Twas the Night Before Christmas

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‘Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. The moon it was creeping behind clouds in the sky, and the weather was cold and the snow began been flying. Me? I was sitting in my house all so quiet, the roads were all closed it was really a riot.

More like lonely. I was a nice guy, but at 55 years old, my wife had left for a younger version, my kids were grown and had kids of their own. None of that would have made any difference, except I had lost power because of the winter storm, and it was snowing… I would be foolish to go anywhere.

As I listened to the creaks and noised of my now quiet house, I had plenty of time to think. I put another piece of wood on my small fire and thought of all of the nice times I had lived in my life.

If it had not been so quiet I don’t think I would have ever heard the noise. It was like a cat scratch, and a mewing sound. Weird. I don’t have a cat. Even though I choose to live way out in the country… I don’t particularly like cats. However… It was cold and this noise was weird.

I got up from my chair and investigated. As I opened the front door snow was swirling in… there was nothing to be seen. I went back in and retrieved my flashlight. When I opened the door again I shone the light around and all I could see was mostly swirling snow. I had just swung around and was going back inside and the noise happened again. I saw something black moving in the snow under my window.

I climbed off the porch into about 18″ of snow and to my surprise found a body under my window. I quickly grabbed the visible arm and pulled and grabbed the person under the arms struggling up the stairs to pull them inside the house.

What a surprise when I found out it was a very young looking girl. She was all wrapped up in a trench coat and what looked like about 10 layers of clothing. She had a beautiful face and somewhat sandy dark hair. However she was clearly suffering the effects of her exposure and was unconscious. Every so often she would make that mewling groaning sound I had heard and was clearly in some pain.

I pulled her near to the fire and got a pillow and some bedding in an effort to help her warm up. I laid the pillows and bedding near the fore and started to take off her trench coat. She cried out when I moved her arm. I carefully felt her arm through the coat and when I looked back at her pixie-like face I could see her staring intently at me.

I reassured her that she was safe and told her that we would soon have her warmed up. I felt her hands which were like ice. She whispered “I think my arm is frozen! It hurts when I move it.”

I checked her other arm which did not appear so painful and so I slowly moved the coat off first that arm then the hurt one. I could see that what I thought was 10 layers of clothing was really some burlap bags that were wrapped around her. What she was wearing under that was some summer-like shorts and a cut-off tank top. As I removed the dirty burlap bags, I was amazed at the shine of her skin… it was almost like she had never been in the sun it was that alabaster white color, almost like a statue.

She was frozen enough to be a statue and she could barely move. I covered her with ümraniye escort a blanket and noticed she was still intently staring at me. Once again she whispered “I think my arm is frozen please help me.”

I was in a quandary of what to do… I tried moving her nearer the fire, but she whimpered and said “Oh it feels like it is burning… Oh please… Oh do something!”

Now I have to tell you a little bit about this house… it is an old cabin and was built to be lived in before there were amenities like electricity, so there were hot water heating tubes in the back of the fireplace. This also meant I had hot water, which caused me to thing maybe putting her arm in warm water would be the fastest way to warm her.

I left her and went into the bathroom and ran some water in the big old claw-foot tub I had and the water was really warm and I knew it would help. I set two candles up and I ran back into her and carefully lifted her and headed into the bathroom. I slipped her shoes off and her sox. As I looked at her face I could see her staring at me again. I asked her if she wanted to try to warm up in the warm water… She whispered “Not with my clothes on and only if you sit with me.”

I realized I was trembling… This girl was achingly beautiful. She looked like she might be 14.

I leaned her on the edge of the tub, but couldn’t lift her arm; I felt trapped and didn’t know what to do next. She whispered “If I lift my butt will you pull my pants down please?”

I said sure, and she lifted herself slightly and I tugged on those shorts only to reveal that she had no panties on and her pussy was totally hairless. I helped her to lift one leg and then the other and put the shorts on the towel rack.

She whispered again “Just tear my shirt off, or cut it, it hurts too much to move my arm.”

I reached into the medicine cabinet and took out my beard scissors, cut up the seam on one side of her shirt and then the other, as I lifted it off her head I was amazed to see her breasts were so perfect yet seemed barely formed.

As I started to help her in the tub…. She whispered fiercely “No you must sit with me in the tub!” She started using her good arm to unbutton my shirt, and I helped her. I took it off and she immediately curled her fingers into my chest hair, and rested her head on my chest.

She whispered again “Now your pants, I can’t help.”

I undid my pants and slipped them off my legs. I was embarrassed because my cock was fairly hard. Clearly this little beauty had gotten to me somewhat. After looking intently at my cock while she was leaning on my chest she reached out with her good arm and stroked it gently… I shuddered again. She whispered “I can smell your man smell… it is so wonderful!”

She traced her finger over the tip of my cock and put the light pre-cum to the tip of her tongue as she glanced up at me again with those eyes… I absolutely could not believe this was happening.

She whispered “Can you smell my woman smell?”

And it hit me like a wave… Oh my god…. This little girl was putting of sent like a wild woman.

She whispered “Get closer and taste it!”

It was then I noticed that she had spread her legs to steady herself and her beautiful pendik escort tiny little pussy was clearly open and slightly glistening with moisture. I also noticed her breathing had quickened.

