Giving Up Control

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It always seems to happen this way. We go out dancing and I always come home alone. Looking over in the mirror I think, It’s not like I’m bad looking, average maybe. Not the best in facial features but damn sure not the worst.

Dark hair to mid back, small frame, full lips, eyes still smoldering with desire. Turning sideways I run my hands down my body, nice breasts… small but firm and round. Nice ass, round and tight, my best feature I think.

My roommates say, “Katrina, there are plenty of chances for you, but you never seem to see them.” Or if I do I always seem to turn them down. My reputation as an ice princess grows by the hour. I have to be the one in control. It’s always like that.

The same happened again tonight. Gorgeous specimen of man, dark wavy hair, chiseled features, dark eyes that were on fire. Italian, dressed in black jeans and a leather jacket. His name was Dane and he was enough to make any woman’s blood boil and mine definitely was boiling.

When we were introduced my hand lingered in his and I knew my eyes gave me away as to what I wanted. What was it he whispered in my ear as we sat down? “Wanting what you can’t have is a dangerous thing little bird. Now fly away before your wings are singed.” I took it as a personal challenge to change his mind.

Singe my wings? No one has ever been allowed to get that close and I didn’t intend for it to start with him. I would change his mind; show him the fire that is always burning inside me.

When I get my way I’ll decide when it’s time for someone’s wings to be singed. Arrogant, that’s what he is and he deserves to be taught a lesson.

I plucked up the courage to ask him to dance. He seemed almost disinterested and my will to change his mind nearly failed. Seeing the shitty little grin on his face again made me stick to my resolve. All I can do is ask one more time.

“Just one dance? Nothing more.”

I nearly fell out of my seat when he agreed. That seemed a bit easy after being told to go away. Score one for me I thought. At least I got him out of the seat.

The music was haunting, throbbing and erotic and as our bodies came together it was a perfect fit. For the moment I didn’t care if I was teaching him a lesson. I was definitely going to like having my body rubbed against his.

I was right, the more we moved against each other to the music, the more it set flames off in my loins. His hands and arms wrapped around me; he caressed my lower back and pulled my hips closer to his. I ran my hands up his chest and around his neck. I saw the flames that lit his eyes. I knew what he wanted as well.

The music went on for what seemed like hours and I was in no hurry to leave his arms. So much for just one dance, neither one of us seemed to want the moment to end. When we moved off the dance floor both of us looked flushed and ready. I decided it was time for me to make a hasty exit before I forgot what my intentions were.

I made my excuses and he left with me. Outside the door he kissed me so hard and pulled me so close that every part of the front of our bodies were meshed together. When the cab showed up he went to matadorbet get in with me and I pushed him away.

I opened the window and he moved close and gave me a kiss and whispered in my ear. Stunned by what he said I couldn’t say anything. The cab pulled away and I told the driver where to take me.

I can’t help grinning though. Poor Dane really thought he was coming home with me tonight. And he nearly did. The way he moved when we danced, how hard his body was against mine. I could feel how much he wanted me and how much I really wanted him.

Looking back to the mirror and coming back to the present I can see the pure raw desire showing on my face. I know he had that same desire and that he might not be as arrogant next time. He would have learned his lesson. Even if I am still on fire, I can be content with that.

The heat from both of us could have set fires in a desert. Then why did I turn him away, what on earth possessed me to turn back to that cold-hearted bitch when the need for both of us was so strong?

There was something almost haunting when we parted. For once I had no retort.

He had whispered, “When your need is greatest call for me and I’ll be there.”

Sighing, I throw my clothes at the mirror. What in the hell did that mean? It’s not like he came home with us or is anywhere near. As far as I knew he would be leaving tomorrow on a plane back to Rome. Least that’s what he has said while we were dancing.

Grumbling to myself, “Christ almighty if the need got any greater I’d explode into a million little pieces. “

And what in the fuck would make him say something like that. I was the one in control. Not him. I’m the one who left him standing there on the curbside. And he was the one standing there with that shitty little grin on his face with his eyes on fire.

Cold shower and bed is what I need and no more thinking about it. It would drive the sane mad going over it again and again. And I’m not exactly feeling very sane at the moment.

Stepping into the shower my whole body shivers in shock. The cold water feels quite nice and slightly erotic as it slides over my hot skin. Quickly I grab the shower gel and lather some on my hands. Sliding my hands over my body to wash is just as much torture.

Moaning softly I think to myself “Great idea this was you bitch, this was supposed to help.”

Shivering as I get out of the shower, I grab the towel and scrub my skin as hard as I can. The towel feels rough but makes me feel even more invigorated.

I have the feeling its going to be a long night. As I slide into my large four-poster bed the sheets feel cool and silky against me. I punch the pillows to try and make them comfortable and pretend I’m hitting Dane. Would serve him right for putting me in this frame of mind.

Softly I whisper, “Dane, my need is at its greatest, and where are you now? Jetting off to somewhere else. I wish you were here. I’m calling you, come to me please.”

Bloody nothing, just as I knew it would be. Closing my eyes I slowly relax and drift off to sleep.

Waking up with a start I realize something isn’t matadorbet giriş right. I can hardly breath and my pulse is racing. Glancing at the clock I see it’s only 3 in the morning.

Rolling over I get the feeling someone is watching me. I see a shadow near the window. It moves slightly. The shadow is a man but I can’t see who he is.

