Driving School

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What a terrible travesty of time, he thought to himself as he locked his car door and headed towards the building where his court-mandated course of “driving improvement school” was to take place. The building was actually a local Holiday Inn. Apparently the school did whatever it did to commandeer one of the business meeting-like rooms for its classes. And, just his luck, his only available day had been this Saturday. Which meant, of course, there would be plenty of high school kids there. How he hated them. Only two years their senior, the bitter taste of high school still hadn’t left his mouth. He never liked any of them when he was there, why should he now?

Eight fucking hours. Eight fucking hours! Damn it. Still, he resigned himself to the day’s predictable events. He asked the clerk at the desk where the room for the driving school was. He got a bit irritated when he had to repeat his question because the fat ass clerk was too busy staring at his crazily styled dyed blue hair and multiple ear piercings to hear him the first time. He watched the clerk stare at his back via a wall mirror as he went down the hall he’d been told to. Finding the fourth door on the right, as instructed, he barely stopped himself from muttering a curse under his breath as he noticed the room was nearly full – even though he was about ten minutes early. He found a seat in the very back on the right. As he’d entered on the room’s left, that put him further from the door than he wanted to be. He leaned back, closed his eyes, and waited for the instructor to appear.

A few moments later, he heard the chair next to him being pulled out from under the table and he knew someone was taking a seat there. He didn’t bother to open his eyes; it obviously wasn’t the instructor, so he did not care. Five minutes later, the instructor came in. He knew this from the announcement of a slightly high-pitched voice, which proclaimed, “I’m here at last.” He opened his eyes to look at the instructor: a terribly thin man dressed casually who looked to be in his late fifties. He continued to stare straight ahead at the blank television screen as the instructor began setting up. He didn’t want to associate with any of the people here, and he really just wanted to get this over with. Apparently, however, time was of no concern to the instructor, who announced there would be ten-minute breaks scheduled for every hour, along with an hour-long lunch between noon and one. Terrific. That meant almost two hours of time they’d be spending not getting the class taken care of. He’d much rather take it six hours straight than this intermittent eight-hour crap. Well, not much he could do about it. He sighed.

The person next to him shifted a bit, taking something from under her seat. Yes, it was a her, he noticed with immediate approval as he took a sidelong look at her. He was almost surprised enough to turn his head, but didn’t. She had one side of her head shaved, the other side about shoulder length and in a ponytail. The ponytail was purple, but the rest of it was green. She was dressed not dissimilar from himself: plain black T-shirt, regular black pants, tall black leather boots and, he noted with a carefully suppressed smile, multiple piercings. He noticed her looking over at him as she placed her drink under her seat after taking a gulp.

He leaned forward a bit and sighed. The instructor’s droning was almost good enough to make him fall asleep. But he didn’t. Not with the back-of-the-mind distraction of the girl next to him. She was definitely attractive. Thin and shapely. The hair and piercings were excellent. It wasn’t terribly long before the first break was called. He decided to stay in the room rather than mill about with the rest of the idiots. So did she. They kept glancing at each other throughout the ten minutes. It felt like ten seconds to him. He couldn’t get enough of an eyeful to satisfy him. He noticed her looking at him quite frequently as well. When the break was over, the instructor again continued on and on in that nasal, annoying voice of his. When the sınırsız escort next break was called, he stood up and fished around in his pockets. He knew he didn’t have enough for the drink machine in the hall, but that was the point.

He sat back down, two quarters in one hand, and leaned towards her. “Say, would you happen to have a spare quarter? I’m thirsty and apparently the drinks here are really top of the line considering the price…”

She flashed him a quick smile, which revealed nice, even, bright white teeth. “Sure thing.” She leaned back a bit in the chair and let her hand searched a pocket for a few moments before producing the item. “Here you go.”

“Thanks.” She placed the quarter in his hand, and her fingers lingered on his a moment too long to be polite. He sat there for a minute just looking at her. Suddenly realizing he was supposed to be buying a drink, he stood up and did just that. By the time he’d come back, opened his Coke and taken a few sips, the instructor had returned and was beginning on the next lecture.

When the next break came, he decided to try some simple conversation. He hated doing it, but he really wanted to get to know this girl better. Turning her way slightly, he noticed a small logo on her shirt he hadn’t seen before. “Good band. ATR.”

She looked over at him. “Yeah, I think so.”

“That makes two of us… and the only two here I’ll bet.”

