Picking up Sis(-in-Law) Ch. 08

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Wow! That’s all I can say. It seems that my wife’s older sister (Debbie) has been talking to her youngest sister (Dianne), and they’ve been talking about more than the cost of groceries!

I’ll get right to the point, starting with some background info. Dianne, who is five years younger than my wife, lived with us for several months after she got out of high school, and was attending a local Community College. She was cute then, tall and slim, with great legs and small waist and tits, which she always used to complain about.

Anyway, when she was living with us, we used to flirt around a lot, but nothing ever came of it. Well, almost nothing. I didn’t try too hard, because I didn’t know if I could trust her young, inexperienced butt.

Whenever my wife had to work late (she was in retail), Dee (her nickname) and I would do a lot of fun things, like riding my motorcycle, renting movies, etc. My wife never thought a thing about it!

One night, we were watching a sexy movie (“Lake Consequence”)that we’d rented, and Dee got pretty embarrassed during a hot love scene. She was sitting on the couch in a cute little summer minidress and sheer nylons, her 3″ heels on the floor beside her. Her face was beet red, and she got up to leave the room. I was lying on the floor, and I grabbed her ankle as she walked by, challenging her by saying “S’matter, Dee? Too embarrassed to watch?” I also stole a quick look up her dress!

She pulled her ankle out of my grasp, and said “No, I’m just getting something to drink. I’ll be right back!” A few minutes later, she returned and sat on the floor beside me, finding out that I’d paused the VCR when she left, and restarted it when she sat down.

“Didn’t want you to miss anything, Chicken!” I said to her, and she just watched the screen. The scene heated up more, and Dee started fidgeting around, causing the hem of her dress to ride up some. I just watched her, enjoying the expanse of nyloned thigh exposed to me.

Finally, she noticed that I was watching her instead of the movie, and she yanked her dress down, yelling “Pervert!” at me, but she was smiling. I grabbed her arm and pulled her down on the floor, wrestling with her as we’d done many times in the past.

I let her almost get away from me, but grabbed her sleekly nyloned calf, pulling her back down, which caused her dress to ride back up. This time, she didn’t kartal escort push it back down, and it stayed there, about two inches below the darker part of her pantyhose. AS we struggled, it kept going up, and I was soon able to see that A. Her nylons were sheer-to-waist, and B. She didn’t have panties on under them.

As we wrestled around, I really got to feel her nyloned legs up, but I didn’t risk going too high, stopping at mid-thigh. I think she might have even been disappointed at that, But I didn’t know for sure.

Anyway, we soon settled down, and my wife got home shortly after that. I fucked her long and hard that night, thinking constantly about Dee’s sexy legs!

Another time shortly after that, I got up one morning, and thinking Dee was still in bed, walked out of the bedroom completely naked to go to the bathroom. I has a pretty decent A-M hard-on, and was met by Dee as I rounded the hallway corner. All she had on was a sheer, knee length night gown, and I could almost see right through it. I was startled by her being there, and tried to hide what was showing, but after a little squeel on her part, she stood there, just taking it all in.

So, since my wife was still in bed, I just put my arms to my sides, and continued toward the bathroom, my now-harder dick swaying with each step. As I got to Dee, she stepped aside to let me pass, and she just stared at my dick. “Big, isn’t it?” I asked smuggly.

“Yeah, it is…” she mumbled, so I stopped, and turned to face her. “See anything you like?” I challenged. Her eyes came up to meet mine, and she just stood there, eyes going up and down, back and forth. “Well?” I kept at it. “Yeah, but… Lori…” she finally whispered.

“Oh, well…” I said, and reached down to stroke my cock a couple of times. I now had a big bead of pre-cum just hanging there on the end of it. So, I took my finger and scooped it up, and Dee stopped breathing all together. I raised my hand up to her, and she didn’t move. I moved closer to her, my finger just a couple of inches from her full, pouting lips.

Her eyes darted back and forth from my eyes to the wet finger under her nose. “Well?” I asked again. I could see her nipples harden under her sheer gown. She slowly brought her hand up to mine, and took it in hers. She pulled it up to her mouth, and sucked my finger in. She moaned loudly as her tongue worked cumhuriyet mahallesi escort on my finger, making sure that she had all of the hot, salty fluid that had been there.