She whispered urgently “Lick it! Please!”

Steadying her with my arms I bent down on my knee ad found myself at eye level with the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen, but before I could really examine it she slid forward onto my mouth.

I almost passed out it was that exquisite. Tremblingly I carefully and gently licked the slight moisture around those perfect little lips. It was almost like I was transported to a different time in my life.

She whispered “Hold me please… Hold me so I can feel you!”

I gently suggested we help her get into the tub…

She whispered “You first!”

Holding her so she wouldn’t fall I began to climb into the tub. As I put one leg over the edge she reached out with her good arm and firmly grasped my cock again… I felt frozen in place, one food in the tub, one foot out, with a beautiful naked young girl firmly grasping my cock… And she looked me straight in the eye.

“Go slowly” she whispered, “I want to see you and feel you!”

I slowly stepped into the tub as she let go of my cock. I noticed she touched her fingers to her mouth again. Now I was in a quandary… How could I lift her into the tub from the back, not hurt her arm and help her get situated in the tub where she would actually get the warmth she needed?

I reached gently around her and lifted her over the edge of the tub. She was amazingly light.

She whispered “Sit down in the tub!” As I sat down in the tub she steadied herself with her good arm… My cock was now at full mast and sticking out of the water… And then she straddled me facing away from me and suddenly leaned forward slightly presenting her beautiful ass and pussy right in my face. It was a sight like I couldn’t believe. I don’t believe I have ever seen such a perfect view of such a perfect pussy and ass.

She whispered fiercely “Please lick it again!”

Holding her beautiful hips I gently reached my tongue out and licked her from her clitoris clear to her ass…. I was almost overcome with lust from the heavenly sights and scents and she was moaning and making funny little gasping noises.

She whispered “Lean back. And take me with you.”

As I leaned back she followed my face with her beautiful little ass. As my back touched the edge of the tub, she proceeded to slide her pussy down the hairs of my chest… I could feel the little lips almost grasping my skin. I was holding her sides by this time.

She whispered “Hold me by my tits!”

As my hands slid up her sides and as I grasped her breasts she gently slid down until her pussy stopped her by hitting the base of my cock. I almost came.

She started twitching against my cock and slightly writhing and making little moaning sounds… Suddenly she twitched and it was almost like I could feel her pussy lips, which were spread and grinding against my rock hard cock, grasping me.

She whispered “Oh my… Oh my god…”

Using her good arm she steadied herself upright by grasping my cock and holding it tightly between her legs…

“Put bostancı escort some water on my arm” She whispered.

I gently leaned her back onto my chest and started to pour water on her arm and to gently massage it. As I massaged her arm with the warm water she never let go of my cock but would gently massage it in rhythm with my work on her arm. I could see she was working her fingers on the bad arm as best she could and she appeared to be getting more limber with it every passing moment. I noticed she had stopped making any whimpers of pain and at almost the same time I realized she had me near the brink of cumming.

This couldn’t go on. Here I was, naked in the bathtub, with an amazing and beautiful young girl, feeling her up, her stroking my cock. This was all wrong. What was I doing? Had I let lust take over for my efforts at helping someone in need? How had this all happened so quickly?

I realized she was now using both hands on my cock, and grinding her pussy against it at the same time. She was rocking back and forth tossing her head back and forth. Suddenly she let out a groan that seemed to come from her very core, and started shuddering… she had orgasmed…. And hard. She seemed to shudder for what seemed like a long time. Her head was hanging forward… and she still had that grip on my cock… Now with both hands.

After a couple of moments her head came up.

“Wow!” She said “Woooow!..” Sort of drawling it out … even her voice had returned…

Still holding my cock she flexed her kneed and stood up slightly… Turning ever so slowly so as not to loose her balance, still firmly gripping my engorged cock she turned around so she was facing me. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes and smiled.

The water had gone down in the tub slightly and as this little girl who was now sitting on my thighs firmly grasping my hard cock I could see her pussy which appeared to be twitching slightly. She looked down at it, and back to my eyes… And smiled again…

Ever so slowly she inched closer to my cock, sliding up my thighs and pulling herself using my cock which she was stroking up and down gently.

Looking in my eyes again she raised herself up slightly and positioned my cock at the tiny entrance to her pussy. While staring at me intently she wriggled a bit onto the head….

She said “Merry Christmas, My name is Melanie Sue, I am 19 and was headed to our family Christmas when I ran out of gas.”

Then she slid completely down on my cock. Her pussy felt unbelievable. It grasped my cock way tighter than her hands.

Staring into my eyes she said “Thank you for saving my life!”

Then she started sliding gently up and down and flexing herself. The feelings were shooting up and down my groin and my balls felt ready to explode….

“Oh my god Melanie”… “Oh my god…” “I am going to cum…” I groaned.

She smiled a little beautiful smile and said in her southern drawl “Well I fucking hope so! ‘Cause I did a minute ago cause you made me feel so good!”

I was barely able to talk and my balls were like on fire and the sensations of her twitching up and down on my cock were sending me to the edge.

And then she started bucking slightly forward and back, her eyes rolled up slightly in her head and her whole body started shaking and with a series of yelps she came again…

And as my cum started splashing inside her little body… I said to my self… “Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!”

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