Three’s Not Always a Crowd

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I woke up to the sound of someone pounding on my front door. I cracked open one bleary eye and checked the clock. Two in the goddamn morning. I wondered who the hell it could be this late at night. I’d just spent the past week putting in overtime at the office. There was a major client project going down, and while I wasn’t team lead I did have a major part to play. That meant a lot of late nights and early mornings. I hadn’t managed to make it home before ten at night all week and that was after being at the office at seven in the morning. Today had been no exception. Here it was Friday night, or more accurately, Saturday morning, and some asshole was pounding on my door.

I sighed, got up, and grabbed a robe. I didn’t need whoever it was to see me in my boxers. A brief panicked thought flicked through my foggy brain that it might be some sort of home invasion situation. I thought about calling the cops, but decided I’d at least see who it was first. For all I knew it was some drunken neighborhood kids. Usually they knocked and ran away first. Whoever was pounding on my door definitely wanted me to see them.

I flicked the curtain in my living room to one side so I could see who was standing on my front porch, and who should I see but my neighbor, Vicki. Vicki was the neighborhood MILF who lived next door, who I’d hooked up with about a month ago. We kept missing each other since then, our two schedules never quite lining up with each other. It didn’t stop me from thinking about her when I jerked off though, just the opposite. It looked like there was someone standing next to her, but I couldn’t quite make her out as she was standing right outside the light cast by the streetlamp outside my house.

Reassured someone wasn’t trying to break in so they could kill me and be disappointed by the quality of my crap, I unlocked and opened the door.

“Vicki,” I said, my voice still thick with sleep. I admit, I really probably didn’t look my best what with my bleary eyes, unshaved stubble, and sleep messed hair. I looked over at her friend, tall and well-built with dark eyes and hair. She was dressed in a shimmery, silver dress with a plunging neckline and platform heels that made her taller than me. Vicki was in a short green ensemble and spiked heels, but she still came to just under my chin. Vicki made up with it with her generous D-cups and curves like a mountain road. “What can I do for you?” I asked.

“I locked my keys in my car,” Vicki said, pouting. “Now I can’t get into my house. Oh, hey, this is my friend Simone. She’s an old friend from out of town. I promised her a night out, and this is what we get.”

Simone rolled her eyes. “I told you I wasn’t interested in getting hit on by twenty-somethings, Vick,” she said. She turned to me, lightly placed her hand on my shoulder. “Do you mind if we come in? It’s not exactly warm out here.”

“Oh sure, right,” I said, moving out of the way. “Living room is there to the right. The light is there on the wall.”

I winced as Simone turned on the light. Vicki followed her, swaying lightly. She paused when she reached me, slipping a hand around to grope my ass and plant a kiss on my cheek. “Thanks, sweetie.”

“Did you need to call anybody? Triple A maybe?” Don’t get me wrong, I like having two gorgeous women in my house as much as the next guy, but I was tired. Seriously, I could hear my pillow calling my name.

“Oh, yeah, we called them all right,” Simone said. “They can’t get anyone out here until tomorrow morning though. Can we stay here for the night? Vicki said that you’d be okay with it.”

I sighed. “Okay, okay. Look, I’ve got a pull-out couch if you ladies don’t mind sharing. I don’t have much in the way of sleepwear though. Give me a second and I’ll see what I can dig up.”

“Thank you so much,” Vicki said. She sprawled on the couch, her eyes half-lidded. I had no idea how drunk she was, but if I had to hazard a guess I’d say closer to four sheets than three.

I went back upstairs and rooted around a bit. A quick search yielded clean sheets, a couple of extra pillows and a couple of oversized t-shirts that I’d honestly outgrown but didn’t have the heart to get rid of. Being a single guy living on my own it wasn’t like I kept a regular supply of ladies’ sleepwear on hand.

When I got back downstairs, Vicki was snoring softly, and Simone was looking at my cd collection. “I didn’t think anyone still had these,” she commented.

“Yeah, well, I haven’t gone fully digital yet,” I said. “Come on Vicki, up you get.” Gently shaking her, I pulled her over to a chair so I could rearrange the furniture and pull out the couch. Simone helped me with it, giving me a lovely view down the front of her dress as she did so. I was still more interested in bed than anything else, though that balance was starting to shift.

“Here,” I said, handing her one of the shirts. “Bathroom is through there, in case you wanted to change.”


“Come on Vicki, you too,” I ümraniye escort said. “You probably don’t want to sleep in that dress.”

