Double Trouble Ch. 03

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It was early spring and Stephen had come to terms with the secret liaison he had developed with his niece Vicky and her friend Amanda. What had started out as a bit of messing about had grown more and more serious with Vicky promising him to have sex with her on their next visit. Six weeks had passed since their last ménage a trois and Stephen had felt awkward at a family get together, when Vicky secretly winked at him when no one was looking or she would brush past him a little too closely. Her mother had no idea of what was going on of course and Stephen was anxious to keep it that way in order to keep his family in one piece. Vicky was 18 and just saw it as a bit of a game. To her getting close to her uncle, kissing him; sucking him and having him lick her was just naughty. Stephen knew it was more than that but found her so irresistible he couldn’t stop. At the get together, his Mum’s birthday meal, he thought she had become even more beautiful. Her blue eyes seemed to sparkle; the light flickered around her long blonde hair. Her clothes that night too, a figure-hugging red dress was enough to make him want her. As soon as possible. She was amazingly sexual. He had only ever been the doting uncle as she had grown up. Having no children himself, she had been the next best thing. He had actually felt mixed emotions when she had become a teenager; concerned that men would look at her and that sickened him. It was only as she had become older and eventually on her 18th birthday that his eyes had opened to her true beauty. He had had a few private thoughts, but he had suppressed them. It was she who had made the first move. He had found it impossible to resist. Maybe he should have tried stop it. But he could not. He wanted her too much.

At the meal, just before they left, there were the inevitable hugs, and hugging Vicky, she whispered in his ear.

‘Next week, Uncle Stephen. I’ll ring you.’

Stephen counted the days that week. Then on the Wednesday evening she phoned him.

‘Hi Stephen, I’m at Manda’s, how are you?’

‘I’m fine thanks honey, I’ve been thinking about you.’

‘Me too. I’ve been having naughty thoughts.’

‘Oh Vicky.’

‘Ooh I’ve not finished yet. Me and Amanda, we sit next to each other in lectures and we play with each other.’


‘It’s OK, no one sees. The tutor just thinks we really enjoy the subject.’

‘Ha ha Vicky, you’re awful.’

‘Yeah, licking my fingers afterwards is better than chewing your pencil eh!’

‘Vicky, are you teasing bağdat caddesi escort me?!’

‘No, honest we do! What day can I come round then? Oh, it will just be me by the way, Amanda can’t get, she’s grounded.’


‘Yeah, she got caught taking some money from her Mum’s handbag.’

‘Oh I wont ask.’

‘Yeah, it’s a long story, anyway, you’ve got me all to yourself.’

‘Awww Vicky, honey I can’t wait, is Friday alright? What excuse you going to give?’

‘I’m going to say you’re helping me with quadratic equations.’

‘But you’re good with maths.’

‘Yeah but Mum doesn’t know a quadratic from a parabola, it’s fine.’

‘Ha ha OK babe. Five o’clock OK.’

‘Yeah, oh Unc, what do you want me to wear?’

Stephen thought for a second or two, but there was no question about what he wanted.

‘Your school uniform please, you know how I love you in that.’

‘Hmmm, Ok, see what I can do. Bye for now then.’

‘OK hun, bye.’

Stephen felt hot after the phone call. He needed to relieve himself, but wanted to save up as much as possible for Vicky so took a cool shower and went to bed early.

Thursday came and went without incident. On the Friday morning he went to the shops and got a couple of bottles of wine and some nibbles ready for his niece’s visit. He had taken the day off work, so he could be as relaxed as possible. However, he was in a state of pent up sexual anxiety, far more than on the last visit. Maybe it was because she would be visiting alone this time. It would be more personal. More intimate. He showered in the afternoon, after getting everywhere nice and smooth. He wanted to be just right. He had been to the hairdressers at the weekend and his hair had settled nicely. He was 39, but he looked OK. He was fit for his age, he worked out and jogged.

He had uncorked a bottle of red wine and put out some of the pretzels. Just as he put on a CD on his music system, his doorbell rang. He opened the door and beheld a vision of understated sexuality. Vicky had put on her most provocative uniform. She wore a mid thigh-length black pleated skirt and long black socks, with just the teensiest bit of white flesh visible at the top. Then there was her blazer and a tight white blouse, the top two buttons undone and her striped tie loosened casually. She embodied the precocious schoolgirl perfectly and it sent Stephen’s pulse racing.

Once inside, he took her blazer and admired her.

‘Cor Vicky, you look bağdat caddesi olgun escort fucking amazing!’

‘Wow thanks, I thought you’d like this.’

