Gargi Ch. 02

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Alina Buryachenko

I would like to tell my readers that those looking for quick, fast and furious action will probably be better off looking elsewhere but I hope that those who want to read a good story will find this one rewarding.

I hope that my Marathi speaking readers will appreciate conversations that took place in Marathi. These are recorded in italics. For the benefit of others, these are immediately followed by English translations.

Please read Ch. 01 for the sake of continuity.

Please do vote and send me your constructive feedback.


Ch. 01 Summary: A young, temporarily grounded air hostess and an even younger (18+) management trainee are neighbours. He falls for her and after a long while, she too falls for him. They finally do it on a Sunday afternoon. Who seduced whom is a toss-up. Please read Ch. 01 and decide for yourself!

They both are lying in a post coital haze when Ch. 02 starts…


“Shewti tu mala patawlesach!”

“Finally you seduced me!” She whispered, still staring at the ceiling. It was a statement, not an accusation. Exactly who had seduced whom could have been debated. I let it go…

“Mi waatach baghat hote, tujhyatla purush kadhi jaga hoil yachi!”

“I was wondering when the male inside you was going to wake up!”

“Toh tar kadhipasun jaagach hota. Tujhya isharyasaathi thambla hota!”

“He woke up long ago. He was waiting for your signal!”

“Arre asse thambun kasse chalnar? Purushannich pudhakar ghyaycha asto! Tula ajun khup kahi shikayache aahe!”

“A man shouldn’t wait like that! He must take the initiative, always. You have a lot to learn!” She giggled. She pushed me on to my back and rested her head on my shoulder

“Kitti chhan aahe tujhe ang! Agdi mazboot, purushi!”

“What a lovely body! So strong and manly!” She whispered, combing her fingers through my chest hair. She paused at my nipples, rubbing and pinching them and looking on in fascination as they hardened.

“Purushanche nipples pan taath hotat! Mala mahit navte!”

“Men’s nipples harden too! I didn’t know that!”

Her hand crept downward slowly and then paused at my belly where my limp, wet and slimy cock lay. It still was a bit distended.

“Kasse ahe na tujhe samaan! Mast!”

“What a package you’ve got! Wow!” She whispered, almost talking to herself. She ran a tentative finger on my limp shaft and slowly pulled back my foreskin. She rubbed her finger on the wet crown, brought it up and sniffed it appreciatively, then licked it. She repeated this a couple of times and squealed in delight as my cock slowly started hardening and rose up.

“Ayya! Nagoba phana kadhayla laglaay bagh!”

“Look! The cobra is raising his hood!”

I grabbed her hand and wrapped it around my cock and made her stroke it. She watched in fascination as it became fully hard and erect and she could feel it throb in her hand.

“Arre deva! Itkya lavkar uthla!”

“My god! He’s woken up so fast!”

“Chal, ghe tyala aat!”

“Come, take him in!” I grunted.

In no time, my cock was buried up to the hilt in her cunt. This time there was hardly any resistance. Her cunt had just been opened up and it was well lubricated with the combined secretions of our last copulation. Both of us had just climaxed and were in no rush.

“Thamb. Mala kalu de kiti motha ahe tujha ha…”

“Wait! Let me feel how big is your…” She whispered. I felt her tighten her pussy muscles to grip my cock.

“Majha kaay?”

“My what?” I prompted her.

“Tujha laoda, anik kaay! Chawat kuthla! Ata baher kadh ani parat aat ghusav!”

“Of course your cock, naughty boy! Now pull it out and shove it in again!” She hissed.

I pulled back till only my cockhead was nestling in her inner labia. Then I leaned into her, slowly ploughing in. Both of us savoured the exquisite feeling of her hot pussy stretching and opening up till my cock was buried to the hilt, my cock head nudging her cervix.

“Asach thamb!”

“Wait right there!” She whispered. I felt her tighten and loosen her pussy muscles in a ripple effect, massaging the length of my cock. What a heavenly feeling! She couldn’t keep it up for long, though. I sensed that her pussy muscles were tiring.

“Unh! Ata zav mala agdi halu halu!”

“Unh! Now fuck me reaaal slow…”

For a long time, I kept pumping her pussy with slow, deep, unhurried thrusts. The velvety smooth, slick and hot walls of her tight cunt caressed my cock. She kept encouraging me with little upward movements of her hips. Every once in a while, I paused deep inside her and was rewarded with a beatific smile and a tightening of her cunt around the base of my cock.

