Fantasy 2

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My Fantasy

Our trip started as usual. It was a plane flight to Sacramento. As we sat
on the plane next to each other, Linda acted like a school girl in love. She
rested her head on my shoulder, held my hand, kissed me. I think everyone on the
plane thought we were newlyweds. Boy, were they wrong.
When we got to our motel I found that Linda had reserved only one room
with one bed. I knew what was going to take place. I even wondered if there was
really a meeting or not. I found out, there wasn’t. She told me that she wanted
to get away from Frank, the school and everything so she made up the meeting.
This way she could have me all to herself without worrying about meeting. Just
to relax and fuck ourselves crazy. This was going to be a wild three days.
We went dinner then to the bar to dance. Linda was all over me still. She
whispered in my ear of how she was going to eat me alive when she got back to
the room. Of how she was going to rape me. She kept grinding her crotch against
my cock as we dance. She thought she was being coy but I think everyone in the
bar knew what was going on.
When we returned to the room Linda stripped faster than any woman I ever
knew. As her panties came off I noticed that her pussy hair had grown back some
what. She saw me looking at her cunt and stated, “I think I need you to shave
me again.”
I asked, “What does Frank think about your shaved pussy?”
“He thinks I’m nuts. But he from England and over there the woman don’t
shave even their arm pits. He said he like my bushy black pubes. I don’t so I
will keep them shaved.”
I lead her to the bathroom and into the shower. I washed her body from
head to foot paying close attention to her pussy and ass.
“You sure like rubbing my butt, don’t you?” she stated.
“You can be sure of that.” I replied.
Linda grabbed the soap and began washing my body paying close attention to
my cock, balls and ass. “And who else likes rubbing butts and cocks?” I said.
“I do.” She said.
We rinsed off and got out to dry each other off. Linda stated, “I think I
need to do the taste test.” She licked me all over, coming up saying, “All clean
and tasting perfect. I returned the favor.
I laid her on the floor to remove her growing bush back to the baby smooth
pussy it was a few weeks ago. She giggled as I shaved saying that it tickled and
was making her hot.
When I finished her pussy looked beautifully pink and smooth again. I bent
over and tongued her fleshy swollen labia and perky clit which had swollen to
its baby penis size.
Linda said, “My clit embaresses me.”
“Why” I asked.
“Its so big. It makes me look like I have a cock between my legs.” She
“Its ok, I know that its not a penis. Just a super sensitive clit.” I told
“You’re so sweet. You can’t see anything wrong with me even though I think
there is. You even think my legs are nice. I think they’re fat.” She replied.
I told her, “Don’t worry about it. I think your perfect. If I didn’t I
wouldn’t be here.’
I picked her up and carried her to the bed. She looked so beautiful laying
naked on the bed. I crawled onto the next to her and took her in my arms. I put
my lips to hers and kissed her. She responded by sticking her tongue into my
mouth searching for mine to do battle with.
I moved to her small breasts taking a nipple into my mouth and flicking it
with the tip. She moaned as I caressed her tiny tits with my tongue. “God, I
love what you do to me!”
Moving down her stomach I stopped at her cleanly shaven mound. I flicked
my tongue across her clit as she jerked from my touch. I put my mouth to her
pussy hole and stuck my tongue deep inside her. She grabbed my head and pulled me
tighter to her pussy trying to pull me inside. Her juices were flowing like
river as my tongue teased the inside folds of her juicy pussy. “AAAHHHHHH,
Ughhhhhhh, Damn you, You’re driving me crazy! Don’t stop! more, OOOHHHHHHh.”
Pulling out my tongue I climbed on top her, bringing my cock head to her
opening of her cunt. I shoved into her in one stroke as she screamed, “Fill me
up with your cock! Bury it in me deeper! FUCK ME!!!’ Her hips thrust up to meet
my down strokes. I pounded my cock deep in her. She yelled, “Pound me with your
big monster cock! Ram it to my throat. Fill every inch of my cunt! Let me feel
your cum!” She bucked harder as my cock bounced off of her tender cervix. As she
climbed higher on her way to her first orgasm, she screamed, “OH, God. FUCK ME!
