One Summer Afternoon

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This story is part of a quartet of stories named: One Summer.

It is not a continuing storyline. They have familiar, common settings, persons or themes but they are not the same. Each story stands on its own. As always, all persons have reached the age of 19 years or more since they were born.

Note to the reader: English is not my first language so it may sometimes read as if you are listening to somebody from a foreign country. But thanks to oldnakeddad for editing and proofreading this story and making it more readable!

1. ******

The house my aunt had rented for the holidays was a small, traditional, three-bedroom farmhouse on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It had been modified for renting so all the conveniences were there. The only thing remarkable was that the bathroom, including the toilet, were in a small separate building at the back of the house. The house had two great qualities. One was the magnificent view overlooking the hills to the south, with the sea at a distance but still visible. The other was, it was secluded with a wall around a beautiful garden.

My aunt and uncle had rented it for a month at the beginning of the summer. As it had been usual for the last couple of years, my parents would visit them for two weeks and this year they had invited me to come along. After finishing university, I had worked on a research grant for three years abroad, without a lot of free time and without a lot of contact with my family. Having just arrived home, they must have thought I could use some days off while spending some time with them.

My aunt Martina and my mother, Martha, are cousins. They grew up together in a large family of seven children but the two of them had always been best friends, forever. As kids, they had regularly stayed over at each other’s homes and had grown up through puberty. This friendship had continued into their marriages with respectively Uncle Tim and Peter, my father. Mom and dad had married quite young and about eight years earlier than Martina and Tim. With the arrival of the children, first my sister and I and later Martina and Tim’s two sons, seeing each other became very rare.

To our surprise, their youngest son, Jasper, was there when we arrived. As a last-minute stowaway, he had joined his parents unexpectedly but to their great joy. Seven years younger than me, he had just finished his first year at college. They had arrived a week earlier than we did. The arrangement was made that he would sleep on the couch in the hallway, being the little space in the corner of the main room, while I would sleep in the small bedroom next to it. Our parents would sleep upstairs in the two main bedrooms.

The first morning, I woke up very early, still feeling very tired from the trip, with an overwhelming urgency to empty my bladder. I got out of bed, put on a t-shirt as I had slept with only my panty because of the high temperatures. As I walked past Jasper’s couch to the kitchen door, I saw he was still asleep. His leg was sticking out from under the sheets, his a peaceful face. I noticed the long eyelashes now that his face laid so motionless on his pillow. He had beautiful eyes, now hidden, that I noticed yesterday.

There were no sounds in the house as I walked through the kitchen door to the patio. The morning air felt lovely…fresh but already a blissful temperature. After going to the toilet in the little house in the back, I went to the front to enjoy the view and see the morning rising from the hills around. Then I went back inside, crashed onto my bed and fell asleep again.

2. ******

When I opened my eyes, I saw my mother’s head around the corner of the door.

“Hey, Liz! Still sleeping? It’s already past noon, in case you were wondering,” her smiling face spoke to me.

“Mmm! This was just what I needed.” I murmured, pulling the thin cotton sheet towards my face while looking at mom.

“You’re lucky this old-fashioned house has such thick walls, otherwise it would have been impossible to sleep such a long time into the day. Outside, on the terrace, it is almost too hot to stay seated, even under the sunshade. But maybe we’re just not used to it yet,” she said.

“I’ll get up. I’ve got to go to the bathroom anyway,” I answered.

I swept my legs over the side the bed, stood up and pulled my t-shirt straight since it had crept all the way up to my breasts. Passing mom, I gave her a quick, happy to be on a vacation, hug. She was about half of a head shorter than me but she felt so familiar, soft and cozy. I could feel her breasts pushing against my stomach. Mine, which are sitting quite high, almost touched her face.

On my way to the kitchen door, I could see the others, through the windows, sitting on the terrace underneath the sunshade. The terrace was on the front side, facing the south, and getting all the heat of the sun. The one-story bathroom building was in the back, so I could go there unnoticed.

When I turned the corner of the house, there was something that could not go unnoticed, or better put, someone that I could not look past. Jasper stood there, under the outdoor shower, fixbet stark naked, with his back to me. I did not notice it yesterday but his was quite a muscular back and it was completed with two beautiful round, tight buttocks. His body showed his youth but was clearly very well developed!

