Fantasy Lover

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After many years of not hearing anything about her, one day there it was on the screen of his PC, an Email asking him to join face book and Yahoo as one of her friends. He couldn’t resist and so it started.

His relationship wasn’t going well at the moment (again) his mind started to wander, what does she look like, is her body still as amazing as it used to be, were her breasts still perfectly sized and shaped as he remembered tipped with nipples just right to nuzzle and suck, the things of beauty, and the object of his recant masturbatory fantasies.

After several weeks of I.M he decided to do something about it and after some serious internet searches he had her address, he knew her birthday was this month but couldn’t remember the date.

Oh what a stroke of luck an I.M saying

“Happy birthday to me tomorrow”

Was it a hint? Did she want to see him?

‘Go on do it’ he thought

‘It won’t hurt just to see her’.

So the following day armed with a bottle of wine and a card, her address programmed into the sat nav he set off after work. He knew she lived somewhere near to the site he was working on and sure enough it only took about ten minutes to get there. Nervously he approached the door and knocked, the door opened and there she was looking just the same as he remembered perfectly proportioned despite the fact that she was some nine or ten years older and the mother of not three daughters but now four, and yes her breasts looked just as perfect, her ass just as pert as it ever was. He was starting to get hard just seeing her, after all istanbul escort these years she still looked as totally fuckable as she did the first time he saw her, (skin tight cream ski pants molded to that tight round ass the cream mohair jumper low in the back and showing off those perfectly shaped braless tits)

The meeting was awkward as all four of her daughters were there. His mind wandered and slipped away into that private place of his memory it took all his concentration to keep coming back to listen to what she was saying and hoping he was making the right noises in the right places, he was finding it increasingly more difficult not to stare at her lovely breasts, barely hidden by the small vest top she was wearing, after making small talk for a while he made his excuses and left still sporting a semi hard cock.

After several more weeks of IM and sending more and more suggestive face book pokes the opportunity arose to see her again, she was showing some of her artwork at the local college in an end of term exhibition. Again his heart rate rose at the thought of seeing her and for several days before hand he had an almost constant semi erection, and found that he had an increased need to masturbate.

On the Wednesday he decided that he should go to the exhibition, after all he had promised her that he would go. At lunch time he went to the building she had told him it was at hoping she would be there so he could see her petite but at the same time voluptuous body again. She was there and she looked wonderful, all the curves kabataş escort in the right places, though more hidden than last time he saw her, tight fitting jeans and black top with a jean jacket over, her hair longer than he remembered. ‘Her breasts were they bigger’ he thought ‘they look bigger than I remember’.

She stood and came over to him, they hugged, she had always been a very touchy feely person he remembered. As they hugged he was aware that his hand was resting on the clasp of her bra and that he could feel her breasts pressing against his lower chest, his already semi hard cock twitched up a notch he didn’t want to let go but also didn’t want to appear over friendly in front of her friends, what he really wanted to do was kiss her, not the friends greeting sort of kiss, but the long hard, tongue tangling saliva swapping I want to fuck you sort of kiss, instead reluctantly he loosened his hold on her and stepped back.

After a short time both her friends that were there said their goodbyes and left leaving them alone. Her artwork was good but he was finding hard to concentrate and show the appreciation it really deserved, he really did want her. He wanted to taste her. He wanted to feel her. He wanted to hold her. He wanted to be IN her. Damn it he wanted to fuck her.

Finding it more and more difficult he said he would have to make a move and get back to work, she suggested going for a coffee.

They arrived at the café and ordered, she got a skinny latte.

‘like she needs to be that careful’ he thought ‘she’s still kadıköy escort the same size she was when I first saw her nearly, what was it, bloody hell it’s seventeen years, and she’s still the same size’.

He tried to make small talk but it was no good his mind kept wandering, the image of her naked except for stockings and suspenders sat astride him, riding him, impaling herself on his rigid cock, her breasts jiggling each time she sank onto him kept drifting onto his mental viewing screen. Every time he turned to speak to her his eyes were drawn to her breasts and he was sure she had noticed him talking to her breasts and not her.

Her hands were resting on the table slowly turning the tall glass of coffee, she stroked the glass a couple of times and in his minds eye the glass became his rigid member she was slowly stroking, up and down her fingers wrapped around him, laid on his back her breasts pressing against him, wanking him, her hand twisting slightly as it ran up and down his length until with a shuddering sigh he erupted onto her hand and his own stomach. Back in the real world he was sure she must have seen that he was now nearly fully erect his cock lifting the front of his pants to form a tent and starting to leak pre cum.

‘Bloody hell that was almost real’ he thought ‘I’m going to have to go before I do something I’ll regret’.

At the entrance to the underground car park they parted to go their separate ways, before parting they hugged ‘god she felt good’ he kissed her forehead wishing she would lift her head and meet his lips with hers.

Back at work he couldn’t get her out of his mind, and so now here I sit at my laptop putting my thoughts into words because I had to let you know how I feel and what you do to me.

There will always be a special place in my heart and a hard on in my pants for you.

Love you always P.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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