Original Angels Ch. 16

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Dinner And A Show

It was Friday afternoon and I had been relaxing at home. Teri was still at school with a cheerleading activity. Tracy was due home soon. The phone rang. It was Trish.

‘Hi honey. What’s going on at home?’

‘Not much.’ I replied. ‘The girls aren’t home yet. Do you want to do something special for dinner tonight?’

‘That’s why I’m calling. Rhonda called and made her usual late afternoon appointment. I expect her here any minute. And Dawn called and asked if I would go out with her after work for a drink. Tom’s away and I think she wants to have a girl to girl chat. I told her to meet me here at closing and if it seems appropriate, maybe I’ll ask Rhonda to join us. Do you mind?’

I’m always happy when Trish is happy and so I told her, ‘Of course I don’t mind. You go ahead and have a good time. I’ll take care of dinner for Teri and Tracy.’

‘Oh thank you Rob. I love you so much!’

As I hung up the phone I heard the garage door opening and a few moments later Tracy walked in with Teri.

‘Hi Rob! I stopped by and picked up Teri after school. I hope mom wasn’t going to get her.’

‘No, she just called. She’s going out with Dawn and Rhonda after work. We’re on our own for dinner. What do you want to do?’

I could see both girls thinking about the possibilities.

‘Can we go out?’ Teri asked.

‘Sure. Where do you want to go?’

‘How about Jazzies? We can sit outside.’ Tracy offered.

Teri nodded in agreement. I told them that was fine and added that I was going to put on some different clothes. The girls said they would change too and we headed off to our rooms.

I put on a pair of dressy shorts and a comfortable shirt. I skipped wearing underwear because I like to tease Tracy sometimes about whether or not I’m wearing any.

When Teri and Tracy reappeared in the living room together, I sensed a bit of mischief. Teri had on a short pleated skirt and a skimpy tank top that hugged her chest and her puffy young breasts were very apparent. I think it was meant to be worn as an undershirt. Tracy was wearing a tight red spandex skirt and a white shirt that she tied above her waist and only had two buttons fastened. The shirt was blousy and when she moved I could see inside to her firm young breasts.

I grinned at them and complimented how they looked. ‘I think I might be luckiest man in town tonight with you two beauties on my arms! Shall we go?’

The girls said they wanted to take the convertible so Teri got into the back seat and Tracy sat up front with me. When they sat down I noticed that both of them were not wearing panties. They caught me eying them as they flashed me and giggled.

‘Are we planning on showing off a little tonight?’ I asked with a twinkle in my eye.

They looked at each other and grinned. ‘Only for you.’ Tracy answered, Teri added ‘And maybe if anyone else happens to see…’

‘Well, it’s important that you be discreet.’ I told them, ‘And I’ll be watching!’ I winked at them both as I started the car and we drove into town.

When we got to the restaurant I pulled up to the valet. The young man opened the door for Tracy and I watched his eyes nearly pop out as she swung her right leg out and exposed her bare pussy to him. Then as she stood up he got a great down blouse shot of her teen breasts. He was so busy watching her that he barely noticed Teri scrambling out of the back seat but even I got a look at her naked ass as she climbed out. There was another man getting into his car nearby and I think he saw all of the skin that Teri flashed and his eyes followed her as we walked inside.

The hostess greeted us and I asked for a table outside. She led us through the dining room and I felt proud being there with my two teen aged dates. I know that they are technically going to be my stepdaughters, but tonight they felt more like girl friends and we all liked it that way. We sat at a table on the upper patio. Tracy took the chair that faced the lower dining area and I realized right away that the man sitting just below us would have a clear look up her skirt. I noticed that she kept her legs together at first as we sat down. I also noticed that the man was eying her smooth tan legs in a lecherous way. Tracy turned slightly towards me and he looked away.

We ordered dinner and talked about school and the upcoming wedding. Both girls impress me so much with their maturity. I always love being with them. They asked me if Trish and I were planning a honeymoon. I told them that we had been talking about it, but hadn’t made a final decision. Actually the decision involved them. We have been discussing whether or not we should go away alone, or take the girls with us. I didn’t share that with them yet.

I kept seeing the guy below us stealing looks at Tracy. She was aware of it too and whispered to me. ‘I know that guy is trying to look up my skirt. Do you think I should give him a show?’

