Fantasy Sex Cruise 04

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This is the fourth episode in a multi-part story. Although I hope you would enjoy it by itself, it would be better to start with Chapter 01 first so you can understand the context of the situation and get introduced to the characters. This is a story of a journey and is meant to be read in sequence.

I was awakened on the fourth morning of the cruise by the feeling of being kissed gently on my chest and on my back as I lay on my right side. The kisses were slowly making their way down to my stomach and butt. “You’re in for a treat this morning Eddy. Your wake up blowjob will be delivered by two women instead of just one. Lie on your back and spread your legs so we can get to that lovely cock. You’ll want to put a pillow under your head so you can see better. A big part of getting a double blowjob is watching.”

I pulled another pillow over and stuffed it behind my head. I certainly wasn’t going to argue with her advice since I had never been given a blowjob by two women before but I briefly wondered how she knew that watching was a big part of it.

“Lauren you wrap your hand around Eddy’s cock and start sucking the head while I start to work on his balls.” I felt Lauren’s hand gently encircle my shaft and soon felt her warm wet tongue begin to lick the head.

In less than a minute my cock was about half hard and Lauren began to slowly stroke it while continuing to lick and suck on the head. Kealani had enveloped my balls with her mouth so her tongue could play with them. I felt her licking and gently squeezing my scrotum between her tongue and the roof of her mouth. After a couple of more minutes of this Lauren started sliding her lips up the left side of my shaft and down the right side. She was right about the watching of course. The sight of her mouth slowly kissing and licking from the head to the base of my cock while my balls were being massaged by Kealani’s tongue was very arousing.

“Ummmh ladies, it’s not going to take much more of this to make me cum so if you have any more tricks you’d like to try on me I suggest you do it now.”

“OK Lauren lay your head on his tummy and put the head of his cock in your mouth.”

Kealani lay between my legs and massaged my balls. She licked my shaft with broad slow laps of her tongue from the base up to Lauren’s mouth where she closed her lips around it and pressed them against Lauren’s. After the fifth time she did this I felt my balls tighten followed by a stiffening of my cock. Kealani placed her lips at the bottom of my shaft and pressed her tongue against the junction of my cock and sac as the first salvo of hot spunk erupted from the tip and jetted into Lauren’s mouth. Five additonal powerful emissions followed, which she swallowed as she received them. Yet another first time experience for this trip as a fantasy I didn’t even realize I had became fulfilled.

“Lauren you go sit on Eddy’s face so he can return the favor of what you just did to him. I think there’s still some life left in this cock so I’m going to see if it’ll stay up for a ride.”

“Eddy, would you like to lick my bald pussy while Kealani plays with your dick?” Lauren asked as she crawled up the bed toward my head.

“I would like that more than anything else I can think of Lauren. Come on up here and spread your legs over my mouth and I’ll do the rest.”

“Oooooh Eddy, I hope I taste as sweet as your cum tastes.” Apparently giving me head had gotten Lauren aroused. As soon as she was in position I licked her from as far back as I could reach all the way up to her swollen clit. She was already wet. I put my hands on her ass and began to massage it as I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to lick it and gently nibble it with my teeth.

Meanwhile, Kealani was giving me another one of those fabulous Japanese blowjobs. The head of my cock was in her warm mouth where she constantly licked and sucked on it. Her hands were gently rubbing and massaging my balls. Her saliva was dripping down my shaft as she let it flow over her lower lip. This time though she would slide her head down and take a little more than half of my shaft in her mouth then slowly withdraw until only the head was in her mouth leaving a coating of spit on my cock. It was a preview of what she would soon be doing to it with her pussy.

I had moved my mouth lower on Lauren and was licking from her vagina up along her marvelous inner lips until I reached the thickest part. I then sucked the spongy flesh into my mouth and pulled on it with my lips to stretch it. I sucked as much of it as I could into my mouth and licked and nibbled on it. I don’t know which one of us was enjoying this more. I continued to massage her ass with both hands while she did the same to her tits.

“Eddy that feels incredibly good.” She said somewhat breathlessly. “Everything you and Kealani do to me feels so tender and sensual. It makes me feel warm and desired and excited at the same time. In all the time I was married, my husband never made me feel this good.”

