Episode 117 – Justine and Molly meet Sophie

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Episode 117 – Justine and Molly meet Sophie
This story follows on from episode 112; it’s now nearing the end of the long school holidays.

Charlie woke up with a hot sticky raging erection – not that unusual for a young boy.

But this morning his cock was actually in a girls mouth: “Molly?” he cried in delight, struggling to pull down the quilt covering her head between his legs

Instead a pale blue face smiled up at him, taking his cock to the back of her synthetic throat:”good morning young man, it’s Sophie – remember now – you borrowed me from school for the weekend”.

Sophie – the 145cm junior sexbot has a translucent blue ‘skin’ and belongs to Ms Jones, the school Sex Ed teacher; providing practical demonstrations in all manner of intercourse possibilities.

Molly, of course, is a real teenage girl and although is the occasional girlfriend of Charlie’s mother, Emma, would not dream of corrupting the young boy (yeah – right).

For some reason, at that moment Molly was returning from the bathroom and entered the wrong bedroom.

“Molly” exclaimed Charlie, admiring her hot body, standing shocked in the doorway.

Molly tried desperately to cover her nakedness, but had to satisfy her curiosity regarding the gorgeous blue ch?ld in Charlie’s bed.

Molly stroked the sexbot’s sleek neck, shoulders and back, while Sophie continued to purr and suck on the hard cock in her mouth.

“So you are real – I thought Charlie and Alfie made you up as a weird sexual fantasy”.

Fascinated, Molly eased the quilt further down to reveal delicious spread buttocks and a hint of a wet blue vagina between.

“Oh my god, you’re gorgeous! Um Charlie why don’t you pop out and have a cold shower? I want to have this beauty”.

Sophie was still laying face down as Molly’s fingers explored between her legs, so didn’t become aware of the hard clitoris erupting into a cock until Sophie turned to kiss her.

Molly struggled to understand what she was now fondling: “you’re a futa! Where did that come from? Can I suck it?”

“Technically I’m a hermaphrodite, but it only seems to appear when I’m with a girl. Of course you can baby – suck as much as you want” replied Sophie, rolling right over onto her back; her blue silicone cock engorging by the moment.

Molly drooled, taking the ball sac in one hand and running her fingers through Sophie’s crinkly pussy lips below it, she licked all around the cock head, before gripping it between her teeth.

“Can I ride it?” asked Molly, climbing up Sophie’s thighs to impale herself on the slippery kaçak iddaa cock.

Molly pressed down with both hands on the sexbot’s abdomen, raising herself until the cock head nearly left her juiced up pussy, before slamming back down until she could feel the balls slapping against her arse.

Molly leant all the way forward to kiss Sophie and grab her breasts, while fucking herself stupid on the robotic teenager, reminding herself of the fun she usually had riding Emma’s sybian in the next room.

“I love you” blurted out Molly, as the feelings deep in her womb began to coalesce towards a climax “I don’t suppose you can make this cock vibrate too? That would be perfect”.

Sophie had only gained the penis feature last week at her regular factory upgrade and was still learning its capabilities: “I’ll try this button – what do you think?”

“Oh fuck – oh fuck – oh fuck” as Molly’s insides dissolved into the strongest orgasm ever – the pulsating cock sending highly lubricated shock waves throughout her body.

Sophie cradled her new lover in her arms until the thrashing about subsided and Molly could string more than two words together again; “that was fuckin’ awesome – I’m never letting you go, baby girl”.

They both heard Charlie returning from his cold shower: “quick – hide that cock – he’s far too young to see that. I’ll just take a few photos to send to my mum – she loves a good Futanari video. That’s lovely – your cock between my tits – that should get the juices flowing”.

By the time Charlie’s head appeared around the door, Sophie had returned to a simple girl, lightly kissing Molly on the lips.

Molly rose to go, unaware of the dribbles of blueish white fluid oozing from her well fucked pussy.

Sophie handed her a tissue, miming rubbing her crotch: “sorry Charlie -you didn’t see that” as Molly retreated from his bedroom, cleaning up the evidence between her legs.

But Molly wasn’t happy: “bitch! Did you just cum in me? I’m starting sixth form college next week and don’t need a freaking baby”

“Sorry – it was my first time as a boy – I’m sure it’s only lubricant – the factory would never allow me to make live sperm, but I’ll be sure to get some condoms just in case”.

Charlie looked confused, but was willing to forget all about it as Sophie sucked him back to full manhood.

Molly slipped out of his room, back into Emma’s bed, snuggling up to her lover, trying to process what just happened.


Generally a message arriving from her daughter at 3AM meant trouble, but Justine was delighted to look upon tipobet güvenilir mi the photos of Molly’s lovely breasts wrapped around a pale blue cock, so she replied:.

