Extra-Marital Fantasy Ch. 01

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A couple of decades ago, I wrote a series of stories as a kind of therapy while my too-young marriage was falling apart. I’ve adapted them for Literotica, but they are little-changed. The writing style is a bit immature, the situations a little unbelievable, so be patient. Of course, they are fiction and of course the names have been changed.


1. Stranded Relations

I had just jumped into my car after work and was out of there. Since I was in the middle of two lonely months at home alone, I decided to pay a surprise visit on my parents.

Driving along the road in front of where I worked, I spotted my brother in law’s fiancée, standing by her car, bonnet open. She worked in the university across the road from where I worked, so I occasionally saw her on my way home from work.

She was a year or so younger than me; a nice girl, quiet. I felt a bit sorry for her. It was no easy time, being part of my wife’s family. And Mark knew how to spend money on expensive gifts for her but not how to be intimate with her or to properly love her. The family thought her demeanour was ingratitude for his gifts, but I thought it was sadness at their lack of closeness.

I stopped to see if I could help.

“Actually, what I would really like”, she said “is just a lift home. I’m really tired and I can always send dad out to get the car. “

It seemed logical to me at the time, so I threw my bag in the back and she got into my car.

“Thanks for this,” she said, placing a hand on my thigh.

When we arrived at her place, she invited me in for a cup of coffee. Being the end of a hard day, I accepted the invitation. We went into the kitchen where she pulled out two cups, dropped some instant coffee in each and turned on the kettle.

“I’ll just dump my bag upstairs and change out of these work clothes,” she said, disappearing up the stairs that led to her upstairs bedroom and sitting area.

“Nice arse!” I thought as I watched her jeans-clad rear-end ascend the stairs.

I had just finished pouring milk into the coffee when I heard her coming down again. I turned around to see her. She wore a thin white linen shirt, not buttoned, just knotted, against which her taut nipples not only pressed, but whose darker colour could be easily made out through the thin material. She had beautiful large D-cup breasts, perfectly shaped, and her nipples were at this moment very tight, sticking out maybe a centimetre or more.

The soft, white flesh of her torso was bare. Her navel held my attention for some time.

Below that she wore a very short, light blue satin wraparound skirt – very short. Accessories were white stiletto heels, white lace-topped stockings held by white suspenders, all out in the open due to the extremely short skirt, and, as she stepped one by one down the stairs, the occasional glimpse of white lacey knickers.

“Great!” she said, seeing that I had made the coffee, “bring those upstairs could you?”

I picked up the cups and carefully followed her at a safe distance up the stairs, her arse wiggling voluptuously in front of me. Halfway up the stairs she stopped and bent over to pick up a conveniently placed five cent piece, affording me a view that assured I became aware of the fact that the white knickers were of the minimalist G-string variety.

“How about that?” she said “I’m rich. ”

At the top of the stairs she motioned me towards the sofa, where I sat down and put the coffees on the table. She went over to the window and opened the blinds and the sun streamed into the room.

The upstairs consisted of a large sitting room with her bedroom off of it, housing a walk in robe and en suite bathroom. I had toured it once before during a family visit, it was all very private from the rest of the house, which she shared with her parents.

She kicked off her stilettos and sat down on the sofa next to me, folding one leg under herself and stretching the other out.

As we chatted for a while and drank our coffee, she moved closer and closer to me, until her arm was on the back of the sofa behind my head. Suddenly she leaned right into me and planted her mouth on mine. I pushed her slightly way, but she wouldn’t relent, until I started kissing back. Our mouths opened and we were soon attacking each other, tongues grappling. My arms held her shoulders, hers the back of my head and neck.

However, I did resist again. I pushed her off of me and said, “No, no, we can’t do this. I’m married, you’re engaged. God, we’ll be related soon. “

She smiled and said “not by blood!” as she untied the knot in her shirt.

“Just this once, I swear. No one will ever know, I promise,” she breathed as she fell back on top of me, her shirt billowing open to expose her glorious tits.

Our lips locked together again and our mouths intermingled furiously. I pushed her shirt from her left shoulder and began to kiss her neck, her earlobe, her neck again, then her bare shoulder. I looked up at her şişli elit escort and our mouths met again, tongues exploring deep into each other’s throat. As we pashed, I pushed the shirt from her right shoulder. She unwrapped herself from around me and, without our mouths stopping their work, threw her arms back and extricated herself completely from her shirt.