“Let bahis firmaları me know if there’s anything you’d like me to do that I haven’t gotten around to yet.”

“No, you just keep doing what you’re doing. Somehow you seem to know what my body wants before I do.”

She shuddered slightly when I stuck my tongue into her vagina and moved it around in circles. “Lauren your pussy does taste as sweet as my cum. If you’ll scoot down a little and bend over you can lick your juices off my face and see for yourself.”

She quickly complied. “Oh God that’s so erotic and sexy. I do taste good, don’t I?”

“You sure do. Now get that juicy cunt back up here on my face where it belongs.” She giggled as she resumed her previous position pressing her lips hard against my mouth and gently rocking forward and backward as my tongue slid along her slit.

As impossible as it seems I had almost forgotten about my prick. When I finally let a few nerve impulses from it reach my brain it felt amazingly hard. I was not surprised since I had left it in the capable hands of a consummate penis expert and whatever she had done to it had been remarkably effective. I felt Kealani move to straddle my hips facing toward Lauren’s back. Her hand held my cock, which was covered in her saliva and guided the tip to her slit where she proceeded to slide it along her entire length from her clit to her vagina. Her opening felt wet and hot as she paused her movement so the tip just touched her pink hole.

She continued to rub it along her pussy several times until she finally pushed herself down on it and let the head slip into her. Her hand slid up and down my shaft as her opening squeezed the head. She pushed again taking another couple of inches into her. Her other hand moved to her mound and began rubbing her clit and the tops of her lips. The next time she dropped down she took about half of my cock inside her. She removed the hand holding my shaft since she could completely control the action with her cunt now.

She began to raise and lower her hips and slide my cock in and out of her at a moderate pace. Each repetition engulfed a little more of my cock until I felt her bald lips make contact with my hairless pubes indicating that I was completely entombed in her cunt. She held still for a few seconds and continued to rub her clit as her breathing began to get deeper. She was making soft moaning sounds as her vagina pulsated around my rigid cock. Her hips were undulating forward and backward wthout allowing any of my cock to slide out of her. Then she returned to moving up and down and began to rhythmically fuck me, pulling herself up until only the head was still inside her and pushing down until her ass slapped against my hips. She could move her hips in ways that had to be experienced to be believed. I silently thanked her parents for making her take hula lessons while she was growing up.

“I owe you an apology Eddy. We spent so much time playing with Lauren yesterday that I neglected to fuck you. I intend to make that up to you today.”

“Please don’t feel like you did anything wrong Kealani, I had a wonderful time yesterday and I enjoyed every minute of what we did with Lauren. Especially that incredible performance on the veranda last night.”

“I still want to do a little extra to make up for it, as much for me as for you. I really like fucking you, your cock feels like it was custom made for my pussy.” She kept up her movements as she spoke and increased the tempo a little.

She reached out with her arms and placed her hands on Lauren’s breasts. “Oh God Lauren you have such beautiful tits. Lean back and let me rub them for you.” Lauren leaned against Kealani’s chest and Kealani began to massage Lauren’s breasts without missing a beat of her pelvic gyrations on my cock.

“Kealani you make me feel so incredibly good every time you touch me.”

“That’s because you’re such a hot MILF that I can’t keep my hands off of you.”

Kealani started kissing Lauren’s neck and the side of her face. “I don’t know about you Lauren but I’m beginning to feel like there’s a really nice orgasm not too far away. Do you think you might like to join me? Are you about ready to cum all over Eddy’s face? Is there anything you want us to do to you to make that happen?” Before Lauren could answer, Kealani moved her left hand down from her breast and put it on Lauren’s clit and began to rub it. “Eddy put your tongue as far up Lauren’s twat as you can get it and suck it.” Kealani somehow managed to keep bouncing up and down on me at a furious pace.

Lauren cried out, “Oh YES Kealani your marvelous fingers know just how to make me cum. OH, OH, OH YES NOW. I’m cummming all over Eddy’s face.” I felt her do just that as her vagina throbbed and released a stream of juice into my mouth.

