Haitian Men Love Somali Women

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Big Tits

Sitting inside the Carleton University library, Roger Etienne sighed deeply. When he opted to study in the South End of Ottawa, Province of Ontario, he didn’t know his life would get this complicated. Seriously. A lot of those complications had to do with Azeeza Balaam, his Somali girlfriend. Leaving the City of Boston, Massachusetts, was starting to feel like the worst mistake the twenty-year-old Haitian-American student ever made. As he looked at his assignment on WebCT, something caught his attention. A six-foot-tall, blonde-haired and green-eyed young White woman walking by. He saw White women every day, this was Canada, after all. Yet there was something different about this one. For starters, she had a thick, round booty that would be envied by most Black girls for its thickness and perfect shape. White women in Canada had just as much booty as Black women. And far less attitude. Hmmm.

Something jolted Roger out of his pleasant reverie, and it took him a moment to process what. A loud smack made by Azeeza’s hand as she hit Roger upside the head. The big and tall young Black man yelped in surprise, and whirled around to confront his attacker. He barely restrained himself in time. It was Azeeza. The short, slim young Black woman chuckled softly as she brushed some imaginary lint off her hijab. Roger rolled his eyes, and for the thousandth time he warned her not to hit him, even playfully. Not she was the one rolling her eyes. For the hundredth time, Roger wondered why he even bothered with her. The more he thought about it, there were so many downsides to dating this Somali chick, and he couldn’t even think of an upside.

When he first came to Ottawa as an international student, Roger didn’t know anybody in the capital of Canada. Carleton University was a big school, but he didn’t know any Haitian students. Most of the Black students were of African descent, and there weren’t that many of them to begin with. Nigerians. South Africans. Somalians. Ethiopians. Liberians. Congolese. And so many other nations he was barely aware of. The African students at Carleton University were nothing like the African-American students at his old school, the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. The Black students at UMass-Amherst stuck together, and believed in each other. Black Americans had a lot more unity than Africans in Canada. There was a lot of infighting among the Africans in Canada. The Nigerians didn’t much care for the Congolese people, who in turn disliked the South Africans, and nobody liked the Somalians. When Roger began dating a Somali gal at Carleton University, he turned heads. The Somali guys weren’t happy about it at all. All Somali men and Somali women were Muslims, as far as Roger knew, and Muslim men didn’t like it when Muslim women dated Christian men. However, Muslim men felt free to date women of whatsoever faith they chose. And Muslim women never protested that double standard.

At tuzla eve gelen escort first, Roger Etienne was drawn to Azeeza Balaam. At five-foot-six, slim and curvy, with light brown skin, almond-shaped brown eyes and a sort of radiance about her, she seemed really special. Roger had never seen a Somali woman before he came to Canada and he was fascinated by them. Back in Massachusetts, he dated women of all races. Mainly he dealt with White women, Asian women and the occasional Hispanic chick because Black American women were too much trouble. Yet Somali women in Canada were different. They were really sexy, took care of themselves, and respected men because the Muslim culture emphasized respect among the sexes. Azeeza seemed like a dream come true. A beautiful young Black woman who loved Black men and didn’t act like a shrill bitch all the time. So why was she acting like a bitch now, after three months together?

Looking at her boyfriend Roger Etienne, Azeeza Balaam felt frustrated. The first time she saw the six-foot-two, broad-shouldered and muscular Black American stud from Massachusetts, her heart skipped a beat. He was as handsome as her favorite football player, Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick. Azeeza had a thing for Black American guys. Her cousin Amina often teased her about it, saying that she would end up like their aunt Soraya, a Somali woman from Toronto, Ontario, who walked away from the Muslim faith to marry Dexter, a Black guy from Detroit, Michigan. The Balaam family loathed Soraya, and her very name was considered haram or dirty. Azeeza had no intention to end up like that. So she kept her romance with Roger Etienne secret. She was risking much by being with him. Her older brothers Mohammed and Ahmed were fortunately at the University of York near Toronto instead of Carleton University. Had they seen her walking around hand in hand with a non-Somali male, they would have been pissed.

Yet her relationship with Roger Etienne was kind of in a rut. Black guys from America had a reputation for being wild, fearless and super sexual men. So different from the repressed, stifled men from the Muslim world. And yet it seemed she landed on the one Black American guy who was painfully shy and never once made a move on her. As she recalled, the only time he took the initiative was the time he asked her out. Azeeza Balaam was one frustrated sister. Muslim or not, a woman is a woman and she had her needs. Needs that Roger Etienne seemed determined to ignore. She tried everything to stir his desire. She took him to her bedroom, to ‘study’. Imagine her surprise when he actually wanted to study! By Allah, what was to be done with him?