Fuck my pussy! Pound your cock into my womb! Fill me with your wonderful sperm!”
I felt my cock hit her cervix and its mouth opened as I pushed deeper into
her. I felt my cock swell and I knew I going to cum. I felt her cervix stretch
as the head of my cock entered it.
“Oh, shit. I can feel your cock in my womb! I can feel it stretching me! I
need your sperm in my womb! I need to feel you shoot into me! Bury it to the
hilt! FUCK ME!!” Linda yelled. I hoped we had no people next door because they
would think she was being killed.
Then the dam busted and I came. I squirted my spunk into her pussy and
cervix. I felt it entering her womb. Her womb was sucking the head of my dick.
Milking out my sperm. Sucking my sperm in it.
When I finished cumming I rolled off of Linda as she was coming down from
her orgasm. She grabbed me and pulled herself on top of me. She clung to my neck
burying her face in my neck sobbing, “Thats better than I ever had. You make me
feel so alive. So loved. Now I know why I falling in love with you. Maybe thats
why I always wanted you.”
I patted her back for a few minutes when I noticed she had fell asleep. I
rolled her off of me onto the bed and snuggled her. In her sleep she pulled
herself closer and wrapped her legs over mine. I dozed off to sleep myself.
When I awoke I had a warm feeling in my cock. I opened my eyes to find
Linda sucking and licking me. I put my hand on her head. She looked up at me
with a twinkling in her eyes. She removed my cock from her mouth and said, “Hi,
sleepy head. Did I wake you?”
“I always wake up when a pretty lady is sucking my dick!” I replied.
Limda went back to her sucking. After I fill her belly with cum, we got
up and went down to get something to eat. The resturant stayed open 24 hours a
day so getting something to eat wasn’t hard.
On the way back Linda looked the pool and stated, “Let’s go skinny-dipping
It was only 9 o’clock in the evening so I asked what she wanted to do till
then. I already knew the answer.
“Let’s go make love again.” she replied.
I looked at her and said, “Woman, you are going to make my balls quit
working if you keep draining them dry.”
“Thats ok, I can’t get pregnant alway.”
“Thats not the point. You keep sapping my strength I won’t be able to
perform as often.” I told her.
“I’m sorry. I just can’t get enough of you or your beautiful cock. I can’t
get enough of your sweet tasting sperm. I’ve never felt this way before. I just
want kidnap you off to some small island. Forget the school, Forget Frank, just
you and me forever making love.” She stated.
Back in the room we stripped and jumped on the bed. Linda began rubbing my
chest with her soft tiny hands while cooing in my ear. I placed my hand on her
breast and massaged it slowly, playing with her dark nipple.
We laid there massaging each other and watching a show on TV. About two
o’clock in the morning after the movie, Linda jumped up and said, “Ok, Let’s go
for a swim. I knew she meant skinny-dipping. We put on our robes with nothing
underneath and proceed to the pool.
When we got to the pool it was empty. We found it also had a hot tub with
it. So I looked around, saw that noone was looking and we slipped quietly into
the hot tub. Linda shieked a little from the hot water but noone heard her. She
moved over to me and snuggled close. “I’ve always wanted to be naked in a pool
or hot tub. But Frank is a prude and doesn’t like to go in without a suit. I
could get use to being naked with you in one of these.” She said.
We stayed in the hot tub for about 30 minutes then jumped into the pool.
Linda’s nipples got hard the moment they touched the cooler water. While we were
swimming I dove underwater and came up between Linda legs. I stuck my tongue
into her shaven pussy hole and held on tight. She started thrashing about when
my tongue entered her. When I came up for air Linda grabbed me around the neck
saying, “You’ll pay for that, young man, when I get you back to our room. Then
she dove down and sucked my cock into her mouth. We swam for about 20 minutes
then went back to our room.
In the room we returned to the bed. Linda asked, “Would you be so kind as
to fuck me in the butt again?”
I said, “You really like doing that, don’t you?”