He took a step forward and kissed her on the cheek and then without breaking contact, planted a procession of little kisses along her face and onto her neck. She had a divinely sweet scent. He looked her in the eyes, which looked particularly blue. At the same time he stroked the inside of her thigh, rubbing his fingers along the top of her long socks. Vicky held his chin and puckered her lips inviting a kiss. He responded with a long smooch. He didn’t use his tongue, but just wanted to feel her luscious lips on his.

‘Ooh Uncle Stephen, your kisses are wicked!

‘Thanks babe, would you like a drink and a little snack, or have you eaten?’

‘I’ll have a couple of the grissini please.’

She picked up one of the sticks and rolled her tongue around the end before taking a loud bite. Stephen gulped and took a swig of the glass of wine he had poured out.

‘Shall we sit down?’ He suggested.

‘Yes OK.’

Vicky sat on his sofa and Stephen knelt on the floor in front of her.

‘You look nice today Uncle.’

‘Thanks Vicky, you’re beautiful.’

‘Ha ha I know!’

‘Modesty was never one of your strong points babe.’

‘Hmmm. What do you think to my socks then?’

‘You know honey, they drive me wild.’

He sat up and ran his hands up the length of her legs until he reached the hem of her skirt. The he lifted it slightly and kissed the top of her legs. Her flesh was so soft and warm. He kissed her further up in little stepping stones, until he could detect a hint of the aroma from her sex. Her white panties were hugging her crotch and he rubbed his fingers on the fabric, pushing his fingers into her groove.

‘You’re so sexy Vicky.’

She looked him in the eye and licked her lips. Stephen stood up and unzipped his jeans. He took a step towards his niece as she sat up. Then he pulled his erect cock out and offered it to her mouth, which she gratefully accepted. She sucked him gently, stroking his balls with the back of her hand. She alternately sucked him and licked the underneath of his cock, lingering on his fraenulum, making him shiver with delight. She was so good he could feel himself start to cum, so pushed her face away gently.

Vicky knew it was time to let him take her. She felt ready. Her pussy was oozing with juice and ached to be fucked. She bağdat caddesi sarışın escort stood up and rolled down her panties before kneeling on the sofa. Stephen sat behind her and licked the rosy slit. She smelt and tasted wondrous. He couldn’t hold on any longer. He stood up, and plunged his dick into her slippery pussy.

‘Awwww, ooh Vicky. Ah fuck, that soooo good.’

He began to pound her vagina as he held on to her skirt. He was so worked up he wouldn’t last long. Vicky was panting and groaning with pleasure. He drove his cock harder and faster. Vicky was whimpering now and could feel him getting harder. Stephen pulled out and Vicky span round just in time for him to unload his cum over her face. The first spurt went into her hair. Then a second, with even more force splashed across her cheeks and nose. She opened her mouth and he wanked another good drop on to her tongue, which she swallowed before licking her lips.

‘Oh Vicky, that was good. I can’t believe I’ve just shagged you.’

‘I know it’s amazing isn’t it..’

‘Sorry I couldn’t last longer babe – you’re just so hot!’

‘It’s OK, next time maybe. Have a wank before or something.’

‘Hey, you’ve got it all worked out haven’t you.’

‘Hmmm… it’s only little me. Do you love me Uncle Stephen.’

‘Awww, you know I do babe.’

Stephen hugged his niece, feeling unsure exactly what she meant by love.

‘Can I have another drink now Unc?’


‘A coffee please.’

OK. Vicky?’

‘Yes Stephen.’

‘Jo, your Mum, she doesn’t suspect anything does she?’

‘Noooo. Well I fucking hope not anyway.’

‘I hope not too.’

‘Why do you ask?’

‘I feel guilty I suppose.’

‘Guilty? Why?’

‘Well, you’re my niece, I mean this is incest isn’t it.’

‘Ah Unc, you make it sound dirty. Don’t do that!’

Stephen gave her a kiss on the forehead.

‘It’s not dirty Vicky, I know that. It’s just that people wouldn’t understand.’

‘I know. Hold me please Stephen.’

He squeezed her and held her tight in his arms. He could feel her breath on his neck. Then he could tell she was weeping.

‘What’s wrong babe?’

‘When I go to Uni, I’ll miss you.’

‘Ah baby, I know. You’ll be so caught up in Uni life though, you’ll soon get over it. Don’t worry babe, I’ll always think about you, I’ll write you. Drink your coffee.’

‘Really, you’ll write to me. Promise?’

‘Promise. Hang on, let me get you some tissues, you still got some spunk in your hair.’

‘Ha ha, how would that look. Anyway I’m not going to Uni till September, we can have some fun eh? Shall I bring Amanda again, when she gets ungrounded?’

‘Sure, I’d love to see you both – obviously!’

‘OK, she has this idea, I think it’s a bit pervy.’

‘OK, any clues?’

‘No, you’ll just have to wait and see!’

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