I leaned into her ear and said, ‘If you do, don’t look at fixbet him. I’ll tell you later how he reacts. Do it accidentally, and not too blatantly.’ Then I gave her a little tongue kiss in her ear. She giggled and I could see her legs open. The man’s head froze as he realized what he was looking at. His eyes were glued for what seemed like forever, although it probably wasn’t more than five seconds. Then Tracy closed her legs again and looked anxiously into my eyes.

I told her that he had seen her and she said, ‘I know it! I’m getting wet already!’

Teri looked at us from across the table and asked ‘What’s going on?’ She saw my eyes and then looked at the man. He quickly looked down at the floor. Teri giggled. ‘Ha ha Tracy! Watch this. I have to go to the bathroom.’

Teri turned on her seat and spread her legs wide open as she got up and walked down the steps and into the ladies room. She paused before she stood up to make sure that the guy saw her and his eyes nearly popped out of his head. Tracy and I laughed as he watched Teri strut all the way through the dining area. When Teri had disappeared Tracy looked up into my eyes and kissed me. It was a grown up kiss and we enjoyed each other’s tongues for a few moments. I felt the man’s stare as we broke the kiss and he quickly averted his eyes again.

We enjoyed the meal and we all winked at the man as he and his wife got up to leave the restaurant. We left a few minutes later and the valet was quick to take my ticket and bring up the car. He held the door for Teri and Tracy as they both got inside and I wondered if he was ever going to come around to my side of the car to collect the tip I was holding. Finally after Tracy had flirted with him for nearly thirty seconds, he woke up and came around to thank me. Imagine that! He was thanking me for the show that Tracy and Teri had given him!

As we drove away Tracy turned to me and said, ‘God Rob! That was so cool! I’m all wet from just knowing that those guys saw me like that!’

Teri chimed in from the back. ‘They saw me too! It was funny watching the way they stared!’

‘I must admit, you two are a fun pair to watch! And I enjoyed it too. But you have to be careful about where and when you do it, so we’ll try and figure out another time again soon, OK?’

They both agreed and they chattered all the way home about how much fun they had had at dinner and made me promise that we could do it again soon.

As I pulled into the garage, Tracy said she had something else she wanted to talk about in a little while and could I come into her room. I told her I would be there in a few minutes.

We went inside and I went to my room first. I undressed and decided to stay that way. I flipped on the TV to see how the ball game was going. Then I wandered across the house and down the hall to Tracy’s room. Teri had undressed too and was just going into the bathroom as I passed her in the hall. I peaked into Tracy’s room and she was lying on her bed, naked and looking very provocative. She had her head propped up on the pillow and her legs were open. She was slowly stroking the slit between her legs. Our eyes met and then she looked me up and down.

‘Mmm, I’m glad you took off your clothes. I was going to ask you to do that anyway.’ She purred. She patted the mattress beside her and motioned with her eyes for me to join her there. I followed her direction, wondering just what she had in mind.

‘Rob, I got really horny tonight at dinner and I think it’s just because of those guys seeing up my skirt and down my shirt. Is that normal to get so turned on by flashing?’

‘I guess it’s more of a turn on for some people than others, Trace. Just like some guys really get off on seeing stuff like that, and others hardly even notice. Personally, I get a thrill from seeing women in situations like we had tonight. I must admit, I enjoyed just watching you getting in and out of the car.’

‘Did it make you hard? Touch my pussy. Feel how wet I am!’

I reached over and slowly drew my finger up her crack. She was slick and I licked my wet finger as I pulled my hand away. Tracy opened her legs wider and cooed, ‘Mmm, Rob I love the way you touch me.’

She reached over and began to fondle my cock and balls. It only took a moment before she was pulling on my rock hard dick.

‘Oh Rob, I love holding you and touching you like this. I think it’s so cool that I can make you hard this way and it feels so good in my hand. But I want to know how your cock feels all over my body. That’s why I asked you to come in here. I want to just roll around all over you. I want to press your hard cock onto every inch of my body.’