“Yes” she replied, “But only with you. You are so gentle with me and I
love the way you feel inside of me.”
This time I laid her on her stomach as I had done Mary at our little orgy.
I greased my cock with KY which Linda had brought. I smeared some on her antalya escort bayan tiny
hole and slipped a finger into her. She squirmed as I did, “That feels good but
your cock would feel better!”
I climbed over her putting the head of my dick on her peckered hole. When
I nugged forward a little, Linda raised her ass impaling herself on my dick. She
wailed, “Damn, that cock of yours feels great! Put more into me.” I pushed
forward and in one thrust buried my cock to the hilt.
Linda screamed, “Yes, thats it! FUCK MY ASS! I LOVE IT! Don’t take it out!
Leave it buried in me!” She was cumming and I hadn’t even did one stroke. When
she finished cumming I began to slowly pull my cock out till just the head was
in her. Knowing Linda as I did I knew she’d want to be fuck fast and hard. So I
slammed my cock back into her. She yelled, “OHHH, YES, FUCK ME HARD! FUCK ME
DEEP! Fill me with your wonderful cock. Pound my ass into the bed. Bone my ass!
Fill me with your sweet hot cum!”
That did the trick I started cumming. I felt my balls contract as they
squeezed my sperm from them. I felt Linda ass contracting as I pumped my spunk
into her tiny butt. I felt her ass getting slippery as my sperm flowed deep into
her bowels. I felt her asshole stretch as my cock swelled to what seemed twice
its size around.
Linda was feeling all the things I was feeling and she let the world know
it. “Damn, I feel your cock swelling. Its so big and I’m so small! I don’t care
if it tears me! FUCK MY ASS!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR SPUNK!! CUM IN MY ASS!! Let me
taste it in my throat. Pound your cock into me!”
I finished after feeling like I pumped a gallon of sperm into her well
packed butt. I pulled out of her leaving her with a gapping hole with my sperm
running out down her pussy and onto the bed. It took her a few minutes to regain
her composure and for her asshole to close. She helped by fingering her butt.
She rolled over and looked at me saying, “You are a monster. Do you know
what kind of wild woman you’ve turned me into when we do this?”
I told her it was what she wanted.
“I know, but I never thought that I would enjoy it so much. I can feel
your sperm churning around in my bowels.”
We laid down and snuggled again then dozed off.
In the morning we went down and ate breakfast. While we were eating we
talked about what we could that day. Linda said, “Let’s stay in bed all day.”
I told that we should go to a lake or something to have some fun then when
we got back we would be rested and ready to romp.
She pouted a little but said OK.
We went back to our room and changed in our swimsuits. She had brought a
one piece with her but it didn’t do her figure any good. I suggested we go buy
her a proper suit to bring out her beauty and accent her figure.
So off we went in search of a swimsuit for her. At a swinsuit place I had
her try on a bunch of different styles of suits. The one I liked was a thong
bikini. It let her asscheeks be exposed with just a wisp of covering for her
pussy. The little piece of material covering her pussy was so tight it looked
like a second skin. It showed the outline of her pussy lips and her clit. You
could tell that her pussy was shaved bald. I felt a stirring in my cock as I
looked at her cunt. The top accented her tiny breasts with just enough padding
to make her look like she had bigger tits. She looked at herself in the mirror
and stated, “Frank would have a heart attack if he saw me in this. But I like it.
I’ll only wear it for you.” She brought it. And off we went to the lake.
When we got to the lake we found that it wasn’t as crowded as we thought
it might be. So I spread out the towels we had brought from the motel and laid
in the sun. Linda asked me to put lotion on her body which I did gladly. As I
was rubbing on the lotion she kept saying that I missed a spot. You can guess
which spot that was. Your right. It was her crotch and her tits. She was getting
excited right here on the beach.
She said, “I wish we were alone on this beach. You’ve got me so hot I want
you right now, right here.”
I laughed and shook my head, “Linda, from the first day I met you till
this day. I never dreamed that you would be so forward and so sexual. You must
have a lot of pent-up emotions inside of you.”