He must have noticed something because he turned around with his head still under the broad stream of the rain shower. A broad smile appeared as he bit his lower lip as if to say, ‘Oh, oh.’

“Gee, I’m sorry!” Jasper said, though his smiling eyes betrayed his apology.

“We usually shower without clothes, even when outside, but I forgot we have guests not familiar with our habits.”

When he spoke, he had turned around fully and was standing full frontal, naked, just a few steps in front of me. I couldn’t resist to check him out from top to bottom and the image of his back was mirrored by his front. This was one fit guy! But most of all, my attention narrowed to his groin where a thicker than average penis presented itself to me. During the showering, he must have pulled the foreskin back to wash it because his scarlet glans was clearly sticking out in front of his legs and attracted my attention. Suddenly, I felt quite old with my twenty-seven years.

“I’m sorry,” I said, blushing and realizing I had been staring.

“No, it’s me who should be sorry for confronting you like this but I went for an early morning swim in the sea and I had to wash the salt away. This outside shower is much more enjoyable than the one inside, in the bathtub,” he answered while shutting the shower down.

“Anyway, an outside shower is always better, I think,” he said and walked over to where his towel was hanging.

I couldn’t keep my eyes from following his body.

“You should give it a try! We all do it,” he laughed while bending over and rubbing his legs dry.


I smiled back and walked past him into the small building. I looked at the bath, with a shower attached to the wall and the shower-curtain next to it. I could easily imagine the cramped space, when showering in there, in comparison to the space and fresh air outside. Sitting down on the toilet, I could suddenly feel my heart racing. Would I dare do such a thing? Did they all shower outside, naked? Would I dare to stand outside, naked, showering while my parents and my aunt or uncle could come around the corner? Or worse, Jasper? Or was this thought a big thrill? What if Jasper did see me naked, wet and showering? Would he consider me old?

Cleaning myself, I noticed it wasn’t only the piss that wetted the paper-cloth. Was it the naked image of Jasper or was it my anticipation that had gotten to me?

While brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and saw only excitement on my face. I knew I should do it because I wanted to do it. So, I pulled my t-shirt over my head and looked in the mirror again. My high breasts looked to be pointing forward even more, with my nipples already sticking out, whereas they would usually be rather flat on my breasts. I felt them, firm in both hands.

I could see the harsh sunlight outside through a small window. I stripped my panty down my legs and felt the stubbles on my labia as I didn’t take the time to shave before joining my parents on our way over here. Now I regretted it. Looking at myself in the mirror, I wondered how they would judge me. I knew I was a little bit taller than average and my bum was full but still firm but I was ok with the body I had, without paying too much attention to it. No gym, no diets. I pulled my straight hair to the top of my head, to tie it in a little knot, leaving my neck free for the shower.

With a deep breath, I turned around and opened the door. I stepped into the light and the warmth of the patio, naked. The sun on my skin felt so great! The sheer freedom that comes along with being naked outside felt great as well. I just stood still, enjoying the feelings before I turned on the shower and stepped into the lukewarm water that poured down in little streams from the nozzles. What a great feeling again, being outside, naked, showering in the broad daylight!

I felt the water caressing my skin and moved my hands up to cup my breasts. I felt them even harder now and rolled the nipples between my fingers. It felt so good! As I closed my eyes and washed my face, I knew my loins were flooding from anticipation but I resisted the urge to touch. I knew that I was lost if I gave in to my excitement.

“Good day, love! Did you sleep well?”

The voice of my aunt snapped me back to the here and now. I turned around and saw her walking towards me, smiling her lovely smile that looked so much like my mother’s.

“Good to see you’re taking your shower as we do and enjoying it as much as we do, I suppose. I hope you’re really comfortable with the fact some of us can walk around the corner, to go to the bathroom for instance. But you’re a grown-up now, I can see that! You seem really at ease with yourself,” she said.

“I’m ok with it, I guess” I answered, feeling relieved by her comments and letting the water flow down my fixbet giriş body.

“I’ve never done this so openly but I guess it’s ok. It feels too good not to do it! So, if, like you suggest, this is the way everybody does it, it’s fine with me.”

I looked at her and smiled, picked up a shower gel bottle that was standing on the floor and poured some liquid onto my hand.

