Pharaoh’s Curse Pt. 02

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Pharaoh’s Curse:

Trouble in New York — The Return.

Part 2



Thanks for the edits WA001.


“Mortals,” Bast growled as she sensed the approach of a man. Reverting back to her cat form as Julián stood in his son’s doorway.

“Andrew? Where did that cat come from?”

“She kind of followed me from Egypt,” Andrew said, which was the truth.

“You know I don’t like…” Julián’s words died in his throat as those green eyes stared at him. “As long as she stays in your room.”

“Sure thing Dad,” Andrew nodded. Wondering what Bast planted in his father’s mind to get him to agree. Plus he didn’t think his father would take the news that Bast was actually a goddess in the disguise of a cat, Andrew didn’t think anyone would take that very well.

“Now, I’ve made the reservations. Go take a shower and put on that good suit,” Julián said, placing a loving hand on his son’s shoulder. “I’m sure you’ve been longing for a good meal,” he chuckled as he walked out of his son’s room.

Andrew sighed as he brushed his towel along his head as he walked out of his bathroom. It was so good to be back home. Back in his room that had its own bath attached to it — namely the eight shower heads. It always felt like he was standing beneath a waterfall. Although he did wonder how his mother was taking his absence. He did make her moan often enough, made her beg for his cock, squeal to the heavens as he pounded her into her bed.

“Well now,” Wilma cooed, her gray eyes ran down his body, lingering on what laid beneath his towel. Smirking when Andrew jumped in startlement. “Do you like the dress Andrew?” she asked, directing his view to the blue, silk, slip dress she had donned while he was in the shower. “Don’t worry about your father,” Wilma chuckled as Andrew looked back at his closed door. “Julián knows I’m in here, so do you like the dress?” she asked again.

Andrew’s blue-green eyes ran down Wilma’s twenty-eight-year-old body. Her light brown hair was lightly curled, her gray eyes gazed at him, yearning for him to study her body. The way the silk hugged her 36B breasts foretelling that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her right arm propped her up while her left forearm rested on her crossed legs. Her matching pumps lightly kicked in the air as she waited for his answer.

“Y-yeah,” Andrew stammered like a fool. Then again, this was the woman he had constantly masturbated to.

“Then come here,” Wilma beckoned to him. Her leg slipped off her knee as Andrew drew near. “Do you remember the video we sent to you?”

“Mmmhmm,” Andrew nodded his head vehemently. His heart raced as she gave him a view down the front of her dress. “God. Those tits are so…” Andrew muttered to himself feeling his blood rush to his manhood.

“Did you jack this,” her fingers skimmed along his inner thigh as it rose higher beneath his towel, “cock,” the heat of his growing member soaked into her palm, “to me being fucked?” Wilma asked, as she slowly began to stroke him to full mast.

“Uh-huh,” Andrew stuttered as Wilma’s thumb gently kneaded the head of his cock. Watching how her free hand peeled away his towel. Her eyes peered up at him as she leaned forward.

“Would you want to stick this hard cock into my hungry mouth?’ Wilma asked, knowing full well that he did. While she did love Julián, he was twelve years older than she was, and had a very busy schedule due to his work. She understood this. It was why she had suggested it to Julián in the first place. Wilma didn’t want to cheat on him, because he was always at the office, or handling a client. She knew how he valued his work; she wasn’t about to make him stop. Plus if she was being truthful, the money didn’t hurt either. Before she met Julián she was living with two of her friends, and they barely made ends met due to New York’s high cost of living. So when she accidently walked in on him masturbating her name escaping his lips she knew Andrew could be the release she needed when Julián was busy. “Say the words Andrew, let your mother hear what you want her to do to this big, fat, hard cock,” Wilma purred as her eyes peered up at him

“I want you to s-suck it,” Andrew said, trying to keep his body from trembling as Wilma’s hand ran up and down the length of his ten inch rod.

“Mmm… don’t mind if I do,” Wilma cooed as she leaned forward. Her lips wrapped around Andrew’s crown. Her eyes fluttering as his rod glided along her tongue. The scent of pomegranates filled her nostrils as she sank his cock deeper into her mouth. Her hands rested on his hips as her head bobbed quickly on that hard pole. Her pussy tingled as she sucked her step-son off. She couldn’t believe he was this big as her jaw began to get sore due the size of the cock that was stuffing it. She had to keep from drooling so it wouldn’t mar her dress as she took that pole as far as she could go. She had to admit it was the first big cock she’s ever sucked. Her eyes glanced escort kartal up, noting how Andrew was reacting to the warmth of her mouth and the masterful skill she had earned from her years in college.