She crawled over and began to move around on me. Slowly she rubbed her belly over my dick and then inched her way down. I felt her soft skin as it moved up her stomach and between her breasts. Then she shifted and rolled her shoulder around it and then curled her neck and softly held it under her chin. As she released it and fixbet giriş brought me to her face, she grasped me in her hand and then pointed my throbbing tool into her hair and then all around her face. She resisted taking me in her mouth, although she did explore every solid inch with her lips. Then she rolled over and lay on her back on top of me. She began to writhe her way up my body allowing my dick to move from one side of her spine to the other. All the while she was moaning and sighing and turning me on to no end. When my cock came in contact with her ass, she swayed her hips from side to side and then settled into a sliding motion as my sex tool rubbed up and down the crack of her butt. It was warm and I felt moisture, and I wasn’t sure if it was from me or her, but I wanted more.

Tracy sat up on my abdomen and took me in her hand once again. She directed the head at her labia and spread them open to rub it on her clit. Then she leaned forward and I watched her pussy and asshole drift away as she crawled down my legs, allowing my member to roll on her thighs and over her knees and down her calves. Finally she was sitting at the end of the bed and playing with my cock with her feet.

‘How does that feel?’ She asked.

‘Tracy you are so sexy and sensual. You are going to make some lucky man very happy someday.’ I was referring of course to her future mate. Monogamy is still a standard that we encourage in our home. But Tracy wasn’t thinking about her future.

‘Rob honey, you are the lucky man and the only man that I care to please right now. So relax and enjoy it!’

I laid my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes. ‘I’m all yours Tracy. Have your way with me.’

I felt her release me from her foot hold and crawl back up my legs. She moved her head all over my dick when she reached it and finally took me in her mouth.

‘Tell me Rob,’ as she let it pop from her lips, ‘do you like it best when a girl swallows all of your cum, or do you like to shoot it on her face or her body?’

‘God Tracy! That’s a hard question. I just love it when a girl makes me cum with her mouth. It’s the feeling of getting there, not so much where it finishes.’

‘Well what do you think most guys like?

‘I guess most guys are like me and just love knowing that a woman is willing to give them pleasure that way. And it’s really up to you to decide which way you want the guy to cum. Some girls really enjoy the taste of cum and others really don’t like it at all. I think a man is always impressed by a girl who will swallow. But it’s the cumming that really matters in the end.’

Tracy resumed her sucking. I closed my eyes again and concentrated only on the soft warm feeling of her lips and tongue as they traveled over the length of my shaft. The sensations were exquisite. She was truly a talented cocksucker.

‘Hey you guys! Can I do it too?’ It was Teri. I opened my eyes to see her standing in the doorway. Without waiting for an answer, she walked into the room and climbed on the bed. Tracy continued her licking without missing a stroke. Teri snuggled up under my arm and kissed my mouth. She whispered in my ear, ‘Is Tracy giving you a blow job?’

She knew that answer, of course, but I think she just wanted to say the words. Then she asked, ‘Will you lick my cunny?’

Again, without waiting for an answer, she stood up on her knees and straddled my face. I began to lap at her fresh young lips and I could see her twisting around to see her sister sucking on me. She patted my head to stop, and then she turned herself around so that I now had my face in her butt and she was looking directly at Tracy. I pulled her down onto my face again and continued to eat her hot young pussy.

Teri was hot and ready. Within just a few minutes she was bouncing up and down on my face and I could taste her cum as it trickled from her tiny hole. She was crying out in ecstasy and I could feel myself losing control. I moaned into Teri’s cunt to let Tracy know that I was about to cum. But she already knew it and she increased the pace as she pumped me with her hand and her mouth. I erupted moments later and shot a hard gob down her throat. She never missed a beat. She kept on pumping and swallowing as I shot my entire load into her hot young mouth. When I finally finished she released me and I felt her crawling up beside me, around her baby sister, and as she leaned in to kiss me, she filled my mouth with a mixture of her saliva and my cum.

Teri was sliding down my body to touch my penis and I felt her rubbing it between her legs. Her hot little slit was getting me hard again fast.

Tracy pulled away and said, ‘Now it’s my turn!’

She straddled my face and sat right down on my mouth. I eagerly began a tongue thrashing of her wet young pussy. I held her ass in my hands as I ate her cunt with a renewed gusto. Teri had turned around and now she was sucking on my reborn hard on. She was taking the entire length and I thought in amazement about what a great little cocksucker she was too!