“Yes, that’s true. And you have been the only man able to release them. I
never thought I would ever want a man as much as I want you. I love to suck your
cock and shallow your sperm. I love to have you fucking every hole I have. I
become a slave to your cock and the pleasure it brings me. I never want it to
The rest of the time was spent fucking and sucking. When we returned to
school the following week things went fairly smooth. I wasn’t called to Linda’s
office much.
Victoria searched me out one day saying, “I need you to do me again. I
can’t believe that I’m horny again so soon.”
We made plans to meet again at the same motel on Wednesday.
As I thought Victoria beat me to the motel again and had already rented
the room. As I entered the room she was laying on the bed stark naked. She also
had a dildo between her legs fucking her cunt in rapid strokes.
“Hurry up and get undress. I need to suck your cock!” She panted.
I undressed in about two seconds and jumped onto the bed. I put my dick to
her lips and she sucked it in to the hilt in one swift motion. I could feel her
tonsils as I hit the back of her throat. This girl was like a vacuum. If she
sucked any harder she’d rip my dick off.
I couldn’t hold out and I started cumming in the back of her throat. She
gulped down every drop as she was cumming herself.
“Damn, I needed that.” She said when she released my cock. “I can’t
believe I need a man. I’ve never needed one before. I thought I could live
without a man and without having sex but I’m finding I need to be fucked and
often. What have you done to me? I want your cock in me.”
As my dick was getting hard I climbed on top of Victoria and slammed my cock
into her juicy pussy. I buried it to the hilt in one stroke. I started fucking
her with slow, easy stroke.
“FUCK ME HARDER! Fuck me deep. I need it!” She wailed.
I continued my slow fucking even as she begged for me to do it harder. I
rolled over and pulled her on top of me. I took one of her tits into my mouth
and bit down on her pebble-sized nipple. I then reached over and grabbed the
dildo. I brought it up to her cunt and shoved it in along side my cock.
“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH, UUUgggghhhhhh! Victoria screamed as the dildo entered her
pussy. “God, I am so stretched. I can’t believe this feel so good. Fuck me deep
with both of those cocks. It hurts a little but feels good at the same time.”
After a few minutes of driving her crazy I removed the dildo from her cunt
and moved it to her asshole. I pushed it into her ass slowly so that she could
feel every ridge and bump on it.
“UUUGGHHHHH! Go easy. I haven’t had anything in there since you were.
I continued my insertion of the dildo into her ass. Victoria was humping
away on my cock as the dildo moved deeper into her ass. When the dildo was all
the way in her tight ass, she moaned, “I have never been so well packed. I never
thought I’d like to have my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. Damn, It
feels great. Fuck my ass! Fuck my pussy! Ram them to me! Oh, yes.”
I started moving my cock and the dildo in and out of Victoria’s body in
unison. I’d pull both out till just the heads were in her then ram them both
back in as far as they would go. I could feel the dildo on the other side of the
thin skin that seperated her colon and her pussy.
Just before I came I slammed my cock and the dildo into her. My cock head
entered her womb thats when I came. “OOOHHHHH, I feel your sperm shooting into
my womb. I feel your cock stretching me. Fill me with your spunk! God, I love it.
I pulled my cock from her pussy but left the dildo in her ass. I rolled
her onto her hands and knees so that I could watch as I took the dildo from her
rectum. As the dildo came out of Victoria’s ass I noticed that the hole did not
close as fast as it did the first time I butt fucked. I decided to ram my cock
into her ass. I slammed my dick into her ass in one stroke till my pubic hair
hit her spread cheeks.
“Oh, yes. Fuck my butt with your big dick. Pack it tight! Ram it to the
I knew I couldn’t cum but I did like the feeling of her tight ass. It was
like fucking a pussy. After a few minutes I pulled my cock from her ass while
she protested its removal. I laid on the bed next to her to rest. Victoria
snuggled next to me with her head on my chest.
“I missed my period this month. I think I might already be pregnant from
our last time. But I want to change some of the rules you set forth. I don’t
want to stop fucking you after the baby is born. I want to see you and fuck you
when ever we can, is that ok with you?”