“I’m very pleased to hear that, Liz! You see, whenever we stay around the house, it’s the best way to cool off. Like now, when it’s just getting too hot! If we had a pool, we could jump in. But we don’t. So now, the only way to cool off is this shower.”

“Ok, so I guess you want to shower too, to cool off?” I asked while lathering my body with the soap that had turned into a lovely foam.

It felt smooth on my skin and it added to this incredible feeling I had while being naked outside, in the company of others.

“Just take your time, Liz. There’s no hurry.”

I turned my back to her a little bit when moving my hands down my legs. I knew I was going to clean my crotch as well and didn’t want to do it full frontal. When I touched my pussy with the smooth foam, a shudder went all through my body and I stopped out of fear of losing control. But oh, how I wanted to touch myself! Instead, my hands stayed on my tummy and breasts, feeling them quickly and getting the foam all over them. From the corner of my eye, I saw Martina starting to undress herself. And just as she started to unbutton her sleeveless cotton dress, Jasper walked around the corner.

“Oh, oh! I’m sorry! Again!” he stuttered, completely different than ten minutes ago when he had stood almost provocatively naked under the shower himself.

Maybe it was the presence of his mother that made him feel uncomfortable. But this time, it was Jasper who appeared to be mesmerized by the view he was presented. I couldn’t help myself and laughed out at him which brought him to his senses. His mother was chuckling as well and gave him a thoughtful look.

“Well, good to see your open to advice!” Jasper got back at me and returned to his confident self.

But not completely, I suspected as I stepped under the shower again to let the soap flow off of my body. He returned his attention to his mom, who went on undressing herself.

“It’s really getting too hot to sit outside so is it ok to have lunch inside? Or should we just have lunch later, when it’s not so hot anymore?” he asked.

Martina had pulled her dress off and put it over a small hook on the wall. Facing Jasper, she just continued undressing herself by pulling her panty down her legs.

“Whatever the others prefer, is ok with me. I know Martha and Peter wanted to go to the supermarket before we go to the beach later on. So maybe they can do that now? Or shall I ask them?” she answered with her panty in her hand.

“Whatever. You can ask them,” he answered.

She stepped past him as she was and I couldn’t believe that she would just walk into the house, completely naked, to where my dad and mom were. I guess the astonishment was clearly visible on my face because Jasper started to laugh.

“You wonder?” he asked laughing.

“Yes, I wonder!” I replied with a surprised face.

“You wonder if you booked the wrong holiday and ended up in a nudist family?” he chuckled.

“Maybe something like that. Am I wrong?” I answered while stopping the water.

“Well, we’re not nudists in the sense that we don’t wear clothes at all. We’re just careless about being clothed or not. If it’s convenient to wear clothes, we do. If it’s not, we don’t. That’s about it and we don’t care if somebody else does or doesn’t.”

“So, you don’t care that I’m standing here in front of you, naked?” I teased him.

“I care because I see you don’t have a problem with it and I like what I see,” he laughed.

His eyes drifted downwards over my body, which was completely clean by now. The only thing I saw was the bulge that had appeared underneath the towel that was wrapped around his waist and it showed some real promise!

“I can see that,” was all I could mutter, while continuing to dry myself.

I realized I felt flattered. Even the tan of a week couldn’t hide his blushing and again he bit on his lower lip. It was this small gesture that had me melting again. Because of my focus on the towel in front of me and not being aware of what I was doing, I pushed my knees aside to dry myself between my legs. Not a very ladylike move, let alone in front of Jasper, but when the towel touched my pussy, I trembled and inhaled sharply. I looked up and saw the bulge in the towel growing before my eyes. At that moment, Martina stepped outside again and Jasper turned around and walked away, passing his mother. She looked at me with an expression of surprise but it changed quickly to a friendly smile.

“You’ve turned into a really beautiful woman, Liz! It shouldn’t be any surprise that you can have that effect on men,” she complimented me, while turning on the shower.

“Thank you, Martina. But to be honest, you’ve aged beautifully yourself. It’s good to see how easy you are about this,” I replied, returning the compliment.

