sit back, hugging my cup close as I inhale in the aroma of the coffee. As I begin to skim over and read the emails, I growl low at the amount of junk mail. The jokes I place aside, to read at a time when I can enjoy a good laugh. Getting up and turning on the heat to take the chill out of this morning air, I walk back and sit down again. I begin a vigilant wait in hopes to see him before he goes to work.

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