I told her that it was and she didn’t have to pay me the $500.00 dollars
I had requested.
We fucked and sucked some then went home.
Well, it is cofirmed. Victoria went to the doctor and found out that she
was pregnant. You should see escort bayan her. She so happy and bubbly. She called me and
asked me over to her house. When I arrived she took me up to her bedroom and
removed her clothes.
“Look at my belly. It already is showing a little pouch. I so happy. I
think this is the neatest thing I’ve ever done. Put your hand on me, right here.
Do you feel anything?” She asked.
“Yes, I feel your hard flat stomach and a little pouch right here.” I
told her.
“Oh, thank you! Thank you for getting me pregnant. I am the happiest girl,
I mean woman in the world.” She stated and with that grabbed me around the neck
and kissed me very deeply.
“Will you make love to me right now?” she asked.
I told her that as wild as she gets that we should wait for a while till
she is farther along and that way she wouldn’t accidently lose the baby.
She said, “OK, but I would sure like to have sex with now.
I left and went home. When I got home there were a message on my machine.
It was from Linda. Frank had taken Frankie Jr. to Disneyland and she stayed home
to relax. She wanted me to come over.
I left and went to Linda’s house she had told me not to knock but to come
around to the back she’d be at the pool.
Boy, was she at the pool. She was butt naked in the pool.
“Hi, take off your clothes and get in here. Frank will be gone till late
tonight so we have all the time in the world.”
I said, “Are you sure. If we get caught you’ll be a divorced woman.”
“I don’t care I want you and I want you now!” She stated flatly.
I took off my clothes and jumped into the pool with her. She dove straight
to my cock and engulfed the whole thing in her mouth. I didn’t think she could
hold her breath as long as she did. When she finally came up for air, my cock
stood out like a tent pole.
“That what I like to see. You with a big hard-on. Ready for use on a
moments notice.” She commented.
“I glad you approve.” I told her.
We splashed and played like two kids for a while then moved to the towels
she had put on the grass. She looked wonderful laying there on her back with her
chest heaving and the water shining on her body especally her shaved pussy.
“Did you hear that Victoria’s pregnant?’ she asked.
“Yes, I heard.
“I think I want to get my tubes untied so that I can have another baby.
But I want it to be yours!”
“Do you think that is a good idea at your age.” I asked.
“I know it would be rough but I have this burning urge to have another
child. Your child.” She said.
“Well, what does Frank think?”
“He thinks I want to do it so little Frankie can have a baby brother or
“I guess we need to talk about it some more later. Right now, come here
you crazy woman.” I pulled her up and sat her down onto my cock. It slipped into
her easily.
Linda moaned as my cock buried itself in her hot pussy. I hit the bottom
Here we were fucking in the back yard at my boss’s house. The people over
on the other side of the canyon could probably see us. But Linda didn’t care.
She was spinning out of control as my cock played with her cunt and bounced off
of her womb.
“Damn, you feel good in me. Fuck me! Ram your cock deep into me! Fill me
with your spunk!” She wailed as I reamed her pussy.
“I cummmmmiiimmmgg! She yelled as her orgasm took over her body.
I felt her cunt juices running across and over my balls as she kept
cumming one after the other. I felt my cock swell as I got ready to unload my
balls full of sperm deep into her womb.
She screamed, “I feel your cock in my womb. I feel it swelling. Pump me
full of your love juice. Fill me to the limit! Fill my womb.”
I did fill her womb and her cunt. When I lifted her off of me after our
orgasms has subsided, her pussy released a glob of my sperm and her juices onto
my stomach. Linda bent over and licked up every drop then moved to my cock and
cleaned it. When she was finished cleaning she laid down next to me and dozed
off. I laid there thinking, “Now this woman wants a baby. Maybe I should stop
fucking her for awhile. Maybe I have my tubes cut. Who knows. We’ll see what
When Linda awoke we moved to her bed and I fucked her again. Then she
asked to be butt fucked by me with her dildo in her pussy. This went on for a
couple of more hours. At 8:30, I decided to go home, much to Linda’s protest but
she gave in. I took her to the shower and scrubbed her body paying close
attention to her butt and pussy. After I dried her and laid her in bed, I kissed
her and left. She was almost asleep before I got out the door.