Justy: I thought you were staying with Emma
Molly: I am – she’s fast asleep beside me. Just snoring gently.
Justy: Emma doesn’t snore – well not any time I’ve slept with her
Molly: Mother!
Justy: anyway – who is that gorgeous boy or girl? Why are they blue?
Molly: that’s Sophie – she’s a sexbot – a girl with a cock – you’d love her
Justy: but where is she now – I want her
Molly: she’s in bed with Charlie – don’t panic – the cock only appears when she’s with another girl and I never touched him

Molly’s movements must have disturbed Emma, gently snoozing by her side: “It’s alright – go back to sleep – I’m just messaging my mum”.

Emma, now fully awake: “here let me – your fingers are all sticky” – ‘hi justy why don’t you come over after breakfast. Ellie’s taking the boys swimming, so we’ll have the whole place to ourselves’.

Justy: ‘will do – see you both later. Molly I suppose it’s no good telling you to get some sleep – too much sex is never good for your complexion’.

Molly: ‘ha ha ha – just one more pussy licking and then we’ll put the vibrators back on charge’.

Justy: ‘will I need a bikini? The black one’s are in the wash’.

Emma: ‘no need – just that red sarong and sunhat – Molly showed me the holiday photos’.

The following morning
When Justine arrived, Ellie was just leaving ; they kissed passionately on the doorstep.

His head at her crotch level – Alfie couldn’t help watching his mother’s hand cupping Justine’s sex through the thin fabric of her sarong.

“Come along you two, stop gawping at her legs, it’s time for your swimming lesson”.

“OK Ellie, we’ll see all of you ladies later” Charlie chuckled, knowing something his friend could only guess at.

Justine joins Emma, Molly and Sophie in the back garden, barely a shred of clothing between the humans.

Sophie was wearing a pair of strangely high-waisted skin-tight, shiny-silver shorts. It quickly became apparent why they had a button fly, rather than a zip as she gently released her fabulous erection straight into their hands.

Emma: “it’s OK, the neighbours are away somewhere ghastly, so nobody can watch. Now Sophie tell us all about this marvellous trick you play with the button beside your clit”.

Molly went down on the blue junior sexbot,with stunning high breasts, running her tongue up and down between moist puffy lips. Suddenly Sophie’s clit took tipobet giriş on the shape of a tiny penis and began to grow in Justine’s hands.

It only stopped enlarging when Emma fell upon it, taking the head to the back of her throat.

Justine adored the feel of Sophie’s tight balls almost divided by succulent pussy: “wow baby, you are hot”.

By now Molly had clambered up Sophie’s body to straddle her face, rubbing her aching pussy against the sexbot’s mouth and nose.

Sophie didn’t disappoint – her tongue stretched up into Molly’s wetness, seemingly growing to a full 6 inches long, bringing her off in seconds.

“OK you two” said Sophie, getting bossy “you need to put on these blindfolds and handcuffs, because David said you Emma wanted to be k?dnapped and it feels like fun”.

Sophie lined up between the two ladies on hands and knees, driving her girly cock into one then the other.

Next thing, they all found themselves in the back of a plain white van, speeding away from the house.

Sophie was still fucking Emma doggy style and Molly had pulled on a strap-on and was probing her mother’s pussy.

The van stopped in a layby and blindfolds removed: “I guess you ladies have done most things with people over the age of consent, but what would you most hate to have to watch?”

Emma’s worst fears were confirmed when she and Justine looked around at all the video screens displaying their raised backsides being plundered by Sophie and Molly.

Then Charlie’s cute face appeared from the swimming pool boys changing room: “hi mum – are you having a good time?”

Emma quickly realised it was impossible to hide her nakedness and flagrant fucking from all the cameras mounted in the van: “don’t look, baby – you’re not ready for this”.

“Mum – we’ve been watching you and Sophie for the last ten minutes – is that called DP?”

Emma looked back at the naked, grinning blue sexbot, kneeling between her legs, then looked at the live internal images of the entrances to her body from the cameras embedded in Sophie’s two cocks.

A deep throaty female voice, obviously close to her own impending orgasm: “Oh fuck – that’s disgusting – how did you…?”

“Easy” a new voice piped up “we reprogrammed Sophie to have an extra cock, just for you two”.

“Is that you Alfie?” asked Molly, now feeding her sticky strap-on into Justine’s mouth “what are you up to?”

Emma had already guessed, before Ellie’s phone panned down to show him sitting next to his best friend in wet swimming trunks, sharing a towel.

Then a wider view of their first experimental mutual masturbation, before Alfie dropping to his knees in front of her son and the screen went blank.

“Oh dear – lucky this is only one of David’s sick fantasies” said Emma, pushing back on Sophie to get the full effect of her robotic double penetration.

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