We continued to work at each other. I had one hand in the small of her back and the other on her chest as she unbuttoned my shirt. That hand slipped down and held her breast, gently squeezing the flesh and rolling the nipple softly between thumb and forefinger.

She had me unbuttoned now and it was my turn to sit up and wriggle out of my shirt. Having done this, I grabbed her by the bare waist and shuffled her along my body a bit, so I could attack her tits with my mouth.

Squeezing them each with my hands, I attacked them with my lips and tongue, licking the breast and then the nipple before sucking the nipple into my mouth for a soft nibble and a swirling from my tongue, then engulfing as much of her copious breast as possible. As I did this, she held my head tight with both arms and panted, and I slid my free hand down her back, over and under her skirt to her firm arse while my other hand helped my mouth to taste every bit of her tits and nipples. My free hand slipped under the narrowest part of her G-string and lay across her arse as she let go of my head and started to explore my shoulders, back and sides with her hands.

She slid slightly downwards, depriving my mouth of her breasts, and kissed me on the lips. Our open mouths locked again and our tongues grappled for a few minutes before she broke away and kissed my neck. With a hand behind my neck she then kissed my collarbone, then my chest at the base of my neck, then my left nipple and my stomach.

Then she slowly unbuttoned my 501s, kissing every bare bit of flesh that was revealed, until she reached the top of my briefs. She then shuffled away from me, pulling my jeans down as she went. When she had removed them from my feet, she sat up, kneeling at my feet on the sofa with her exquisite tits sitting proud before falling again on top of me.

She dragged her tits over my feet and up my legs until they dragged across my cotton-clad and rock hard cock. Then she stopped and licked around my navel, whilst her breasts brushed back and forth across the end of my cock. She drilled her tongue sloppily into my navel before moving left and kissing the crease at the top of my leg. Slowly she ran her tongue along that crease until she reached the top of my briefs.

Then she slid her fingers under the elastic and slowly pulled my briefs down a bit. She kissed the top of my pubic hair, then pulled the briefs down some more, and kissed the base of my shaft, which had become visible. Then, with a swift motion she pulled my briefs down enough for my cock to spring out. She looked up at me and smiled before wrapping her hand around my shaft.

First she kissed the base of my shaft, above my balls, and then she kissed each testicle in a deep, consuming kiss each, before engulfing my whole scrotum with her mouth and rolling each ball around with her tongue. She then removed them reluctantly from her mouth, like an ice-cream, and went to the shaft. Opening her hand slightly, she had access to the shaft, which she attacked with lips and tongue, licking its entire length, taking small ice-cream bites with her lips, before arriving at the head, which she enveloped, hooking her lips around the rim of the head, before sliding it out of her mouth, then back in again.

It was like electric shock therapy for me, the ecstasy was almost unbearable, my penis pulsed, wanting to spill its load into her, but I put all my energy into resistance.

With fingers now wrapped around the base of my cock, she now took as much of it into her mouth as she could, almost swallowing the head, before sliding it out from her tightly held lips and plunging it into her mouth again. I was so ready to explode, but resisted. I desperately wanted to fuck her and nothing was going to stop me, even as she continued this exercise in giving me amazing pleasure. She was, without a doubt, the finest exponent of oral sex I have ever known.

I needed distraction, so I told her to turn around for some access. Momentarily stopping the action, she climbed on top of me, straddling my body and facing my feet. As she went back to work on my cock, I lifted her skirt to reveal her fabulous arse, one of her fine features that I hadn’t really noticed before today – until I saw her climbing the stairs earlier – on account of always noticing her magnificent tits.

Pushing her G-string to one side, I now had access to her vagina. In fact it was in my face and sizzling. I plunged my tongue straight in, sending a jolt through her body. The musk of her vagina filled my nostrils as my tongue explored her. I took big mouthfuls of her mound and lapped at her slit. şişli escort

Reaching up and around, I pulled her buttocks apart for excellent access to her steaming pussy. I kissed and caressed it with my tongue, and sucked gently on the area. I pressed an index finger into her pussy, then a middle finger, and finger fucked her. I found her clitoris easily enough and licked at it greedily. She rocked back and forth against my face as my ministrations on her pussy began to take effect.