Linda told me on Monday that Frank got home about 20 minutes after I left
and that he wanted to fuck her. She told him that she didn’t feel good and just
wanted to rest. The truth was that her pussy and ass were full of my cum and she
didn’t want him to spoil it with his. Plus he would have seen it, felt it and
might have gotten to wonder how or if she was fucking someone else.
We went on this way for a couple of months fucking in her office but not
at her house again. In the meantime, Victoria was starting to show more as she
her pregnancy progressed. She still want to get fucked. But was willing to wait.
During one of our talks, Victoria told me that she want me to be there
when the baby was born. To help her through it. Linda questioned her about her
choice. But Victoria just told her that since I had medical training and had
delivered some babies. She felt as her friend I could be of great help and
Linda told me once after a fuck session in her office that she didn’t like
the idea of me being with Victoria when her baby was born.
I asked her why.
She said, “I don’t want you to be around another naked woman and see her
I told her that I have seen lots of pussies before she came along.
“This is different. Victoria works here and you’ll always remember what
she looked like and maybe you’ll want to fuck her.”
I thought, “This is funny. Linda didn’t know that Victoria’s baby was mine
and she didn’t know that Victoria and I had fuck numberous times since she got
pregnant. Linda was jealous of every woman. How strange this world was.”
I told her not to worry. But didn’t she remember the little trio of her,
Mary and I.
She said she did, but that was before she fell in love with me and my cock.
Well, the baby came and I was there with Victoria as she had asked me to
be. In the meantime, down the hall Linda had scheduled to have her tubes untied.
I told Victoria and she said, “I have decided that I would like to get married.”
“Who’s the lucky guy?” I asked.
“I’d like it to be you if you wanted to. I know this sounds strange but I
had a lot of time to think about it. You treat me good. You make love to me
beautifully. I miss you when you’re not around. I love to snuggle you and feel
safe in your arms.”
“Let me think about it, OK.” I said.
“That would be fine with me. I know that I love you. I wasn’t supposed to
but it just happened.”
I left Victoria and went down the hall to Linda’s room. She was reading a
book when I got there.
“Hi,” she said, “I glad you’re here. They told me I couldn’t have my tubes
untied because I have a cyst on one of my ovaries and the other one isn’t
working. They want to remove the cyst and remove the other ovary. I’m scared
that I’ll lose my sex drive if they do that.”
“You probably won’t lose your sex drive. But that means you won’t be able
to have anymore children.” I told her. To myself I said, “Thank God.”
This was a load off of my mind. Now maybe she would quit wanting to fuck
as often. Maybe she would think about her life and her only child. The idea of
marrying Victoria didn’t sound to bad. She was a nice girl. Nice body if she
took care of it now that the baby was here.
Linda looked at me and said, “I want you to fuck me, right now!”
“Linda, this is not a good idea. Not here in your room. A nurse or Frank
could walk in at any moment. You know better.”
“I know, but I need you so badly. I miss feeling you inside me. How about
if I give you a quick blow-job in the bathroom?”
“Ok, but make it quick.”
We went into the bathroom. Linda lifted her gown and sat on the toilet. I
unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock. She had it in her mouth and down her
throat before I could even blink. She sucked in then out to the head. I feared
we’d get caught so I came almost immediately. As Linda was swallowing my cum she
had an orgasm. Her orgasm was so hard that she clamped mouth tighter on my cock.
She also peed from having her orgasm. When she finished I put my dick back into
my pants and we went back to her bed. After she was back in bed and tucked in,
in walked Frank and little Frankie.
After saying hello and having small talk with Frank, I left and returned
to Victoria’s room. I kissed her hello and asked how she felt. She said, “I
horny again but I guess I have to wait.”
“I guess you do for a least 6 weeks. Unless you want to use your mouth or
butt.” I joked with her.
“I can do that. I want antalya escort to do that.” she stated.
