Straight Bear Cabin Ch. 01

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Me and and my pal Brian decided to take a vacation trip out to this national park over in Mississippi. We rented a cabin, got our gear together, and packed up that Sunday morning.

Now, Brian was a big fella. Pretty gruff, big belly, hairy arms, stocky and strong, thick brown goatee. To say the least, he was intimidating. Pretty much the poster child for masculinity. I wasn’t particularly small myself- I was a bigger guy too, thicker beard, also strong… but Brian was an alpha male.

On the car ride over to our cabin, we talked about his family. His wife was a pretty fine lady- real curvy and blonde. I knew they had an amazing sex life from hearing about it at work. Brian was one of those friends that you really only know from work. It added kind of a mystique to going out on this vacation with him. Made learning about his life a bit more interesting.

When we arrived in the cabin, we unpacked and headed out into town. I won’t spoil the story with details of all the shit we did that day. I’ll stick to the best part of the vacation…

When we returned to our cabin that night, it was pretty late. We decided to retire early. I went over to my bed and realized that it faced the bathroom at an angle so that I could see in. I didn’t pay much attention to it but entertained the idea of peeking in on Brian taking his shower, just to see if he was just as meaty and hairy under his clothes as I expected. But, Brian kept the door shut and locked while he hopped in for a quick cleanup.

Suddenly, something happened that made my heart race. The door creaked open a bit and I saw Brian’s arm reach down and grab his bag from beside the bathroom. I could hear a shaving cream can clank against a razor as the door slipped open a tiny bit and revealed him standing at the sink. He was shaving around his neckline stark naked in the crack of the door. I could only see a little, but what Betturkey I saw was amazing. His ass was thick and hairy and his legs were meaty and strong. I could only see a little bit of his backside, but I was dying to see more. I watched him the entire few minutes that he trimmed up before he shut the door back and put on his boxers.

After that, we chatted for a bit and retreated to bed. The way our room was set up, a thin wall divided our two beds between the small hall where the bathroom and stairs were. When we laid there in the silence, I thought I could hear a bit of creaking. I strained to hear more. After a while, I was convinced that I could hear squishing… “Could Brian be beating his meat through the wall?”, I thought, anxious. I immediately became erect and this thought and began yanking my own chain. I listened carefully and tried to sync my stroking up with the noises I was hearing. I wanted to rub myself with him. I quickly relieved myself and fell asleep.

In the morning, Brian woke me up and we went along with our day’s plans. I couldn’t keep my mind off of that night, hoping I could hear Brian’s moist cock through the wall again. I followed him into his room to chat when I noticed a balled up tissue laying in the floor by his bed. I became very excited. Did this mean my suspicions were correct? I had a plan. I casually tossed my phone under Brian’s bed when he wasn’t looking.

We drifted off into our rooms and I undressed for bed, down to my underwear. I laid there for a minute, but decided to go “look for my cell phone” in Brian’s room. I went in and apologized and turned on the light. I told him I left my phone somewhere in hear and he decided to help me look for it. I saw him get out of bed and saw that he was completely naked. His soft dick was lying against his big sack and his black belly hair crept down to his crotch. I had to Betturkey Giriş cover my erection with a pillow. He covered himself loosely with a blanket and I retrieved my phone and left.

I immediately dropped my shorts and began rubbing my cock as I laid on my bed. I listened carefully and heard Brian’s creaking bed once again. I wanted to get to the bottom of this.

“Dude, what the fuck are you doing? Your bed keeps creaking.” I called over to him with a laugh, my voice a bit shaky with anticipation.

“Sorry man. Can’t sleep. I keep tossing and turning.” He retorted after clearing his throat.

“Sure,” I teased. “You’re missing the wife, eh?” I forced a laugh again.

“You know it, brother.” Brian chuckled as well.

Silence ensued and the noises stopped. I feared that I had scared him out of the pleasure so I amped up the volume of my own cock. I creaked the bed a little more, made sure to squish around with my precum a little more.

Before long Brian spoke up. “Sounds like you’re restless too.” He mumbled.

“Sorry man” I laughed, “I’m just missing my girlfriend a bit… Got me a bit antsy thinking about her.”

Was he going to bite? I couldn’t believe how bold I was being.

“Well, I don’t want to hear you beating your meat at 2 AM” he laughed, a bit nervously I noticed.

“Sorry man, I was just rolling around”. I felt humiliated. But Brian continued,

“I’m just kidding bro. We’re all men here. Beat it if you want. I guess that’s the point of this wall.” He laughed and so did I.

Silence entered the room once again. I listened for about twenty minutes before I heard Brian’s room creaking once again. I took my cock in hand and went at it just like the first night. I could hear both of our wet cocks going at it after a while. It got to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore. I just had to get a look of Brian’s cock in action. I quietly got out of bed, still stroking, and walked over to the opening to his room. I walked in and flipped the light on quickly.

“I see you can’t sleep either,” I laughed as I watched Brian lying on his back with his hard dick in hand, legs spread. He jumped a bit but then guffawed.

“What the fuck are you doing? Invasion of privacy.” He smirked and covered his hardon with his blanket. I was so hard. He could see my boner clear as day pointing right at him. I was letting him see it all.

“Well, I could hear your god damned dick over there so I figured I wasn’t getting any sleep anyway.” We both laughed some more as I slowly, casually rubbed my erection right in front of him. He kept his under the blanket, but I watched as his hand crept under and grabbed it firmly nonetheless.

“well have a seat” he motioned towards the end of his bed. I did and continued stroking my shaft. He did as well, under the blanket. We sort of made casual conversation for a bit before I finally got the up close glance of his sexy rod. It was long and thick, jutting out from his bush and his balls rested against his bed. His rough hand was slowly moving it up and down while his other rested softly on his furry beer belly. I was nearly drooling watching him stroke. Our conversation gradually moved more sexual as we discussed in depth all the dirty secrets about fucking our ladies.

Before long we were pumping as hard as we could. The bed was shaking and we were both sprawled out, rods in hand, whimpering with pleasure. We decided to squirt at the same time, and synced up. I watched as his cock spurted long squirts of creamy white cum all into his hairy chest. Mine did the same. He grabbed up his shirt and wiped himself off, handing it to me. I felt his cum soaking my semi hard cock as I cleaned myself off with his shirt. I was dying to lick it up, but I resisted and fell back onto his bed. I retreated back to my own room, and crashed after wishing him goodnight.

Good night indeed. I wondered how the last night of our vacation was going to play out tomorrow.

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