To add some spice, I locked my elbows under her knees and leaned forward. Her hips were raised off the floor and her vaginal passage became almost vertical. I could now use my weight in addition to the strength of my loins against her. My face was inches away from hers and her upper body within easy reach of my hands. I hungrily licked and tuzla eve gelen escort sucked her lips and gripped a full tit in my hand as my hips resumed their hard, deep, powerful thrusts, driving my cock deep inside her pussy. I gradually increased my speed until I was going full tilt. In a while I felt her body trembling and her pussy fluttering around my cock as she climaxed. Soon, my thrusts became irregular too and I shot my load inside her as my cock made a last, desperate lunge into her depths. I blacked out and collapsed on top of her, panting hard and completely out of breath.

When I came to, I could hear her heart hammering away against her ribcage while I lay with my ear glued to her chest. I was startled as I tasted blood on my lips. I raised my head and found her rubbing a bite mark on her plump, beautiful, shapely shoulder. A little blood was still trickling out. So lost had I been in the frenzy of fucking that I didn’t remember having bitten her.

She wouldn’t let go of me as I tried to get up. Her arms tightened around me and held me in place on top of her. She wanted to feel my weight press down on her, even if it made it a bit difficult for her to breathe. After many more minutes of feeling her heated breath on my face and her lips plant little kisses on my mouth, we separated.

“Bari ahes na?”

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Agdi jhakaas! Itki majja aadhi kadhi aali navti!”

“Just wonderful! Never had such fun before!” She blushed.

“Mala pan.”

“Me too!” I replied truthfully. In fact that was the first real fucking of my life.

“Changlach jaad ahe han tuza laoda!”

“Your cock is very thick!” She whispered, slowly stroking it. I hadn’t given a thought to the size of my cock till then. Having had sex with other partners, she knew a thing or two about cocks.

“Tula awadla na? Mag ghe, tuzach ahe!”

“You like it, no? Then take it, it’s yours!” I responded, thrusting my cock against her hand.

I apologized for biting her and she told me not to worry about it.

“Ulat tyamuley maja ankhi wadhli!”

“Actually, that made it more exciting!”

“Chala, uthu ya. Kahitari jewayla kele pahije. Maza raja upashi asel na?”

“Let’s get up. I must cook something. My loverboy must be hungry, no?”

“Ho. Pan apan baher jau ya jewayala.”

“Yes. But let’s go out to eat.” I suggested.

“Ani yewdhi masoli anleli ahe tyache kaay karu? Nako. Mi patkan swyampak karun tula khaayla ghalte. Shivaay masolini tula parat changli taakad pan yeil.”

“And what will I do with all the fish I’ve bought? No. I’ll quickly cook something and feed you. Besides, the seafood will restore your strength too!” She winked naughtily.

I got up and helped her to her feet. She wobbled a bit as her legs took a while get used to their normal position and bear her weight, instead of being parted to wrap round my hips. She winced as she straightened her back.

“Paath parat dukhayala lagli ka?

“Is your back acting up again?”

“Thodishi. Pan theek ahe. Tujhe yewdhe zordaar hiske jhellyawar thodi dukhnarach!”

“A bit. But that’s bound to happen after having taken your hard thrusts!”

She returned from the bathroom after giving herself a quick clean up. I refused to let her wear her bra and blouse. She wrapped her pallu around her shoulders and got to work. She shooed me out of the kitchen when I tried to feel her up and scolded me to get myself cleaned up too. I declined her suggestion to eat the snack she had made in the morning and elected to wait while she cooked lunch. True to her word, in 45 minutes flat she cooked a scrumptious meal, including fried Paaplet and prawn curry.

We sat side by side at a small dining table in the kitchen. We fed each other morsels of food and playfully licked and nipped at each other’s fingers. I have a large appetite and on that day I was absolutely famished, what with not having eaten breakfast and having exerted so hard! She also had a good appetite but it was I who ate most of the food. Between the two of us, we polished off all of the fried fish and most of the curry and rice, food that would have served four normal people.

Hunger satiated, our attention turned to other matters. Soon, her pallu was off her shoulders and I was rubbing my oily fingers on her bare breasts. I sopped up oil from the plate that had held the fried fish and smeared it all over her bosom until her breasts were covered in an oily sheen. I leaned forward and slowly licked the oil off of her breasts, savouring the slightly pungent taste and the wonderful aroma of fried pomfret combined with the heady scent of her sweaty, unwashed skin. She let me have a free rein, lifting her lands above her head and thrusting her breasts forward for my pleasure. Her eyes were half closed and she kept uttering little mewls, making involuntary little movements of her body as her arousal slowly rose. I straightened up and suddenly her exposed armpits caught my attention. I was soon running my fingers on her moist armpits. Short, tuzla otele gelen escort fine fur had grown in there – she hadn’t been shaving for the past few weeks. Her sweat had caused the hair to clump together. I sniffed my fingers, savouring the funky but arousing feminine scent.