Lauren’s orgasm induced Kealani to begin her own. She stopped sliding her pussy up and down my cock and impaled herself on it to the hilt. I felt her vagina contracting and releasing kaçak iddaa along the entire length of my cock. She held Lauren close and squeezed her breasts with both hands as she began to tremble. I was still sucking Lauren’s vagina and feeling her ass and legs tighten as she rode her own climax higher and higher. “OK Eddy, give it to me. Give me your hot cum.” As if commanded by an irresistible force my cock began to spew forth the hot cream she demanded. After all the cum I had recently expelled in Lauren’s mouth I had no idea where this load was coming from but the pulsating spurts of my ejaculation caused her vagina to convulse around me and draw out even more of the pearly fluid as we all reached the peak of our orgasms.

Kealani slowly pulled Lauren off my face and as she did so, raised her hips and released my cock from the hot gooey confines of her pussy. She lay Lauren’s limp body down beside my legs on her back.

“Lauren I’ve got a pussy full of Eddy’s cum, you want it?”

Lauren quickly answered, “Of course I do. Bring it on.” Kealani straddled Lauren’s head and kept her cunt a couple of inches above her mouth.

“Open wide.” As Lauren’s mouth opened, my jizz began to ooze out of Kealani’s vagina in white strings that stretched their way down until they passed through Lauren’s lips. Watching them do this was a big turn on for me. When the last drop had been exchanged Kealani lay down beside Lauren.

“In case you two have been too busy to notice we will be docking soon in Jamaica. I’ve been here a couple of times before on assignments and there are a few things I would suggest we do while we’re here.

First thing is to get dressed and go ashore and find a taxi to take us to a local restaurant where we can get a traditional Jamaican breakfast of cod fish, Akee and rice. Although it will be more like brunch by the time we get there.

Secondly we’ll get the taxi to take us to a river where they take you up a mountain and put you on a bamboo raft. A man stands at the front of the raft and uses a long pole to push us along down the river to the bottom. It sounds kind of touristy but it’s really very relaxing and you get to see some beautiful scenery.

When we get back, there’ll be a shop in the port that sells Blue Mountain coffee. These stores are regulated and sell the real stuff not the imitations you see in most of the other tourist shops. Eddy I know you like coffee and this is the best in the world so load up. I think we’ll be back on board in time to have a light snack and get started on Lauren’s next lesson before it’s time to dress for dinner.”

Lauren spoke up when she heard that, “And what is my next lesson going to be?”

“We are going to continue your anal sex exercises which will include Eddy fucking you in your hot sexy bum.”

“Ooooh Kealani that sounds exciting.”

“It will be I can assure you. If you ask him really nicely he might let you do it to him while he’s fucking my ass.”

“I can hardly wait. Come on, let’s get going.” Lauren went back to her room to shower and get dressed while we got ready in our suite. We had a quick breakfast of fresh fruit and coffee sent in from room service before heading for shore.

We walked down the gangway and into a complex of buildings that housed mostly shops selling various merchandise that tourists can’t seem to get enough of. We didn’t spend much time there. We walked through a gate beyond which was a road and quite a few locals who approached us to see if we wanted to buy whatever it was they were selling. Some just asked us for money and others offered to take us on a tour of the island. We kept on walking until we reached a kiosk where we could hire a taxi. Kealani talked and negotiated with several of the drivers and finally found one she liked so we all piled into the back seat.

Ben was a man who appeared to be in his late forties and seemed like a very pleasant person. He drove us up the road in the direction of Ocho Rios which was really too far away for what we wanted to do but there was a small town not far from the terminal where the ship was docked. He pulled up in front of a two-story building. Before we got out of the taxi, Kealani explained what we wanted to do after we had breakfast and asked Ben if he wanted to make us a deal on chauffeuring us around for the next 3 or 4 hours. He said he would be delighted and told us to enjoy our meal and he would wait for us outside.

The Hummingbird café was an unexpectedly nice restaurant with linen tablecloths and napkins, clean floors and fresh flowers on the tables. There weren’t many people there and a very courteous woman who introduced herself as Wusilla told us to have a seat at any table we wanted. We asked her to bring us a bottle of sparkling water and when she arrived at the table with it Kealani told her that we didn’t need menus as we were all going to have Akee and codfish. This is a dish originally concocted to feed the slaves who worked on the sugarcane plantations. The mostly British kaçak bahis traders would stop at the north Atlantic fishing grounds and load up on cod then take it to Jamaica and trade it for rum to take to America to sell. Akee is a fruit from an indigenous tree that when cooked properly tastes something like a cross between yellow squash and scrambled eggs.