Andrew arched an eyebrow when it appeared to him that Bast huffed before turning her head away from him to gaze out the window. “I’m going…”

“Mmmhmm,” Wilma moaned around his shaft telling him that was exactly where she wanted his hot cum. “Mmm… I must say, that was quite a lot of cum,” she cooed as she gazed up at him. Using his towel to dry off his tool; she couldn’t wait to fuck it. She knew his father wanted the first time to be all three of them together. Wilma had no problem with that. She knew once she had her pussy stuffed by it she feared that she wouldn’t be able to live without it. “I can’t wait to feel your cock fucking me Andy,” Wilma purred as she pulled up the hem of her dress. Showing Andrew that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that she had her pussy freshly waxed just for him. “It’s going to feel so good… deep inside of my pussy,” she said, slipping two of her fingers into her moist cunt. Her fingertips skimmed along her labia as she rose. Smiling approvingly as Andrew wasted no time in cleaning them of her sex as his lips wrapped around her fingers. “Now I’ll let you get dressed,” Wilma said lovingly, as she caressed his right cheek. Her ass swayed as she left her step-son’s room.

“Hmm… I can’t say you look… gallant in all that cloth compared to your own royal garb Pharaoh. Although you do look… regal,” Bast stated as she reclined on Andrew’s bed as he buttoned up his pearl white dress shirt before tucking it into his black dress slacks.

“Thanks… I guess,” Andrew muttered. Trying not to ogle Bast’s bare breasts or the hints of her pink lips as her linen loin cloth slid down her leg as she rested on her left side.

“You may gaze at my immortal body, my Pharaoh,” Bast purred a twinkle formed in her gold-brown eyes. “You did once make love to me on the banks of the Nile.” Her fur lined face rippled as her right hand ran up her stomach.


“I’m sure you’ll remember in time,” Bast teased. “Now hurry along,” giving her hand a little wave, “you can’t keep your masses waiting,” she said, before fading from view to return to the heavens to aid Ra in his passage through the underworld as the sun sank below the horizon.

“Andrew!” Julián called for his son as he and Wilma stood ready at the door. “You ready to go?”

“Yeah, I just need my jacket!” Andrew called back. Quickly grabbing his matching suit jacket from its hanger. Leaving his closet open, grabbing his phone and placing it in the inside left pocket. He wondered how his mother was going to enjoy the present he had sent her. Laughing in his head thinking how she would be drooling at it when she woke up in the morning in Cairo, since it was three in the morning there. If anyone thought that he had forgiven his mother they would be wrong, he might understand why she left, that didn’t mean she was forgiven. He could never forgive her for walking out on them.

“Mmm… I think I’m going to be envied by all the ladies tonight, to have two strapping, handsome men on my arm,” Wilma sighed as she looped her arms around Julián’s left and Andrew’s right. Resting her head on Julián’s shoulder while her eyes slyly stared at her step-son’s crotch in the polish door reflection.

“I aim to please,” Julián whispered placing a kiss on the top of his wife’s head.

“And you do it so well,” Wilma said lovingly, waiting for the elevator to reach the ground floor.

“You expecting a call son?” Julián asked, as he watched how Andrew pulled out his phone.

“Oh, just a text,” Andrew smirked as his mother replied to the photo he had sent with the text: “Why?! You knew I would do this!” along with a picture of her dildo plunging into her cunt.

“Over dinner you have to tell us how you did it?!” Wilma said excitedly, as the doors rolled open.

“She means how you found that tomb, son,” Julián stated seeing Andrew’s confused look.

“Oh…” Andrew scratched his cheek, he doubted they would believe that he was in a trance as his past life took over his body. He knew his mother edited out the audio of the video that the news had played constantly. Who knew he would become famous because of it?! He sure didn’t. He fingered one of the gold coins in his pocket that he had taken from the tomb. While his mother said the Egyptian government would give him ten percent as a finder’s fee, he knew there was tons of gold there so that would net him a pretty penny if they held up their end of the deal. “Sure…” Watching his father hail a cab as he stood beside Wilma who pressed her womanly body against his.


“What’s this?!” Wilma asked, her eyes widening as Andrew set the gold coin on the table.

“Something I took from the tomb…” Leaning forward knowing that he wasn’t meant to. “Don’t tell anyone okay?”

“Is uğur mumcu escort it real?” Julián asked, picking it up. He couldn’t believe he was holding something that was nearly three thousand years old.