I sat down on the bed and held her in my arms for a while. She seemed to
need to be cuddled. I thought, “I could really like this woman.”
Time passed quickly and Victoria went home. She took time off of work to
take care of her child. I visited her about every day and cuddled her. She
talked more of marriage and being happy. She told me that when she met me that
she didn’t like me. But after talking to me and then fucking me she found that I
was a very sweet person. That she loved having me in her. She loved the way I
held her and comforted her. Now she was in love with me and wanted me all to
herself. She also wanted to marry me. She said that she had planned not to get
married but that all changed after our first fuck.
I told her that Linda had told me that she also was in love with me.
“I can believe that but she has a husband.” Victoria retorted. “I think
you should stop fucking her even if she fires you.”
I told her to stop worrying that something would probably change that.
Well, it did.
Mary called me one night crying, “Linda found out that I was fucking Frank
and she told Phil. All hell broke loose. Linda wanted to divorce Frank and Phil
wants to divorce me. What am I going to do.”
“I guess you’d better talk to Linda and see if you can resolve this. Did
you tell Frank that Linda was fucking me?”
“Yes, it came out one time when we were fucking. I told him about our
three-way in the motel. I couldn’t help myself.” She wailed.
“Well, I guess there is nothing to do but wait to see what happens. What
does Phil think?” I asked.
“He didn’t mind that I fucked you but he is mad because I have been
fucking Frank and he hasn’t been able to fuck Linda. You know that swinger’s
motto.” she replied.
“Maybe you should talk to Linda and see if you can get her to fuck Phil,
then you all can swap partners sometime.”
“I see what I can do. Good-bye.”
After I hung the phone Linda called. She told me the same things Mary had
said. “Why don’t you call Phil and meet with him and talk. Maybe you can come to
some sort of agreement.” I told her.
“But I don’t want to talk to Phil I just want to see you.” She cried.
“Well, You know that Frank knows about us!”
“Yes, but he said that he didn’t mind because he was fucking Mary.”
“I think you should talk to Phil and try to resolve this. Maybe you’ll
find that you like him. Maybe even want to fuck him, you never know.”
“Ok, I’ll talk to him but I won’t fuck him. I can’t even imagine being
fucked by anyone but you.”
Well, to make a long story short, Linda did meet with Phil and she did
fuck him. All that night as matter of fact. They got along so well that they
went to Linda’s house, called Mary, who came over and the four of them had an
orgy right on Linda and Frank’s bed. From what I heard from Linda she finally
got double fucked by Phil and Frank. They also double fucked Mary. Their cocks
weren’t as big as mine but she did feel well packed with the two cocks in her.
She said, “While they were both fucking me, Frank in my pussy and Phil in my ass,
Mary had put her pussy to my face. I ate her pussy like I hadn’t eaten in weeks.
I never knew I’d like to eat another woman but I found I like it.”
She also told me that, “We all decided not to get divorced but continue to
swap every so often. Frank also said that I could fuck you once in awhile. Frank
has changed. I think I can like his changes. He even likes my shaved pussy. He
and Phil ate me for hours when Mary would let them.”
I continued to fuck Linda every so often but as time went by it became
less and less.
I did let Victoria talk me into marrying her. She back to her old self.
She got her old body back. Her pussy is as tight as it was the first time we
fucked. Her stomach is flat and hard again. She hasn’t lost the desire to make
love though. She wants it and even starts it more than I do.
I took Victoria shopping for a bathing suit since she had her old body
back. She wanted a suit that would show off her body and make every man and
woman jealous especially Linda. She tried on several suit till I found a thong
for her. It was even smaller than Linda’s. The top straps barely covered her
nipples for she had retained her boobs after the baby. They were double the size
they were before she got pregnant. The bottoms were like Linda’s except that the
part that covered her pussy was narrower. Victoria’s pussy wasn’t plump like
Linda’s or Mary’s so when she tried on the bottoms it was even more than a
second skin more like saran wrap. It showed everything. Her small pussy lips.
The slit between them. You could almost count the hair stubbles. And the back of
it, you could were the top started but after that nothing but firm tight
asscheeks. She was very happy with it and said that she was going to wear it
when we went to Linda’s to swim. And she did, too.