Meanwhile she continued to work on my penis, sucking it deeply into her mouth, swallowing its end, massaging my balls. It was all I could do to stop myself from exploding in her mouth and the taste and scent of her pussy had just gotten me more aroused. I desperately clung on, not wanting to come until I had fucked her. The sobering thought of her stern Eastern European parents catching us in the act helped.

She was drawing closer, however, to a crashing orgasm. Her rocking motion had turned into a furious humping and grinding motion as I continued to suck lightly on her clitoris and explore her pussy with my lips and tongue. This helped me because soon she was unable to suck my cock any more. She just held it in a tight grip as she threw her head back and moaned breathlessly, louder and louder.

Finally she almost yelled at me, “fuck me, please, fuck me quick, I want it!” I jumped up. She was still in the knees and elbows position she had assumed while sucking my cock, so I rounded up behind her. With her skirt up and knickers to one side, I knelt behind her and plunged my cock deep into her steaming, moist pussy. There was a sharp, short intake of breath by her before a soft, drawn out moan as I settled into a slow thrusting rhythm behind her.

As my cock pistoned deep into her tight vagina, I reached forward, unable to keep my hands off those magnificent tits. As I massaged her tits and plunged deep into her pussy, her breathing became more and more urgent, more desperate. She pushed back hard against each thrust, and my balls slapped her flesh as my cock plunged deeper into her pussy. Still I clung on, not wanting this to end, not wanting to come before I’d had my fill.

Unexpectedly she paused proceedings. Panting deeply, she sat up, my cock slid slowly from her with a squelch. She turned around and pushed me onto my back. Still panting she climbed over me and lowered herself onto my rigid cock.

And we were off again. She slid up and down on my cock for a while, her tits bouncing wildly, beautifully. Then, slowing proceedings, she slumped onto my chest, still thrusting, and we kissed passionately, tongues entwining lasciviously. Her tits rolled erotically, like soft dough, over my chest as she continued thrusting herself down onto my cock.

Then she was up again, riding my cock, bouncing, supporting herself with a hand on my knee behind her, and one holding the back of her neck. I thrust up as she plunged down, getting into a rhythm that satisfied her for depth. As we bounced along, her moans and sighs became more vocal, she began to find her voice. She bounced harder and I thrust deeper.

With a final scream she reached a loud orgasm, my cock was drenched in her juices and sweat and my thrusting slowed to a languid pulse as she stopped jumping and again slumped onto my chest. She continued to rock down onto my cock and I continued to thrust but the pulse had slowed.

“What can I do for you?” she asked, “to make you come. I can’t believe you haven’t come. By now, most men have gone off. ”

“I masturbate everyday” I said, revealing the truth with a joke. In truth, I was also practiced, as my wife and I still had regular, joyless sex

She laughed and put her head on my shoulder, a slow pulse still continuing between us as my cock stayed erect, deep inside her.

“I know!” she announced, standing up. As my rigid cock was pulled from her, she staggered a little, with another sharp intake of breath, before regaining her composure. She reached for my hand and pulled me up. Then she removed her skirt and G string and sat down on the sofa and, putting her hand on the back of the sofa behind her head and with a bit of effort, lifted her legs so her feet were almost at her head level.

For the first time I noticed her impeccably groomed vagina, almost completely devoid of hair, except for a thin band, barely half an inch wide, of soft, beige hair, that extended from the top of her vagina to somewhere below where the waist of her underwear would be.

“Fuck me in the arse” she said, “that’ll get you off!”

I didn’t need much convincing. I reached out a cupped hand to her and said, “spit here”. She said no, she had some lube in a drawer. Without moving too much, she reached into a drawer by the sofa and pulled out a small tube. I took the lubricant and rubbed it onto her slightly puckered anal sphincter with two fingers.

At first she jumped at my touch on this tender area, but as I massaged the lubricant şişli eve gelen escort into the area, she relaxed, closing her eyes and getting caught up again in the feeling. As I prepared her arse, I pushed my middle finger deep into her, eliciting a small involuntary gasp form her. “Ooh, fuck me there, that’s good” she breathed.