Lately, she started taking her frustrations out on him. She practically dangled her ass in front of him, by wearing skin-tight blue jeans that showed her big, round ass. Oh, and she was always reading a Zane tuzla otele gelen escort novel, which he had to know about since he was African-American and the infamous Black American female novelist was the most sexual author in Black America. Yet Roger Etienne always played dumb with her. When they sat inside a movie theater and she ‘accidentally’ bumped her hand on his inner thigh, he didn’t react. She was starting to worry he might be gay. Nope, she never saw him checking out other guys. There was plenty of porn on his laptop, most of involving a disgusting porno guy named Brian Pumper and his antics while fucking women of all races. Azeeza was frustrated. So when she saw her man checking out some White slut, she got mad. Hey, even Muslim women are only human and get jealous just like other women!

For this reason, Azeeza smacked Roger upside the head as hard as she could. Now he was glaring at her with real anger in his eyes. Oh, well. Nice to finally get a reaction out of him. He was mad, and accused her of being a stereotypical, stuck-up Black chick with an attitude. What the fuck? Oh, no he didn’t! Azeeza stood there, her hands on her hips, and asked Roger point-blank why he bothered with her since he was so obviously into trashy White women. Roger grimaced, and told her that White women treated Black men better than Black women ever would. That hit a nerve. For several moments, Azeeza was frozen. Then, she silently turned and walked away. Leaving Roger standing there, panting and dumbfounded. With tears in her eyes, Azeeza rushed out of the Carleton University library. Down into the tunnels she ran, until she reached the hall leading to her residence.

Azeeza lay on her bed, her body wracked with sobs as she wept. How could he say something so mean to her? Black women stood by Black men when nobody else did. At Carleton University, White chicks were making allegations of sexual harassment and assault against minority men every other day. Yet it seemed Black men were determined to worship the very White women who got them locked up every chance they got. It didn’t make any sense. Azeeza looked at herself in her bedroom mirror. So she wasn’t that tall, but she had a cute face, tight little body, good-sized breasts and a big round butt. And she loved the brothers. What more could a Black man want? Her girlfriends urged her to date White guys but she simply wasn’t into them. Chocolate skin turned her on, vanilla didn’t, and no, she didn’t care to try it. Maybe she should stick to dating Somali men. Maybe her cousins were right. Only a man from her culture would understand her. Somali men stood by their Somali women, after all.

A knock on her door snapped her out of her reverie. Grumpily she went to the door. It was probably her roommate Veronique, the skinny Jamaican chick who disgustingly chain-smoked cigarettes and ate pork. Imagine her surprise when she tuzla sınırsız escort saw…Roger. There he was, standing there and looking all cute. And apologetic. I am sorry, he said sheepishly. Azeeza raised her eyebrows and crossed her arms. He was going to have to do better than that. Stunning them both, Roger dropped down on one knee and pleaded with her to take him back. Azeeza gasped in shock. Gently, Roger wrapped his arms around her slender yet curvy frame. He asked her for forgiveness one more time. In spite of the anger she felt, Azeeza melted in his arms. Damn Haitian men! She kissed his forehead, and told him she forgave him. Happy as a clown, Roger swept her into his arms. Let’s go out for dinner, he told her. Azeeza shook her head, smiling. She felt like staying indoors. And when Roger found out why, he grinned from ear to ear.

Gently, Roger carried Azeeza over to the bed. He laid her there, and began making love to her. He kissed her forehead, her eyes and her lips. Gently, he stroked her firm breasts while sucking on the areolas. Azeeza smiled, loving what Roger was doing to her. This Haitian-American knew his way around the female body. The Somali gal positively purred as he spread her legs and began licking her pussy like there was no tomorrow. Roger thrust his fingers into her pussy, pinched her clitoris, blew on it and sucked on it. That last move had her squealing in delight. Moments later, she howled like a woman possessed as an intense orgasm rocked her sexy nubile body. Roger cradled her protectively in his arms as she rode out the orgasmic wave, so to speak.

Azeeza smiled at Roger, and gently kissed him on the lips. Then she pushed him back onto the bed and went straight for his dick. Before he could stop her, she grabbed his long and thick cock and wouldn’t let go. Azeeza examined Roger’s dick closely. The Haitian-American stud was uncircumcised. As a Muslim woman, she was supposed to feel revulsion but…she didn’t. Roger’s manhood was actually….beautiful. Gently she took him into her mouth. Roger groaned as she stroked his balls gently while sucking his dick. Azeeza happily sucked him with gusto, causing him to grunt, groan and downright scream as she worked her magic on him. Until he shouted that he was about to cum. Azeeza didn’t stop, and when he came, she drank it all down. Before wiping her mouth with the back of her hand and smiling lovingly at a dazed and confused but pleased Roger. He sighed, and she grinned as she climbed on top of him. Roger smiled as Azeeza impaled herself on his thick cock and began riding him real good. And just like that, round two began.

Roger Etienne and Azeeza Balaam went at it for hours, until sleep and exhaustion claimed them. The Haitian-American stud looked at his Somalian queen asleep in his arms, and smiled happily. Black Love is where it’s at, he thought to himself. He felt happy and satisfied in a way he hadn’t felt in ages. Who would have thought? After years of dating White women, Asian women and Hispanic women while avoiding Black American like the plague, an African-American guy like himself would find love with a Somali woman in Canada. What were the odds of that? Shrugging, he closed his eyes and fell asleep. This was a good day.

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