“You just want to get me naked again,” she said, reaching a hand up inside my robe and finding my half-hard cock through my boxers. “I know I want to play with you again.”

“Vicki,” I said, trying and failing to sound at least a bit stern. “Simone’s here, remember? Besides, you’re drunk. So, no.”

“Spoil sport.” She got up, still swaying, and kicked off her heels. She grabbed the shirt from me and walked toward the bathroom as Simone was leaving it. It was all I could do to keep from gawking. The shirt ended way above mid-thigh, almost to the point of being indecent. The way she walked, a sexy strut that made her hips sway hypnotically, entranced me.

I shook my head. They were staying at my place for the night, that was it. “Good night,” I said, my voice a little thick.

She crooked a finger at me. I stepped closer. “Thank you,” she said, leaning in to place a kiss on my lips. I thought I felt her tongue try to slip into my mouth, but it was gone so fast I wondered if I’d imagined it. My full-on hard-on told me I hadn’t.

“Uh, kitchen’s through there in case you need anything,” I said. “See you in the morning.”

“Good night,” she purred after me.

I stumbled back upstairs to my bed, collapsed on top of it. Why was Simone hitting on me? Did she know about Vicki and I? I’m sure if I hadn’t been so tired I would have given it more thought, maybe even done something about it, but all I could do was pull the covers up over me and fall back to sleep.

I didn’t know how long I was asleep before I heard the stairs creak, heard someone come into my room. A voice whispered my name, then said it again a little louder. I didn’t answer, not being fully awake. I figured they wanted to tell me that AAA was there and they were headed over to Vicki’s. Fine, let me sleep. You can thank me later.

Then I felt them climb into bed, sliding their body under the covers, their legs caressing mine. I rolled over. “Vicki…” I said, “what…”

And then her arms were around me, her tongue sliding into my mouth. Bare breasts, smaller, less firm than Vicki’s, but breasts nonetheless, were pressed into my chest. My hand slid along her thigh, up to her bare ass, pressing her to me. She moaned into the kiss, rolled us over so that she was on top of me, the sheet falling from our bodies. She sat up, pulled off my boxers, took my hardening cock into her hand.

“Mmm, Vicki said that you had a nice dick,” Simone said as she stroked my member. “She wasn’t lying. I don’t know why we had to go out to that stupid club at all when there was this hard cock right next door to play with.” She let go of my cock, placed her hands on my chest and rocked her hips against me, sliding her slick pussy back and forth over my dick.

“She did?” I asked.

“Mmmhhmmm. God, it’s been too long since I had a good, hard fuck,” she said. “You’re going to give it to me, aren’t you?”

She didn’t give me a chance to answer, spinning her body around so that her pussy was hovering right over my face. She didn’t waste time, plunging her mouth down onto my cock. I reciprocated, grabbing her tight toned ass, running my tongue around her pussy lips. She bucked her hips, moaned around my cock. I could feel her flicking her tongue against me as she bobbed up and down, up and down. I flicked my tongue against her clit, sucked it into my mouth, felt her whole body shudder when I did that. I pushed my tongue back between her pussy lips, loving how she tasted, how oh so very wet she was. I felt her steadily, surely push her lips down my shaft, working to take all of my cock into her mouth. I circled my finger around her backdoor, took it as her assent when she pushed her ass back against my finger.

She pulled back slowly, swirling her tongue around the head of my cock.

“Oh God,” she said, moaning into my thigh, tracing kisses along my legs. “Vicki said you were good with your cock. She didn’t say anything about your, oh fuck, your tongue,” she gasped. She leaned down further on my body, taking first one ball and then the other into her mouth, gently sucking on them. I relented my tongue assault on her pussy, switching back to her clit, sucking it into my mouth once again, twisting it with my lips.

“Oh baby,” she said, sitting up straight, her hands braced on my legs as she rode my face. I didn’t have much choice but to keep licking, sucking, tonguing her pussy. My face was soaked from her juices, and my cock was so hard it was balanced right on the edge of pleasure and pain. She slowly ran her hand up and down my shaft, her thumb caressing the head on each up stroke. I thrust my tongue deeper into her pussy as she ground onto my face, her entire body starting to shake.

“Oh God, yes yes yes yes!” she shouted, collapsing back down on top of me. I twisted my head, catching my breath, planting small kisses on the inside pendik escort of her thighs as she came back down from her orgasm.