She was a bit taller than my mother, with bigger hips and bigger breasts that, even though they sagged considerably, still stood firm on her body. They were crowned by large areolas, with a darker border and nipples that would normally be as pink as her skin but now they stood out even more because they were lighter than her tanned skin. And it was at that moment I realized there were no tan lines whatsoever on her body. No triangles visible on her breasts, on her bum or around her untrimmed bush that was a full strip in the middle with thinning hair to the sides. A bush that was nicely visible underneath a small, soft belly and between two nicely shaped legs. Her whole body had this wonderful, even colour.

She smiled, with her eyes closed and her face towards the falling water. As she let her body cool under a cold shower, I could see her skin come alive with her nipples rising then she turned the water off.

“Would you be kind enough to hand me a towel from inside the bathroom?” she asked and I went in to get one.

I saw my panty on the floor and my t-shirt over a knob on the wall and wondered what to do with them. I picked them up, together with the towel, went outside, again, to give the towel to Martina and looked for the one I had used.

“Thank you and if you hang your towel somewhere on the terrace, it will be dry in a minute or you can use it as a skirt, whatever suits you,” my aunt said.

I couldn’t decide. On the one hand, I couldn’t just walk around naked and surprise my dad and uncle and maybe mom but on the other hand, I was too excited by this new-found freedom and the feelings I had to cover myself up with a t-shirt. Maybe this suggestion to wrap myself in my towel was not a bad idea so that’s what I did before entering the house.

3. ******

After I ditched my panty and t-shirt in my room, I found a tank top that was thin and loose, with a low-cut neckline. I put it on, not really feeling comfortable, yet, to walk around the house topless, and it barely reached the towel around my waist. The mirror told me it didn’t hide much. My darker areolas and protruding nipples were still visible through the thin cloth of the top. ‘Well, whatever,’ I thought, ‘at least it didn’t stick to my skin.’

I went to the kitchen to look for some coffee. Except for my room, the whole ground floor was practically one space. The open kitchen was a bit behind the stairs to the first floor. A big wooden dining table, two couches and a low table occupied the rest of the room. I had put a big espresso-maker on the fire when mom and dad descended from upstairs, dressed to go out to the supermarket. They didn’t show any reaction to the fact that I was standing, with a towel wrapped around me and a thin tank-top, in the kitchen. I was looking for cups and some milk when dad came up behind me and put his hands on my shoulders.

“Slept well, did you? You probably needed it badly, after all the work and the long trip yesterday.”

He gave me a light kiss on my shoulder and patted my arm.

“Great outdoor shower, hey? It is so good to shower in the open air, especially in the early morning! It makes you come alive again!” he went on.

I just smiled at him. He didn’t have a clue how it had made me feel.

“I guess you don’t want to come along, do you?” mom asked.

I raised my eyebrows and smiled. “No, thanks. I don’t. Right now, I just want coffee and a sandwich.”

“Ok. Do you need anything that we can get?”

“No, I don’t think so. Oh, wait, there is something,” I replied.

“Razors, please, with some shaving foam.” I whispered in her ear.

She smiled, picked up my arm and looked underneath it.

“No need there, I guess?” she joked.

I slapped her hard against her forearm.

“Oh, you! You’re so unkind!”

“Ow!” she said aloud.

I guess I slapped her too hard so I hugged her tight and immediately became aware of our bodies touching. It felt as if all the nerves on my skin were on a higher state of alert. As they walked to the car, Uncle Tim and Jasper walked in. Jasper, still with only his towel around his waist and Tim only had a pair of knee-length Bermuda’s on. I could see the resemblance very clearly in their physical appearance.

“Coffee, anybody?” I asked, recognizing the appreciation of my appearance on Uncle Tim’s face. I just had an inward smile and thought, ‘Men! A pair of tits to look at and they’re happy.’

“Oh, yes, please!” was the answer of both.

At the same moment, Martina entered the house. She had put her dress on but she had left the front open, leaving her nipples barely covered. In her hand, she held her panty. While Martina and I sat down at the table, Tim and Jasper kept standing and walking around. I thought it was very funny because when Martina sat down, her dress opened completely and her breasts were hanging open and free between the two halves of her dress. It kept me from feeling naked myself. We chit-chatted a bit about my research, her life now that her sons attended university and about past holidays until Martina looked at Tim and suggested they should take a nap, siesta style. When they had left, I looked at Jasper who was standing with his buttocks against the sink.

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