“Chaat tyanna!”

“Lick them!” She whispered.

The heat, salty taste and funky, pheromone laden scent of her armpits overloaded my senses as I obliged her. Only the faint, stale smell of the previous day’s deodorant struck a discordant note, but couldn’t distract me from my task. She felt up my crotch and we both knew it was time to get on with it. I picked her up and brought her to the living room. Soon, I had taken off my shorts and gotten rid of her sari as well. She stopped me as I tried to take off her petticoat. Instead, she hitched up the hem of the petticoat and tucked it into the waistband. Her legs up to her knees were bared. They were slim and shapely. A fine growth of golden brown hair grew on her calves, but it was barely visible against her light brown skin. She then reached under and took off her panties. I sat on the sofa and pulled her into my lap. I kissed her and fondled her breasts and was soon caressing her legs from ankle to knee. As my hand crept upward to her thighs, she stiffened abruptly. She pulled her petticoat down so that the partly exposed thigh was covered up and then relaxed and let me continue my exploration. She was obviously enjoying my caresses on her thighs, but every now and again she would pull down her displaced petticoat before letting me continue. It seemed that she didn’t want to expose her body above her knees to my gaze. My fingers were soon touching her hot, moist, hairy pussy and she widened her thighs to let me access her slit. I groped her slit with my middle finger and pushed in when I found her opening.

“Uhhh… Unhhhh…” She kept up a litany of low moans as I slowly finger fucked her. Her pussy was hot as hell and fully juiced up. My hand was completely drenched in her lubricious secretions. She reached under her petticoat and pulled my hand out, then got off my lap. My cock sprang up straight, pointing at the ceiling. I smeared her pussy juice all over my cock while she straddled my thighs. I felt her fingers guide my cock in as she slowly sank down, her pussy stretching to take in my hard, thick cock. Once or twice, she winced, rose up a bit and sank down again after adjusting her hips. She was soon resting her ass in my lap, my cock buried deep inside her. She had a triumphant smile on her face. Obviously, she had done this before. She was breathing slowly but heavily, her face was level with mine and her tits rose and fell in tune with her breathing. She once again pulled her petticoat down and ensured that her pussy wasn’t visible. I felt her pussy muscles tighten on my shaft and she rose slowly, pulling my cock out till only the crown remained buried then sinking down again. She stared at me with half closed eyes, her nostrils flared and her face was a mask of lust as she kept slowly fucking my hard, thick cock. Her pussy fitted tightly around my shaft and the friction of her movements lighted little sparks of pleasure in our bodies. She slapped my hands away from her breasts. She wanted to concentrate totally on what she was doing down below. To ramp up the lust factor a few notches, she added a new twist. She rose till my cock was completely out and clenched her pussy tight before sinking down again. The feeling of my cock piercing through her clenched cunt was unbelievable. She was almost raping herself using my cock.

“Sssss…!” She hissed and her face contorted as waves of pain and pleasure radiated out from her pussy. She waited for a while after bottoming out and then repeated the whole process. On her third try, she was totally overwhelmed by the avalanche of sensations and hit a powerful climax. Her pussy fluttered and then tightened around my cock, her nipples hardened to little bullets and beads of sweat broke out on her body. She rested her face in the crook of my shoulder and waited for her fluttering heart and hard breathing to settle down.

“Ataa chadh majhyawar ani zav!”

“Now get on top and fuck me!”

I held her under her ass and got up while she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. My cock was fully buried inside her cunt as I started walking to the bedroom.

“Bedroom nako. Ithech!”

“Not the bedroom. Right in here!” She hissed through clenched teeth.

I sank to my knees as she clung on to me and then lowered her to the floor. I again hooked my elbows behind her knees and leaned forward. I just let myself go, pummelling her defenceless pussy with hard thrusts of my cock, intent on getting my own pleasure. The room rang with my guttural grunts and her muffled screams as she thrust her fist into her mouth. I don’t know how long I fucked her and how many times she orgasmed. But I remember that my strength almost gave out before I finally climaxed and collapsed on top of her. Finally, we literally dragged ourselves tuzla sınırsız escort to the bedroom and collapsed on the bed. Neither of us was accustomed to taking siestas. But on that day, we fell asleep the instant we hit the bed.