She turned her body around, slid so she was lying next to me. “God, that was hot. I can’t remember the last time someone ate me out so well.” She took my face in her hands and kissed me, fully and completely. Her tongue teased mine, explored my mouth. She pulled back, but not before biting my lip lightly. “I can’t believe Vicki doesn’t have you chained to her bed.”

She grabbed my cock, still wet from her mouth, stroked it softly. “Come here, sexy,” she purred, rolling onto her back and pulling me with her.

I hesitated. “Condom?”

Simone smiled at me. “Had my tubes tied years ago, and I’m clean. What about you?”

I nodded. It wasn’t that I was such a stud that I was having one night stands all over the place, but I was cautious about my health and well… I didn’t get around that much.

She wrapped her long, long legs around my waist and pulled me into her, my cock sinking into her pussy. God, she felt tight, and hot, and oh so very, very wet. I moaned my lust into her ear as I sank into her depths, her nails scoring my back as she arched up to meet me. We fucked slow and steady, not in any rush, enjoying how our bodies felt against each other.

“I’m not sure how long I’m going to be able to last,” I told her.

“Oh, I’m sure we’ll be able to get you hard again,” Vicki said from the doorway. Looking back, I saw she was naked, one hand caressing her pussy while the other caressed and fondled her breast. “God, you two are hot.”

Simone shrieked and tried to grab the sheet to cover us up. I’m pretty sure I ended up stammering and blubbering.

“Oh, take it easy you two,” Vicki said. She sashayed over to the bed, crawled on top of it. She pulled the sheet back from our bodies, reached down between us, gently fondled my balls. She leant over, kissed me full on the lips, tongue pushing between my lips. I was sure she could taste her friend’s pussy on my tongue.

“Vicki!” Simone protested, trying to move, but all she managed to do was make my cock move in her. She moaned and bit her lip. “What are you doing?”

“Well, the way I figured we could take turns with him, or we can share him out right. I don’t think he’ll complain.” She grabbed my ass, pushing me deeper into Simone. “Besides, this is more fun than standing in the door fingering myself while I watch the two of you fuck.”

She pushed me down into Simone two or three more times, her body pressed against my back, sandwiching me between the two of them. Then her hands were pulling at me, wanting me to move up and off. Reluctantly I pulled back from Simone, from the tight, hot, wet of her. She moaned a complaint, but unwrapped her legs from around my waist.

“I want a ride,” Vicki whispered into my ear.

I rolled onto my back and found Vicki quickly straddling me, pushing her very, very wet pussy down on top of my cock, taking all of me into her. She wasn’t as tight as Simone had been, but she slowly squeezed her pussy around me. I reached down, squeezed her thighs as she rode me, sliding them around the cup her ass. Her full breasts bounced and swayed as she fucked me, giving small moans of pleasure as she worked my dick in her.

My view of Vicki bouncing on my cock was quickly obscured when Simone swung her long, lithe leg over me, pressing her pussy down onto my face as she faced Vicki. I breathed deep, loving the smell of her. I stuck my tongue out, ran it up her pussy lips, pushed it inside of her. I moved my hands from Vicki to Simone, squeezing her ass as I licked and sucked. I grunted and moaned as Vicki worked her pussy on me, partly wishing I could see what the two of them were doing, but content to be fucked and to have my face full of pussy. I could feel Vicki picking up speed, could hear her start chanting, “Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.” I found Simone’s clit with my tongue, sucked hard on it as I pumped my hips up to meet Vicki, my cock exploding deep in her as her pussy clamped down on my cock, her entire body shaking as she came. Simone wasn’t far off, her pussy nearly squirting as she came, my face drenched with her juices.

Simone pulled off of my face, lay down next to me. Vicki slowly, slowly pulled off my dick, both of us moaning as she did so. She didn’t move off of me entirely, snuggling her head into my chest, her pussy leaving a trail of our combined fluid leaking on my thigh. Simone placed her hand on the back of my head, turned me to face her, her tongue soon in my mouth, wrestling with mine.

She pulled away, eyeing me intently. “Think you can go again?” she asked, reaching down between Vicki and myself, finding my flaccid cock and idly playing with it. “I wasn’t done with you.”

I chuckled ruefully. “I think you might have worn me out, ladies. I’m only human, you know.”

“Mmmm,” Simone said, flicking her tongue against my lips. “You most definitely are, and a much needed bostancı escort improvement from my usual sex partner.”

Vicki giggled and rolled off of me, her hand joining Simone’s on my cock. “Even if you are a bit smaller than her usual toy.”