“Very,” Andrew nodded.

“We would never,” Wilma said, her fingers rubbing the coin in her husband’s palm.

“Here. You better put that away before someone sees it,” Julián said, sneakily handing his son the coin back. “Now… what do we all want?” he asked, opening up the menu.

“I could go for a good steak,” Andrew nodded.

“I take it you couldn’t get one there?” Wilma asked, reaching for her wine glass.

“Other than what my mother would make, no,” Andrew stated. “So much humus,” he shuddered.

“It can’t be that bad,” Julián replied peering over the lip of the menu.

“Trust me, nothing moves you faster to the bathroom than humus… well you get the idea,” Andrew said, smiling at his father and Wilma as she giggled.

“Ah. Then I’d say my boy needs a good American meal,” Julián nodded, knowing how it must have been difficult for him to stay with his ex-wife. “Andrew, I know how you weren’t happy when I sent you to your mother. I know it was hard. But you’re home now. How about we go to… hold that thought,” he said, reaching into his jacket as his phone rang. “Sorry honey,” Julián said, looking over at his wife.

“It’s okay honey, your work is important,” Wilma said, smiling as she squeezed his hand. She so wasn’t about to go back to living in that small apartment.

“So Andrew, tell me have you got your eye on someone these days?” Wilma asked, her foot slyly ran up his leg as Julián talked quietly into his phone.

“Mmm… maybe,” Andrew replied taking a sip of his drink.

“I do hope she gets a good, long, hard poke,” Wilma said, allowing her innuendo to hang in the air.

“Maybe a spanking too, she does tend to be naughty,” Andrew said, watching how Wilma’s eyes flared then narrowed as her carnal lust burned in her eyes.

“One can only hope,” Wilma purred as she peered over the rim of her glasses as she tilted her wine glass.

“Sorry about that, big client,” Julián apologized tucking his phone away.

“No worries Dad, you know me, as long as you’re here, it doesn’t matter,” Andrew said, seeing his father smile.

“I don’t know how I raised you so well,” Julián said, smiling lovingly at his son.

“The mother box,” Andrew joked referring to their giant screen TV which got a chuckle from his father.


“Man, that was good,” Andrew moaned as he rubbed his belly as they rode the elevator put to their penthouse condo.

“I know, I think I’m going to burst,” Julián said, smiling at his son.

“Just not too soon,” Wilma said, winking at Andrew. “We still have after dinner dessert to get to,” she whispered in a low sensuous tone as her hips swayed as she walked off the elevator.

“Come on, let’s go see what she has planned, hmm?” Julián smirked as he laid his arm along his son’s shoulders. Guiding his son into their penthouse, unaware of his son’s sexual exploits in Egypt, as Andrew’s jaw hung agape. Julián’s hand’s squeezed his son’s shoulder as Wilma stood naked, only wearing the pearl necklace he had bought for her on their cruise, and her high heels.

“Hello boys,” her libidinous purr filled the room as the door silently swung closed, “your dessert is served,” Wilma cooed, her 36B breasts bounced as her hips swayed, her heels clicking on the hard wood floor. The house lights glinted along the surface of her glasses as they sat below the bridge of her nose. “I think the two men in my life need some loving.” Looking up at Julián who nodded as she knelt before them, then to Andrew who looked at his father, she wondered why he didn’t appear as nervous as she thought he would be. Biting her lip as her hand rubbed her husband’s and step-son’s cocks through the material of their slacks. While Julián wasn’t anywhere near as big as Andrew was, she knew she would have to take her time in taming Andrew’s beast.

“Relax Andrew, I promise this will be the only time. I have to know you’ll treat her right. I can’t possibly allow another man, regardless if your my son or not, to fuck my wife when she has the need without knowing that fact,” Julián said, in his business-like tone as he took off his jacket and tossed it onto the couch.

“And if its you, then I won’t ever have to look outside of this house,” Wilma said, practically drooling as her hand continued to trail down his cock.

“I’d rather not have to go through another divorce,” Julián stated, as he placed his cufflinks into his left pocket. “You okay with this?” he asked, looking over at his son. Trying to not show how odd he found his son’s behavior given what was happening. He would have thought his son would be freaking out — as the kids these days say — not this cool exterior his son was emitting.

“The question is Dad: will çavuşoğlu escort you be okay with this?” Andrew asked, shooting his father a smirk. How he loved to see his father laugh; it wasn’t until he was fourteen that he had heard it once again.