Then, we heard my wife stirring in the bedroom, so the moment was over. I took off for the bathroom, and Dee went back into her bedroom, closing the door. That was the last and only time Dee and I had done anything of an intimate nature. She moved out shortly after that, and there was never an opportunity to see if anything more was going to develop.

So, let’s fast-forward to three years later, and now Dee’s happily married to Jim. As I said, Debbie has been talking to Dee, and the subject’s been me! Dee was down by herself recently for a weekend visit. Jim couldn’t get away from work (he said, anyway – probably wanted some time alone with Debbie!).

Dee was very flirty with me from the time she showed up, and I flirted right back. My wife was none the wiser, pretty much ignoring us. The three of us went out to a movie Saturday night, and I sat between the girls. Dee had a short, red and black dress on, sheer nylons and spiky heels. My wife was dressed similarly.

The movie turned out to be kind of scary, which worked to my advantage, both girls snuggled up to me… and my wife thought it was cute! I had a nylon clad thigh on each side to caress, and neither was complaining!

After awhile, my wife got up to use the restroom, and Dee quickly took advantage of our being alone, this being the first such opportunity since she’d arrived. Her hand went right to my hard cock as she leaned toward me. “Debbie told me about you and her!” She said quietly.

I was flabberghasted! Never in a million years did I believe that Deb would tell anybody. I tried to move Dee’s hand away, but she persisted. “Oh, no you don’t! I want equal time, Big boy!” she said. I just looked at her. “I want some of this!” she said, squeezing the shaft of my cock.

“Before I could respond, my wife returned, and Dee just smiled. I quickly analyzed my options, and when I was sure my wife wasn’t looking our way, slid my hand up under Dee’s skirt. I hit paydirt quickly, her drenched pussy spreading for my fingers. Her coat hid my actions, and I was able to stroke her as much as I dared, as much as her pantyhose allowed.

Once, she reached down to stroke yunus escort my cock, and I stopped her hand just an instant before it encountered my wife’s, which was already there! A little too close for comfort, let me tell ya! When the movie was over, the three of us left, heading for home. I stopped at a drive through and bought some wine coolers, hoping to get my wife drunk and sleepy.

It worked, and as we pulled in the driveway, she was sound asleep. I woke her up to get her in the house, and she hit the bed without even getting undressed. I took care of that, tucking her in snuggly.

I quickly made my way back to the family room, where Dee was waiting for me – standing naked except for her sheer nylons and high heels! I stripped my clothes off and grabbed her, hugging her tightly to me as I kissed her. We necked and groped each other for several seconds, and then Dee went to her knees. “Debbie says you really like to be sucked!” she said, and before I could answer, her hot mouth enveloped about two-thirds of my cock, her eyes never leaving mine.

I moaned loudly as she worked on me, her mouth pistoning back and forth, the head of my dick hitting the back of her throat at times. I let her suck me for a few minutes, not even thinking about cumming yet. Then, I pulled her to her feet and sat her on the couch. I spread her legs widely, looking up at her and saying, “Turn-about’s fair play!” I started kissing the inside of her nylon clad knee, and moved quickly up her thigh.

Once I got to her pussy, I found that she’d slit the crotch panel of her nylons, and I had instant access to her hot core. My tongue slid in fast, and I spent about ten minutes eating her out in fine fashion. She moaned softly as I sucked her, her nyloned thighs moving against the sides of my head.

Then, I stopped and moved up on her, aiming my dick for what my mouth had just left. I slid in hot and fast, taking her breath away. I fucked her hard and fast, giving her every inch of my meat. She kept moaning, “Oh God, I’ve never had one so…. so big!” so I just kept giving it to her. As I fucked her, her nyloned legs wrapped around me, I realized that she was the last to fall. I’d now had both of my wife’s sisters AND their mother! We kept at it for as long as I could, during which time she came at least four times. I sped up, hitting my peak as she came one last time, pumping what seemed like a gallon of cum inside her.

I sent her to bed well-fucked, that’s for sure! The next morning, as soon as she heard my wife start to shower, she scampered into our bedroom and gave me a quick blow job, swallowing every drop of my cum. Mre to come on this all-new subject!

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