“Oh, don’t give me that. Anyway, size doesn’t always matter,” she said. She twisted her body, and I felt her swirl her tongue across the head of my cock. She looked back up at me, gave me a wink through her sex tossed hair. “Not that you have any reason to be concerned,” she reassured me. “You have quite the nice sized dick.”

“Yes he does,” Simone purred. She gave me another quick kiss on the lips before slinking down the bed to join her friend. Vicki was still mostly playing with the head of my cock, licking it, kissing it, holding the tip in her mouth. Simone gave a her a gentle push so that she could have some room to play. Vicki started by giving light kisses along the shaft, and then Simone’s tongue was on my balls, one of her hands lifting them up, playing with them. I groaned my arousal, my hands twisting in the sheets as the two lovely MILFs coaxed my cock back to life.

Vicki pulled off of my cock, looked up at me with a wicked grin. She pulled Simone up from where she was sucking on my balls and gave her a full kiss, their tongues wrestling back and forth. Vicki gave my now hard cock a playful slap, making it bounce and hitting her in the chin. “I think you’re ready for another round, don’t you? And since I interrupted you and Simone, it’s only fair that you finish what you started with her.”

“Oh God, I thought you’d never offer,” Simone said. She came up next to me, positioned on her elbows and knees. “I want you to take me from behind,” she said. “I want it hard, and I want it rough, and I want it now.”

I quickly sat up and positioned myself behind Simone, admiring her tight pert ass as I slid my cock into her pussy. She was so wet at that point there was hardly any resistance at all. She gave a long, low moan as I entered her, her fists tightening in the sheets. She wasn’t as tight as when I had fucked her earlier, but there was still plenty of friction. I bottomed out in her pussy and slowly pulled back.

“I said hard, motherfucker,” she groaned, slamming her hips back against mine.

Vicki grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me down for a long hard kiss as I thrust back against her friend. She pulled back. “Better do what the lady says,” she cautioned. Then she moved herself in front of Simone, one leg on either side of her friend, her pussy perfectly positioned to be eaten. Vicki grabbed Simone by the hair, pull her down to her pussy. I watched as Vicki threw her head back, breasts heaving as her friend ate her out. I picked up my pace, fucking Simone harder and faster, heard her moaning louder and louder between Vicki’s legs.

“Uh, uh, uh,” Vicki groaned, pushing her hips up to meet Simone. “Eat that pussy. Oh, fuck yes!”

All three of us were covered in sweat, I could feel it dripping, stinging my eyes. I spread Simone’s ass cheeks as I pounded away at her, pressed my thumb against her asshole until it popped inside. She squealed as it entered her, her head lifting up briefly as she grunted in pain and pleasure before Vicki pulled her back down between her legs. I worked my thumb in and out of her as I fucked her, opening her up, prepping her for what was to come.

“Vicki, can you get the lube for me? Top drawer of the nightstand.”

“Wait, what?” Simone managed to gasp out as I kept thrusting into her.

Vicki smiled and quickly found the lube. I poured a generous amount over Simone’s ass, slowly pulled my thumb out of her ass. I lubed my thumb up, pushed it back into her ass, working it back and forth, getting her tight back entrance ready for my dick.

I pulled my dick from her pussy, poured more lube on it, worked it over with my hand. “Ever been fucked back here?”

Simone shook her head, her face still buried in Vicki’s pussy. I pulled my thumb free, pressed the head of my dick against her asshole.

“I’m not going to lie,” I said. “It’s going to hurt at first. Relax. I’ll take it slow.” I grabbed her tightly by the hips, rocked my cock back and forth, pressing it into her. She was tight, and she moaned hard as I pushed it in. Slowly, slowly I was able to get the head of my cock in. Vicki grabbed a few pillows, propped herself up so she could watch.

“God that’s hot,” she said, kneading her breasts, tugging on her nipples as I pushed a little bit further into Simone’s ass. Simone moaned in response. I could feel her ass tighten around my cock, so I waited until she was able to relax some, then pushed a bit more in.

“Are you good?” I asked. “Play with your clit. It might help.”

Simone nodded her head, and I saw her reach under and body and start rubbing her pussy, slowly at first but then obviously picking up speed. I picked up my pace as well, pushing my cock further and further in until my balls were pressed against her, my entire cock buried deep in her ass.

“Oh, fuck,” Vicki cried out, a powerful orgasm shaking her body as Simone sucked hard on her clit. “God, Simone if I knew you ate pussy this well I’d have seduced you a long time ago.”

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