Egyptian Lovers Part 1 – Fictional Erotica

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Egyptian Lovers Part 1 – Fictional Erotica
Cleopatra had become one with Amon’s senses. The first time anyone had ever explored his forbidden bud. How could she have ever figured that he was most sensitive in an area that had never been unlocked was beyond him. However, the chocolate prince didn’t question or deny the feeling of overwhelming desire that took hold of him. It was nice to be on the other side of the playgrounds. Being that normally it was him that was taking the enticing Queen by force. Now, it was his turn to enjoy unspeakable pleasure.

The heat of the moment grew stronger when Cleopatra had licked his lips. Capturing his jawline, he gave off an intense stare back her. His eyes watered up for the glare in her slits were so bright to him. He moaned from the pit of his core as she kissed him. He kissed back with a greater passion. Embracing her tongue, catering to her taste. As it was all set in stone, Amon closed his eyes as little droplets of tears fell from his cheek.

The expansion of Amon’s stronghold was a bit much for the chocolate prince. Each thrust had him gasping like a true virgin first time. The thick girth of her penis ravished him, and he could help but shake his head from the sensation as he just wanted to melt in her arms. He was caught smitten by her handling. canlı bahis siteleri Going slow to be a perfect fit inside of him. Making him comfortable enough to completely trust her. The deeper she went, the more he took. As she pierced her fangs upon his lip to drink his sweet crimson, he squinted his eyes for he couldn’t believe such pain could bring so much pleasure. “Mmmmm hmmm.”

He moaned deeply as if the pleasure couldn’t get any better, Cleopatra chose to enlighten Amon’s thrills once more. He opened his bright tan hues to show the kind of lustful spell that the Queen had him bounded to. They widen with awe as she took her hand and claimed his thick dick. It throbbed in her grasp and pumped a pulsing like a heart that wanted pop straight out of place. “Aaaah. . .” He cried out as she stroked him. Keeping the tension rising upon his cock as she continued to open him for the taking. Clearly stating that this man, was no longer a virgin anally and officially, this delicate body of his was owned by the Queen herself. His eyes looked into her own once more. It brought him joy to know that she was feeling what he was feeling.

“Yes mama, haaaa. . . Take what’s yours from your baby boy. I love it.” He responded raising his hand to caress the contours of her soft plush perabet giriş cheeks. In effort, to increase his lover’s pleasure. He squeezed his buns tightly so that her pole could enjoy sliding in with so much suction around it. As she flicked her wrist while stroking him off, Amon bit his bottom lip and tensed up fiercely “Oooooh Mama. . .yessss” He said as his carnal lust started to show within himself. His own pupils turned into slits and soon enough they were glaring in the same bright yellow tension as Cleopatra

Amon kept his gaze locked into Cleopatra’s slits. Whimpering like a puppy from each stroke driving into his passage. He shook his head at her with veil need as another set of tears calm wielding from his eyes. “Please don’t stop. . . Haaaa don’t stop. (Sucks in air deeply) you’re gonna make me cum.” The pleasure was so unbearable that he couldn’t dare stare into Cleopatra’s eyes even while she hands her hand wrapped around his jawline. As her thumb traced his full lips, he slipped his tongue out to lick the small bit of flesh that claimed them.

He felt her hand leave his face, but his eyes opened up as soon as he felt her arms wrap under his knee caps. His heart raced even faster as she arched in towards him. Making his backlift slight off the perabet güvenilir mi bed. Once again air had hit his chocolate tight ass to the exposure of his anal play. He knew she was about to go in for the kill and Amon swallowed his pride as she asked the question that would leave him breathless. His bottom lip trembled with excitement as she started to rock in a bit faster. However, in this angle, Cleopatra was hitting a nerve in his anal entrance that was the sure shot to make him burst.

“Oh…My…Aaaaaaah” Amon’s entire upper body rolled back into a spine crack arch that ended with him lay upon the tip of his head. His eyes rolled back as his whole body tensed into a tightening freeze. She was hitting a sweet spot he didn’t even know existed. The chocolate prince couldn’t hold back any longer. A rush of euphoric pleasure overcame his whole entire body. Within the first gasp of air, the slits in his pupils widen. “AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” The prince screamed in pure blossoming bliss.

A huge wave of hot sticky cum splurged from the tip of his cock like a waterfall. Again, and again, and again. . . Amon was milked with spasms that shook his internal core. The rush was in deniably exhilarating. “Haaa, haaaaa, haaaa oh…my…god” Amon’s body convulsed as his pucked hole opened and released upon Cleopatra’s cock. His back fell gracefully from the arch back onto the satin sheets of the bed. Amon had truly blossomed and couldn’t help but shake and whimper. “Hmmm hmmm haaa.” He panted, the deflowering was complete.

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