But Tracy was grinding herself on my face. She was holding my head and pulling my hair and having her way with me. As she raised herself up, I took the opportunity to slip my finger into her asshole. When she sat down again, she sighed with pleasure. She was so wet that my finger slid in all the way and would have gone further if not for my fist. I rotated it inside her and she started to cry out.

‘Oh yes! Oh God Rob! That’s it. Oh yeah!’

I continued my work and felt her body begin to shake and shudder as she lost control and her orgasm took over. Her cries went on and became unintelligible, but I knew what she was trying to say. She loved it and at that moment I realized that I truly loved her too.

The revelation, together with Teri’s masterful cocksucking, set me off again. I came in huge squirts and Teri sucked me even harder. This little girl was learning fast!

Tracy was slamming herself down on my face and the harder she did, the rougher I got about forcing my finger deeper into her ass. And we both loved it! I thought she might break my nose, but the pain was exquisite! Our mutual satisfaction continued for several minutes and as we finally collapsed together, I felt Teri licking my balls and lightly fingering my own asshole.

‘Wow,’ she said, ‘you guys are out of control! Can we do this again soon?’

Tracy and I laughed and made sounds of approval. Teri released me from her grip and crawled up to join us in a kiss as Tracy slid down my body. We laid there together for the next thirty minutes or so, just enjoying the feeling of our warm bodies together.

Finally I told the girls that we should get up and prepare for their mother’s arrival at home. They agreed and we all rolled off the bed and went outside to the hot tub to freshen up. Inside the spa, we talked about the intensity of our sex and how much we all enjoyed it and pledged to do it more, and even better the next time.

I thought to myself…’how can it get any better than this?’

Little did I know that the answer was about to reveal itself. Trish arrived home with Rhonda and Dawn. They came outside through the kitchen door and greeted us.

‘Hi Rob! Hi Tracy…Teri. How was your dinner?’

Tracy replied. ‘It was great! Rob took us to Jazzies and we had a fun time.’

‘That’s good.’ Trish went on. ‘I’m glad you’re all here so you can tell us if you like our plans for the weekend. Tracy and Teri, it involves you too, so stay here and listen.’

The ladies were all busy stripping off their clothes and stepping down into the spa to join us. I stood up and held out my hand for each of them as they stepped carefully into the hot water. Dawn and Rhonda each gave me a kiss as they got in. Trish gave me a big hug and a deep passionate open mouthed kiss before she sat down. As we all settled in to our seats Trish began to speak again.

‘Well we had a fun time too tonight. We went to the martini bar and sat in a booth to talk. We all agreed that we had so much fun last weekend that we wanted to do something special again this week. Joe and Tom have both been away on business for the past few days and they’re coming home tomorrow. Rhonda told us that he has been like a totally different husband all week long. They’ve been making love constantly when he was home, and he’s been emailing her and sending text messages on her phone since he left on Thursday. She says she feels like she just met a new boy friend in school and she can’t wait to be with him!’

Rhonda interrupted to add, ‘And you can’t believe how he has been around Tammi. He treats her like a queen and they’ve both become so comfortable with each other. We all stay naked around the house and nobody has to hide anything.’

Trish continued. ‘And Dawn told us how much she fun she had here on Sunday and how much she wants Tom to get to know us all too. When she heard Rhonda tell us about the change in Joe, she said she wished that the same thing could happen to her family.’

Dawn spoke to Teri. ‘Teri you helped to make last weekend so much fun for me and Amy. I can’t believe how grown up and mature you are. You made me realize what a wonderful mom you have and I hope that you will continue to share with Amy and me and Tom.’

Teri smiled with pride and a bit of modesty.

‘And so,’ Trish continued, ‘we thought that it would fun if we all went away together this weekend. It’s a holiday and the kids don’t have school on Monday. I thought we could all go down to the resort and be together. I called and checked to see if they have room for us all and they do. I reserved three two bedroom cabins for Saturday and Sunday nights. Rhonda and Dawn called Joe and Tom and since they don’t get home until tomorrow afternoon, they’ll come down tomorrow night, but we can all drive down early tomorrow morning. How does that sound?’

‘Wow,’ I said, ‘you’ve got the whole week mapped out. Sounds like a good plan to me. What do you think, Trace? Teri?’

Both girls were nodding their heads and their excitement was showing. Tracy stood up and climbed out of the spa. ‘I think it sounds fantastic! Does Tammi know yet?’

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