There are many variations of preparation. This establishment mixed diced onions and peppers with it and also served rice and plantains as an accompaniment. Paired with a cup of freshly brewed Blue Mountain coffee, it was delicious even though I was a bit reticent about trying it when Kealani first mentioned it.

Lauren was sitting across from us looking at us with a very pensive expression.

“A penny for your thoughts Lauren.” I told her.

“I was thinking about how fortunate I feel to be here with you doing this. If you two hadn’t come along and pulled me out of my misery I would be sitting by myself in my cabin worrying and feeling lonely and desperate. I can never repay you for what you have done for me. Thank you both for rescuing me. Kealani, what we shared last night has not just changed my life but completely redefined it. I feel like I’ve been reborn.”

Kealani reached over and put her hand on Lauren’s. “My dear precious Lauren you need never think of repaying anything. Your presence here with us is all the thanks necessary. We didn’t give you anything you didn’t already have, we just helped you to realize it and awaken to all the possibilities you possess but had forgotten.”

When we had finished we paid our bill and went outside to find Ben waiting for us. We got back in the taxi and headed off toward Ocho Rios again. After about 30 minutes we drove across a small bridge and Ben made a right turn. We headed up a road that led up a mountain. In about 15 minutes we came to a small building and Ben stopped the car. He told us to go inside and someone would make the arrangements for us to board a bamboo raft about 25 feet long so we could be leisurely floated down the river to a spot near the bridge we had crossed. Ben said he would wait for us there.

We bought our tickets and walked out the back of the little hut to a small dock about 20 feet long that had about 10 rafts tied up along it. A very friendly young man named Phillip greeted us with a big smile and helped us get onto the bench in the back of the raft. The bench had a back and a long cushion to sit on as well as pillows for us to lean back on. Pretty comfortable given the crude but imminently practical construction of the raft. When we had been seated Phillip took his place at the front of the raft and started explaining about the ride we were embarking on. He had a long bamboo pole that he used to propel and steer the raft. The river’s current was very slow and without the pole we would probably just drift over to the side of the river and sit there.

We asked Phillip where the other rafters were, as we seemed to be the only ones on the river. “There are several rivers that one can raft on. This river is my favorite but for some reason the ships don’t have an arrangement for it and they don’t promote it.”

“That reason would be money Phillip.”

“Yes mister Eddy you are most likely right about that. The taxi driver that brought you here is related to the people who run the rafting concession and he brings us customers when he gets the chance.”

“The ship we are on is very large and it feels good to have a beautiful secluded river all to ourselves for a while, so we don’t mind at all Phillip.”

We drifted along as Phillip told us about the flora and fauna that we saw and threw in a little history of Jamaica to entertain us. After about 15 minutes a small dugout canoe came gliding up along side our raft. A young man asked us if we needed anything and he pulled back a tarp to reveal a small inventory of bottled water, rum, cigarettes, insect repellent and just about anything else you could find in a convenience store. Kealani asked him how much the bottled water cost and told him to give us 3 bottles. As he handed them to her he asked her if she would like to have some rum.

She said no thanks and then he asked her if she would like to try some ganja. I wasn’t quite sure what that was but Kealani’s eyebrows rose when he said it. “How much?” she asked him. He produced a small plastic bag rolled tightly to about the size of a large cigar with green leafy material in it. “Too much. I wouldn’t dare be caught with that or try to take it back on board the ship.” He put it back in his pocket then reached in his shirt pocket and held out a single small cigarette. It finally dawned on me what it was. To my complete shock Kealani said OK and paid him for it.

Phillip had witnessed this entire transaction to be sure we were not being hassled by the floating entrepreneur and when he had left he said “We will be coming to a place in a minute where the trees shield the river very thickly. You can light that up when we get there but be careful and I’ll warn you if anybody comes so you can throw it in the river. They don’t tend to bother tourists for just having a good time but I always like to be careful as it is against the law.”

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