“You’ve grown,” Julián said, in loving fatherly voice as his hand brushed along the back of his son’s head.

“Boys?! Are we going to talk, or do you want me to suck and fuck your cocks?” Wilma asked, with a seductive smirk.

“Suck,” Andrew stated.

“Fuck,” Julián affirmed.

“In that order,” Andrew stated sharing a smile with his father.

“With pleasure.” Wilma’s fingers slowly lowered their zippers. Snaking out Julián’s seven inch cock, and Andrew’s ten and a half inch meat tube, staring up at Julián as her lips wrapped around the crown of his rod, while her left hand slowly stroked Andrew off. This wasn’t the first threesome she’s ever had, fifth actually, but those were in her college years, and never with a father and son; and never with someone as big as Andrew.

“Damn son, put your father to shame, why don’cha!” Julián chuckled as he slapped his son’s back.

“Yeah, no one told ya to look,” Andrew retorted, teasing his father. “S-s-shit!” he groaned as Wilma swallowed seven inches of his pole.

“She’s good isn’t she?”

“Oh yeah!”

“I’m glad you think so,” Wilma purred before licking up the back of his cock. “You’re just going to love the feel of my pussy wrapped around this cock.” Wilma continued to alternate between their cocks as they stripped. Once they were only standing in their underwear, she rose, her hands gently wrapping around their manhoods’ and leading them towards the couch. “Andrew, why don’t you lick this pussy while I please your sweet father,” Wilma said, laying on her back. Her right leg was bent and resting against the back of the couch, while her left one was spread wide enough for him to crawl between them. “Come taste your mother baby,” she purred as she ran her fingers along her wet labia.

Andrew looked at his father wondering why she would say that. His father simply shrugged, silently saying just go with it, she’s into the incest roleplay. However, that didn’t stop him from burying his face in his step-mother’s crotch.

Julián arched an eyebrow at his son’s technique as Wilma moaned from around his cock. He wondered just what his son had been doing during his time in Egypt. Obviously, Wilma was enjoying it, that was clear to see. “Has my boy…?” Whatever he was thinking was quickly forgotten as his head tilted back, looking at the ceiling as he lost himself in the feel of Wilma’s mouth.

“Fuck! Can you not give me a god damn hour?!” Julián hissed in frustration at the sound of his phone.

“Baby? Do you want us to stop?” Wilma asked, once she eased off his cock.

“Of course not, I’ll watch while I deal with this,” Julián said lovingly, brushing his hand along her hair.

“Okay, do hurry, I want you in the back,” Wilma purred hungrily. That was the only place she would never take Andrew. Julián was longest she would and can handle back there.

“Oh, I wouldn’t miss it,” Julián said, with a coy smile.

“Yes Andrew, that’s it taste your mother’s pussy, you like my taste don’t you?” Wilma whispered as Julián talked on the phone. “Tell me Andy, how many times did you jerk off to me?”

“A lot,” Andrew said, keeping his voice low as he peered over her mound, her nectar coating his skin. He wasn’t saying Wilma’s tasted bad or anything, it just had a muskier taste than his mother’s, Anta’s, or Carla’s had.

“You couldn’t figure this out on your own?! Do you realize I’m celebrating my son’s return after two months overseas and you interrupt it for this shit!” Julián yelled into the phone.

“Your father missed you very much. He was so worried about you while you were in Egypt. Don’t let him know I told you,” Wilma said, winking at him. Biting back her moan as Andrew rolled his tongue along her clit. Her hand held him against her mound enjoying what he could do for her and in turn what she could do for him whenever she sought his bed, yet that was only when Julián was busy, she would never neglect her husband.

“Fine, fine, alright, alright. It was wise to get my input on it before you sent it back to the client. I apologize for jumping the gun there,” Julián said, rubbing his forehead. Trying to end the call as quickly as he could so he could get back to the fun. He watched as his wife pushed his son back to sit on the cushion. Watching her leg swinging over Andrew’s lap, her wink before her eyes flew wide. The way her hand flew to her mouth noting how she was struggling to hold back her moan as she sank down. Then the pain in her eyes before quickly raising herself.

“Fuck you’re big,” Wilma whispered, playfully slapping his chest. “Doesn’t my pussy feel good around that cock?” she asked low, before passionately kissing Andrew to keep her squeals of bliss from being overheard.

“If its all been corrected, have it run one more time through the editors then ship it off, if it meets their approval… I have to take this, yes my office in the morning,” Julián stated, his heart raced as a UN number appeared on his screen. “Hello?”

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