Not wanting to disappoint the woman, I positioned myself at the goal and placed the head of my cock against her sphincter. With a firm push, my cock went into her arse easily. She moaned lazily as it went in, her eyes squinting with the pressure. She looked uncomfortable; all hunched over, but didn’t seem to mind, lost in a sort of reverie of pleasure and pain.

I pressed my cock as deep into her arse as I could, in a regular motion, gently but firmly at first, then rougher and faster as I began to lose myself as well. I knew this would make me come. The sight of her lying there, taking me in her arse while she massaged her tits and nipples with one hand and fingered her pussy with the other was way too much. Occasionally I felt the fingers in her pussy against my cock as I thrust into her arse. I held her arse open with a palm on each buttock. My cock slid in and out easily with sweat and juices.

Again her pace and breathing became more urgent, her fingers began to work hard on her vagina, and her vocalisations became louder. She was about to reach another orgasm, and I hadn’t had one yet! I sawed into her arse, pushing my cock as deep as I could, my balls slapping against her coccyx.

Meanwhile she plunged her fingers deep into her pussy, writhing in pleasure on the sofa as I fucked her arse. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the sofa hard with a hand behind her head, threw her head back and bucked a little. With a thrust and wriggle like someone’s death throes, she climaxed again, an orgasm crashing through her body picking her up and dropping her back down onto the sofa like a rag.

At this same moment, I felt my cock tighten up and finally burst. With a few deep thrusts I crashed, sending what seemed like gallons of semen rushing into her arse and, with each thrust, deep into her body. I came and came, an orgasm deeper than any before, seemingly filling her bowels.

Finally it stopped, I stopped. We were still for a minute, my cock still embedded in her arse, until I collapsed onto the sofa, the victim of the longest lovemaking session I had experienced for a long time.

As if she couldn’t allow it to end, she attacked my cock, licking and sucking like an ice cream, pumping every last drop of semen from my balls, savouring the heady taste, a mix of my semen and the juices and sweat from her own vagina and anus.

Satisfied that my cock was completely clean, she finally retreated and fell into my arms on the sofa. The air was thick with the aroma of our session, of sweat and semen and vagina and arse.

I ended up spending the night, not going to surprise my parents, instead making less furious love with my brother in law’s fiancée several times more before falling asleep with her in her very comfortable bed.


I woke the next morning a little unsure of my bearings and finding it a little difficult to fully awaken myself. After noticing first that I wasn’t at home and I wasn’t clothed, the realisation hit me when I turned to see her lying on my shoulder, naked and pressed against my flesh. I jumped with a start, waking her in the process.

“Oh my god, oh my god!” I stammered, “what have I done, what am I doing here?”

“Hey, hey hey, relax. ” she soothed, “We had a fun night and I promised no one will ever know. I mean that. ”

I stopped for a second, but still obviously looked unsure. “Look,” she said, “I promise you word of this will never get out, I swear. . . ” her voice became muffled as she disappeared under the sheet. She licked my shaft, slowly starting from the bottom and working to the tip, before licking the eye of my cock, then going down on it and completely engulfing it. This time I wasn’t going to hold back so, as she pumped my cock with her hand, engulfed it, massaged it with her tongue and bathed it with her saliva, I just lay back and relaxed.

As she sucked my cock, she massaged my testicles between thumb and forefinger of her right hand, with the other fingers laying over my arse crack. I opened my legs slightly and these fingers slid between my buttocks, reaching in to slide over my anus. So much was going on at once. She sucked and licked my cock, she massaged my balls, and she teased my arse. And since I was not holding on, in time a feeling started welling up in my balls.

She felt it too and, just as I was about to come, she thrust two wet fingers up my arse. My cock exploded with the shock of it, sending huge gobs of semen into her mouth. She continued sliding up and down on my cock as I continued to come, sometimes sliding out and depositing an occasional droplet of semen on her cheek and lips, until finally the flow stopped.

She gripped my cock tight and milked it a few times, wiping the head across her lips like a lipstick. Then she cleaned up my cock with a gentle suck and, keeping one hand wrapped around the shaft, pushed semen from her cheek into her open mouth with the back of her hand, displaying a mouth full of my goo.

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