In fear I grip the sheets close to me whispering, “Who’s there?”

The man moves to the side of the bed and I can’t take my eyes from him. In the dim light from the street I see his face. Surely not, my mind is playing tricks with me; I’m just having a dream.

“You called for me and yet you ask who I am?” he said. “Did you think I wouldn’t come?”

“Dane” I whisper. “Did someone let you in?”

I could see him smile softly and he reached a hand out to stroke my cheek.

“You let me in, I didn’t need anyone else to invite me, just you.”

I thought my heart was going to explode as he lay down next to me, fire raced through my body. All I can think is lessons be damned I need this. My loins filled with a heat like no other. I couldn’t help him get his clothes off fast enough. His body was hard as steel as I ran my hands over it, but the skin felt like cool silk.

I know warning bells should be going off. How did he get in here? Why did he come? I no longer cared. All I cared about was the need to have him, for him to have me.

He started to kiss me all over my neck and then shoulders, ice and fire. I ran my hands down his chest to his waist, wanting to touch him, but he grabbed my hands. He flipped me on my back and used two of my scarves to tie my hands to the bedposts.

Starting to panic I twist to face him. “What are you doing?”

“Teaching you a lesson.” His fingers traced around my nipple and then pinched. “I’ll teach you to go to the edge of reason and come back again just to go there one more time.”

God I’m on fire and I want that lesson, more than anything I want him to put his hard cock in me and fuck me like no other. But I can’t seem to say it. Everything seems to be standing still as he slides his hand over my body. I can’t seem to let go.

He knows, I can see it in his eyes. He knows what I want. He knows I can’t let go.

Growling low he nips my lip with his teeth, “Say it, I want you to say it.”

“I can’t.”

“You will say it,” he said.

His hand cupped my pussy and a long slim finger began to slide in and out over my clit, dipping just over and back, teasing me till I can hardly stand it. I can feel how wet I am and the fire spreading through me is burning. Writhing against him, I want him to go all in, I want my hands to be untied to touch him.

Moaning softly I whisper “Please, please fuck me, I need your cock in me, I need you slipping in and out of my wet pussy till I cum all around your hard cock. I need it all.”

He slipped two fingers all the way inside of my pussy, stroking and teasing more. His other hand was on my breast massaging and pinching.

“Oh gawd I can’t handle much more, please I need your cock now!” I was nearly screaming it in his ear.

Smiling sexily he moved and straddled my chest putting his cock near my mouth. “Much better, now you’ll do as I say and suck my cock, you won’t be getting anything in your pussy till I decide.”

Stunned, body on fire and chest heaving I do the only thing I can and wrap my lips around the head of his cock and start sucking. His cock is wonderfully hard in my mouth, his pre-cum tastes slightly salty and I suck hard on the tip. His moaning just inflames me more and while I suck I rub my tongue along the underside across the ridge.

I can feel his legs tightening on either side of my chest and he thrusts his cock in my mouth faster and faster and I suck harder and harder until his cum is shooting all in my mouth and over my chest as he pulls out. His hot cum is on my breasts and nearly sends me over the edge.

Leaning down he kissed me deeply and said, “Not yet my little one. It’s not your turn yet.”

Arching up and writhing under him I start to pout, “Please Dane, I’m begging, just fuck me, I need release, please give me what I need.”

He reached up and untied me, “I’m not done with you little bird, and your lesson isn’t over yet.” I rolled as he turned me on my stomach and retied me.

Breathing erratically I couldn’t believe this was happening. How much longer would he make me wait? Wriggling I try to get comfortable, my pussy is so tight and so wet I can feel it on my inner legs.

“Get on your knees and elbows, spread your knees so I can see your wet pussy.”

Catching my breath I did as he said, sure that he was going to give me his cock. But he didn’t. I felt something smooth touch my ass and then it slid between my legs.

Pain all of a sudden, sharp pain as he hit me with a wide leather paddle straight on my pussy. But the pain started to turn to pleasure and I moaned and moved back a bit. I wanted him to do it again and he knew it. He knew I wanted him to spank my pussy and ass over and over again.

Leaning over me he slapped me on the ass hard. “Say it, tell me what you want”

Gasping for breath I screamed, “I want you to spank my pussy hard, punish it, fuck it, I’ll do whatever you want, you’re in control.”

Looking over my shoulder I saw him smile softly.

“Now its your turn little bird, now I’ll fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before.”

The paddle came up hard on my pussy and I moaned and bounced down on it as it came up over and over again. Pain and pleasure were screaming through me.

I felt his hands on my hips and moaned. “Please, please I need your cock.” My pussy lips part and I scream in pleasure as his cock pushes hard inside of me. I start to push back and meet him as he plunges in and out.

“Oh yes, oh gawd yes, that’s it fuck my pussy, fuck it hard.” And he did, I started to cum so hard around him. I could feel myself pulsing on his cock and then I felt him cumming inside me. Hot sweet cum spilling out in me and on my ass as he withdrew.

Trying to catch my breath I collapsed on the bed as Dane untied me. Snuggling in his arms I can hardly believe what happened. And ever so glad I finally learned my lesson and gave up control.

Looking at me he grins, “Wonder what your roommates are going to say in the morning?”

Giggling, I bury my head on his chest. “They’ll probably say about damn time someone taught you a lesson!”

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