“No shit,” she said. “All these high school kids and old people. This place is horrible.”

“We fit in real well.”

“Definitely,” she agreed with a smirk.

A short pause, and then he tried another avenue of discussion. “These people seem to be the kind of assholes that got me here.”

“Oh?” She managed to quirk one eyebrow up, and he thought it gave her a sophisticated, sexy look.

“Yeah,” he said. “Some real intelligent person pulled in front of me on the highway and decides to slam on the brakes. Of course, since he was right there and I was so close I had no time to react, but they said it was my fault anyway.”

“That’s rough,” she replied. “I was only speeding. I was in a hurry to get home and got caught doing sixty in a forty-five zone.”

He nodded, then shrugged. “It could be worse.”

The instructor came in after that and showed another video for the next hour. It wasn’t gory; rather, it was one of those boring videos that display footage that is utterly ridiculous and the narrator always has the most monotone voice possible. Fortunately, however, the next break was the hour-long lunch break.

The two of them waited until nearly everyone else had filed out of the room before they got up to leave. Once they got into the hallway they walked side by side, and it all felt very natural to them to be doing so. As they walked out of the hotel, she looked over at him and asked, “So what’s your name anyway?”

He stopped walking. “I’m being rude today. I’m Jason.”

“Samantha. You can call me Sam.” She smiled at him.

“Sam it is. You feel like getting some lunch?”

She just nodded. So they went to a Subway down the street and ordered lunch. They talked the whole time, and they found they had a lot in common. They exchanged jokes, anecdotes, and favorite bands. They liked a lot of the same music. During this whole time, he found that her tongue was pierced. It looked quite lovely to him. It was with some reluctance that they returned to the Holiday Inn and the driving school, knowing they’d have to keep quiet during the session. During each remaining break they stayed in the room and talked quietly to one another. When the class had come to a close, and the instructor had handed out the certificates of completion, they went to the parking lot together and stood there. They’d parked next to each other unknowingly.

They stood there uncertainly for a while, just exchanging pleasantries. He eventually asked her for her number, and she his. After they’d exchanged them, he decided to get a little farther and asked her if she wanted to do taksim escort something sometime. He worded it as ambiguously as that. She, in turn, asked him if he wanted to do something tonight. Though surprised, he wasn’t about to turn down such an offer, so he gladly accepted. It turned out that he lived in an apartment complex where she used to live, so he gave her the street name and apartment number, and she told him she’d be there at ten.

Time passed slowly for him after he’d gotten home. He cleaned up a bit. There wasn’t that much to clean up, though, as he was generally fairly tidy. As his clock clicked past 10:16, he was afraid she wasn’t going to show up. She did though, two minutes later, knocking shyly on his door. He opened it up and let her in.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said, “but there was an accident near that shopping center on the way here that took me a while to get around.”

He nodded. “No problem at all. Would you like something to drink?”

“I was sort of hoping we could just go out for some coffee, if that’s alright with you?”

Of course it was all right with him! “Sure. Let me grab my wallet.”

And so they went to a little café in the city. There they sat, drinking coffee, smoking, and talking, and before either of them realized it the time had become three in the morning. So, somewhat reluctantly, they got back in her car and she drove them back to his place. He asked her if she wanted to come in for a while longer so they could go on with their conversation. He had plenty of caffeine supplies, he assured her. She agreed, and they went in together.

They both reclined on his couch. The movie they’d decided to watch had just stopped. He automatically reached forward to rewind it. He leaned back and yawned. They sat close to each other, and she decided to get more comfortable. At this point, they’d become fairly friendly with one another and had kissed a few times. Each kiss was electric. There was an energy they couldn’t deny, and each successive kiss had been longer than the last. Now, as she lay her head in his lap and looked up at him, he felt a stirring in his loins as he looked down at her pretty, sleepy-eyed face. He hoped she didn’t notice.

They remained in that position until the click of the video finishing rewinding seemed to click them back into reality. She raised one arm and placed it on his neck, then wiggled up to a half-sitting position. Silently, she leaned forward. He accepted her without comment, and before long their lips met in that undeniably lustful union which includes saliva and tongues. Both of her arms went behind his neck as she tried to pull him closer. He sucked and nibbled at her swirling tongue. Her tongue stud teased and excited him, and a few minutes later, still engaged in that erotic tongue combat, he began to shift underneath of her, trying to keep her off of his lap.

