Dream Beach

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I’m lying in bed naked, sleeping and dreaming. I dream that I’m lying on a deserted beach, nude, just where the waves splash onto the shore, so the water is slowly dragging me into the ocean. I can feel a cool breeze whispering through my hair and dancing across my nipples, making them hard. The water is lapping at my legs and sides, and I can feel it licking at the inside of my thighs. I stretch my arms up and above my head, arching my back, and suddenly I realize it’s not water slowing creeping up my thigh…

I look down and see your head between my thighs, your tongue dragging up the inside my thigh, closer to my pussy. I can feel my cunt is already wet, and open, waiting for you. I wonder how long you’ve been touching me while I sleep, and I shiver. You kiss the very edge of my slit then push out your tongue, slowly sliding it in between the lips. I feel the tip of your tongue flicker against my clit and I moan. Your fingers touch me, and pull me apart so that your tongue can glide across my opening. I can feel your tongue slowly pushing in, filling me, and as you move your tongue inside me, I can feel myself getting closer. I strain to spread my legs further apart, my fingers clutching at the sheet. innovia escort Suddenly you pull your tongue out and replace it with your fingers. You lick wildly at my clit while your fingers thrust in and out of my dripping cunt. I tighten around your fingers and arch up, crying out as I climax.

Then your lips are pressing against mine and I can feel you slipping your hard cock deep inside my hot, wet cunt, still spasming with pleasure. I moan and bury my fingers in your hair as my hips arch up to meet yours, taking your prick deeper inside. You slowly pull your hips back, your cock pulling out of me, then as your tongue duels with mine, thrusting into my mouth, you slam back into me, thrusting hard and deep. I gasp beneath your kiss, and wrap my legs around your waist. You hold yourself inside me, not moving, and prop yourself up on your hands above me.

Gently, you remove my legs from around you, setting them each on the bed, my knees bent. You take my hands away from where they have settled around your neck, and move them above my head, then hold them there with one hand. Your other hand reaches underneath my hips and you position me as you begin to slowly slide back istanbul escort out. As you gradually push your hard cock back into my wet folds, you bend down and take a nipple into your mouth, sucking on it. I moan and arch my back towards you, and you suck harder. Then you let go of my breast with your mouth, and lightly blow across the hard, reddened nipple before sweeping your tongue back and forth across the tip. I gasp, and you gently take my nipple between your teeth, biting slightly. I whimper and you pull your hips back, then thrust back into my sopping cunt.

You continue to move your hips back and forth, pulling out then thrusting your throbbing cock back into my hot, dripping pussy. You kiss your way up to my neck, then lightly bite just above my shoulder. I bite my lower lip to keep from crying out, and my entire body tenses. You kiss the same spot, then trail your tongue up the side of my neck. As you plunge into me, my thighs squeeze against your sides, and my entire body shivers as I climax, and I feel a wave of pleasure rolling over me.

You quicken your pace, pulling out then ramming back into me. I want to feel your lips, and I struggle to free my hands, kadıköy escort to pull your head down. You hold them tightly, and bring your mouth closer, your lips just hovering above mine. I raise my head, but you raise yours, too. I whimper, and as you slam into me, you lean down and thrust your tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard. I kiss you back, but then you pull away. You look down at me as your cock is driving in and out of my dripping pussy. I close my eyes as I feel the pleasure growing again, but you tell me to open my eyes. I slowly obey, and I look up into your eyes as you thrust again, deeper inside me than before, and your body tenses. You breathe my name between clenched teeth, and I can feel you tensing. I struggle to keep my eyes open, looking deep into yours, and I feel you cumming. I moan long and deep as my body tenses, squeezing you tight where your cock is buried deep inside me, pulsing and throbbing, as I orgasm with you.

You look deep into my eyes as you slowly move your hand down my arms, then slide your knuckles against my cheek. I smile slowly and you smile back. You bend down and lightly kiss my lips, then gently pull away, settling beside me. You drape your leg across mine, settling it between my open thighs, and stretch your arm across my body, just beneath my breasts. I snuggle against your chest, and close my eyes. I feel you gently kiss the top of my head, and sigh a breath of contentment. I smile softly and gently drift back to sleep, my body relaxed and satiated.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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