I thought Frank and Phil were going to cum in their swimsuit. You could
see their hard cocks poking a tent in them. Linda and Mary just gritted their
teeth. You could that they were jealous. Linda had convinced Frank to allow her
to wear hers but it didn’t have the same effect as Victoria did.
We have went to Frank and Linda’s a couple of times for an orgy. It was
fun to watch those with woman being packed with cocks.
The first time Victoria got packed she went crazy. She came so much the
bed got soaked. She even passed out. Here she was sitting on Frank’s cock, Phil
was in her mouth and I was in her ass. We guys made sure to fuck in unison so
that we all went in together and out together. But I didn’t know if Frank and
Phil would last long since it was the first time they got to fuck Victoria. They
were so excited I could swear they started cumming as soon as they touched her
body. The girls all went crazy when they were fucked by three cocks at once.
Once when Linda sat on my cock, Frank was in her ass and Phil was in her
mouth, Mary started licking the two cocks that were in Linda’s butt and cunt.
Mary licked one cock then the other then she licked the area between Linda pussy
and ass. This drove Linda so wild she clamped down on Frank and Phil’s cocks so
hard they all were locked together like dogs. Linda came so hard and so much
that she peed again like she did at the hospital. That bed was so wet it took
three days to dry the matress. Frank and Linda had to sleep in the spare room.
When Mary, who was the pro, got into the 3-way she told us guys who would
fuck her and where. She wanted Frank in her mouth, Phil in her cunt and me in
her ass. Victoria sat there and watched as we started putting the meat to Mary.
Her hand went to her clit and she fingered herself while watching.
After Phil eased his cock into Mary and she had Frank going into mouth,
she told me to hurry up and bury my big hunk of meat in her ass. I slammed my
cock into Mary’s ass in one stroke. All she could say was, “UUUMMM, AMMMMM,”
because Frank was forcing his cock down her throat. I proceed to pound my cock
into her hard and fast just like she liked it. We all came at the same time.
Mary went wild. Her orgasm was so hard that when we pulled out she kept cumming.
She flooded the bed like Linda had done. Except Mary not only peed but she lost
control of her bowels and sprayed the bed with my sperm and her shit. I glad I
didn’t have to clean it up.
Victoria and I haven’t back to Linda’s house for awhile. We just don’t
feel the need. Victoria just likes to have only me. After she had the three
cocks in her she needed me to finger her butt while she clamps down so she can
get her tight butt back. Which is alright with me. The only problem is that when
I finger her she gets excited and wants me to fuck her butt.
Last night after I fingered her she raised up to her hands and knees and
said, “You’ve got me so hot, Now cool me off. Fuck my butt.” I got behind her and
greased my cock with her pussy juice. She grabbed my cock with her hand and
pulled out of her cunt. She aimed it at her asshole and pushed herself onto me
one stroke. When she had it all the way in her butt she released my cock and
started ramming her ass onto it. I grabbed her tits and let her do the work of
being fucked.
She screamed as my pubic bone hit her wide spread asscheeks, “I can feel
your cock deep in me! I can feel it in my stomach! God, I love you! I love the
feel of your cock in my ass. I feel it stretching me open! Fill me with your
sperm! Ram it in me deeper!”
That did it. I came as I rammed it to the hilt again. Victoria had also
reached down with her hand and squeezed my balls. A trick she had pick up from
Mary at one of the orgy we went to. Now she used it when ever she wanted me to
cum when she came. This girl is getting to smart, but she is very lovable. I
think I’ll keep her.
Everything at the school is going alright. We have a new asst. to Linda
since Victoria got a better job. She’s been looking at me funny. I guess Linda
may have told her of what we all do. Victoria not to happy about the another
woman drulling over me, but since she pregnant again. Victoria has agreed to let
me fuck the new girl, Linda or Mary.
But right now she laying on the bed naked again crooking her finger at me
wanting me come over and fuck her again.
As for the rest, we’ll see what happens. end (part 2)

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