It didn’t work, however, for as they disengaged from that incredible kiss, she moved to straddle him as she leaned back in for another. The kiss was quick this time, and it was very wet. They kissed repeatedly like that, and he began to drift lower until he found her neck. He began to suck and bite her neck, which caused her to wiggle in his lap, low and soft moans escaping her lips. His mouth moved from her ravaged neck to the hollow of her throat, and as his kisses went back up to her mouth, she suddenly pushed him away. She took her shirt off with a violent movement and flung it backward without looking behind.

She quickly pulled his off as well and pushed against his chest with hers, and their mouths found one another rapidly. His hands found the straps of her bra and undid them with some skill. They remained on the couch, kissing roughly, hands roaming one another’s bodies as if trying urgently to touch as much flesh as possible. Eventually, her bra slipped down and she moved to take it all the way off. At once, his mouth was riveted to one of her hard pink nipples. His hands massaged her ample breasts, exploring and caressing and teasing tesettürlü escort the wonderful globes.

She writhed in his arms, moaning quite audibly now as she held his head to her breasts. She was groaning under his masterful ministrations. After he’d given each breast more than its fair share of attention, she once again took his tongue to hers and began to grind her hips against his. As he practically tried to suck her tongue stud off, she was frantically trying to fuck him through her pants and his. He was quickly caught up in the motion, and after several minutes of moaning and sweating by the both of them, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, biting into his neck as her body began to convulse. She shook all over from the orgasm pounding through her, and she began to draw blood from his neck as she tried unsuccessfully to hide her moaning in his neck. She panted heavily, trying to calm down, and he merely had his eyes closed, taking deep breaths. She knew he hadn’t climaxed, though, and was determined to give him something for all he’d given her.

Wordlessly, she slipped from his lap and unbuttoned his pants and deftly removed them – their boots had been shed long ago. His cock was throbbing, and if she hadn’t been expecting it, would’ve hit her in the face as it sprang out of its constraints. There were almost eight inches of it, and she took it by the base with one hand to massage his balls and she lowered her mouth to its engorged head. Her tongue stud massaged the sensitive underside of his member as she began to jerk the rest of him with one hand. He tossed his head back and groaned before having the concentration to look down at this amazing girl doing amazing things to him.

She withdrew her mouth and began to jerk him off even more, rubbing his cock against her face, neck, and between her tits. He thought he was going to cum right then, between her beautiful breasts, but he bit down on his lower lip and held it in with great effort. She leaned forward then, and her tongue stud probed the head of his cock, pressing against the slit. The feel of it sent a shock through his body and he gasped as he felt his load shooting out. The first spurt hit her tongue, and then her mouth engulfed his cock, sucking down the rest of his cum. She wasn’t sure she could swallow it all, and some began to run down her chin just as he was finishing, but she quickly wiped it up and licked it from her hand.

She sucked on his cock again to be sure it was cleaned off, then stood and worked her way out of her pants. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. He pulled her to the couch, forcing her onto her back as he knelt between her legs. Apparently she was a redhead, though she didn’t have any of the freckles one would commonly expect. Excited by the fiery patch around her womanhood, he eagerly dove in with his tongue. He didn’t bother with the slow kissing and teasing, he spread her pussy with his hands and let his tongue work its way inside of her. She squirmed underneath of him. He tongue-fucked her for a few minutes, then began sucking on her clit. He used the tip of his tongue to draw designs on that fleshy, engorged thing. As he pushed his tongue inside of her again, he was almost dizzied by the erotic aroma of her womanhood. As his tongue explored her intimately, he used his hands to lift her perfect little ass up off of the couch so his tongue could delve more deeply. As he buried his tongue deeper, she suddenly began pulling at his hair, trying to grasp his head.

She nearly screamed, “Fuck me! Get up here and fuck me!”

He needed no further prompting. He arose from between her legs and positioned himself over her. He ran his cock over her opening once, but she slammed her hips up against his so hard it hurt. He quickly shoved himself in her and she was pulling him down on top of her and he went further in. He began fucking her hard and fast. It seemed the deeper his cock went, the faster it slid in and out of her wet cunt, the more she screamed and begged for him to fuck her harder. Her nails were digging into his back as she began to climax again, and as he felt her muscles tightening around him, he shoved himself in harder and harder, and faster still as his cum shot out of his cock and into her pussy. Their lovemaking didn’t stop just then, but soon after they both fell asleep on the sweat-soaked couch.

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