I woke up maybe two or three hours later. I felt fresh and rejuvenated after the siesta and felt a stirring in between my legs – perhaps the seafood had restored strength to my loins! I found Gargi awake too and pulled her roughly into my arms, planting a possessive kiss on her mouth. The bed creaked loudly as our movements rocked it. I now knew why Gargi didn’t want us to fuck in there! We never fucked in the bedroom. Instead, we used to roll out the guest mattress on the living room floor, since the bare linoleum floor was really hard on her back…

“Aaapan ata anghol karun gheu ya ka?”

“Shall we bathe now?” She asked, gently disentangling herself from my arms.

We were soon in the little bathroom. I was buck naked while she insisted on wearing her petticoat to protect the modesty of her pussy. I insisted on giving her a bath first. The taps were still dry so we used the water stored in a couple of buckets. She tied her hair on top of her head and sat down on a small, foot high metal stool. I poured cool water over her, soaped her up and gently rubbed the plains, peaks and valleys of her soft, plump, utterly feminine body. She obeyed me like a little child as I commanded her to turn this way or that, raise her arms, close her eyes and so on, to give me access to each fold, nook and cranny of her divine body. After cleaning her feet, ankles and calves, I reached up to soap up her thighs, when she stopped me.

“Tithey nako! Tithey meech karen!”

“Not there! I’ll do it myself!”

“Theek ahe!”

“OK!” I acquiesced, then rinsed her off with cool water. The hair on her calves became visible as the water flowed over them.

“Kes kadhayala zalyet!”

“I’ve got to shave them soon!”

“Nako na! Mala awadtaat!”

“Please don’t! I like them!” I persuaded her to let hair on her legs and in her armpits be, at least for the time being.

Then it was my turn to sit on the stool and let her give me a bath, which she proceeded to do with gusto. She rubbed and scrubbed till my skin tingled. I howled like a child when soapy water got into my eyes, eliciting peals of laughter from her. She stood me up and soaped me from my waist down to my thighs. I clenched my buttocks together when she tried to soap up my ass crack.

“Tithey nako! Tithey meech karen!”

“Not there! I’ll do it myself!” I echoed her words.

“Theek ahe!”

“OK!” She agreed. She then soaped up my crotch and lathered my pubic hair. She gently rubbed and fondled my testicles and cock and rinsed them. She watched in fascination when my cock started hardening. The mere sight of my fast rising cock was enough to ignite her passion. She quickly leaned and planted a fleeting kiss on my cock head and made me sit on the little stool. She then straddled my thighs and lowered her pussy on my cock. We soon found that the soap and water had washed away all the lubrication and made it impossible for my cock to penetrate her pussy. We quickly found a solution in the form of a bottle of coconut oil. She poured a generous quantity on her hands and lubed up my cock, then reached under her petticoat and rubbed oil on her pussy too. Soon, she was resting on my thighs with my cock buried deep inside her cunt. Once again ensuring that her pussy was well concealed under her petticoat, she started thrusting up and down my cock, her eyes closed and lower lip between her teeth.

“Mmh… mmh…mmhh…” She moaned under her breath, lost in the pleasure of my cock reaming her pussy. She changed the rhythm from slow to fast to slow again, clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles. But soon, it was apparent that she was tiring out and needed help. Since I was sitting on a low stool, I couldn’t bring the full strength of my thighs to bear upon the task, and the bathroom was too small for her to lie down.

“Aapan ubhyane try karu ya ka?”

“Should we try it standing up?” I suggested.

She braced her hands against a wall, leaned forward and spread her legs apart, while I stood behind her and bent my legs to line up my cock with her pussy. As we struggled, it was obvious that neither of us had done this before. Her insistence on keeping her pussy hidden under her petticoat didn’t help, either. Finally, she bowed to the inevitable.

“Tithe baghu nakos hunh!”

“Don’t look down there!” She admonished, then placed a leg on the stool and flipped her petticoat up to reveal her twin globes and a quick glimpse of her hairy cunt underneath. She giggled nervously as her fingers guided my cock to the right place and with a few probing thrusts, my cockhead was soon nestling between her inner labia. All this trial and error effort had tried my patience to the limit. I lost no time in shoving my cock right up to the root inside her and unleashed a series of hard, deep thrusts, tightly gripping her hips for support. Her hair had worked loose to cover her back and hide her face from me. I gathered her hair in my fist and turned her face so that I could claim her lips with my mouth while continuing to thrust into her without a break. The sheer force of my assault and the stimulation of her G spot in this new position was enough to drive us both to a climax in no time at all.

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